Escapeds..Part 11

Don’t do that! I can’t keep it back much longer!”

I reluctantly left his sac alone not because of his words but because I wouldn’t want him to Pour on thin air, I wanted that Pour in my mouth, down my throat. I then pulled his prick into my mouth again, wishing he would continue fondling my Bosom as he had been doing with his other hand. He’d stopped when it became apparent that he was struggling to keep from cumming. My jugs were inflated with aroused blood and I wished he would pay them attention but apparently he was close to cumming as he pushed my head further down on his Joystick, causing it to slide down my throat till my mouth was resting on the hairy base. I deep throated him and was rewarded soon enough as he was gripping the sides of the chairs with an intensity that threatened to put his fingerprints into the metal.

“It’s cuming! I-I’m cumiiiing!” he moaned

Then spurt after spurt of thick Pour was sprayed down my throat in thick ropes that threatened to drown me. I managed to swallow it all down my throat. Sucking, I milked him of every last drop of his Pour. Only when his Joystick began to deflate did I let up.

He was gasping and panting, my head held firmly down on his Joystick as deposited it all. I carefully licked up all his Pour, even as it plopped out of my mouth. Then I licked my lips of all residue of Pour. my friend then pulled me up and reached forward, shoving almost all of his fingers into my flooded Kittycat.

To Be Continued…


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