Adanna: i guess the sound of the generator is disturbing you?

Me: yes and how do you know that?

Adanna: well the generator is disturbing me too i told we are one, anything you feel i feel also, so just wear the chain, go and outside and sit down.

Me: and?

Adanna: just do as i say nothing else,

Me: ok.

I stood up and wear the mysterious chain on my neck i went outside to sit, after 2minutes, the generator make a very loud noise and off by itself touch am oh, my neighbour came out, on the gen again, he kick and kick and kick for were, na so the generator open teeth dey laugh am, he took his screw driver and screw open the plug he change it, and try again for where, the generator just dey laugh dey blow himself, in my present he called a mechanic, after 20minutes the mechanic came with his tools and utensils and open the generator, lose everything and fix them back again.

Mechanic: nothing do the generator na.

Neighbour: then why e no come gree on.

Mechanic: i nor know oh, oya try am again make we see.

Neighbour: okay

he kick the generator like 4 times the gen head dey there, e no gree on oh.

Mechanic: ha i never see this kind thing before oh, okay give me money make i go change the boris.

Neighbour: okay i dey come make i enter house come.

Me i just sit down there dey look like the innocent child smiling in my head and playing road warrior on my phone.

My neighbour came out and give the mechanic some money, he told my neighbour that he will take the generator along that he dont have the tools here he will use to change the boris, my neighbour agreed, after 1 hour i went inside my house and relax, then i heard from outside.

Mechanic: oga i don change the boris and the generator work wella without slang.

Neighbour: thank you joor, i trust you na, oya shift make i on am, he tried the generator again, for where the generator no gree on oh, the generator just dey laugh them like the joker in batman.

Neighbour: you go chop my money abi?
“somebody shout fire, shout firee, shout fireee, we dont serve a dead god we serve a mighty God he is the same yersterday, he is the same today and he is the same forever, when God say yes nobody can say no, God is your side, miracle is your side, favor is on your side, somebody shout firrreeeee”

Me: hello hurney

Adanna: hi durling, can you do me a favor,

Me: anything for you hurney.

Adanna: after this call i want you to change that your ringtone.

Me: i will change it right away, but what did you do to the generator, even mechanic cannot repair it.

Adanna:i didnt do anything, you did it.

Me: me how?

Adanna: when you wear the chain, the chain read your deepest thought, and know that something is bothering you, that chain is meant to protect against anything.

Me: hmmm na wa oh

Adanna: yes, you are my king and nothing should disturb you, no mechanic in this world can repair the generator, because mechanic can only repair physical things not spiritual.

Me: hmmm but why….

Adanna: why what?

Me: dont worry forget about it (i wanted to ask her why the chain did not protect me from injury when i fall inside gutter, anybody know why?) i want to see you, can you come over.

Adanna: i cant come now, i will come in the night.

Me: ok so what do you expect me to be doing till then?

Adanna: well you can go and watch match, today is saturday right?

Me: yes but the match will start by 4:00p.m.

Adanna: hmm so you want me now?

Me: very much.

Adanna: ok put the chain on your neck close your eyes and sleep (i close my door and relax on my bed) with the chain on my neck.


in a beautiful palace, everywhere was quiet, very big palace made with gold and bronze, i was all alone standing at the middle of the palace then i heard my name from another room, i look over there and i saw adanna, she summon me to come, as i move close to her, she move backward, i will move closer to her, she will move backward, i continue following her till we get to one big bathroom, she stop and switch on the shower facing the wall, i grab her from behind, with water flowing though our body like rain.
To Be Continued…

Source: truecelebmedia.com

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