As she see say i dey look her, she quickly remove her hand and run inside her room and slam the door, lol, na why she dey run na, she for come meet me make i find one BF for her instead of her to use me na, i finish my bath, went inside my room and bury my head in my pillow, i hope no nightmare today, i thought as i sleep like a baby and start snoring like johnsown1, tommorrow is another day.

I woke up to see a bright and wonderful morning, today na sunday oh, make i ready make i dey church, no no no, wetin i dey go church go do, no bi to pray for guidance, since adanna don dey guard me already i dont need another protector, i brush my teeth and took my bath, relax on my bed waiting for night to reach so that i will go visit the love of my life, since light dey make i just dey watch film, i select one movie from my table and start watching on my laptop, titled “memoir of an invisible man” that film don tey sha, is about one man wey something happen to, then im come turn invisible, he can see, feel and touch things but you cant see him, but you can hear him, at last him and the girl of his dream later dey together, but i wonder how them go dey fucck, invisible joystick go dey enter visible pussi, the girl no go dey see the thing but she go dey feel am, maybe we need to ask cherrybrown because i believe she go don experience am before, i continue watching my film till afternoon wey hungry don dey samma my belle and the worms in my stomach start crying, well i on my stove and cook indomie, i went outside and bought 2 egg, (me i nor dey eat indomie like that oh, obstacle must dey) i cook the indomie finish samma am for my belle, i relax again continue to dey watch my film, after 30minutes somebody knock on my door, i went to the door and ask.

Me: who is that?

Is me favor, open up.
Na wetin this girl dey find self, i pass her side just now, her room dey look, abeg make i tell her say i get visitor make she dey go joor, i opened the door and i saw what baffle me, a beautiful girl with short jean skirt, that cover only her Buttocks, leaving her fine fresh lap expose, she wore a handless shirt also like that shirt wey that girl wear from kcee fine face video, with no bra, if una see as her Bosom pump comeout ehh, chai omo today na today oh,.

Favor: good afternoon

i didnt hear her greet because my eye was busy scanning her from head to toe,

favor: hellooooo, she said using her hand to wave me,

me: yeah good afternoon, how are you?

Favor: am fine dear, can i come in

me: of course come inside,.

i found myself saying, she catwalk in as i look her backside, she really sabi shake am like that fat woman from flavor shake it video, i offer her a sit while i make myself comfortable on my bed, she sat down and face me crossing her two leg, omo make una come see lap, very big like mercy johnson own,.

Favor: so why didnt you go to church today, ?

me: well i wasnt feeling so well, so i thought i should rest today

favor: hmm since i came to this place i’ve never seen you miss church before oh.

Me: well you don see me now, so what of you why didnt you go to church?

Favor: well i went i just came back now ( you dey come back from church and you want come sin)

me: okay i hope you pray for me oh.

Favor: of course i prayed for all my friends.

Me: alright so what broughtt you to my room today?

Favor: well i was bored when i returned from church so i thought i should come visit.

Me: thats very nice, even me am bored too, as you see i was about to sleep, when you knock.

Favor: hmmm, i hope you are not angry that i disturb your sleep, she said smiling while she cross her leg to the other side, by so doing i saw her big lipped pussi, she no even wear pant, omo my grandmaster gain attention at once, wetin dey worry this my oga na, im want put me for trouble abi? I took pillow and use it to cover my rising snake, she saw me and smiled.

Favor: why are covering it?

Me: covering what?
If say na before i for don dey ontop her dey sample dey fuccking Buttocks, but because of the oath i was afraid to even near her i nor even fit do anything, my guys any girl wey tell una make una take oath make una run leave that girl na me dey tell you, that person no love you, na lust no be love, when the love start e go shack una like ogogoro, but after sometime the ogogoro go dey clear for una eye small small, because as for me na everlasting punishment, God nor go make me meet somebody like adanna for my life again in Jesus name Amen.

Favor: that snake between your leg.

Me: what, which snake, where is it? ( i stood up quickly ).

Favor started laughing like mum showing me her fine open teeth, e be like say open teeth dey make some people fine sha.

Favor: i mean the thing in between you leg.

Aaaah, i calm down i thought she meant real snake, so i sat down on my bed again and cover my family with pillow.

Me: nothing

favor: come on let me see it.

Me: you don see am before why you wan see am again.

Favor: come on no dey form innocent boy for my front again, i know say you dey samma girls for this room well well, or you think say i nor know say you dey scatter chinansa tooto.

Me: hahaha na truth i be dey gbog her, but na before, i don change now, old things have pass away and now am a born again.

Favor: see who dey talk abeg shot up joor.

Me: you think say i dey lie, oya tell me when last you don see girl for my house again?

Favor: na truth you talk sha, e don tey wey you carry girl come house, but the thing go don dey hungry you oh, she said as she open her leg this time, she open it wide, see as her pussi get big lips like cow yash, oboy the thing send signal enter my body like electric shock,

favor: do you like what you see,, she said as she insert her right hand inside her and start rubbing it, if una see how my dicck don rise eeh, e wan tear my boxer, lol, omo i nor fit bear am again, but i still dey pity her, because blessing no even wan see me again after that miraculous slap from heaven, she use her left hand to rub her Bosom and start Bleeping herself with her right hand, twisting her body, she start using her hand to point at me, signaling me to come help her suck, chai see free visa, i stood up remove my shirt, i move her up i look her straight in the eye as if i want to kiss, she set her mouth open but i just shift to my left, took her phone from the table, she was still expecting the kiss while i hold her hand and push her out of my room and slam the door. Get Behind Me Satan.
Chai so i just miss that sweet pussi now, oh boy na God go punish satan me wey i nor dey take eye see pusssi before, even girl fit use pussi set me up, i remember the time, wey i dey gbog my elder brother erema, when he catch me, na my mama save me, i for be castrated human being now well no long thing sha according to dbanj, life dey short so make we enjoy am as we dey young, i lock my door and relax on my bed looking up to ceiling as na there my wahala dey, i didnt know what to do so i took my phone and called my loving adanna.

Adanna: congratulation.

Me: congratulation for what?

Adanna: for been able resist her.

Me: where you watching us?

Adanna: no but i was feeling it too, i told you anything you feel i feel too i can even confirm now that you are in the mood to have now and am in the mood tooo.

Me: since you know am in the mood and you are in the mood too why dont you come now?

Adanna: nah i cant come now, but you will come to my placein the night.

Me: but why do i have to come, why dont you come over to my place?

Adanna: there is something i want to show you

Me: what is it?

Adanna. Well if you come you will see it.

Me: hmmm ok no wahala, but what do you expect me to do with my hard dicck.

Adanna: well what did you do last time you were in the mood?

Me: well am not in the mood to sleep now.

Adanna: alright go and fucck her but know that if you die i cant raise you up.

Me: weeelll, if you cant raise me up at least you will die with me.

Adanna: hahahaha do you thing if i can die i will still be alive now.

Me: but seriously do i really have 14more days to live, according to mercy?

Adanna: when you come we will talk, bye.

She cut the call at once, na wa oh, na which kind game this girl dey play self eeehh, me i be uzebba boy na we get the greatest witch for the whole of nigerian, we even first america to they fly self, make this girl no try anything with me oh, but come to think of it, am i really myself, i have stop going to church, i have stop praying to God, no more school fellowship again, i dont even care about my family again, blessing left me, i broke my loving mercy’s heart, hmmm i really need to see adanna, and i mean now.
To Be Continued…

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