Once again he was slamming into me like a piston engine. It felt like his Joystick was touching the back of my throat. My Kittycat felt like it would burst from the pressure of the size of Kunle’s Joystick. I just knelt there, overwhelmed by the onslaught on my Kittycat. Only grunts could excape my lips. I guess that was what prompted Kunle to give me three spanks in rapid succession on my butt or my betrayer of a cousin must have told him that side of me too. The spanks were like catalysts as once more I was screaming as another massive orgasm ripped me apart. On and on the pounding on my Kittycat went and the alternate spank that always seemed to make me Pour. Then he pulled out of my used Kittycat which made an hissing sound. I staggered to my feet on his instruction and saw Chucks standing beside us obviously coming out of the shower as water dripped from his body. Then Chucks sat on the bed and motioned to his erect Joystick. I needed no additional prompting as I immediately took it in my mouth while Kunle once again positioned himself behind me. Effortlessly he pushed into my sordid Kittycat and once again I was servicing two cocks, one in my mouth and one in the Kittycat.

The guys showed me no mercy and I asked for none as they both worked my mouth and Kittycat over. Kunle was once again pummelling me from behind and I was deep throating Chucks cook. Soon Kunles thrusts became erratic and very fast once more, pistoning inside me like a steam engine. I knew he was close as I could feel his Joystick swell deep inside me as he F***ed me brutally for another minute or two also making my orgasm to build up again. Once again he grunted and slammed into me hard, emptying his balls deep inside my body as I also came hard and my Kittycat gripped his Joystick and milked him dry of all he had to offer. I was gasping and grunting with the Joystick in my mouth when Kunles finally deflated Joystick pulled out of me. Chucks got up and took Kunles position behind me once again filling my flooded Kittycat with Joystick. Chucks Joystick was thick but not as long as Kunle and I enjoyed it greatly as it did not have any of that slight pain Kunles gave me. Then Kunle sat on the bed and motioned me to suck on his messy Joystick. I gladly did, licking it clean of all the Pour of my and his orgasms.

Chucks was pounding into me from behind and manhandling my already bruised Bosom. I replied in kind by pushing back at him and wiggling my hips the way I could not do with Kunle. It was intense pleasure and I was again cumming. Chucks kept up the pounding for minutes on end and when it felt like my Kittycat could not take the punishment anymore, he deposited his own load of Pour inside me causing me to have a massive climax and then pass out in the process.

I regained consciousness a few moments later to see the guys still Unclad but dragging on joints and even had one ready for me. I collected it and puffed away while the guys told me, while rubbing their hands all over my body and fondling my Bosom, how they had been wanting to FK me since my cousin told them about my sluttiness while they were still in the States and that my cousin was aware of their plans too. That they had orchestrated my seeing Kunle FK his ex as John, my cousin told them I had a thing for long fat dicks and watching other people F**K.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t go back home for the four days my cousin was in Abuja. The guys used me good and hard for all four days and nights. Our outings only consisted of eating, buying weed and drinks. Majorly, we F**ed, anytime of the day and Kunle even told reception to tell his ex that they had checked out of the hotel. In fact, my cousin caught us Bleeping as we had forgotten to go and pick him up at the airport on his arrival and on his taking a taxi back to the hotel room, met Kunle Bleeping my Buttocks and Chucks Bleeping my Bosom. He just laughed, called me Slt, congratulated his friends and went to take a bath.

To Be Continued…


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