Escapedes..Part 5

I knew I would Pour soon and might choke on chucks Joystick in my excitement so I gripped his Joystick harder with my throat muscles, squeezing and rubbing my tongue root on his Joystick causing him to lose control and spill hot load of Pour down my hungry throat. It felt like a tap had been opened and soon I was gurgling, almost choking before he pulled up my hair and pulled out his Joystick. i coughed out salty Pour as I was finally free of the throat invasion but the onslaught on my Kittycat was still on and gaining momentum. Kunle had shoved two fingers into my Kittycat hole and was finger Bleeping me as he simultaneously sucked on my clit. Loud moans emanated from my throat as Chucks latched on to my Tips like a baby and was busy sucking away. He would lick and suck on my Bosom, sucking my tender flesh into his mouth and bite gently on it even as Kunle was taking me to heights of pleasure.

‘’ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh’’ I screamed at the top of my voice as the tide hit me and I crested. I felt like I had been hit by a locomotive. My body jerked up and up and up and Kunle had to cling to my thigh still sucking away at the juice that was being released in copious quantity into his mouth. My orgasm went on and on and felt like it would never end. It was one of my most intense orgasms. Soon my breathing stabilised and I could see clearly again even as Kunle knelt between my thigh and made to shove his monster Joystick inside my unprotected Kittycat.

‘’Cooondoom’’ I gasped in a stutter, still high on my just recent climax.

‘’No, I don’t use it’’ he answered as he positioned his hard Joystick at the entrance to my throbbing Kittycat, watching me. I think waiting for me to say NO and mean it but I was too lust crazed, I just closed my eyes and I guess he must have taken that as a yes as he pushed his massive Joystick head past my Kittycat lips, causing me to gasp. His Joystick was just too big! It was difficult to get in at the first try but my Kittycat was well lubricated with juice and my walls relaxed from the recent climax. My Kittycat sucked his Joystick head in with an audible ‘plop’ and I gave a loud shriek as without wasting much time he shoved all of that raw meat straight into me till just a few inches was left unsheathed!

‘’nggggggggg’’’was the only sound that could come out of my mouth as he feed my Kittycat his Joystick. It felt like a big stick was shoved inside my privates. Chucks was still sucking on my Bosom so the pleasure was twofold. All I could do was moan and groan and move my head from side to side. Then Kunle lifted my buttocks off the bed and pushed my legs backward. I gasped as the whole of his Joystick pushed into me. then he began to pound and all I could see was stars as pleasure enveloped me. its been long since I have been F***ed bareback and the sheer pleasure of it was making me to hyperventilate.

‘’FK me’’ I begged with a crazed look ‘’FK me hard, give me all of your monster Joystick, please use me’’

‘’gawdam, John was right all the way’’ Chucks chuckled, pinching my Tips with one hand and rubbing his hard Joystick on my full Bosom with the other ‘’Shes a real Sl*t’’

‘’Don’t worry Lovepeddler, we’ll F**K you exactly the way you want’’ Kunle answered, slamming into me savagely. Increasing his thrusts as their words only served to make me more lustily crazed. The full import of their words did not register in my brain until much later, I was too lost in lust. Soon I was speaking in a language I myself did not even understand as Kunle worked his Joystick in and out of my Kittycat with animal savagery. I loved it and was egging him on with tears of pleasure streaming down my face. Another orgasm overtook me as I screamed ‘’im cummingggggggggggggggg’’ clutching Kunles arms and raising my hips even further to meet his thrusts. I now understood the crazed look I had seen on Kunles ex as he was Bleeping her, I understand her obsession with him. No girl would ever say no to Kunle after tasting his Joystick, no girl. He had it and also knew how to use it.

Then Kunle pulled out of my drenched Kittycat and I protested causing them both to laugh.

‘’don’t worry Sl*t, the show is just beginning, we aren’t stopping yet’’ Chucks said as Kunle lay down beside me and pulled me on top of him. I knew what he meant and I wanted it to as I knew it was going to be very delicious. I quickly sat on him placing a leg each on the outside of his thigh. then I gently impaled myself on that massive Joystick once more. It was easier going as my Kittycat was flooded but it still wasn’t easy. That guy is endowed! Soon I had taken all of him inside again and started moving first very gently.

‘’Bounce on that Joystick Sl*t, I need to see those Bosom bounce’’ Kunle instructed and I needed no urging as I intensified my up and down motion, causing my Bosom to bounce all over the place. Then I grind my hips on his Joystick, making him gasp as his hands came up to fondle my dangling Bosom and pinch the erect Tips. I was seeing stars. I had Pour very quickly again as I grind on him. Meanwhile, Chucks had positioned himself beside me and was rubbing my buttocks. Then I felt one finger sliding into my Buttocks and in a jiffy the finger went deeper inside my Buttocks, I moaned loudly, feeling the sensations in my Kittycat spreading to my Buttocks.

‘’damn Sl*t, she likes both holes filled. We are going to use you tonight. Your cousin says you like being used. Pity you guys have refused to F**K each other. But we don’t have such inhibitions and so will use you like the Lovepeddler you are, you cheap dirty Sl*t’’ Chucks said, slapping my buttocks with his other hand as his finger in my Buttocks wiggled deeper and deeper inside. My Kittycat gave a loud convulsion and screaming I came again, not only because of the Joystick punishing my Kittycat or because of the finger ravaging my Buttocks but largely because of the words coming out of Chucks mouth. I was drooling and making animal sounds as my Kittycat pulsed and convulsed all at the same time as it gripped Kunle’s Joystick in a vice grip.

‘’She’s such a natural. You’ll do great in the X-rated industry Lovepeddler! Bitches like you are so rare these days’’ that’s chucks as he leaned his weight against my back and spitting at the entrance of my Buttocks, his cockhead pressed against my anus. I relaxed my Buttocks muscles as he pushed against my sphincter muscle. After a few push, it gave way and Chucks Joystick slide deep inside me causing me to howl in ecstasy. The feeling, that exquisite feeling of being impaled on two cocks at the same time! Gibberish came out of my mouth for sound as my eyes rolled into my head in a massive Pour that let me shaking and juice splashed all over Kunle’s Joystick. The rhythm of both cocks was first haphazard and not synchronised but after a few thrusts, they both got into the rhythm and the pleasure became intensified. I could feel the pressure from both cocks deep inside and I could also feel each Joystick rubbing against each other with only a thin membrane separating them. As one thrust in, the other pulled out and it became a sort of tug war. 

‘’oh, oh, oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ was the only sound coming out of my mouth again and again and again as both guys kept thrusting inside both of my holes over and over, the one in my Kittycat seemed as if it was getting bigger than normal while the one in my Buttocks was thrusting at almost the speed of light. I could feel a Tsunami like explosion building up from deep within me, threatening to drown me in pleasure. The pace of the pummelling I was receiving in my Kittycat and Buttocks became faster as the two men sensed my excitement. I knew they were laughing at me because of my wanton display of lust and because it was obvious that they owned my body. I didn’t care actually, as I was exactly where I wanted to be and doing what I wanted. I never wanted to be released from their Joystick as I wanted to be Fed and Fed and F***ed!

To Be Continued…


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