Everyone believes ‘There’s no smoke without fire, right? Now, let’s assume
you are the type that gets suffocated when in a smoke-filled place and you
wants to light a fire but remembers that you won’t be able to withstand the smoke when the fire goes off, will you light it up? So also it is with sex! As a
single Brother/ Sister, being ready is
understanding what sex means and what the consequences can be so you don’t have problems or regret it afterwards, because they can be huge!

Most of us don’t even know when to have sex ‘the right time’ and when not to! We just believe whatever makes us feel good is permissible for us, without knowing God’s purpose for sex and how
He wants it carried out! It is important to know how God views sex, so it won’t
be misused! We should also know that there can be physical and emotional
consequences of having sex outside marriage! When you are not ready for sex, it is best not to do things that could ignite your urge, because sex is an addictive drug, the first try always lead to the second and then the next until you become it’s slave! It could be so difficult to stop once you’ve tasted
the sweetness of sex! As a Sister, you might turn into a ‘Decent prostitute’!

Decent prostitute loves sex so much, but the only thing that differentiates them from others is that they don’t stand on the street… BUT remember, no matter how you try doing it, Prostitution is
Prostitution! Be warned!

As a Brother, you might keep visiting the hotel and be spending your hard
earn money on a ‘prostitute’… Be warned!
Sex is not worth rushing into!

Now, the question is; Am I Ready For Sex? This is a personal question for each and every one of us! Are you ready to withstand the smoke from the fire? Are you prepared spirit, soul and body to withstand the heat from sexual tension?

If NO! Then you have to abstain from all
appearance of evil(1 Thess. 5:22). Some of us are not ready for sex, but we keep
putting ourselves in tempting situations like watching pornographic movies, reading romantic books, clicking on nude and seductive icons on internet, staying in a sexually seductive areas,
wearing clothes that promotes sex, going into an ungodly relationship,
engaging in an immoral conversations with the opposite sex and associating with the wrong people! You need to be
dead to sin if you are not ready for sex! Stop playing with sin! Playing with sin
is like playing with fire, and what happens when you play with fire, it will
burn you! My mum keeps telling me CYPHER , sex is more sweeter when done on the marriage bed… So, why the
rush beloved? Remember, ‘condoms’, ‘pills’ or what have you can’t really do
you any good! All you need do is FLEE! Help yourself by meditating on the word of God, give your life to Christ, you will then receive strength to control
your emotions, because for by strength shall no man prevail!!!

God Bless You All


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