​A Relationship is not a Prison yard..A Must Read…

​A Relationship is not a Prison yard. That a Lady is your girlfriend does not mean she shouldn’t have male friends or she should leave social networks. A man should flee from female friends because he is in a Relationship, or he is expected not to associate with his pals because he now has a woman in his life; No!!!
We should trust our partners and hope they are faithful. Some people are scared of being in relationships because they feel their lives will be boring, and they will be restricted.

Relationships should be fun and exciting, where we are free to associate and share our opinions, knowing our allegiances are pledged

to our partners…. not a place that should be regarded as a Military barracks.

I hope you heard me?


I dropped the bag on the table and lie ontop adanna.

Adanna: whats inside the bag durling.

Me: i dont know, but i believe its my property

i started kissing her, using my left hand to rub her left boob, but she wasnt interested again.

Adanna: come on check wats inside the bag.

Me: oh forget about it after we are through i will check it,,,.

I said as i gave her a wet kiss, pulling her tongue out of her mouth and sucking it like vampire, i continue kissing her, smoching her, rubbing her, but onething is disturbing, there is something in that bag, thats making her lose her concentration, i stop what i was doing and look her in the face and ask.

Me: whats wrong sweet why are you not concentrating?

Adanna: i dont know i feel something bad is coming, i try to see it clearly, but a dark cloud is covering it,.

Me: ok then clear the dark cloud out of the way na, and focus na.

Adanna: thats it, i cant focus because of you, if i try to focus, you will distract me.

Me: ok i wont disturb you again, so try and focus because i love you so much and i cant risk anything happening to my darling angel,.

She satup, cross her leg like muslim, and join her palms together as if shes praying, i didnt disturb her, she stay like that for 30 minutes, then she look at me and said.

Adanna: i still cant see it.

Me: then forget about it, nothing will happen, after all you said only one thing can kill us, right?

Adanna: yes, but sometimes miraculous things do happen.

Me: miraculous things like what.

Adanna: miraculous things likeeee……..(she pause for sometimees lookup and said) check the bag.

I quickly stoodup and open the small bag, i saw my wristwatch that i bought for her, my 2 android phones, my beautiful handkie (that handkie before she carry am she fight me well well because the handkie thick and fine) and one olive oil, when she saw the olive oil she said.

Adanna: miraculous things like that ( standing up with hands akimbo ),

Me: what do you want me to do with it?

Adanna: go and throw it away of course, if possible burn it.

I took the olive oil outside i look at the cover and saw that the olive oil is not a sealed one, maybe mercy open it, i throw it in a deep pit, then i return inside arrange the other things, i kept the phone in my private bag, (tommorrow i will go to st micheal and sell them) while i just throw the handkie ontop of my bed close to my laptop.

Adanna: wont you burn the handkie too.

Me: no my dear, this handkie cannot be bought in nigeria market, my sister boyfriend from UK purchase it for me, and mercy stole it from me, am even happy she return it.

Adanna: ok no problem, so far you have dispose of the oil, no wahala.

So she cross her hands on my neck in a seductive way and said,.

Adanna: now where did we stop?



Hmm so she dey fear the anointing oil, na wa oh, i think say she get power, now that we have thrown away the anointing oil, are we really safe? Or there is another miraculous thing i overlook.
I lie ontop her and press her nice Bosom, very succulate (dont knw d meaning, but i guess you do) i kiss the boob through her bra and she let out a soft moan, i remove her shirt completely, remove the bra, na this kind of her Bosom na im guys go see and put hand for head and shout ogbono feli feli, i buried my face in her Bosom and start sucking the daylight out of it, i suck and suck and suck, while she moan and moan and moan, i move her up, i gave her a resounding kiss on her lips, she target my dicck and start stroking with her hand while still kissing me, she remove my shot turn me over like phyno taking over you, she bend down to my dicck and start sucking like a new born baby sucking her mother’s Bosom, she succk my rooster very hard that i open my mouth and savor the pleasure like a trap set for rat, assuming na outside we dey i tell you guys many flies for enter my mouth, after she don suck me for 5minutes, i pour am for her face puaaaarrr, like that gun wey that boaz they use for hard target, she lick the Pour as if its delicious, then she start sucking me again, and my dicck start reponding immediately ( na that wine cause am or so i thought) after my Joystick don rise and stand like aso rock, i turn her ova and stand sucking her Kitty-Cat, she wine her Buttocks as i suck her very hard, if i put my tongue for one side, she go moan loud and shift her Buttocks backward, na there i know say na the clit be that, so i hold her Buttocks closer while i suck the fuccking pussi concentrating on the clit, na so she dey moan loud, after sometime, she said i should come ontop her, so i position her like iturbo and lay ontop her, i insert my Joystick, hmmm very slippery, she don release tire, i start thrusting, i fucck her for 10minutes she release, hold her pussi covering it for me, then i releease her hand and go in again, na so the thrust dey make sound “kpa kpa kpa” like slap, lol, so after 15minutes or so, i release, come see as everywhere they watery.

I look at my shelf to carry tissue, om no tissue, i forget say my tissue don finish, chai, na wetin i go use clean ourself now, then i look ontop bed and saw my handkie.
I took the handkie and use it to clean my Joystick very well, i turn adanna around and use the handkie to clean her private part also, she didnt know which handkie i use, then i lay ontop bed holding her, with both of us still Unclad, time 9:00pm in the night, nepa brought light and everywhere is bright as if na moon they shine inside my room, she stood up to off the light, she walk to the circuit breaker, as she want to off the switch, she pause, she turn around and look at me, covering her pussi from me, then she ask.

Adanna: what did you use to clean my pussi? She said faintly as if something is hurting her.

Me: i use the handkie.

Adanna: why why oziegbe.

Me: my tissue has finish and i dont have anything else to use, any problem.

Adanna: give me water ( she manage to say as she bend down on the floor.

I stood up and immediately fetch water for her, as i was about to give her the water, something stroke my head like thunder, the cup fell and my head start boiling,

me: fire oh fire oh my body is boiling.

I faint on the ground rolling on the floor and shouting fire, while adanna manage to stand up, still Unclad she open the door and walk out of my room staggering, while i faint cus i cant stand the pain in my head.

To Be Continued…

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We continue living together as husband and wife sometimes, we will be in my room, and sometimes you will see us in her house, but you mostly see us in my house reason she said my place is more busy than hers, we dont normally cook instead we buy food outside (thats one thing i miss most in mercy cus she always cook) sometimes, she will go outside and buy or bring a mysterious wine which taste like blood, the first time i taste it i told her i wont drink again, then later i started drinking it, and my energy start growing, i can feel it in body that am becoming stronger and also my s*x skill increase, thrusting like never before, then one day i ask her.

Me: after the transformation are we still going to remain like this?

Adanna: no, we will live secretly, but only come out at night.

Me: why?

Adanna: because we have more privacy to operate in the night rather than day time, like for example now you went to mcc to get something and by mistake motor hit you, you wont die, you wont sustain injury, and people will be suspicious, they might even pack tire and burn you, thinking that you are a witch,

Me: will the fire kill me:

Adanna: no it wont.

Me: so you mean there is nothing in this world that can kill us.

Adanna: well there is one thing that kill us.

Me: what is it?

Adanna: its a natural something, i will tell you after the transformation.

Me: but the transformation will be completed tomorow (that means the crusade has started), so why cant you just tell me.

Adanna: well why are you so curious to know?

Me: nothing i just want to know what can kill me after i become immortal.

Adanna: hmmm there is only one tree that can kill us.

Me: tree?

Adanna.: yes,

Me: why cant we cut down the tree so that nothing can kill us.

Adanna: the tree is our home, we cant destroy it.

Me: hmmm so where can we find it.

Adanna: that i will tell you after the transformation is 100 percent complete.

Me: ok no problem.

She lay ontop me ( this girl like s*x sha) she started kissing me softly, then we heard a bang on our door.

Me: who is it? (no answer)

so we continue kissing, then later we heard the bang again, i stood up and went to the door, i open it and i saw mercy standing on the door.

Me: what are you doing here?

Mercy: well am just coming back from the crusade, and since i have completely erase my mind from you, i decide to bring all your stuff back,.

Me: dont worry you can keep them..

Mercy: no i wont, she said as she put one bag in my body, she no even let me accept am, she just put am for my body once and leave.

I close the door and went inside.

Adanna: so she has finally give up.

Me: i think so too.

So i dropped the bag on my table, not knowing there is a miraculous something on that bag that will change my life forever.

To Be Continued…

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I open my door and i saw her on my bed, with the chain on my bed, i was surprise to see her but i was surprise to the chain.

Adanna: hello durling

me: hi hurney, how u doing.

Adanna: am fine and you.

Me: well you know, nothing really just waiting for me to be like you.

Adanna: dont worry everything will be alright i promise you,.

She hold my hands and we both sat on my bed.

Me: so how did you know what happen.

Adanna: what happen?

Me: about the chain i mean.

Adanna: yeah i was wondering why you didnt wear it to school.

Me: i wore it, but my lecturer seize,.

Adanna: so, continue.

Me: well i went to meet him after class, but he refuse to give me, so after class i went to visit one of my friend,.

Adanna: and?

Me: well somebody called her and told her that the lecturer had and accident,

Adanna: you caused it now, that was what you want to happen to him, and thats what happened,

Me: hmmm

Adanna: and who did you go to visit by the way?

Me: one of my classmate.

Adanna: to do what?

Me: well i went there to collect report book so that i’ll copy.

Adanna: why do you have to copy cant you do it yourself?

Me: well, honestly i cant, if i want to do it at least i will need another person so that we can crack our head together, and beside i dont have the right testbook.

Adanna: hmmm, you dont have the testbook, thats why you visit her?

Me: yes of course or are you jealous, i thought you are watching me 24hrs.

Adanna: yeah but not all the time, something happened, i felt like you kissed someone, and when i tried to intervene i was blocked by a heavy force, whatever wether you kiss her or not, i dont want you to visit her again, alright?

Me: alright dear.

Hmmmm so she thought i kiss owners instead of mercy, and she said she was stopped by a heavy force, hmmmm power pass power.
Five days for me to die according to my lovers, 4 day remaining for the crusade, and mind you the program is three days, friday saturday and sunday, but the programme will start 4 days from now, anywhere you go you will see poster of lord’s chosen and their general overseer, some wearing apron, some even use the apron design their keke self, me and adanna dey house we just finish fuccking, when one test message enter my phone,

” fours remaining for the programme, if you really do love me then, you will respect my wish and do this last thing for me, please and please try and come, and if possible, try and bring your lover also.

i look the sender the sender, from mercy of course,.

Adanna: who is that?

Me: from mercy my ex lover.

Adanna: what did she say?

I gave her the message to read, after she finish reading it she laugh and have me the phone.

Adanna: reply her.

Me: and tell her what.

Adanna: anything

So i type.

“we are not coming, so stop wasting your time and your credit, if you cant let me go, look for ne bridge and jump inside river, i found a new love now which i cherish, she is my everything, and shes also my god, so you see i cant come because i cant worship two god at a time, so stay of me i beg you with your god.

I send it, adanna was impress with what i wrote, she slept on my body touching my hair in my chest, while i play game on my phone, after sometime, she went outside and bought fruit.

Me: it seems like you love fruit alot.

Adanna: the fruit is not for me, is for you only.

Me: why for me only.

Adanna: well i still have strenght, but you, you dont, so eat it so that we can continue from where we stop,.

Lol this girl go kill me, she nor want make i rest at all, as i eat the fruit, she sat on my body and continue rubbing my chest, after 5minutes another test enter my phone, from mercy.

“if you know your god is stronger is strong enough to challenge my god, come to the crusade, if your god can defeat my god, i will bow and worship him or her, but if my God defeat your god, you will bow and worship him, Come lets see which one is the mighty God”
To Be Continued…

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if you guys dont know, my lover just told me i have 14 days more to live, while my exlover also told me i also have 14 days to live, my lover told me to sacrifice my soul so that we will forever and i agree, while my ex lover told me to come to crusade so that her general overseer of lord’s chosen charismatic revival hour will heal me and bind that spirit disturbing my life, well if i dont go withing 14 days, my soul will be lost to the devil, while if i go my soul will live on, and my love told me that if i sacrifice my soul, me and she will live together till eternity, waoh what a twist of fate, how did i even find myself in this kind of situation, i have fucck with devil before that was when i finish my secondary school and i needed to make money fast fast and by so doing i join the yahoo yahoo crew, thinking that is all about me and my laptop didnt know it also require sacrifice, (my next story). Chai i don really suffer for this live, well every man with his or her own destiny, its either we control our destiny by ourself or let another person control it, as for me, who is controlling my own destiny now, is it me or adanna? Well i will leave it for the readers to answer.

Sunday pass and monday came, 13 days remaining for my death, 12 days remaining for the crusade, i woke up early, cook indomie and eat, i took my bath, wear my clothes and my chain, i set out to school.

We have 9 colour codes of resistor, we also have the multiplier and the tolerance, i thought you those things last week, so today is revision, who can name the colour codes of resistor?

Come see as everybody dey raise their hand up, me i be know am oh but my mind no they class.

Lecturer: Ozes

me wey i sit down for back to reason my live, you dey disturb me.

Lecturer: is ozila not in this class.

He is sir, i said standing up, tell us the colour code of resistor, come see as 156 student eye begin they look me, omo i don forget oh, i nor remember am again,.

I look front and i saw blessing whispering to me “roygbiv” she will point at herself twice and whisper roygbiv, then i remember “BBROYGBVGW”

lecturer: ozila we are waiting for you.

Me: okay sir, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey and White.

He look at me very well then say.

“where do you get that necklace from”

me: from my friend.

Lecturer: bring it here.
Which kind wahala come be this na eeh, you ask me question i answer am finish wetin come concern you and my chain now eehh.

Lecturer: i said bring the chain here. ( he shouted)

Me: ok sir am comeing.

Me Osuagwu nor be person wey you go want play with, so i quickly remove the chain from my neck and walk forward to hand it to him.

lecturer: go and drop it on my table in my office.

I walk straight to his office and drop the chain at the table, after class i went to see the lecturer, come see as people lineup for im office wey wan see am, last week he did not collect some report book because they fail to summit on time, so everybody just lineup holding their report book on their hands as if them wan receive money from bank, if i wan wait na like 2 hours oh, so i left and sat at one restaurant inside school, “madam abeg give me one bottle of farouz” i said as i sat down and relax my head against the wall, then mercy walk in, she came to were i sitting and sat down.

Mercy: good afternoon

me: afternoon, how is ur day going?

Mercy: fine and urs?

Me: alright, i hope u are getting better now.

Mercy: yes thanks to God.

Me: okay.

She remain mute for two minutes then ask.

Mercy: i hope you will be coming to the crusade.

Me: i dont know yet let time reach first.

Mercy: what time are you talking about? I told you, you have few more days to live instead of you to follow me so that we will go see our pastor, you are telling me let the time reach, what did she even give u to eat?

Me: mercy please not now.

Mercy: what happen to you, huh? You know you are not yourself why not let us find solution.

Na which kind wahala this girl come carry come now eeh, i stood up carry my bag and hed to the door, she stood on my way, everybody for restaurant come begin dey look us.

Girls: girl no allow am pass oh

Boys: guy, girl dey beg you and you form fine boy, you dey dull us here oh.

I tried to move her out of the way and she hold my head and kiss me, the kiss enter my head go inside my medulla onblogatha, within some seconds, electric spark killing all the glove and burning the television on the wall, i quickly free myself from her grip and ran out.

As i walk out of the restaurant i heard, ”

Guy 1: oh boy my phone don blind oh,

Guy 2: even me too oh, maybe that transformer don burn again.

Guy 1: chai i wish i know i for nor plug my phone for here oh.
I walk out of the restaurant leaving my ex lover, but why that electric come spark na, and why mercy no receive slap like blessing, i continue pondering over the whole issue, i was surprised to see her kiss me like that, i for dogde am na if say i know, i went to see the lecturer and this time na like 6 people remain, so i decided to wait.

Me: guy i dey your back,

i told the last person make all those trouble maker no come carry their strong head come beging they argue say them no meet me here, i sat down while i watch the line, pressing my phone, i login naijauncut. and i saw what baffe me, a warri pastor Bleeping a woman for pregnancy, the woman lie down in bench while the pastor bend and be Bleeping her, “power enter power enter” that was what she was saying, the pastor just dey sama her, lol the speerm go turn anointing oil wey go give her belle, or so i thought.

After i watch the video finish by then e remain one person, so i went to stand at his back, after like 2minutes e remain only me,

me: good afternoon sir.

Lecturer: yeah oz, you came for the chain right?

Me: yes sir.

Lecturer: so you said your friend gave it to you.

Me: yes sir.

Lecturer: which of your friend

me: my girlfriend sir

Lecturer: is that your friend a governor daughter or president daughter?

Me: none sir,

lecturer: hmmm, how much will you sell it.

Me: its not for sale sir.

Lecturer: hahahaha there is nothing in this world that is not for sale, ok name your price.

Me: its priceless sir.

Lecturer: i will give you 50k

me: no sir

lecturer: 100k

me: no sir

lecturer: i will give you A in all your papers.

Me: thank you sir but i prefer a fair result.

Lecturer: 200k

me: no sir.

Lecturer: its seems you are the stubborn type, you there to put on something like this in my class.

Me: am sorry sir.

Lecturer: dont be because this chain will be summited to the head office, and dont bother coming to beg because nobody will answer.

Me: but sir…

Lecturer: no but get out of my office, am done with you.

I left the office smiling of course.
I just smile and leave his office, what do you expect me to do, he is my lecturer and am his student, i left his office and started going home, i didnt report STC222 that biochemistry they tire me sometimes because of the calculation, the calculation they tire me to do because to calculate biochemistry you need 100 percent concentration and were do i get that concentration from when my house is always booming with music, na the generator they worse pass, e get one ashewo bear parlour wey them dey call pionneer for back of my house, na 24hrs them they on their generator, and na that diesel generator wey dey shake ground like trailer.

Since i didnt report it and it will be summited tommorow i decided to visit my friend onah, but i call her owners, she slim pass dija by far, na im make i dey call her owners because no be she get her body na gravity, and na air dey carry her waka, i walk out of my school gate and followed the road that lead to owners house, i waka reach her compound for me to cross over to her house na, i see say say them don fence am, chai that mean i have to turn back and walk for another 10minutes, with stubborness i open the gate because me i don tire to go back because i fit faint for road, i enter inside the gate and i need to walk like 20 steps to get to the other gate so that i cross over to her house, as i take 10 steps na im i here, wooh woooh woo, omo come see bark like lion, na so one lion dog begin dey run come meet me, that time wey i dey small them tell me say if dog dey pursue you make you pick sand for ground pure for im body, so i quickly pack sand and throw it to the mighty dog, omo the dog no stop oh, i guess e even vex put self because im come start to they run fast, the kind race i take em, i nor believe, piaamm i jump over the fence and landed in gutter full of kpotokpoto, come see as kpotokpoto full my body, na so i carry go owners house oh, as i dey go na so her neighbour dey look me like madman, i reach her doormoth and knock, she open door at first knock and ask

“chai ozilla na poo them pour for your body”

me: abeg comot for road for me joor, na why you nor tell me say them don fence your road wey lead to your house?

Owners: e don tey wey you reach my house na, so i think say you don forget me.

Me: na why i go forget my first wife?

Owners: hmm so u still gree say i be your wife, abeg go rinse yourself first.

Owners na correct christian, i be dey friend her but i refuse to fucck her because meat no dey her body, imagine if i put my dicck inside that means e go burst come out for her yash na, i took water and went to her bathroom and clean myself, i came back and check the pot, i saw indomie and i serve myself, because my belle don dey sing song since.

Owners: na wetin carry you come my house today.

Me: i come visit you na, or i nor fit visit my wife again?

Me: you? Come visit me, abeg shot up and tell me wetin you find come, you wey don forget me since na today you go come remember me abi?

Me: i dey miss you na im make i come.

Owners: na you sabi.

I finish eating my indomie, and i scroll through her book, she relax in her bed while i sat on her chair, i for join her for bed but i nor want make something happen oh, i continue checking her book and i saw what i was looking for, i check it and i saw that she has report practical 8 finish,

me: so you don finish practical eight?

Owners: yes na.

Me: na where you get this formular take calculate am like this?

Owners: i use test book.

Me: na which test book, because i find am for new school chemistry i nor see am..

Owners: no oh e no dey new school chemistry na essential chemistry i see am.

Me: okayyyy thats why, i hope you no go vex if i carry am go house go copy.

Owners: i know say na something bring you come here, anyway carry am go house and nor forget to come to school early tommorow oh to summit them oh, because i hear say latest submission na by 8.

Me: no wahala na, make i dey go.

As i stand up say make i dey go her phone ring, all i heard is what, how, when, person wey dey school just now, haa na God go help us oh, i hope is not too serous, haaaa that one mean say we nor go see am for school till next month be that oh,.

She cut the call and face me.

Owners: ozila them say mr Osuagwu don get accident and im break im leg.

Hahaha i wasnt surprise so i just smiled.

Owners: na why you dey laugh na or you think say i dey lie?

Me: no oh, i wish am quick recovery, i said as i walk out of her room smilling.

I got home and i saw adanna sleeping on my bed, with the necklace on my table.
To Be Continued…

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I was shock like electric fish, i turn back and i saw adanna starring at me and resting her body on the tree with red rope, folding her hands and crossing her leg as if she want to take picture,.

Adanna: so how did know here?

Me: i dont know, i just follow my mind,

adanna: hmmm thats good, but to follow your mind, something must tell you where your mind to go.

Me: yeah, i saw red van, red ball and red rope.

Adanna: the van is not white actually, and the ball is not red, but black and white, only the tree is red.

Me: then how come everything is red, or am i having eye defect.

Adanna: ahahaha my love will never have eye defect ( she said and hold my hands as we walk inside the mysterious house) its just a crazy illusion planted on your head,.

Me: hmmm i dont know why am free around you, i suppose to be afraid but no, i just feel safe anytime am close to you.

Adanna: is like that something, you know men always want to prove something when they around women,

me: i dont understand, prove something like wht?

Adanna: to prove that they are not weak when in the midst of women, ok tell me, the other you followed me to my other house, if i was a man, would you have followed me.

Me: no of course.

Adanna: good, then you have answered you question.

We went inside, everything seems normal like normal human being house, i was expecting to see something scary like the former house, but no scary things at all, i saw my picture posted on the wall.

Me: how did you get this picture.

Adanna: from your phone.

Me: waoh, and you didnt tell me you have you my picture.

Adanna: weell i dont see any need telling you.

Me: and come to think of it i dont have any of your picture oh.

Adanna: what do you need my picture for when i will always be with you.

Me: well you are not always with me as a matter of fact.

Adanna: yeah i know, i have be busy, but starting from tommorrow i will always be with you.

Me: busy with what exactly?

Adanna: bringing our soul together.

Oh yeah i even forget, i came to ask her about that but how come i lost concentration.

Me: yeah i remember, tell me the truth do i really have 14 more days to live?

Adanna: physically yes, but spiritually No.
Me: no no no i dont want to die now, am too young to die, you have to stop whatever you are doing with my soul ( i said as if my soul have not been trapped already ).

Adanna. Come on relax,.

Which kind relax be that you tell me i go die 14 days and you dey tell me to relax, she gave me a cup of water and hold me as we both sat down together in her big bed, i wonder wetin she dey do with the bed.

Adanna: come on, i thought you loved me.

Me: oh yeah i do,

Adanna: then whats difficult for you to sacrifice your soul for me so that we will live forever, you wont grow old you will remain like this forever, or do you want to live me in this world all alone when you die.

I thought about it living immortal, god among human, omo na who go say no to this sweet offer, and all i have to do is to give up my soul, and what if i dont, i will grow old and die living behind my darling adanna, No No No, i cant do that, i have to accept her offer.

Me: what about my school, my family and everybody i care about?

Me: after you sacrifice your soul, is only me you will able to love, nobody else, you wont care about your family or your love ones, but you can still go to school, touch anything, feel anything, people can see you also and talk to you.

Hmmm so i wont have the heart to love anyone except her, but come to think of it, as it stand now, do i really love anybody else apart from her, i dont care about my family, my friends, my soul is already lost with her so its better i become immortal so that i will be able to live with her forever.

Adanna: all i care about in this world is you, so please if you really love me you will agree to do it, i’ve been living lonely since the 16th century, but when i saw you i found love, peace, joy, and happiness again since then my life change.

Me: you know i will do anything for you my dear, i dont care about my soul so take it, so far am with you in this world am satisfied, beside my soul is long gone, because since i met you, is only you i think about every seconds of the day, so yes take my soul and let me be with you forever.

Blood started gushing out her eyes

me: my dear you are bleeding, wait let me look for handkie.

Adanna: no dont worry, its just a sign of happiness, she said as she bury her lips in my mouth and sat ontop me, while i fell on her bed with slow motion.
She removed our clothes while she fucck me softly, winning her waist ontop me like snake, after the s*x we slept for 2hours,

i woke up and start thinking how i got here, since i met this girl mysterious things have been happening, strange strange things, not to mention the fact that small children were playing ball on the road in the night, i wonder which light them they take see, oh she said is an illusion, what is illusion, how am i even sure that these house too is not an illusion too, hmmm i remove the chain from my neck, but everything still remain thesame, except that i saw a bright light from one corner of the room, i went there and i saw a secret door, i open the door and before me, i saw beautiful room with red carpet, at the middle i saw two coffee and the wall i saw a mighty mirrow, i went to the mirrow i didnt see anything except myself, i open the first coffin it was empty also with the second one, what are those coffin met for i thought, i look around i saw a small white ball, not actually ball i dont know what to call it (if you have watch the movie unfaithful, the gift that woman gave to her fucker, bought for her by her husband, thats how it look like) i look so cloudy, i look inside and i saw nothing except for the cloud, i look at the coffin again, i look at the mirrow and i look at the ball, everything look mysterious to me i dont understand any of it, then i heard from my back.

Adanna. Put the chain on.

Me: what? ( i was shock didnt know she was standing there)

adanna: i said put the chain on. ( she repeated)

me: why?

Adanna: if you want to know whats going on then put the chain on.

I put on the chain.

Adanna: okay now look at the mirrow again.

I look at the mirrow and i saw that woman from the other mysterious house turning water, the water look blacking and hot, but vapors are emanating from the water,

adanna: now look at the coffin ( she said.

Me: i look the first one and i saw Adanna sleeping or dead i dont know, i open the second one and i saw myself, i was shock.

Me: whats going on?

Adanna: transformation my dear.

I look up and i saw something like smoke, emanating from both the coffin and going wheere,? I thought.

I look very well and i saw the smoke like substance emanating from the coffin and going inside the ball.
To Be Continued…
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​Dear lonely girl,..A Must Read…

Stay single until you find someone who can match your loyalty. Stay single until you find someone who can reciprocate your effort. Stay single until you find someone who can give back the same amount of attention you put out. Stay single until you find someone who can make the same amount of time you share. Stay single until you find someone who provides the same level of honesty you exploit. Stay single until you find someone who meets all of your expectations as clearly as you’ve set them. If you’re single right now, it’s not because you’re not good enough. It’s not because nobody feels the same way about you. It’s not because you’re bad at relationships. It’s because no one is ready for you just yet. It’s because they are the ones who don’t deserve someone like you. It’s because you aren’t settling for just anybody who tells you that they care. Yes, it does get lonely. Seeing other couples being happy together doesn’t make it easier. Even seeing other couples argue may make you miss being in a relationship because the thought of having someone who cares deeply enough to fight with you and fight for you is what hits you. But hey, what’s the hurry? You’re still young, and it’s just not your time yet. Loving yourself and empowering yourself is what you need because otherwise you’re always gonna feel that emptiness that you think only having someone can fill, but that’s wrong. You’ve always been everything you needed. 
Be patient. 
He’ll be here.


I took my phone and call adanna, but she didnt pick, i tried it 3 times she nor even pick am then a test entered my phone

“i know you are worried but trust me i will tell you everything when you come, so just relax for me okay, i love you.”

na wetin she dey ma dey do self wey she nor fit come my house, and she no get any work for house oh, i throw my phone away, i look at the time 4:00p.m chai make this time move fast na, i just dey reason many things for my head wey another test enter my phone, i look the name, unknow number.

” am really dissapointed at you, i thought you are a man not knowing you are a kid, well thanks for the insult, it wont happen again, you can keep your dicck, after all you are not the only one with big dicck, so go to hell”

lol, na how the idiot even take get my number self, i dont remember giving her my number oh, hahaha so she know that am not the only one with big dicck then why is she disturbing me, afterall wether e even small e no matter na by experience, i remember when i was 14 me and my schoolmate fucck one girl, my friend have small dicck why me my own is grab, i Bleep the girl finish the girl no even make noise, but when my guy Bleep this girl, she begin dey cry, “mummy oh, mummy oh, i don die oh, wa hwa me oh (make una save me oh), na there i know say na by experience, na that my guy come even teach me how to fucck, just like lil wayne how to love,.

I took my phone and start playing game trying to keep myself busy, i play fifa14 na so barca beat me scatter scatter, lol my head no dey, if na before i for kill them, i continue playing my game till 7pm, then i went outside to look at people passing, going or coming, aba is a very busy place, i tell you if you want to do busines come to aba city, they know how to do business very well, the fuckup wey dey na their road, i be they talk say edo road no good, but when i reach aba omo na eyesaw,

i sat on one barber’s shop and start looking at the beautiful ladies passing ( typical nigeria man) tell me wetin i dey look, na their yash and their Bosom oh, lol. When it was toeight, i went inside and prepare myself to go out, immediately i finish putting on my clothes, my phone ring, i check the caller and i saw my love.

Adanna: are you ready.

Me: you know i am.

Adanna: ok start coming.

Me: test me the direction.

Adanna: just put the chain on, the chain will guard you.

Me: ok.

I have seen alot of miracle so this one is not a new thing, i put the chain on my neck and set out to adanna mysterious house.
I was on my way going to nowhere in particular, i came out from my frontage, left or right? I dont know, i decided to follow left going towards MCC road, i keep on moving, then something struck, from the beginning she told me she use to watch me escort my girlfriend, that means her house should be close to that tonymas areas, so i followed my instinct and just keep on walking, after walking for 20minutes or more, i reach one junction, where 4 roads join, one to ariaria market, the other to tonymas, i followed the road to tonymas, i reach aba-portharcourt main road, come and see how motors are flying as if something is pursueing them from behind, if by mistake now accident happen they will blame the devil as always, mean while its their fault, sometimes i do pity the devil because the kind of blame we human put on him is too much, everyday we human pray “God punish devil, God kill devil” i wonder why hes still alive up till now, or is he not? maybe somebody need to clerify me.

I crossed the road, and walk to the other side, i dont know where am going all i know is that am going to adanna house, anywhere i found myself, then i pray to God for protection, after i crossed the road i continue moving forward, then i saw a street where they sell bread at the front like wholesale, many pickup van (painted red) stood at the front of the store, i followed the kpotokpoto (abeg wetin be the english name) street, come see as my leg begin draw like mama nkechi draw soup, the kpotokpoto stain my trouser no be small, i manage pass that area, then i saw two road, left or right i don know, i look forward and i saw children playing ball (red ball) at the road, i follow that lane, i keepon walking for 10minutes then i saw one small building paint white and red, a complete convertible house, i look at the house and i saw a big tree at the front, a red rope was used to tied the tree, i go to the house i knock once, nobody answer, i knock again nobody answer, then i heard a voice from my back.

To Be Continued…

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As she see say i dey look her, she quickly remove her hand and run inside her room and slam the door, lol, na why she dey run na, she for come meet me make i find one BF for her instead of her to use me na, i finish my bath, went inside my room and bury my head in my pillow, i hope no nightmare today, i thought as i sleep like a baby and start snoring like johnsown1, tommorrow is another day.

I woke up to see a bright and wonderful morning, today na sunday oh, make i ready make i dey church, no no no, wetin i dey go church go do, no bi to pray for guidance, since adanna don dey guard me already i dont need another protector, i brush my teeth and took my bath, relax on my bed waiting for night to reach so that i will go visit the love of my life, since light dey make i just dey watch film, i select one movie from my table and start watching on my laptop, titled “memoir of an invisible man” that film don tey sha, is about one man wey something happen to, then im come turn invisible, he can see, feel and touch things but you cant see him, but you can hear him, at last him and the girl of his dream later dey together, but i wonder how them go dey fucck, invisible joystick go dey enter visible pussi, the girl no go dey see the thing but she go dey feel am, maybe we need to ask cherrybrown because i believe she go don experience am before, i continue watching my film till afternoon wey hungry don dey samma my belle and the worms in my stomach start crying, well i on my stove and cook indomie, i went outside and bought 2 egg, (me i nor dey eat indomie like that oh, obstacle must dey) i cook the indomie finish samma am for my belle, i relax again continue to dey watch my film, after 30minutes somebody knock on my door, i went to the door and ask.

Me: who is that?

Is me favor, open up.
Na wetin this girl dey find self, i pass her side just now, her room dey look, abeg make i tell her say i get visitor make she dey go joor, i opened the door and i saw what baffle me, a beautiful girl with short jean skirt, that cover only her Buttocks, leaving her fine fresh lap expose, she wore a handless shirt also like that shirt wey that girl wear from kcee fine face video, with no bra, if una see as her Bosom pump comeout ehh, chai omo today na today oh,.

Favor: good afternoon

i didnt hear her greet because my eye was busy scanning her from head to toe,

favor: hellooooo, she said using her hand to wave me,

me: yeah good afternoon, how are you?

Favor: am fine dear, can i come in

me: of course come inside,.

i found myself saying, she catwalk in as i look her backside, she really sabi shake am like that fat woman from flavor shake it video, i offer her a sit while i make myself comfortable on my bed, she sat down and face me crossing her two leg, omo make una come see lap, very big like mercy johnson own,.

Favor: so why didnt you go to church today, ?

me: well i wasnt feeling so well, so i thought i should rest today

favor: hmm since i came to this place i’ve never seen you miss church before oh.

Me: well you don see me now, so what of you why didnt you go to church?

Favor: well i went i just came back now ( you dey come back from church and you want come sin)

me: okay i hope you pray for me oh.

Favor: of course i prayed for all my friends.

Me: alright so what broughtt you to my room today?

Favor: well i was bored when i returned from church so i thought i should come visit.

Me: thats very nice, even me am bored too, as you see i was about to sleep, when you knock.

Favor: hmmm, i hope you are not angry that i disturb your sleep, she said smiling while she cross her leg to the other side, by so doing i saw her big lipped pussi, she no even wear pant, omo my grandmaster gain attention at once, wetin dey worry this my oga na, im want put me for trouble abi? I took pillow and use it to cover my rising snake, she saw me and smiled.

Favor: why are covering it?

Me: covering what?
If say na before i for don dey ontop her dey sample dey fuccking Buttocks, but because of the oath i was afraid to even near her i nor even fit do anything, my guys any girl wey tell una make una take oath make una run leave that girl na me dey tell you, that person no love you, na lust no be love, when the love start e go shack una like ogogoro, but after sometime the ogogoro go dey clear for una eye small small, because as for me na everlasting punishment, God nor go make me meet somebody like adanna for my life again in Jesus name Amen.

Favor: that snake between your leg.

Me: what, which snake, where is it? ( i stood up quickly ).

Favor started laughing like mum showing me her fine open teeth, e be like say open teeth dey make some people fine sha.

Favor: i mean the thing in between you leg.

Aaaah, i calm down i thought she meant real snake, so i sat down on my bed again and cover my family with pillow.

Me: nothing

favor: come on let me see it.

Me: you don see am before why you wan see am again.

Favor: come on no dey form innocent boy for my front again, i know say you dey samma girls for this room well well, or you think say i nor know say you dey scatter chinansa tooto.

Me: hahaha na truth i be dey gbog her, but na before, i don change now, old things have pass away and now am a born again.

Favor: see who dey talk abeg shot up joor.

Me: you think say i dey lie, oya tell me when last you don see girl for my house again?

Favor: na truth you talk sha, e don tey wey you carry girl come house, but the thing go don dey hungry you oh, she said as she open her leg this time, she open it wide, see as her pussi get big lips like cow yash, oboy the thing send signal enter my body like electric shock,

favor: do you like what you see,, she said as she insert her right hand inside her and start rubbing it, if una see how my dicck don rise eeh, e wan tear my boxer, lol, omo i nor fit bear am again, but i still dey pity her, because blessing no even wan see me again after that miraculous slap from heaven, she use her left hand to rub her Bosom and start Bleeping herself with her right hand, twisting her body, she start using her hand to point at me, signaling me to come help her suck, chai see free visa, i stood up remove my shirt, i move her up i look her straight in the eye as if i want to kiss, she set her mouth open but i just shift to my left, took her phone from the table, she was still expecting the kiss while i hold her hand and push her out of my room and slam the door. Get Behind Me Satan.
Chai so i just miss that sweet pussi now, oh boy na God go punish satan me wey i nor dey take eye see pusssi before, even girl fit use pussi set me up, i remember the time, wey i dey gbog my elder brother erema, when he catch me, na my mama save me, i for be castrated human being now well no long thing sha according to dbanj, life dey short so make we enjoy am as we dey young, i lock my door and relax on my bed looking up to ceiling as na there my wahala dey, i didnt know what to do so i took my phone and called my loving adanna.

Adanna: congratulation.

Me: congratulation for what?

Adanna: for been able resist her.

Me: where you watching us?

Adanna: no but i was feeling it too, i told you anything you feel i feel too i can even confirm now that you are in the mood to have now and am in the mood tooo.

Me: since you know am in the mood and you are in the mood too why dont you come now?

Adanna: nah i cant come now, but you will come to my placein the night.

Me: but why do i have to come, why dont you come over to my place?

Adanna: there is something i want to show you

Me: what is it?

Adanna. Well if you come you will see it.

Me: hmmm ok no wahala, but what do you expect me to do with my hard dicck.

Adanna: well what did you do last time you were in the mood?

Me: well am not in the mood to sleep now.

Adanna: alright go and fucck her but know that if you die i cant raise you up.

Me: weeelll, if you cant raise me up at least you will die with me.

Adanna: hahahaha do you thing if i can die i will still be alive now.

Me: but seriously do i really have 14more days to live, according to mercy?

Adanna: when you come we will talk, bye.

She cut the call at once, na wa oh, na which kind game this girl dey play self eeehh, me i be uzebba boy na we get the greatest witch for the whole of nigerian, we even first america to they fly self, make this girl no try anything with me oh, but come to think of it, am i really myself, i have stop going to church, i have stop praying to God, no more school fellowship again, i dont even care about my family again, blessing left me, i broke my loving mercy’s heart, hmmm i really need to see adanna, and i mean now.
To Be Continued…

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I would have just remain in my house, i dont know what even push me to go there self, and who the hell does she think she is to dictate to me that way, 15 days for me to die? Adanna killing me? Lol that girl must be really angry that i broke up with her, hahaha she can go to hell i dont fuccking care, even if adanna want to kill me she could have done it long again, even if its true then at least we can die together, or so i thought.

I was lost in my thought that i dont know that somebody was following me in my back, i continue debating on my mind, walking very fast to my house, no keke i for don enter tey tey, then from my back i heard ” gbooooaiiiiiii” somebody hit me planck on the back of my head (chai that my head don suffer am telling you guys), i look back and i saw one guy, holding a big planck on his hand, he was surprise to see me standing, he was thinking i would fall and die or maybe faint, when i turn and face him, he started moving back slowly.

Me: who are you and what do you do that for? I said holding the back of my head.

Unknown Man: am chidebere, chinansa lover, you killed my wife to be, and i want revenge.

Me: my man you must be mistaken, because chinansa travelled ( i said still holding my head, checking if there is any injury)

unk man: no chinansa my love is dead ( he said and started crying).

I saw the tears in his face i look at him i know hes serious, was that why adanna said i will never see her again, well i think she deserve it because she wanted to kill me too, so i think i should thank adanna for doing the job for me, at least no more trouble from here again, i look at the man like a madman and took off.
I got to my house late in the midnight as i open my door a text enter my phone.

“i know that you are not yourself and i will never lose hope on you even if it cost me my life, you are my first love and i cannot be alive and see you been used like this, i wont stop till i cure your craze and drive that witch back to where she belong”

i read the message and i laugh, why wont she just leave me alone, there are alot of guys out there ready to pounced on her at first sight, she should just let me be joor, bikonu, i was very tired when i got home that i just relax on my bed and slept off, tommorow is another day, wait before i sleep i have to hear the voice of my angel, i took my phone wanted to call her, then my phone rang and i look at the caller, adanna, hmmmmm maybe she was thinking about me too, i pick the call.

Me: hello my loving angel.

Adanna: how are you my love.

Me: am quit alright, just stressed out.

Adanna: hmmmm what did you do?

Me: nothing,

adanna: but you said you are stressed out, if you didnt do anything then how come you are stressed out?

Me: well mercy friend called me and told me that mercy had an accident.

Adanna: so you went there?

Me: yeah i went there to by myself, but is not a serious one, she will be okay soon.

Adanna: okay so when you get there what did you talk about.

Me: well she said some crazy stuff.

Adanna: crazy stuff like what?

Me: that you are trying to kill me that i have 15 days left to live.

Adanna: hmmmm and what was your respond?

Me: trust me na, i gave her a dirty slap because i cant stand and see anybody talk to you that way.

Adanna: what you did was wrong, and what she said is true.

Me: wait what are you talking about ( i said standing up from my bed.)

Adanna: i think we see and discuss it face to face, tommorow evening i will direct you to my house.
Did she just say its true what does she mean by that, omo i was really confuse that i pondered round the room, like tom and jerry, moving front and back, slaping my phone on my palm, i cant take this any longer, i took my phone and called her again, pondering round the room like a wanderer.

Me: what do you mean its true?

Adanna: comeon just relax is not like you are actually dying, is a kind of initiation bringing my soul and your soul together to live forever.

Me: i still dont understand, please explain further.

Adanna: do you trust me?

Me: with my life.

Adanna: then tomorow we will see and discuss about it okay,

me: hmmmm okay if you say so.

Adanna: so blow me a kiss and relax okay everything wil be alright, if you really trust then you will know that all am doing is for our own good.

Me: okay i trust you 100 percent, oya catch it mmmuah

adanna: alright thanks take care bye.

Hmmm she said is a kind of initiation, bringing my soul and her soul together, does that mean i wont die? I will live forever?? Hmmm lets wait and see, i took purewater and drank it to reduce my hydration, omo sweat too dey, i carry my rubber fetch water put, i took outside to bath in the night, omo day too dark oh, i nor fit enter bathroom oh, so i stood ontop our suckaway, remove all my clothes, chai why i come forget my soap na ehrrm, no need to wear my clothes again, day don dark nobody fit see me, and everybody don sleep by this time, omo i waka go my room as my joystick dey dangle in between my laps, i enter my room carry soap for my window, and on my way back, nepa bring light, chai na which yawa be this na eehh, i use my hand cover my dicck while i went back and stood ontop the suckaway, i look left and right nobody dey around, i quickly took my shower, as i dey use sponge rub my body i dey here.

“uuhhmmm, uhmmmm uhmmm” soap dey my eye i nor fit open am, so i said slowly ” who dey there” nobody answer, so i continue dey baf, after two minutes i hear the sound again, “uummm ummmm” i ask again ” na who dey there” nobody answer, so after i take water rinse my face, i look front and i see wetin shock me.

“my neighbour “favor” sit down for her window, wearing night gown, she chuck her hand inside the night gown marstubating, starring at my long Joystick”
To Be Continued…

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