Our First Meeting (21+)… Part 2

Seeing CR face to face was very elating and exciting. we grabbed each other in the bedroom and began kissing. The kiss started slow, kind of exploratory but before long had escalated into a full blown french kiss. It was everything I had imagined and more, in fact, much more. He kisses like a pro and I guess I wasn’t a disappointment too. It was such a prolonged kiss that it left me breathless.

He led me to the bed and we continued our chit chat but all the while touching each other tentatively and planting soft kisses on each others body.

One of such kisses was so prolonged that I had to fight to breath cos I was losing breathe. We couldn’t stop as we continued and were fondling each others body underneath our cloths. I was anyway, since he was wearing a shirt while I had on just a camisole and jeans. The strap of the camisole was already undone, leaving my ample Bosom exposed to his exploring eyes. My Tips were taut from all that excitement and full, my body was flushed and in anticipation of his touch and lips.

?He didn’t disappoint me as he caressed and fondled my Bosom, kneading them and rolling my hard Tips between his thumb and fore finger, sending me to unimagined heights of pleasure. I pushed my Bosom closer to his mouth and told him in both words and actions that I wanted his lips on them. He gladly took my Tips in his mouth and gave it suck like a baby deprived of milk for months. He grazed the Tips with his teeth and I gladly welcomed the pain mixed with pleasure with a loud sigh, pressing my body tightly to his, wanting to feel his flesh on my body. I moaned out loud as his tongue, teeth and lips sent vibes of pleasure throughout my body. I was shaking so visibly from the pleasure that he thought he was hurting me. I made him understand he wasn’t but was giving me pleasure, sweet pleasure. He trailed by face, Bosom, belly with his tongue while continuing to fondle my super-sensitive Bosom. The pleasure was too much and my body was building to a very explosive release.

He came back to my Bosom and continued sucking, grazing and fondling them and I just couldn’t hold back as I arched my Bosom to get the better of those lips on them. With a loud stifled scream I let go and had one of the best orgasms I had ever had. I came hard and flooded the sheets with Kittycat juice. He held me tightly to his chest and planted feathery kisses on my face.

To Be Continued…


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