​A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 3

A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 3
That same day savitri went to see shanty so that she will tell her more about the issue.

Shanty: thank you ma for believing me.

Savitri: please tell me more abt it. Shanty showed her pictures of the girls

Shanty: the first one was inside a bus when it stop at a gas station. All of a sudden she came down from the bus, move to the right side of the road, turn a gallon of petrol on her body and went to the right side of the road, took a matches from a koist store and set her self on fire. Ma and all these girls told their parents about the two girls they usually see in their dreams but non of their parent believed them

Savitri: what about the second one

shanty: she was on a family vacation, every member of their family were present when she stood up and walk into the camp fire and she also made the same statement of her being called.

Savitri: how should we stop them

shanty: i don’t know exactly how we can stop them. But i know someone who can help us, he his…..
To be continued


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