Escapades Part 10

I sat on the back rest of the seat causing the seat to slide up and creating room for me to kneel. I didn’t hesitate as I knelt in front of him and took his Joystick in my mouth. It was hot and throbbing. I licked the head clean of his precum as my friend was busy rubbing my head to and fro. First, though, I let my hot breath reach out and caress his Joystick. This sensitized his already sensitive flesh. I watched as the tangled mat of his bush stirred sluggishly from my hot, gusty breathing. Then I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. The plum-tipped Joystick in my hand was too taste tempting. I had to sample it. My lips closed over his glans, I didn’t suck him all the way into my mouth. I wanted to play with that lovely Joystick a little while before giving him the full treatment. My tongue flicked out and lightly danced across the Pour-slit at the end of his Joystick. I teased and tormented him with the rough, pink tongue until he was silently wriggling. I could tell he was having a hard time keeping control. When I had tortured his Joystick with my tongue long enough, I pursed my lips into an “O” and sucked. I pulled inch after inch of Joystick into my mouth. All the while, my tongue swirled and worked feverishly against his prick.

“Gawd, I… you are a witch!” he blurted, moaning. I love the feeling my tongue brings out in a guy, the way they moan and groan when my hot mouth wraps up their Joystick makes me spill Kittycat juice. its so exciting because at that point i know that i hold so much power over them.

I didn’t answer him. I didn’t want to take my mouth away from his sweet prick. There was the usual odour of an aroused male in my nostrils. This spurred me on. And the taste was making me horny again! I wished there was a way for his to finger me while I was sucking him, my Kittycat was gasping and convulsing and virtually gushing Kittycat juices. Greedily, i gobbled down his entire Joystick. The rubbery tip bounced off the roof of my mouth, then sailed down into my throat, causing me to choke but the size of the Joystick did not make it too difficult to take down, just the length. He wasn’t as big as some of the cocks I had sucked, but I wasn’t complaining. His precum coated my throat and I massaged his Joystick with my throat muscles. I then pulled my head back, cradling his prick with my rough tongue. He was moaning constantly now, as if he were in pain. Of course I knew better. Whatever was wrong with him, it wasn’t pain. He was experiencing pleasure indescribable.

“I feel like it’s on fire! My Joystick! Your mouth on my Joystick! It’s on fire!” he moaned, causing me to laugh within me. That power! its so exhilarating! having a grown man at the mercy of my mouth, tongue and throat! 

I laved his length with my tongue again. I made sure his prick was well attended to before I let it pop from my lips. Every single inch of skin had been kissed or licked, lightly nipped or tongued, before I allowed his Joystick to fall from my mouth. I looked up but couldn’t see his face properly so I dived back down to suck some more on his prick. The taste was so heavy with male musk that I almost came. Sucking harder, I pulled the end of his rubbery Joystick into mouth. I used my teeth to lightly mark the sides of his prick. Not enough to hurt, but more than enough to stimulate. I then immediately let my wet lips soothe away any possible hurt. He was pushing my head further down onto his prick and I could tell he was fighting back the rising tide of his Pour, fighting for control. The way his balls had tensed up told the story. I could see the hairy little sac containing his balls bouncing around as if they contained something alive and fighting to escape.

I forced my lips off his Joystick, abandoned his Joystick and went lower to suck on the hairy bag. Pressing my tongue against the side of it, I felt the tumbling and churning inside. He was like a boiler ready to blow up on me.

To Be Continued…


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