Escapedes..Part 6

They began Bleeping me savagely, Chucks slamming into my Buttocks hard as he squeezed my dangling Bosom and Kunle was driving his massive Joystick into my grasping Kittycat so furiously it was almost like he was trying to puncture it.  Then I felt Kunle lean forward and grab my right Tips in his mouth and then bite down hard on it. I screamed as I crested the wave and my orgasm, a very mighty one, flooded all over me just as Kunle filled my Kittycat with loads and loads of hot Pour. I had to grip the sheet hard as I almost passed out from the pleasure of my release and the Pour flooding my insides.

I couldn’t have passed out if I wanted as Chucks was still pounding into my Buttocks and it didn’t look as if he would be stopping anytime soon. Kunle just lay there underneath me with his Joystick still throbbing and spurting Pour but at a reduced rate, deep inside me. I have been F***ed several times but that was one of my most intense fucks. Chucks kept it up for minutes after Kunle had Pour and although Kunle’s Joystick had initially gone soft, it was still embedded in me and then I noticed during the course of Chucks pummelling my Buttocks that Kunle’s Joystick had grown hard again and I could feel tiny jerks of it as it responded to the thrust from Chuck’s Joystick in my Buttocks.

I was totally lost. My voice had grown hoarse from the screams and all I could do was moan and groan as both cocks started on the rhythm again. I opened my eyes after a while to see Kunle staring at me with a grin as he pinched my Tips hard, sending me over the edge again. I had Pour a number of times I could no longer count. The orgasms seemed to flow into one another and it felt like I was cumming continuously. Then with a savage thrust, Chucks slammed into my Buttocks and proceeded to deposit his Pour inside my asshole, leaving me quivering as I came again.

Chucks got off my back and gave my rump a slap, causing a mini Pour to ripple through me again. I thought to slide off Kunle for me to get my breath back. But he flipped me over face down and pulled my waist up, telling me to assume the doggie position! Damn I thought, doesn’t he get tired? But my Sl*t of a body was already on her knees, waist arched, knees wide apart leaving my Kittycat gaping open. His Pour of a few minutes ago trickled dripped from my open Kittycat and slide down my thigh. My lower region was such a mess as Pour flowed from both my Kittycat and Buttocks but the guys didn’t seem to mind. Kunle, shoved his face inside my Kittycat and gave me a few licks causing me to jump and shiver. Then he pushed me back face down and once again positioned himself behind me. and this time around without any preamble, he shoved all of his Joystick deep inside me again. It was smooth sailing as the hole had already taken several loads of my own Pour and one of his.

To Be Continued…


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