If you are looking for a wife, what career fields should you hunt in?  A must read…

Here are the best ones
1. Primary school teacher

I repeat……primary school teacher. Not secondary. Primary school teachers love children. They take good care of them. They are not the type to go clubbing and leave their children watching explicit soap operas with the horny mboch. Secondary school teachers are too stressed out from dealing with adolescent teenagers so they wont properly service your manly needs at home. Primary school teachers on the other hand are feminine, nurturing, selfless and most importantly blessedly cheap to maintain. Primo teachers don’t make much mulla so your financial status will always be above hers, guaranteeing a long and healthy relationship.
2. Stripper

The success of a marriage comes down to two important things – sex and money. Unhappiness always fills in where one of those lacks. Strippers are champions of earth shattering sex. They pin you down and make you cum to your last drop. And before that, you get a free show. The only major drawback is that you might have to share her. I wouldn’t advise you to go this route if you are the jealous type. Money wont be a problem either. She can take care of herself
3. House Helps

Maids are submissive. They ambitiously pursue domestic glory, not material goals or oneupsmanship, so status competition with them will be minimal. House helps are focussed on developing a home. They are also used to taking orders so they will simply do as you say. There’ll be no instances where you say this and she says that.

A househelp has spent most of her life taking care of children so she already knows how to be a great mom and caretaker. She’s patient, wise, and unconditionally loves the people she calls family.
4, Nurses.

Nurses are loyal. They generally try not to fuck around so much because they understand the risks. They understand that guys are not enthusiastic about marrying women whose vaginas have played host to numerous cocks before them. They also understand that Ghanaian men are coy when it comes to taking responsibility of babies. So they always insist on using protection

Another important point worth noting is that nurses are used to caring for patients. This act of service becomes ingrained in their DNA with time hence they end up caring for everyone else around them. Your nurse wife will show concern to your needs as well as those of your la familia at large. Furthermore your health condition will never deteriorate since you’ll be forced to live a healthy lifestyle
5. Food seller 

The biggest advantage of wifing a food seller is the obvious fact that there’ll always be food on your table no matter how broke you are. Your wife will always steal two or three leaves out of her spinach bunch and cook.
6. Self employed women

Such women either posses crisp business acumen or they had a hardship in life that turned them into survivors. They found their way out and they’re finally creating a life for themselves. They’ve had to fight hard for everything they’ve had in life and because of that they’re independent and expect nothing but true equality in a relationship. They don’t need a man, or anyone else, taking care of them, but when they’re in a relationship they really give it their all.
7. Call Center Attendant

She is really really faithful. She writes down so many phone numbers of men yet she never calls any of them. A call centre attendant can beat any temptation.
8. Chef/cook

If her job is cooking, wife her my brother. Whether she cooks at a road side or at in a restaurant doesn’t matter. Just wife her. A good meal satisfies a man’s soul. Not to forget that we are currently in a society where girls are experts at lighting up shisha pots but fumblers at lighting up gas.

Having a wife who is excellent at preparing meals also helps you gain societal respect. When visitors come to your house, they leave with endless words of praise upon mouth, thus creating a good name for your family.
9. Accountant

They say when you decide to marry, then let your bride be a woman who’ll shield you from the sharp sword of brokeness and poverty. An accountant is used monitoring every single penny that foes in and comes out. The books must balance both at work and in the family
10. Model

A beautiful wife is a man’s most priced possession. Other men will respect you and hold you in high regard. Models don’t eat much too so your food budget will not be that high.
Good luck


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