Escapades..Part 4

Then I tasted a little of his salty Pour striking my throat and he grunted and pushed further into my throat ‘’Ngggghhgggg, ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh’’ as a thick glob of salty Pour erupted in my throat and I swallowed it down. Then another and another and another, until my throat was deluged with Pour and though I tried to swallow it all, some of it escaped the corners of my mouth. Then he pulled his Joystick out of my mouth and smeared the little spurt of Pour on his Joystick tip on my lips, then bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, again as if he wanted to pull my lips from their root. I could feel the taste of Pour in the oral fluid we were exchanging. It was so hot that I looked up at him all but begging him to F**K me with my eyes.

He laughed, then pulled me up and led me to the bedroom and in a jiffy had my shorts off, exposing my quivering bald Kittycat to his hungry eyes. I needed something shoved inside me to cool the heat that was threatening to burst out of me. Unconsciously, my left hand went to my Kittycat and then I had one finger, then two in my Kittycat, while my right hand played with my Tips. My eyes were closed as I was already close to exploding but a short laugh stopped me and Kunle got into bed with me.

‘’You are one hot B***h, can’t wait to have it in you. Don’t worry, I will give it to you good’’ Kunle said

I flushed, further excited by what he was saying. Im such a sucker for name calling, just that word ‘’B***h’’ had got me flooding the sheets with Kittycat juice.

‘’Spread it Lovepeddler, spread that Kittycat for me’’ he commanded and like a zombie I quickly did. I stretched out on the bed and spread my legs as wide as it would go. Then watched as he knelt between my legs, his head buried between my thighs and I shivered as I felt his tongue flicker out and touch my cunt lips. Kunle’s hot tongue slithered into my cunt and touched my aching clit. His tongue ran over the hard bud up and down until my hole was dripping juices and I was moaning at the very top of my voice. Then I felt something hard shoved into my mouth. Opening my eyes I saw that it was Chucks leaning forwards Unclad with his Joystick in my mouth! He must have come in when I was in the throes of pleasure from Kunle’s cunt sucking. Now I had the two of them instead of the one I had originally bargained for. Looked like they had planned it all along, and put their plans in action, I was hopeless and enraptured. two beautiful cocks to play with, i thought.

I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth however, so I latched on to Chucks smaller but also fat Joystick and proceeded to suck him as hard as I could which was not an easy task as I had to also grapple with the fire that was being unleashed in my Kittycat from Kunle’s sucking. Chucks position above my head made it difficult for me to control his actions however and in a jiffy he had the whole of his seven inch Joystick buried deep inside my throat and I managed with grunting and gurgling to work his Joystick with my throat muscles. My Kittycat was meanwhile feeding Kunle’s mouth with load after load of dripping Kittycat juice as he licked my hard clit and labia expertly. Working his tongue with stabbing motions deep inside my Kittycat hole causing me to jerk forward and backwards until a rhythm was established between us that felt like he was Bleeping me with his tongue. Then he would stop and go back to attack my clit, it was pleasure indescribable!

To Be Continued…


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