Escapades Part 9

I attended the last show of the second day with a guy in another faculty and a year ahead of me. We had been friends since I got into the university but there really wasn’t anything between us. I knew he was attracted to me but I didn’t say anything as I waited for him to make the first move. He was a tall wiry guy, quite tall and I used to tease him that he should have been a basketball player. On many occasions we had found ourselves in compromising positions but Akin did not make the move to take it to the next level. he always played the gentleman and i wasnt ready to help him do his work. i felt if he wanted me then he should make a move. Of course Akin knew i was as crazy as batshit as a lot of unsavoury tales had gone the rounds on campus about me and my freaky lifestyle. I guess he didnt care a hoot about it or he felt he wasnt any better than me and so could not judge.

Of course he couldnt have judged me after all there was a standing joke about him among us his friends. Akin had been rusticated from Unilag on the charge of gang raping a girl. Akin claims it was the girl who had asked him to organise a train for her. For the jew guys and girls among you, a train is when a girl is F**ed by as many guys as possible, just a girl. He managed to organise eight of his friends and the Slt was screaming the BQ they used down while in the throes of multiple orgasms when their neighbour alerted the security men who then caught them pants down. To save face, the girl alleged it was Molest and to avoid prosecution, Akin and his friends fled, rewrote Jamb and landed in my school. We did the same thing successfully a few months later but thats a tale for another day.

Anyways, i wanted Akin to get between my thighs but i wanted him to work for it. On the day of the movie when he invited me to go with him and told me the time, i knew he was ready to be the man, so I eagerly said yes. Akin had a car for his personal use then and we drove down to the venue of the movie around 9.10pm as we knew it won’t start till about another 20mintes. In fact, the major reason those of us who attended the last show used to then was because we knew it wouldn’t start at 9pm and so wouldn’t end at 11pm. Most times it would extend till almost 12midnight and we liked it just fine.

As we all know, Titanic was an engrossing an emotional movie. Halfway into the movie, I leaned closer to Akin as it had gotten draughty and I had on only a very short gown that was way above my knees and the only thing underneath it was my panties (deliberately if you must know). We sat in the gallery and there were lots of empty seats up there as naughty couples were the ones who usually used the gallery. I rested my head on his shoulder at a point and soon we could hear soft moans from the row in front of us and the obvious jerky movement of a girl riding a guy. Of course the place was in shadows but a riding movement was unmistable. My friend looked at me as the guy gave a loud grunt and said;

‘’He’s about to Pour’’

‘’I know’’ I whispered

Soon the creaking sound they were making became louder and the girls moans also became louder. Their action sort of set me on heat and before I knew it I was rubbing Akin’s thighs through his jeans. Soon my hannds had roved to his groin area and I observed through touch that he was rock hard and his Joystick seemed long. He looked down at me and bent his head in a kiss that started softly but progressed until I had to pull my mouth away panting. We then stayed like that, watching the movie which I had lost the trend of. The couple making out in front of us had climaxed I supposed as they had quieted down. We were paying rapt attention to the movie when I noticed that Akin’s hand had snaked under my dress and was playing with my Kittycat through my panties. I gladly spread my thighs for him, giving him unfettered access to my Kittycat. he didn’t wait for another invitation as he pushed aside my now soaked panties and stuck two fingers in my dripping Kittycat in one fell swoop. I gasped, quite loudly, causing those closer to us to look at us. I didn’t care however as he had now bent his head and pushing the strap of my dress aside took my unencumbered right boob into his mouth, sucking like the world was coming to an end.

I had by now forgotten that we were not alone as I moaned loudly, pushing my Bosom closer to his mouth and spreading my thighs as far as I could so that his fingers could go deeper inside me. He quickly let go of my Bosom and caught my mouth in a kiss again, thereby muffling the noise I was making! Of course I didn’t want him to let go of my Bosom and I tried to make him go back to it, trying to dislodge his lips from mine but he held on tight. I’m such a noise maker, I know! Soon the onslaught of his fingers as they burrowed into me was too much for me to bear and biting his lips, I came violently, spilling Pour all over his hands. He pulled out his fingers from my soaked Kittycat as I leaned back panting, trying to get down from the height he had just taken me to. He licked one finger clean and then gave me the other which I greedily licked clean!

He then took my left hand and directed it to his groin. I noticed that his zipper had come undone and sincerely I can’t say I know when he unzipped it. I noticed his Joystick standing rock hard and at attention. It was long and average in thickness. I later measured it and it was 8.5inchs in length and 4inches in girth (measuring it was not that day of course…lol) with very thick Joystick-head, unusually thick even. He looked at me then looked at his Joystick and of course I understood what he wanted. I looked at the others in the gallery and noticed that the girls were in different positions, some on their knees in front of the guy obviously sucking Joystick, some sitting on dicks and some being fingered. Maybe some were even being outrightly F***ed, I couldn’t really say as all I could see were silhouettes and jerky movements. The main lecture theatre was no different as we could see more clearly what was going on down there because of the elevation and because of the reflection on the screen.

To Be Continued…


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