Hi my dear followers. Today I want to introduce you all to an online business called NATIONTON REPUBLIC. The first social media in Africa that pays it’s users.



(1) Nationton Republic is a social network service like Facebook and online market platform like Tonaton & OLX

(2) You can use Nationton Republic to share and comminicate/chat with friends and Family over the internet, e.g you can send messages & receive replies,you can post a status for people to Like, comment on it and share.

(3) You can use Nationton Republic to create online groups to promote a common cause, common idea, common goal or association and even business.

(4) You can use Nationton Republic to create and organize events like conferences, weddings & parties for people to attend.

(5) Nationton Republic has similar features like Tonaton & OLX and so you can use Nationton Republic to create and post advertisement about your own productsand promote your own business.

1. Personal account

You pay a fee of 15Gh¢ for person account per year

2. Business Account

You pay a fee of 100Gh¢ per a year
Person account and it benefit
Personal account is for anyone who is not ready to open his/her own store online on Nationton Republic but want to have everything else like the social network and the worldwide Classified ads market on Nationton.

Business account is for registered companies and individual business people who want to open their own online shop on Nationton Republic and also have everything else on Nationton Republic

If you refer a person who subscribe for a personal account your commission is 13Gh¢. And if you refer a personal who subscribe for business account,your commission is 87Gh¢ we have TV/Radio Advert coming up soon and also an application for android and ISO users

Calculate your refer

Personal commission
1 invite = 13Gh¢
2 invite = 26Gh¢
3 invite = 52Gh¢
5 invite = 65Gh¢
10 invite = 130Gh¢
15 invite = 195Gh¢
400 invite = 5200Gh¢

Business Commission
1 invite = 87Gh¢
2 invite = 174Gh¢
4 invite = 348Gh¢
6 invite = 522Gh¢
10 invite = 870Gh¢
400 invite =34800

There is no limit to how many people you can invite. You get paid as you invite. You can work from everywhere and get paid via Mobile Money or Bank.powered By Nationton I.T

For more info WhatsApp me on +233248100884



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