Don’t Thirst For Attention

Don’t Thirst For Attention

Look, everybody doesn’t deserve you, so stop giving your heart, your body, your mind, to any and everybody.

Just because they tell you the right things doesn’t make them the right one. Just because the first date went right doesn’t make them wife/husband material. Stop searching for it, and let God bring it to you.

Acting DESPERATE for attention is not attractive. Not respecting yourself for attention is not attractive. Begging to be noticed is not attractive. Insecure people do that. Insecure people want attention, secure people demand respect.

Insecure people brag and show off, secure people are humble. Insecure people PRETEND to be perfect, secure people embrace their flaws. There’s beauty in confidence, but confidence isn’t about showing off what you got, it’s more about being secure in what you lack.

Don’t thirst for attention. Remember you don’t have to chase what’s God sent!

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