Advice To Guys

​Husbands: The reason why other women look attractive is because someone is taking good care of them. Grass is always green where it is watered. Instead of drooling over the green grass on the other side of the fence, work on yours and water it regularly. Any man can admire a beautiful woman, but it takes a true gentleman to make a woman admirable and beautiful.




Hi my dear followers. Today I want to introduce you all to an online business called NATIONTON REPUBLIC. The first social media in Africa that pays it’s users.



(1) Nationton Republic is a social network service like Facebook and online market platform like Tonaton & OLX

(2) You can use Nationton Republic to share and comminicate/chat with friends and Family over the internet, e.g you can send messages & receive replies,you can post a status for people to Like, comment on it and share.

(3) You can use Nationton Republic to create online groups to promote a common cause, common idea, common goal or association and even business.

(4) You can use Nationton Republic to create and organize events like conferences, weddings & parties for people to attend.

(5) Nationton Republic has similar features like Tonaton & OLX and so you can use Nationton Republic to create and post advertisement about your own productsand promote your own business.

1. Personal account

You pay a fee of 15Gh¢ for person account per year

2. Business Account

You pay a fee of 100Gh¢ per a year
Person account and it benefit
Personal account is for anyone who is not ready to open his/her own store online on Nationton Republic but want to have everything else like the social network and the worldwide Classified ads market on Nationton.

Business account is for registered companies and individual business people who want to open their own online shop on Nationton Republic and also have everything else on Nationton Republic

If you refer a person who subscribe for a personal account your commission is 13Gh¢. And if you refer a personal who subscribe for business account,your commission is 87Gh¢ we have TV/Radio Advert coming up soon and also an application for android and ISO users

Calculate your refer

Personal commission
1 invite = 13Gh¢
2 invite = 26Gh¢
3 invite = 52Gh¢
5 invite = 65Gh¢
10 invite = 130Gh¢
15 invite = 195Gh¢
400 invite = 5200Gh¢

Business Commission
1 invite = 87Gh¢
2 invite = 174Gh¢
4 invite = 348Gh¢
6 invite = 522Gh¢
10 invite = 870Gh¢
400 invite =34800

There is no limit to how many people you can invite. You get paid as you invite. You can work from everywhere and get paid via Mobile Money or Bank.powered By Nationton I.T

For more info WhatsApp me on +233248100884


Don’t Thirst For Attention

Don’t Thirst For Attention

Look, everybody doesn’t deserve you, so stop giving your heart, your body, your mind, to any and everybody.

Just because they tell you the right things doesn’t make them the right one. Just because the first date went right doesn’t make them wife/husband material. Stop searching for it, and let God bring it to you.

Acting DESPERATE for attention is not attractive. Not respecting yourself for attention is not attractive. Begging to be noticed is not attractive. Insecure people do that. Insecure people want attention, secure people demand respect.

Insecure people brag and show off, secure people are humble. Insecure people PRETEND to be perfect, secure people embrace their flaws. There’s beauty in confidence, but confidence isn’t about showing off what you got, it’s more about being secure in what you lack.

Don’t thirst for attention. Remember you don’t have to chase what’s God sent!


A WOMAN WROTE; I am writing to you in order to make someone understand that it’s good to appreciate our partners despite their flaws.I am 32 years of age.My ex husband and I dated for 6 years.We where best of friends.I waited until he completed college and started work.
My family and his family then met.We got married and had a son. (7 years old now).My husband was short tempered at times but our problems started when I wanted to make him feel he couldn’t control me.Every time we argued, I would pack my bags, go to my family and explain.My sisters would phone my husband and shout at him.
If he was controlling me I would always dare him that if he wished, he could divorce me.I never wanted divorce.I just had pride and I never wanted to look like a loose woman in his eyes.
One day I pushed him so hard that for the first time he beat me and locked me outside.I went to my family, my family took him to the police, every time I looked like I was being abused!But to be honest,I used to abuse my husband emotionally.He was arrested and detained.I was asked by his family to withdraw the case.I felt that what I was doing was wrong.My husband was never a violent man, he did what he did because I pushed him to the wall of which he openly knelt down and apologized.I withdrew the charge, and we reconciled.After three months, I packed my bags after a small issue and he remained alone.After two days, I received a call that he was in the hospital.My family told me that I shouldn’t go there because it would look like I was begging him and my sisters believed he was feigning the illness.All this time, people felt sorry for me like I was the one being abused.He spent a week in the hospital, after he came out, I just received a divorce summon.
I wanted to say no to divorce, but because I felt this pride, I wanted him to change his mind and beg me.I called him and said he would get the divorce because I lived like I was in hell.When we went to court, I wanted to make him pay, so I told the court that I needed his properties to be shared.
To my surprise he openly told the court that whatever he and I acquired together should be given to me, all he wanted was divorce.We were divorced in 2009 July.
Now, this Saturday (today) my husband is marrying, whilst l am here wasted!
My family members are gossiping about me.I depend on what my ex husband gives to my son for survival.I know I wasted my
marriage.I am here telling all wives that they should be careful how they get advise.
Don’t be cheated, don’t entertain family interference in your marriage my dear reader.Even my young sisters are much more respected than me.Those who encouraged me to get divorced are always teasing and bad mouthing me.

Please ladies, be vigilant in your marriage. Thought it wise to share my story to save your marriage.There is no benefit in pride for nothing. SOMETIMES IT’S NOT THE MAN’S FAULT AT ALL, IT’S YOUR PRIDE,AND THE PEOPLE YOU ALLOW TO ADVISE YOU.

Advice to ladies

Ladies: You will always attract who you are, or how you feel about yourself. Never put yourself down, or feel sorry for yourself. It will only attract men who just want to take advantage of you. keep your head up! Don’t believe everything people say about you, especially a man. After all, everything we hear nowadays is just someone else’s opinion, not a fact. Remember, You will never be truly happy if you continue to value the words of a man who hurts you.