Escapades Part 8

I have done some weird Sht in the past that it came as a surprise to even me when I tested negative to HIV/Aids. I didn’t believe the first test and it was only after the second and third tests also came out negative about six months later that I breathed a sigh of relief and decided then and there to play safe. Of course I wasn’t going to become a prude if that is what you guys think! I love being F***ed too much to do without it! Although I can’t forget the sleepless nights I had before finally summoning courage to go for the test, I was and am still glad to come out negative. That was a kind of epiphany for me as my visit to that test kind of led me to know that I was living a very reckless and too carefree life! I have done some terrible Sht in the past that will be unbelievable to several of you my readers. Some of you think my write-ups are fantasy, story-telling or mere fables. He who feels it knows it however and just realise that some terrible Sh*t goes down outside of your sheltered little existence. Some of us lie for the thrill, the excitement of the unbelievable, doing things the normal person especially in our third world culture will think are mere make-beliefs.

This is another tale of some of the bad shits I have done. I am still bad as hell and stretch boundaries, I go beyond the conventional, skip gleefully where angels fear to tread but now I have learnt to do it in safety, being mindful that sweet things are better eaten for long. No point in being senselessly stupid about these things when there are many precautionary methods to take and still have a swell time.

A few after months after the movie Titanic was released, it was brought to my school and shown in the largest lecture theatre there. There were three showings each night for three nights. The first show usually started at 5pm to run through 7pm, second one was from 7pm to 9pm and the last one was from 9pm to 11pm. Of course the first show was usually attended by the good boys and girls on campus who had to be back in their rooms before they could no longer see their shadows while the middle show of between 7 and 9pm was viewed by the wannabes, the in-between boys and girls wanting to be in the league of villains but still too timid to cross the line. They were still invisibly shackled to their morality. The last show was attended by us. Girls and boys like me who push the limit. We were the movers and the shakers of the school. Not intellectually o as even though some of us are very brilliant (like yours truly, lol) our popularity was better described as notoriety as we only lived to break rules! No go areas were our popular zones and the various campus magazines always had one scandalous tale or another to tell about us, true most times anyway. The last show was usually the most interesting as we the audience added our own jara to the whole thing.

To Be Continued…


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