​Forgetting Him and Moving On

When you end a relationship, it is natural to feel lonely, disappointed, desperate and sometimes, sorry. Your heart, logic and conscience get in about and you are the arena. 

It gets you so confused and it feels like it’s the end of the world. Well, we all know it’s not. 
There are still a lot of fishes in the sea.
Break up in a relationship is a phase we all go through. Yes, it is very painful and difficult. But it wouldn’t help either if you would lament

about it over and over. As much as it hurts to lose someone you deeply cared for, the only thing left to do is to move on. There is no easy way to get over a break up. It is a long process that can be very lonely and depressing. Losing someone gives the worst feeling in the world. 
At some point, you may feel like losing yourself and become jailed by the memory. 
While moving on from a relationship takes time, it is definitely an experience you wouldn’t forget.
How to move on ?
The first step on how to move on is acceptance.

The sooner you accept it’s over, the sooner you can forget about him. Admit to yourself that he is no longer a part of your life. It can be very depressing after a break up. There will come a time you will feel a strong urge to call him. Try your hardest to resist. Remember, you are the girl. You have to be wooed. If he wants you back, he should court you. It should not be the other way around. Remind yourself why you have broken up with him or vice-versa. You wouldn’t break up with him in the first place if it was a shallow reason.
If he dumped you, then, he is not worth it. There is someone out there who will be willing to reciprocate your love.
Cry. Talk to your mom, to your sister or to your best friend. Talking about your emotions lessens the loneliness. You will need all the

comfort, care and support from your loved ones.
Start filling up your calendar. Call your group of friends and schedule a girls’ night out. Attend parties and go to bars. Meet new people and have the time of your life. But remember not to party too hard and get wasted every night. You can flirt with guys but do not leave the party with them. If you can’t bring a friend, say no. One-night-stands will just make you feel horrible when you’re sober. Just stick to having a good time and not wrecking your life.
Find a new hobby. You want to fill all the time that you used to spend with him. Enroll in cooking classes, take music lessons or whatever interests you. Channel your energy and convert that sadness into drive to learn something new.
Excel in your career. Nothing’s more fulfilling than becoming successful. Focusing on work would take your mind off the break up. Especially if you start hearing compliments from your boss, you’ll be more inspired to do better.
Break up in a relationship is tough. But it’s a life lesson worth learning.


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