Escapades..Part 3

Soon he had pushed the straps of my top aside, exposing my heaving Bosom which were already begging for more attention. He bent down and kissed me very softly on my already parted lips. I felt his tongue brush my teeth and I opened my mouth further, pushing my tongue into his mouth which tasted of toothpaste. Our tongues wrestled and then he lifted his head and looked deep into my eyes. I stared back dumbly as he bent his head and kissed me again but this time it was a rough, demanding kiss and my mouth voluntarily opened up to him. I moaned softly when I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth and going into my throat. It was a brutal kiss which left me panting and heaving as he pulled away but with his hands still on my Bosom, pinching the Tips, squeezing the flesh as if he would pull them from their root.

My top was by this time bunched up on my tummy, leaving him unhindered access to the upper part of my body. My hand had sneaked out of their own accord to wrap around his massive Joystick. I rubbed at the head, staring at the precum already coating it hungrily. I couldn’t help myself as my head shifted forward and I found myself licking the precum off the cap causing him to gasp and go all tense. I then moved my lips downwards to his balls, holding each of his tender balls gingerly and then wrapping my lips round them. I could feel the tension as I touched him with my tongue. I could also feel how heavy he was and I knew that those balls would soon be sending a load of Pour into my mouth. I sucked on it like a lollipop as he grabbed my head and pushed me further on to it. a few minutes of this, then I ran my tongue back up his Joystick and closed my mouth over the immense head. I used my tongue and lips on the crown for a few seconds, but then felt the pressure on the back of my head.

He wanted me to take all of this massive rod into my mouth. I tried to relax as I felt his stiff Joystick going past the roof of my mouth. Then his immense crown was driving into my throat. I choked and tried to draw him out but he held my head tightly. Tears were burning at my eyes. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. Slowly he relaxed the pressure on my head and allowed me to gasp for breath. But then his huge tool was once more driving into my throat. I willed myself to relax and found I was able to move my mouth up and down his rod the way he wanted. He sighed and some of the pressure on my head was relieved. My mouth was stretched further than it had ever been! I kept sucking up and down as best as I could, it was such a long Joystick and I still had far to go before I could get all of it in. then I felt him push forward and my throat just gave up the struggle as the whole length of him was shoved further down my throat. I felt the hair on his balls rubbing against my lips and nose as my eyes opened wide and tears streamed down my face but I was also very excited down there as my Kittycat gushed Kittycat juice and the scent filled the room. Then I felt his Joystick expanding in my throat and I knew he was getting ready to Pour. I worked my throat faster on the rod to quicken his Pour because truth be told, I was already getting tired and my jaws beginning to ache from the unaccustomed stretching.

To Be Continued…


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