Escapades..Part 2

Seeing they were through, I quickly left the door but on turning saw my cousin leaning on the door to the hotel suite grinning wickedly at me. He made a sign for silence as he and I both stealthily left the hotel suite. I needed to cool down. That scene had got me so hot that Bleeping my cousin kept running through my mind. My cousin obviously knowing what was running through my mind shook his head no.

Afterwards we were joined by both Kunle and his ex in the lobby and I made as if I was just coming. He saw the lady off and on coming back we all kept mum about the whole incidence, although it was indelibly inked in my mind. Each time I looked at him, all I saw was that massive tool between his legs and the skill with which he used it. I vowed to F**K him even if it meant annoying my cousin. I just had to find a way to.

Fate presented a way barely three days afterwards when my cousin had to go to Abuja to complete what he came to Naija to do. He was to spend two days but fortunately for me ended up spending four. When my cousin told me I had to be in total charge of his friends’ up keep and all as he had to go to Abuja, my Kittycat jumped for joy thinking I could F**K his friend to my heart’s content not knowing the kind of plans in store for me too.

My cousin’s flight was ten am and his friends went with me to drop him off. We waited for his flight to take off then we left the airport on our way back to the hotel. The guys said they wanted something to eat however and want a buka. I drove down to a popular ‘mama put’ where they each had pounded yam and chunks of goat meat, washing it down with two bottles of beer each. I am not a beer person, so I just stuck to my Smirnoff. Getting back to the hotel suit, the guys said they wanted to nap while I had to run errands of my own. I promised to bring them dinner later but they said they wanted only tea. Since they already had beverages, I felt I wouldn’t have to see them till the next day, so I went back home, thinking of how to put my plans in motion. I wanted to F**K Kunle badly but I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or feel bad about it.

Around six thirty pm, Chucks, my cousin’s other friend called and said he wanted me to get them weed. I knew they smoked, we all do on occasion but I didn’t know they had non left, so I just put on shorts and a tank top, in bathroom slippers. Of course bra less and panty less! I felt I could use the opportunity to at least set Kunle’s hormones in top gear. I went to my trusted weed supplier, got two parcels of quality weed and drove down to the hotel. The door was ajar and I went in to see Chucks watching sports. He told me Kunle was taking a shower when I asked after him. I then sat with Chucks and in no time we had four wraps of weed all rolled out and laid on the table. Lighting one, I took a deep drag and savoured the flavour as it flowed through me and into my system. Soon Chucks was also taking drag after drag of good weed into his system. We sat like that in companionable silence, with the aromatic scent of weed filing the sitting room and us in euphoria. All thoughts of Kunle was out of my brain as I basked in the smoke, I was in my own world when Chucks excused himself on the pretence of getting his shirt from the laundry. I told him to call for it but he said he wanted to exercise his legs and wants the weed to work through all his system. I made to take my leave but he enjoined me to stay and keep them company that he would be back in a short while. So I sat back down, crossed my legs and proceeded to light another joint as he closed the door to their suit behind him. U can send hi to lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories. 

I was in another world, eyes closed and legs crossed, my entire body languid from the weed when I felt a cold hand on my Tips which had grown taut from the weed and droplets of water on my face. I opened my eyes to see Kunle standing in front of me, leaning towards me Unclad as the day he was born and with droplets of water all over his body! My eyes involuntarily went to his groin and his monster Joystick was standing at attention, turgid, fat and long! It was a wonder to see such a tool on someone that short! It was as if I was mesmerised, I couldn’t take my eyes off his Joystick which was definitely no less than ten inch if not more. It felt like my Bosom would burst loose from the tank top I was wearing and it felt like my Tips were about to make a hole through the fabric. He pinched hard on them and I gasped, looking down only to see that I had drooled on my top. I was hooked I know, I came wanting to seduce but it seemed like Kunle already had plans to F**K me.

To Be Continued…


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