Me: adanna were are we going na?

Adanna: come on dont tell me you are afraid, when am here with you.

Me: yeah,, with you am not suppose to be afraid, but my time has stop ticking and no network on my phone again.

Adanna: at least you now know why my number is always switch off right.

I was scared no doubt so na this place she dey go all the time wey make her number no dey always go hmmm i hold her hand very tight as we continue moving like movie train.

We get to junction, three parts we followed left, no house again for this area just bush, the only sound you hear are that of night bed looking for food i believe by now 12 go don nack oh, we keep on moving till we reach one place wey grass and trees full, then she stop.

Adanna: where is your chain.

Me: is at home.

Adanna: from now on anywhere you go let that chain follows you.

Me: yes ma, (i said still afraid of where we are)

she stand between two trees, took soil from the ground and blow it in between the trees.

Adanna: the door has opened.

Me: which door ?

Adanna: you cant see it, you are human, the chain make you half mortar and half immortal (how can i be so blind that i didnt know that am a dead man walking according ritababe, may God help me in Jesus name) she hold my hand, draw me to follow her, i hesitate because i didnt see any door.

Adanna: dont you trust me?

Me: of course i do.

Adanna: then follow me.

I followed her from behind holding her hand tight, we enter in between the two trees and we found ourself in an ancient room, full of and ancient things like laboratory, we walk to the first room and i saw an old woman (very old) spinning somthing know to her only, by my left i saw another woman with white hairs using a stick to turn water as they saw us, they turn and greet her, calling her “her majesty” but they didnt stop what they are doing,

Me: who are they?

Adanna: they are my sisters

Me: but you look younger than them and you told me you dont have any family.

Adanna: i dont have any human family i mean.

Me: so whats this place exactly.

Adanna: this use to be my house.

Me: why use to?

Adanna: because i found another house @ mcc there because i know you wont want to come to this place again (oh you do know because this place look like shrine)

Me: why didnt you take me to your house at MCC?

Adanna: because this is where you will get the answers you are looking for.

She took me to another door with a wide room like parlour, on the wall hang a mighty picture with look like drawing, i went to look at it and i saw what shock me a mighty white snake (python) wearing a red crown fold together.

Adanna: yes thats who i am, have been living here all alone since the 16th centuary when i lost my first love, i have been in door since then but one day i decided to come out and i saw 5 men raping chinansa i help her and since then we became friends, though she didnt know who i am, then that night when i visit her i saw you, you look just like henry my first love, hairy, handsome, same blue eyes, i decided to keep an eye on you since then, because i believe you are reincarnation of henry, thus always following you around in form of a serpent, thats why when i called you that first time you didnt see me, because i turn to a small serpent, am not a human being and now am sharing my secret because of love, she said an went to sit on her throne with a sad face,

Adanna: you feel you loved me, but no, you dont, am an encharted queen, my eyes, my scent, my breath everything about are charm drawing you closer to me,

Me: my love i dont know what you are talking about, when i see you i fall in love with you and i dont care wether you are a serpent or not, all i know is that i love you and am ready to die with you . ( crazing illusion ) may God help me in Jesus Name.
What will become of me i dont know, i swore and oath with the devil just like philfearon fuccking with the devil, well i dont know how it happened but i just know that i exist for one reason and that reason is adanna, why me? Oh yeah she said i look like her former love in the 16th century, does that mean shes 500 years old? But her pussi supose wide na if she don old reach like that na, but she be like virgin when i enter na, well maybe na only one times she s*x with henry thus disvirgin her.

I kept on thinking over the whole issue, i didnt even bother to seek for my pastor or to meet mercy my prayer warrior.

I lay in my bed on saturday morning omo today na weekend i must watch match, i nor dey miss weekend match, i got up from my bed arrange my clothes, chai asumming mercy dey na, na she for wash my clothes for me, i got up lazily i went outside to buy soap, my neigbour on im generator because no light im come go put am for my frontage,

kokoko i knock on my neigbour’s door,

neigbour: guy how far wetin dey happen.

Me: bro why you dey do like this na, you suppose know say this smoke from your generator fit kill person na.

Neighbour: guy na everytime you dey complain, i don tell you my wire no long reach, if you want make i move am go buy wire make i join am with my own.

Me: no wahala, i left na salt i go go buy no be wire, i went outside to buy soap, i came back pack my clothes outside and start washing, after washing my clothes, i went out to buy ingredient that i will use to cook soup, i went to ahia nkwo market, i bought vegetable leaves, fish, crayfish, water leaves and lots more, on my way coming towards MCC i saw mercy from far off coming to MCC junction, immediately she saw, she turn back, lol, she no even look back she continue walking as if if she turn back she go turn to bag of salt, i nor blame her sha, i went home and cook my soup deliciously (yeah i sabi cook, na me be last born my mummy teach me well), i ate my food with akpu, then relax on my bed and try to sleep, i put my head for pillow but sleep no gree come, the noise of that generator dey scatter my head, and even the smoke dey enter my room, i called Adanna.
To Be Continued…

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I walk to the main road (mcc) and corner to umuojima road after 5minutes of walking, i turn over to her street and 2minutes later i found myself at her doormouth.

Kokoko i knock, who is that? She answered.

Me: memeor oziegbe, hwiode ah ( na me open door)

faith: se muza iva de ( wait am coming).

She opened the door, and i saw her sweating like shegoat, i enter inside and saw another man sweating like hegoat chai my edo sister oh, i smiled.

Me: good evening sir.

Bros: good evening oga how we dey.

Me: you dey fine sir, but me dey hungry.

Faith: u nor well i know say na im make you come, see the pot for there carry am as you want.

Why she no go talk like that wey she want make i leave sharp sharp so that they go continue their kerewa ontop bed, lol, if na before she nor go even gree make i touch spoon talkless of to carry soup for pot, i jejely pack the soup and remain small one for her ( black soup na one of my best soup so i nor dey use am play ) after i finish tie the nylon i told her bye and leave her and her loving loving make them continue were them stop, i walk out of the compound, i enter umuojima road and after 3minutes of walking i heard something from my back following me, i look back i didnt see anybody, i continue moving, then i heard the footstep again, i look back and i saw nothing, i dial adanna number and i heard the ringtone from where i was standing, i look back where the sound was coming from i didnt see her, then i turn to face front and woai she stood in my front like undertaker almost taking my breath away making me to drop the cooler ( chai ) that soup pain me die, she saw the dissapointment in my face and said. “dont worry i will pay for it by taking you out, from there you can ask me any question you want”

my belle sweet me and the worms in my stomach make noise in form of celebration.
Adanna: why are you starring at me like that and smiling.

Me: the way you say you will take me out make me want to kiss your lips.

Adanna: and what are you waiting for?

Me: because we dey road and somebody might……

Come here joor she said planting a wet kiss in my mouth, she wore white gown, with red trouser like indian woman, she wore red shoe and yes that bangles still dey hand,

after drawing the breath out of me through kissing, she hold my hand and we continue walking.

Me: so what are you.

Adanna: a little patient now wont hurt, huh.

Me: why must we get to were we are going before we start discusion.

Adanna: because we are not alone and i wont want to share my secret to everybody.

Me: okay if you say so no problem.

Adanna: thats my love, she said showing me her rice teeth.

Me: so is there no way you can just make us vanish to were we are going.

Adanna: ahahahahahahaha

Oh God i love her laugh.

Adanna: and what makes you think i can do that.

Me: because you have been doing it, like how you dissappear to slap blessing and how you always come to my aid mysteriously.

Adanna: ahahahaha i dont do that, i only watch you in a mirrow.

Me: waoh so you mean you slap her through mirrow.

Adanna: yes, ok thats enough, when we get to were we are going you will get more answers.

Me: ok where are we going by the way?

Adanna: when we reach there you will know.

We continue walking discussing about school till we get to anyankwo market we enter the street beside it, and continue walking till a place i know nothing of.

I check my time on my phone 8:46pm, no network on my airtel and on my mtn sim, we walk for 20minutes more i check my time again it say 8:46 again, still same time and no network, then fear begin catch me.
To Be Continued…

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Well i wasnt that surprise to see her, honestly i saw glimpse of it, but i need to know what she is and i need to hear it from her mouth, in order to reduce my thinking i order for one bott’e of star even though i nor dey drink before, but this time i need something more than hot, and since i dey the right place i just cucuma start drinking without thinking.

Guy 1: chelsea go beat man utd

Guy 2: go sit down who know chelsea.

Guy 3: guy forget that thing oh you know say we get costa now.

Guy 2: forget about costa phil jones go pocket am.

Guy 3: haahaha who know phil jones, even though self e fit pocket pocket costa what of fabregas?

Guy 2: fabregas wey dey lost for match, nobody go pocket am e go pocket himself.

Guy 5: man united na only talk una sabi talk, no bi small arsenal beat una for F.A cup and na una welbeck even score the winning goal,

Guy 2: forget that one, arsenal no fit beat us again, we just dash them welbeck because im leg na biscuit, na so so injury im dey injure.

Guy 1: guy shotup you too get mouth after we beat una finish na, you go keep quiet like mumu.

Guy 2: thunder fire that na head wey be like were train dey pass go london for calling me mumu.

Guy 3: thunder fire your papa if na cause.

Guy 2: guy na me you dey talk to, look me well oh i resemble your mate, because of say i sit down here with you you come get mind to dey yarn for were big bros like me dey talk.

Guy 1: abeg shot up for there, wether you be old man or not, so far me and you dey here together we be mate.

Guy 2. If you nor shot up for there na i go para this bottle for your head, you dey mad you know who i be

Guy 1: guy u nor fit do more than a dead rat, do your worse (standing up and pulling his shirt, ready for fight) the other guy took star bottle and throw it at the other guy, the bros bend down and dodge it, the bottle flew and smash the back of my head, i didnt even feel any pain at all, no injury nothing at all, after i check the back of my head i see say no blood, no scratch and no sign of injury, i stood up and ask.

Me: na who be the person wey throw that bottle.

(before i they talk finish the bar don empty)
Well i dont know what happened but i know Adanna play a role in it, not withstanding i finish my drink, called the barman from inside and pay my bill.

Barman: were everybody dissapear go?

Me: am i their keeper?

Lol the guy dey craze, why im wan para for my head na, i left the place by 7:45 i took my phone and started chatting with my friends in school, we gist about alot of things, and i still dey road, i continue chatting and laughing like a madman, you know sometimes, the light of your phone will dim your eye that you wont know where you are going again, na so i dey chat dey go then kpooarr i fall inside gutter and injure my leg i wonder why adanna no protect me this time,

person wey dey follow me for back begin laugh like say na basketmouth show im dey, well i nor blame am.

I reach my house around 7:50 i enter my room jejeje i lock my door, i remove the chain and hang it on the wall i remove my clothes remaining only boxer and singlet, i lay down on my bed, thinking over the whole issue, well i dont know how we started but i know how we will end, is either we marry each other or we both die, i smile as i think about her, i will proudly take her to my mum and show her the beautiful angel i will marry, and no body, i repeat nobody will stop me from marrying the girl of my dream, i continue thinking about her and my joy continue rising, the thing is that am not myself anymore, her smile, her lips and her breath infact everything about her brings me closer to her, when i remember how she smile when she look at me on the road, oboy my head wan scatter, but wait oh, why was she at the middle and why was she the only with a crown, well i guess i have to wait for her to get those answers, i was lost in my thought when a test enter my phone.

“you brought your witch girlfriend to kill my boyfriend and his friend abi, dont worry i will show you pepper and i will tell you that we owns this aba, if you dont know, my father was part of the men that terrorise aba in 2005 and 2006, i still have contact with all his friend and am going to show you pepper that you will run back to that your Bleeping edo state.”

i dont need to ask who sent me that message now do i?
I just read the message and smile, if the she no succeed for the first time wetin make her think say she go succeed this time, abeg make she go sit down joor, she even get boyfriend na im she dey sanko my dicck join abi, na thunder go fire that her big yashh, i took my darling laptop, i check my cassete and i select “arrow 3″ i like that film die, the guy join act for the flash self.

I concentrated on my film, sleeping on my bed and backing my door, my stomach rumble, na wetin i go eat na, i thought assuming mercy dey here na she go just cook for me sharp sharp, hmmm i think am missing her already, then i remember faith, i gave her money to buy obstacle for her soup, i quickly stood up, took my cooler and put it on black bag, i lock my door and set out to faith house, on my way i saw chinansa discussing with three grab guys i went to meet her.

Me: good evening chinansa, bros una good evening oh.

Chinansa: what, can we help you? She said eyeing me from head to toe.

Me: una dey plan how to attack me abi? No wahala, thank God say i still save your number for my phone and as e dey like this na im i dey carry am go show police (for my mind, lol who wan waste 5k again) so, because i dey my own jejeje you carry wahala come my doormouth, abi na by force to date you, no worry police go come your house tomorow morning,

she just kept looking at me like a boyscout.

Me: as for una, i don mark una face if anything happen to me, na police case una go find una self .

Bro 1: oga mi why you dey para like that na, you na our man na, and na we we, so make you chil like ice water ( he said opening his open teeth like solomon randy ?.

Bro 3: na we we make you nor dey para again u dey feel me so, as we don see u so, we don believe say u na correct guy, so chinansa my hand no dey again i dont commot ( he said washing his hand like pilas, no be say water dey oh) .

They walk off chinansa, and disappear, then she face.

Chinansa: you think say i dey fear police, if you like go carry soldier, mopol, and even carry mobile police join (mumu mopol no be mobile police) infact go carry boko haram join, all i know is that i must revenge my boyfriend i dont care how i go about it, she said and catwalk out of me, omen see her yash as she dey waka, na that yash first make me go meet her, now that yash wan put me for am again, i clear my head and set to faith house.
To Be Continued…

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My friends use to tell me things like this happen but i didnt believe it but now i witness it myself, i was in a state of dilemma that i ask her.

Me: wetin happen ( standing up as i say make i go hold her, she signal me to stop using her right hand )

Blessing: you are asking me what happen when i should be the one asking you? ( she said still holding her chick, with blood gushing out her mouth) who the hell are you, are you some marine spirit or what?
I know say i take oath but na only kiss na no be s*x, and by the way na were the hand come from self i ask myself.

I didnt know what to do, she just sat on the bed and hold her chick confused.

Me: am sorry i manage to say.

Blessing: just leave and please never come back.

I quickly took my phone and dash our of her room, chai na which na which kind yawa be this na, oh yes adanna pussi sweet pass any other girl wey i don taste but at least i still need to form bad guy for were other girls dey na, so that one mean say i nor go dey near any other girls again be that, well i know wetin i go do tomorow i go carry adanna go school go form big boy things, at least them go know say my level don change na im make i nor dey near them again, and again i thank my God no be mercy that thing happen to, i dont know why but i still have soft spot for mercy, but my crazy illusionary love with adanna cover everything.

on my way i called her, she didnt even let me to talk before she said.

Adanna: you should know that you belong to me now and am always watching you.

Me: so you mean say na u truly slap her?

Adanna: yes that was me.

Me: why would you do something like that, you remove two of her teeth for christ sake.

Adanna: but you told me shes just a friend.

I didnt say anything.

Adanna: you should becareful, if i didnt stop you, you would have been the one dead by now, leaving me alone in this world, you are all i have and anything i mean anything that tried to come on our way shall meet his or her demise, also you should know that we are one now, one body and one soul, you asked me who i am the other day, today you will know, just do what i ask you to do in the evening then you will get answers to all your questions.

Do i really need answers again when i’ve seen with my korokoro eye? Question for the gods.
Me: am sorry about that it will not happen again i assure you ( i dont know instead of me to be angry with her, i found myself apologising as if my name is apollo)

Adanna: i know it will not happen again, go home now i drop something for you.

Me: i will soon get there, wetin you drop

Adanna: when you get there you will know

Me: no wahala, later na.

Adanna: ok bye.

Hmmm na truth she talk oh, because my dicck don ready for action already assuming she no stop me i for go there oh.

Me: bye hornie” i said as i cut the call.

Do we really need to say goodbye according to her she be cctv wey dey watch me 24 hours, well e no matter sha so far say na win win (for my mind with her i don hit jackpot, but that slap sha)
I got home open my door, do i really need to ask where she got my key to open the door i dont think so, i dropped my bag carelessly, i sama pure water for my belle then i took the bag from my table and open it, guys guess whats inside, “A GOLDEN CHAIN” i brought it out, na so e dey sparkle like sun, oh boy this thing go cost oh i said, i took it out and wear it, i took mirror and look at it very well to see if the chain fit me, oh yeah e over fit me remain, so i took it off, took my bath and sleep, around 5:00p.m my phone woke me up, i check the phone na just test message from mercy.
“i know that you are not yourself today because the person i fall in love with cannot behave like that, you can say its over but for me is not, exactly what happen in my dream thats exactly whats happening now, if you really want to breakup with me, please do me one last favor, our general overseer (lord’s chosen) will be coming to aba this next month please i want you to be there, i dont care if u break my heart or not pls try and come if you ever love me at all you will come, and one last thing, please dont collect any golden chain from anybody thank you my love”

i should not collect golden chain from anybody?, i took the chain i look at it, i took my phone i read the message again, i hiss and throw the phone on my bed because i didnt collect the phone from anybody i collect it from my love adanna, i put the chain on, wear my clothes and went outside, she say make i watch outside around 6 and now its 5:45 pm.

I went to one supermarket, they have plasma tv outside were we watch match, i sat down outside and start watching match, barcelona vs arsenal, of course barcelona dey always beat arsenal, but this february arsenal must beat barca in Jesus name ( i know say aminat508 and ritababe go say amen) lol.

I continue watching my match jejeje, then suddenly everybody turn their attention to the main road, me too i join them,

i saw many women tieing white rapper design with red thread, and they rub white chalk on their body, some carry drum dey play, while some carry calabash for head, then i saw on walking majestically in their middle, tieing only white rapper, design with cowries and white chalk, and on her head placed a red crown, they were singing song known to them only (if you are from aba pls come and verify, make una no think say i dey lie,)

they continue moving majestically, no sleepers or shoe and everybody continue gazing at them as they continue moving, as them dey go, she turn her head and look my direction, my heart jump enter my mouth, she smile as they continue moving to the place known to them only.



Now for everybody, who do you think adanna is?
To Be Continued…

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On my way to school i decided to branch my edo sister house close to school in umuojima road, i went to her house and knock.

Faith: who is there?

Me: na me oziegbe.

Faith: come in.

Me: ogbe (how far)

Faith: ofure (fine)

Me: uha’yi school? (wont you go school)

ofure: me’le oh ( i will go)

Me: okay wetin you go cook this evening?

Faith: i wan cook black soup but money no dey for obstacle(fish)

Me: how much you want for the obstacle.

Faith: like 500 naira.

I gave it to her and told her that i will come in the evening with cooler to collect my share, i left her and thus she told me she will join me in school later.

On my way to school my phone ring i pick it.

Me: hello

Mercy: sweetie what happen last night (she never even greet good morning self).

Me: what happen as in?

Mercy: you didnt pick my call again after i told you i love you.

Me: am on my way to school, we will discuss when i reach.

Mercy: please be fast because i really need answers cause am confuse.

Me: na which room una dey.

Mercy: in room 102.

I enter school and head straight to room 102 i went to the back of seat and sat there with everywhere noisy i sight mercy at one corner alone, flipping through her note.

Guy 1: oh boy cultist para for my area yesterday night oh.

Guy 2: na so i hear, i hear say none of them survive.

Guy 3: na lie na blackass kill buca i even hear say they cut their leader head commot hang am for poll

Guy 1: yes when we comeout the head hang for poll na we even call police, , hmm na wa oh, but the others no even sustain any cut for their body, but they just dey lifeless like people wey them draw their soul commot for their body.

Jesus christ so those guys were killed i need to call adanna and ask her what happen, everywhere dey noisy we dey wait for our lecturer, then mercy came over to my side.

Mercy: good morning ( with strong face)

me: morning, how are you doing.

Mercy: am not fine, what is going on you are acting weird.

Me: please lets talk after class.

Mercy: no i demand to know now because you are hurting me.

Me: see lecturer will soon come in lets just wait after class.

Mercy: no tell me now (she shouted getting impatient)

me: calm down na see you are drawing audience (she look around and saw everybody starring at us) i dont care about them just tell me what is it?

I was dumb she has already started crying she stood up looking me straight in the eyes.

Ozes are you breaking up with me? She ask, oh yeah she read my mind well because i have never behave like that before, if i want to tell her something she will ask me once and i will open up, but this one too heavy for my mouth to talk.

Mercy: tell me are you breaking with me? She asked again with all eyes on us.

Me: am sorry mercy.

Gboooaaaaii a heavy slap enter my chick, she took her bag and storm out of the class crying, on her she met our lecturer coming, she just pass without even greeting him

lecturer: whats wrong with her.

Course rep: shes not feeling fine sir.

waoh at last its over i was happy she took the word out of my mouth, i was a little bit relief, but i nor fit concentrate for study again so i just took escuse and left.
It is regretably lupubious that a girl with a character equivalent with holy mary have to go like that, and guys to tell you the truth i didnt feel guilty about it me wey e be say i nor dey use eye see or use ear hear say mercy dey cry, na me come hurt her like this na, chai na God go punish satan.

I went to library to try and read so at least my coming to school no go be total waste but for where, i nor even fit read i sit down for library dey reminisce over the whole matter, i stay in the library for more than 1 hour doing nothing, then blessing walk in, she look around, she saw me at the extreme end close to the window, she walk over to my side smiling, she went to sit opposite me close to the wall, nobody dey back na only two of us, then i receive a test.

“hello boo what are you thinking about, is it about u and mercy”?

I reply her.

“how that one take concern you”

she replied.

“come on i just want to cheer you up, i dont like seeing you sad”

i replied.

“and how do you plan to do that, by reminding me about mercy abi?

She replied.

“ok look over here”

i look at her and she open her legs wide, waoh see her fine pinky pant with her fresh lap like turkey am telling you guys that her leg dey shake ikebe (lol).

I replied.

“Bleep you”

she replied.

“you already did and would you like to do it again?”

i replied.

“naughty girl, i think say you be holy mama before”

she replied.

“yes for other people mind i be holy mary, but for your side am not”

i replied.

“Hmmm dont know what to say”

she replied.

“follow me”

she got up and start moving to the admin, i followed her, she sign out and i did too.

She wait for me outside.

Blessing: so na wetin happen between you and mercy, she said as we walk out of the school.

Me: we broke up.

Blessing: why, what happend.

Me: i dont know, can we change the topic please?

Blessing: okay if you say so,

Me: so what happen in class?

Blessing: nothing much just revision things.

Me: what topic?

Blessing: Rainforest.

Me: okay no problem, so where are we going.

Blessing: to my place of course.

Me: no am going home, i need to sleep.

Blessing: come on you can sleep at my place, beside i cook your favorite.

Me: then lets move fast na,

she laugh and we continue gisting till we reach her house, she open the door and offer me a sit.

Me: abeg give me food make i chop first before any other thing.

Blessing: you and food eeh, na God go save you oh.

She serve me food, i started eating while she UnCloth in my front, she put on a seductive dress that show her laps and Bosom, she put on music and started dancing, she will shake her Buttocks then turn and face me and use her right hand to point me in a seductive way, then she will put her index finger in her mouth and lick it.

Oboy this girl is tempting, i finish the food sharp sharp i drink water while i continue watching her, she dance so well like maggie q in Unclad weapon when she wanted to kill her first target.

She knelt down crawl to me like Nicodemus when God change him to animal, as she attempt to plant a hot kiss on my lips me i don close my eye finish set my mouth to receive the kiss then a thunderous slap from nowhere landed on her chicks, i open my eye and saw her in bed holding two of her teeth with her left hand and her right hand on her chicks, with blood gushing out from her mouth.
To Be Continued…

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1:00 A.m in the night i dont know how she know, but i believe God is trying to reveal to her that am in trouble.

Me: mercy

mercy: yes dear.

Me: forget about the dream nothing will happen to me, (yes i believe with adanna am save) but there is something i need to tell you.

Mercy: no we cant forget about the dream, tomorow lets fast together and pray, what is it that you want to tell me?

Me: dont worry i will tell you everything in school, is not something we can discuss on phone because i want to see you face to face and tell you.

Mercy: ok no problem we will see in school, and by the way why are you not asleep?

Me: am watching film.

Mercy: you and film eh una be like twince, anyway goodnight i love you.

I cut the call, but i know she must call back, she did but i ignored, she called like six times before she gave up.

She was right about the film, i remember that time wey i dey six years, when i go dey enjoy my sleep in the night, my elder brother go carry me from bed go parlour put me for stool make i sit down dey watch late night movie, no where to rest my head so i dont have any choice than to focus on the film, for school the next day when them go dey talk about film, na me go be the narrator, i remember that time wey i mention five element of ninja for inside class, our teacher flog me for buttock five times.

Meanwhile adanna was looking at me, she brought out somethings from her bag and start mixing them together.

Adanna: so you want to tell her face to face.

Me: yes when we started i told her i love you face to face, so i will also end it face to face.

Adanna: hmmm she wont take it lightly.

Me: its expected, what are you doing?

Adanna: trying to mix medicine together for your head.

Me: haha am not taking that, i will rather go pharmacy and get myself medicine.

Adanna: trust me this one work better.

Me: how do you know how to mx it, you didnt tell me your father is a native doctor (i joke).

She paused for some minutes then she continue mixing.

Adanna: i dont have father, am all alone in this world.

Me: waoh, am sorry what happen to your family?

Adanna: i dont have any family.

Me: what do you mean?

She finish mixing the medicine, gave it to me to drink, the substance look greenish black, i look at her, she signal her head for me to drink it i did, the thing taste like white chalk.

Adanna: so you really want to know me.

Me: yes of course.

Adanna: ok no problem but anything you see you bear it, by 6pm this evening come outside your compound and stay there.

Me: stay there and do what.

Adanna: just stay there.

Me: what will i be looking for?

Adanna: you willl know when you see it, time for me to start going.

Me: this night, why dont you wait till morning.

Adanna: i have something to do at home, but before i go, lets bring our soul together, she said laying me on the bed like a pregnant woman, she sat ontop me, she draw my nicker and boxer downward, she rub my dicck make sure is hard enough for action, she remove her clothes and wanted to put my dicck inside, i object.

Me: wait, use condom.

Adanna: no condom today

Me: but…

She close my mouth with her lips use her right hand to insert my dicck inside her and fucck me slowly.
I woke up around 7am in the morning, no sign of adanna my mysterious girlfriend, my head don dey heal small small, maybe that medicine work afterall, i took my phone and dial her number even though i know say e go dey switch off, but e ring i was flabbergasted because na the first time be this wey her phone dey ring, she pick.

Adanna: hello durling.

Me: good morning hornie.

Adanna: how was your night?

Me: fanstastic all thanks to you.

Adanna: and how is your head?

Me: getting better all thanks to you too, but when did you leave?

Adanna: am sorry didnt want to disturb your sleep, i left around 5.

Me: ok hornie, so what are you doing?

Adanna: just trying to put my room in order.

Me: should i come and help?

Adanna: that would be better because i seriously need help.

Me: eyaah am sorry but i have class today, stb212 precisely.

Adanna: no problem durling, just memorize a typical example of rain forest savanna.

Me: i know that and i can even draw it.

Adanna: good.

Me: did you study ecology?

Adanna: why do you ask?

Me: because rain forest is a topic under ecology.

Adanna: well i know more about ecology than you can imagine.

Me: hmmm the way you dey talk dey baffle me sometimes, where did you school self?

Adanna: i will tell you everything today dont worry ok.

Me: no problem take care let me get ready for school.

Adanna: alright bye.

Me: love you.

Adanna: love you more.

I cut the call, i went out to brush my teeth, i took 200 naira and went to buy two indomie and egg, i fry the indomie and kept it on the table to cool, i took my jerican went out and fetch water, then i took my bath, eat my indome, wear my clothes, took my bag, spray my pef and set out for school.
To Be Continued…

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Rita: hello sweety happy birthday.

Me: thanks dear are you not coming again?

Rita: i will come but later in the evening.

Me: ok take care dear.

Rita: alright see you later in the evening.

Around 4:00pm she called me again.

Me: hello dear.

Rita: birthday boy how is your day going.

Me: what do you expect, well there is only one word to describe it “boring”

Rita: why na, didnt you go out?

Me: go out for where, am in door all day, my mum didnt go out so you know i cant leave house when my mum is around.

Rita: ok dont worry i will soon come, when is she going to store?

Me: any moment from now.

Rita: ok when she leave flash me.

Me: ok and dont forget to bring my birthday gift oh.

Rita: ok dear bye.

That was rita my love, if i tell una say na secondary school dey sweet pass una go say na lie, na secondary na im guys dey start look girl backyard, na secondary school girls dey get their first lover, na secondary girls dey sabi wetin be s*x, omo my secondary school days na story wey i nor go forget easily oh, so i got up in my house in edo state, i arrange the house, clean the plates, i gat to make everywhere neat and clean base on say na today na the first time wey she dey enter my crib, after i finish washing everything i went inside my mum’s room.

Me: mum u nor go go store again?

Mum: i go go na, i wan write down medicine wey no dey first (oh yeah my mum is a nurse) any problem?

Me: no i wan increase the volume of my music and i know say u nor dey like am.

Mum: abeg wait make i commot before you start your madness.

I left my mum’s room and went to parlour and start watching film “in the time of myth and the time of magic, the destiny of a great kindgom rest on the shoulder of a young boy his name merlin” that was me watching seasonal film (that time na merlin dey reign).

20 minutes later my mum left the house and i was all alone at home, i call rita sharparly.

Rita: hello dear.

Me: where you dey na, i don dey wait for you since oh.

Rita: your mum don commot?

Me: yes, she commot 10minutes ago.

Rita: ok i dey come. ( i describe my house for her for school when we newly start the relationship)

I continue watching merlin, 20 minutes later she called she said shes outside that i should come out and pay bike man, i took 50 bus and went outside to pay the bike man, rita look scupoulous(i nor know wetin e mean oh) waoh i shake my head like agama lizard hailing myself for been able to catch this oily fish. We greet each other then i took her inside our house.

Rita: waoh you have a big house.

Me: yeah, and na only me and my momsy dey stay inside.

Rita: what of your brothers &sisters?

Me: all of them they their place of work na only me still dey school

Rita: hmm na im make you be mumie’s pet.

Me: abeg sit down joor, wetin i go offer you.

Rita: just give me water.

I went to the fridge and gave her chilled eva water, she brought out the black nylon she hold,i think say na one kind expensive gift dey inside, una no go believe say na vevet and marin this girl hold come for house come give me for my birthday, well i thank her and start licking it, she join me and we continue watching the merlin film,

Me: today na my birthday oh and see as i just sit down dey watch film, no groving.

Rita: ok put music make we dance.

Nice idea so i inserted a music, booming from the loader “e no easy by pqsuare” i sat on a sofa while she entertain me with dance, she know how to wine her waist very much, i love her very well because shes a free girl no wahala and she joke alot also, she continue dancing for five minutes before i join her, i hold her waist and start using my Joystick to rub her Buttocks, she turn around and kiss me, i returned the kiss, i hold her Buttocks tight while she hold my head and we continue kissing, we kiss for sometime before i pulled her shirt and her skirt, i remove her pant while i pull my clothes also, before we know it we were both Unclad, i push her to the sofa chair then i climb ontop her (that time i never sabi suck pussi) i spread her leg open, i kiss her again and she use her hand to rub my back, i insert my Joystick inside (small romance she don wet already) i Bleep her so well and we were both sweating, “oh yeah fucck me hard, dont stop pls continue, move faster baby” oh yeah i grant her wish as we both came 6minutes later.

Me: baby i love you so much.

Rita: i love you too dear but am afraid.

Me: what are you afraid of?

Rita: that when you go to school you will forget me.

Me: you are my love and i will never forget you, see every minute of the day i think about you and i dont think anything can stop me from thinking about you.

Rita: if you really love me that much can you do me one favor.

Me: anything for you babe, so what is it?

Rita: lets take an oath to seal our love for each other.

Me: come on dear you know we are both christian and oath is a sin to God.

Rita: i know but am ready to risk it.



Oath they say is a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior according to google, i didnt know wether i have a future or not but i do know that am alive and presently and currently all i want is to be with her all the time, i forgot my loving girlfriend mercy, i wasnt in a state of dilemma because i immediately open my mouth and told her “yes i will be happy to take the oath” in my mind only a madman will see a beauty such as adanna and let the opportunity pass him bye, i know that oath is a solemn promise binding two people together, forever and for always. (according to repogirl), i believe that with adanna i dont need another girlfriend, beside the oath will make me faithful to her and keep dicck in my pocket all the time, in the midst of other girls, i believe i will gain alot because nobody will drag my beautiful angel with me, even if she like make guys dey toast her na them sabi because i know say we don do oath already, so nothing to worry about, but the thing is that “na person wey them dey see them go toast” is adanna a visible being or shes just an illusion running my head mental.


When i told her i will take the oath, she smiled.

Me: why are you smiling?

Adanna: nothing, but are you really sure youu want to do it?

Me: i will do anything for you baby.

Adanna: okay lets do it.

I brought out my bible thinking that we will use the bible to swear, but immdiately she saw the bible she stood from the chair and take a step backward.

Adanna: what are you doing with that?

Me: i thought we are going to use the bible to do it.

Adanna: no no no keep it back, we are not using it.

Me: okay if you say so (i drop the bible, and she took her sit back) so what are we going to use.

Me: dont worry i have everything here (she said bringing out a sharp small needle from inside her bag, e be like that wan wey we dey use sow cloth).

She came close to me in my bed, she use the needle to pin her right thumb, she told me to bring my tongue out i did and she placed it on my tongue telling me to drink her blood, she took my right hand and pin my thumb also, ( i shouted because it sting like bee) she put the thumb on her tongue and told me to repeat after her with both our thumb in each others mouth, kneeling down also.

“from this day forward, we decree and declare that we will love and cherish each other forever and for always, no matter who we are or what we become, no matter the situation wether dark or bright, we will respect and honour each other for better and for worse, and if any of us try to break this promise, that person shall die”

we took the oath, then she kept quiet for 2minutes saying something in her mind which i cant decipher, after she finish what she was doing, she hold me close to her and kiss me passionately then a heavy thunder strike, my light off, my fan stop working, a heavy breaze blew inside my room through the window, i look at the window, there is light but in my room there is total darkness and rain start falling immediately, at that point my phone ring i check the caller “mercy”

Adanna: it is time you let her go,. She said.

I took the phone making up my mind to break her heart.

Me: hello.

Mercy: i had a bad dream and is about you again.
To Be Continued…

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After i consume the sweet rice wey fish no dey finish, i gave her peck on her chick and left.

Time 9:55pm in the night, everywhere was dark no light, no movement, the only sound you hear are the sound of birds, owling for foods, and i left my china phone with bright light at home, i walk from her street to the main MCC road, getting close to lord’s chosen headquarter church, i saw like 5 guys standing at one barber shop, i passed them their face look rugged, i look back and i saw them following me slowly, i started walking faster and they fasten their footstep also, waoh what is going on, i tried to call one of my guy in schoool, the guy na cultist but his number was switch off, i pick race oh and they started pursueing me, i ran like madman till i get to burkingham college there i saw 4 guys coming towards me from my front, i tried to turn back but the guys from my back are close already, what do i do? Fear grip me, omo me wey i think say i be badoo all those kind thing no fit fear me, but merely looking at their face only my leg dey struggle to stand.

They surrounded me, and one of them i guess their leader said ” so na u be ozila abi, na u Bleep my babe finish then come dump her abi” i tried to open my mouth to talk but nothing came out, before i dey say sir, one of the guys from my back smash bottle on the back of my head, i fell on the ground, i started seeing

different stars, I no see things clearly again, the leader brought his gun i thought my end has come, and i pray in my mind for God to forgive me my sins, but as he was about to pull the trigger, someone walk straight in front of me facing the leader, na there i remember reach before i faint but i remember say the person wear girl shoe.
I woke up in my house around 11pm in the night, i look around I nor see anybody, everything just dey normal i try to remember what happen, then I felt the pain on my head I was bandaged, I remember everything at once, how those guys attack me and how one of them smash bottle on my head, and how the mysterious lady stop their leader from pulling the trigger, many things occupy my mind, who are those guys? I never see them for my life before, and who was the girl that save me? I think I should call the police, no they will conclude that am a cultist and they won’t want to get involve and beside u nor get 5k to dash them again, I continue thinking not knowing what to do, and by the way who brought me hom last night? so many question running through my mind, I tried to get up but i was too weak to standup, so if say that girl no stand for my front I for don go thy kingdom come be that, i kept on talking to myself, I took my phone beside me I wanted to call mercy, no I kick against it she will be too worried that she don’t mind coming to my house this night, so I Lay on my bed and continue thinking over the whole issue, i was so lost in thought that I don’t know when my door swing open, then she walk in.
I got up quickly and stay close to my wall like say i see ghost, and yes she worse pass ghost, i stood up because i was shock to see her, i nor even know self say i nor padlock my door, how i go know wey my head dey on fire.

she look georgeous with her shinning white teeth like cooked rice, and her black shoe like lara croft in tomb raider, and yes she still wear that white bangles, she hold black nylon on her hand, she wore white gown, she just look like an angel, Oh god, my heart start beating faster like drum, and i lose all concentration immediately.

Adanna: look who is up, (she said as she walk in majestically)

i just stood there admiring her beauty not even scared a bit.

Adanna: why are you looking at me like that cant you talk again?

Me: hey, sorry about its just that i was scared i thought it was an intruder (i said hiding my fear).

Yes i was scared when she walk in but i when i recognise it was her, all fear vanish, i feel save when am around her like say shes is a god that wont let anything harm me, honestly speaking i dont know where does feeling came from.

Adanna: sorry i thought you were still in bed thats why i just open the door without knocking.

Me: its okay, so you are the one that brought me home last night?

Adanna: yes

Me: how, tell me what happened, and how did you know i was there, ( i said sitting on my bed with my back against the wall, putting my right hand on my jaw and my pillow looking at her directly and waiting for answers)

Adanna: one question at a time.

Me: okay tell me first, how did you know i was there?

Adanna: i was following you, because i saw you when you escort your girlfriend home( na who tel her say na my girlfriend)

Me: so you followed me to…. ( waoh i remember that i went to blessing house)

Adanna: yes i followed you to her house, thats why i sent you a test for you to keep your strenght for both of us, you have satisfied her now is remaining only me.

Me: and how did you know that i will go to your house?

She kept quiet!

Me: and by the way what happened to those guys that attack me?

She remain mute.

Me: also how did you bring me home, because i believe only you cannot lift me up talkless of carrying me?

She just remain on her chair fold her hands together and put them on her forehead looking forward.

Adanna: ozila.

Me: yes

Adanna: there are alot of things about me that you dont know.

Me: and what are they? I ask.

Adanna: do you love me?
Me: yes of course i love you.

Adanna: and how do you know that, so what about mercy and the other girl blessing?

Me: honestly speaking, blessing is not my girlfriend we are just friend with benefit, but as for mercy i love her very well, shes my normal girlfriend but since i met you my feelings for her has reduced drastically, in everything i do i think about you, i cant even concentrate on my studies anymore.

Yeah i love her i dont know why and my feelings for mercy is fading slowly.

Adanna: hmmm so you love somebody you dont know?

Me: i dont care, all i know is that i love you and all i need is your love, i want to give you my heart because i know you are the perfect girl to take care of it.
Adanna: hmmm and what about mercy.

Me: forget about her i will break up with her if you agree to open your heart for me.

And yes i will breakup with her if she agree to date me.

Adanna: so what if am not a human being?

Me:: how can you not be a human being when i can touch you, feel you, kiss you and even have s*x with you, infact wether you are a human being or not i dont care all i need is your love.

Adanna: hmmmm, not everything you see is real, what for example am a snake in a human form will you still love me?

Me: so far your love for me still stand i will love you forever i dont care what or who you are.

Adanna: can you prove it?

Me: yes i can, just tell me how.

Adanna: lets take an oath before i will summit my heart to you.
To Be Continued…

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He continue watching her movie while i gaze my eyes at her omega-2-vitamin, only starring alone dey cause harden self, i hold one of her hand move it to my dicck for her to see the bulge from my trouser, she felt it and then laugh.

Mercy: i thought you satisfy yourself last night.

Me: me for where?

Mercy: for here na, last time we kept 4 condom, but now its only 2, what happen to the other two?

Me: i borrow my neighbor na.

Mercy: you borrow your neighbor?

Me: yes.

Mercy: so your neighbor finish using the condom then drop it at your dustbin outside.

Chai see wahala oh i even forget self say i use condom with adanna self, so she throw it in the dustbin.

Me: come on dear i dont know about any condom, you know my neighbors na, everything na im them dey put for my waste bin.

Mercy: ok oh if you say so no problem.

Thats why i like her, she dey forgive and forget something quickly.

Me: so can you do something about the bulge from my trouser.


She kept quiet so i took her hand again and use it to rub my dicck, she start rubbing it, then she drop her phone, face me and said

mercy: lovie, that dream of yesterday is still bothering me oh, she said stroking my Joystick.

Me: dont worry nothing will happen, so far i have you as my guide am not afraid.

Mercy: i love you so much and i dont know what i will do if something happen to you she said removing my trouser.

Me: lose me ke, wey i just dey start life, just forget about it okay, we will pray over it( me wey wan commit sin na im dey talk of prayer)

she remove my boxer and my shirt, she stood up and remove all her clothes, she stay ontop me, and start sucking my Joystick, she never sabi suck dicck well well, i still dey teach her.

I shift her closer to me, making her pussi to face me downward, i start sucking her pussi as she continue sucking my Joystick, i suck her so well that she will pause for a minute and moan, then she will continue sucking my dicck, she lata turn around and face me, kiss me passionately, then she insert my Joystick slowly, she started moving up and down slowly, why i like her is that she know how to move her Buttocks very well like professional, she continue Bleeping while i pounce on her Bosom, she Bleep me very well, that i begin praying for the pleasure not to stop, seeing that shes getting tired, i turn her over and i lay ontop her i insert my dicck inside her as she continue moaning loudly, as i was Bleeping her, i will be rubbing her clit, she enjoy it so well that even when i remove my hand, she took my hand and put it back, we Bleep for 10 minutes before i came,

is after the s*x i remember i didnt use condom, we slept afterward.


I wokeup around 7pm in the evening, mercy don getup already preparing to go home, i took my phone and a saw test message from Adanna saying.

“i hope you will still have strength for us tonight”
who is the us? i thought.
I escort mercy to her place around 7:30pm, on my way back i decided to branch to go see blessing.

I called her number to confirm if she dey house, she told me yes shes at home, so i told her to open the door that am her doorpost,.

Me: pretender how you dey.

Blessing: fuckerholic i dey fine, come inside joor.


She use her right hand to draw me inside, before i dey say jack and rose, she don dey fire me kiss as if she never kiss for 1 year, she was rushing me very fast, she hold my dicck from my trouser and squeeze it, i gain attention at once, she removed my shirt, press me against the wall and suck my lips like say no tomorrow no dey again, i return the kiss as i squeeze her Buttocks in return, i remove her handless shirt, she no even wear bra maybe she don dey wait for me since, i suck her Bosom and she let out a moan, she remove my trouser and boxer as she bend to suck my dicck, she hit it two times then said.

“i hope my baby is up to the task today”

she knelt down and started sucking, she suck me so welll that i wonder where she learn it from, she will suck, then put spit and stroke it, then suck again, the pleasure was killing me softly, so i raised her up, i make her sit on her table and open her leg wide, i remove her pink pant (i nor know why girls dey like pink like this, perhaps Rita babe should enlighten us), i bend down and suck her pussi, she was already wet, i suck her wet pussi as she wine her Buttocks in pleasure, ” oh yeah baby, suck me hard, i wish you are my boyfriend i would have been the happiest  girl in the world”

lol, i know she didnt meant that, she use one hand to relax on the table and she use the other hand to rub my head as i continue tonguefuck her, then she raise my head up and said “please can you fucck me now” i remove condom from her bag (the usual spot) and wear it, i stood up and raise her leg very well on the table as i enter inside her, she moan at first stroke, i insert the disk inside the cd player again, this time she let out a loud moan, ” Bleep me hard” she said, so i started going in faster, na so the table dey shake as we dey Bleep ontop, i dey fear make the table no go break oh, so i moved her to the bed after 5 minutes Bleeping on the table, i let her sleep downward, making her to face the bed, while her Buttocks shoutout from behind, i put pillow on her tommy, to allow me penetrate her well, i insert my dicck again and start banging from behind, i bang her as she continue speaking in tongues, she started winning her waste at every stroke Bleeping me also, then i stood up and sat on the bed and put my back on the wall she sat ontop me, and started moving up and down, she was breathing heavily shouting, she hold me tight and put her hands around my neck as she continue fuckn me so hard, we lata came after 15minutes of Bleeping, we relax on the bed silently without saying anything, and then i took my phone, 4 miscall all from mercy, maybe she wanted to confirm if i don reach house the time is 9:45pm i think i should start going home now, but one thing is missing.

“Where is my plate of rice?” i ask her.
To Be Continued…

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Waoh i dial the number

” the number you are trying to call is currently switch off, please try again later” i hate that woman, the time is 8am on monday and i have test around 9 in the morning, but i dont think the test is important now, adanna is more important for now, so i stood up, brush my teeth, worm my afam soup and took my bath, i ate the afam soup and eba silently, (i like that soup well well) thinking about adanna.

Number she use to call me just now how can it be switch off, i redial again, but still switch off i droped the phone, as i ate silently a test enter my phone again, i thought it was adanna, i quickly rush to read it,

“fuckiing me is one thing and fuccking my friend is another thing, becareful we are watching you”.

Frm chinansa.

Lol abeg make she go sit down joor, i nor get her time and she cant do more than a dead rat, wey she and her sister dey fight for one man, maybe she think say i nor know, another call enter my phone from mercy.

Me: hello sweetie

mercy: hey dear, i hope you are in school already, because am almost at the gate.

Me: no oh, am still at home.

Mercy: still at home by this time, or you forgot that we have to revise before the test.

Me: yeah i remember, just give me 30minutes i will be there.

Mercy: ok i will be in room 101 please be fast.

Me: ok dear see ya.

I told her i will be there before 30minutes, but am i really going? Hmmm question for the gods,


I finish eating, took my bath, then lie on my bed, wearing just my boxer and singlet, a call enter my phone again, this time unknown caller, i pick it.

Me: hello

unknown caller: it seems you are not going to school.

Me: adanna.?

Adanna: yes.

Me: waoh, your voice sound so sweet.

Adanna: hmmm are you sure.

Me: yes of course infact everything about you is sweet, your voice, your, lips, your Bosom, and even your….

Adanna: e don do, by the way, am sorry for leaving like that i just dont want to disturb you.

Me: no problem, but what happen to the bulb?

Mercy: which bulb?

Me: the bulb that shattered when we were having s*x.

Adanna: i think you need to go take panadol, because you sound weird.


Hmmm, maybe i was seeing things sha, i check my time, 8:40.

Me: ok i have to go now, i will call you later when i come back.

Adanna: you are not going anywhere, because there will be no test.

Me: how? What do you mean, hello, hello, hellllooo.

Well maybe her credit don finish, i tried to call her, but her number switch off, na waoh, i got dress, spray my Northerner perfume, comb my hair and set for school, as i was about to open the door, my phone rang, caller mercy.

Me: i don dey road already i will be there soon.

Mercy: no need am coming to your house.

Me: why, what happen.

Mercy: our lecturer call in sick.
I went out to buy hollandio yoghurt and bread at one supermarket close to calabar kitchen (if u know aba well you go know that area) at MCC road there, i came back remove my clothes and lie down, i open my hollandio drink and start drinking, i tried to watch movie from my laptop but i nor fit, i just cucuma relax for bed dey reason adanna matter, i dont know if i should tell mercy because she worst pass prayer warrior, i remember the time wey she dey scatter prayer for her compound, the landlord go knock for her door telling her shes disturbing the compound, na so mercy open mouth tell am say, im nor fit stop am from praying to her God, the landlord vex slap her twice, chai that thing vex me well, that night mercy cry come my house, the next morning i carry police go arrest the landlord and the yeye police carry 5k for my hand before them gree go arrest am, well the man pay 10k later for hospital bill even though i nor carry her go hospital.

Though i know say na mercy dey at fault, because there is one verse in the bible that say, dont disturb others when praying, i nor remember as them quote the verse sha.

I was lost in my thought when someone open my door.

Mercy: sweetheart how you dey?

Me: i don tell you make you dey knock if you come my house.
She went back and knock and i said come in.

Mercy: are you happy now

me: yeah,

mercy: so how are you

Me: am fine and you?

Mercy: am alright, this one wey you just relax so as if person die i hope everything is alright.

Me: am just thinking about you dear.

Mercy: what are thinking about.

Me: about your beauty, after God don create everybody finish, God come rest for more 7 days before im create you, na im make you fine like this na.

Mercy: abeg spare me your sweet sweet mouth, wetin dey pot?(she said and took my hollandio, she sip it)

Me: no be wetin you cook last.

Mercy: why your room scatter like this na.

Me: i nor know oh, i dey tire i for arrange.

Mercy: before i met you, your room is always neat and clean, but now you are always too lazy to clean your room.

Me: na im make God send you to me na. 
After she finish my yoghurt and my bread as if i bought it for her, she took my dirty plates outside and wash all of them, she told me to go outside that she want to clean the room.

Me: make i even stroll go outside self,

mercy: stroll go where.

Me: make i reach viewing center (even if match no dey today)

mercy: buy sunshine when coming back.

me: no wahala.

I took 500 naira from my wallet, i went out, on my way i saw my loving neighbour chinansa outside washing clothes, she just eye me then hiss like snake, when i first come to aba, na she be my first lover, but she come dey claim activity, like if any girl come my house she go dey question like frank edoho, the thing come dey dey too much so i started shunning her, she no even fine self but she get big Buttocks like toolzs.

I went out to mcc junction, i cross the road and enter one bear parlour, they call it china town, i went in and order for smirnoff, i was drinking my drink gentlemanly when i saw her coming down from toyota avalon with one big man with pot belle, waoh na blessing be this, oboy i clean my eye well well, i nor mistake na she, the man old enough to be her father put hand on her shoulder, they came inside the bar, she saw me i wave, she just bone me like one madman, i nor blame her, later she go dey form virgin for school,.

They look for sit and sat down, the man call for barman, the barman later came back and serve them two guider, waoh so she dey drink self.

I continue watching them till test enter my phone.

“you go watch tire today till you blind”
I look at her from where shes sitting, she wink and smile.

So i send “so na person wey reach to be your papa you dey fucck?”

she look her phone and smile, the barman brought pepper soup for them, omo see flezing, i better commot here before i will be tempted to buy, she send me another test

“i miss your dicck can you come tonight”

lol, so na me she wan dey use satisfy her konji abi, so i reply her.

“what happen to the man you are with now”

i waited for 10minutes before she reply, i guess shes doing justice to the peppersoup.

“im dey fucck like dead man”

i nor know when i burst laugh, and everybody started looking at me, oboy make i dey go, i paid the barman for my drink and left, on my way i bought sunshine and apple, she send me another message, saying she will cook rice and she want us to eat it together, nothing go make me miss that rice.

I went home direct i open my door and everywhere was sparkly clean (i trust my babe)

Me: how far.

Mercy: welcome dear, you didnt watch the match again? (she know say anytime i go watch match i must spend 2 hours)

Me: na only first half i watch, the match is boring.

Mercy: ok did you buy the sunshine.

Me: yes.

I gave it to her while i relax on my bed, she took it and hang it at the wall. She join me on my bed, i took my phone and start playing fifa14, she took her own and start watching drama.

Me: sweetie low your drama na.

Mercy: why you no low your own?

Me: na me first start na, okay put earpiece for your own then.

Mercy: no i like it like this.


I drop my own down and concentrate on her phone,

mercy: you nor play again?

Me: no i wan join you watch.

Mercy: but you are not watching na, you are starring at my Bosom.


Oh yeah i am, i loved her big Bosom.
To Be Continued…

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