Our First Meeting (21+)… Part 3

Although I had Pour, I still felt this hunger!! I wanted him, every part of him. In no time again we started kissing and fondling each other. The kisses were so sweet and intoxicating, didn’t want it to stop. We definitely had to pull apart for air after some time and we did.

I then trailed my lips from his face where I was planting soft little kisses to his chest, his taut stomach ( his shirt had come undone by then, one way or the other, though can’t remember how). I wanted to taste all of him and he sensed my hunger for him so he let me be as I set a trail of kisses through his body. My hands were also roving, they had one destination in mind and didn’t hesitate but went straight south. I grabbed his already turgid Joystick and sighed in contentment as he let out a soft groan. I stroked it softly and rand my fingernails from the tip to the balls, eliciting soft groans from him. I pressed on it and felt the tip, touching the Pour passage, wanting to feel Pour gushing out.

?I couldn’t hold back anymore as my hunger for his Joystick got the better of me. I stopped all rovings and just moved my mouth to his Joystick, first licking it from tops to bottom, licking the balls, trying to draw out the Pour without really taking the Joystick in my mouth. I did this for some minutes, savoring the taste of him and licking the pre-Pour glistening at the tip of his Joystick.

I then lowered my mouth and took his balls in my mouth, sucking them like one sucking sweet, then gradually worked my way back to his Joystick and took it all down my throat, managing not to gag as I hadn’t sucked Joystick for quite some time. But finally got the hang of it as I sucked on his Joystick like a lollipop, taking it deep into my throat and then coming back up for air, running my tongue from the tip of his Joystick to the balls, and practically mouth Bleeping him. He responded by thrusting deeper and deeper into my throat so much so that i had to relax my throat for it to go in deeper. It was heavenly bliss.

We kept at this for minutes with him grunting and moaning and his hands running through my hyper-sensitive body and Bosom. I didn’t care as I had his Joystick exactly where I wanted it- down my throat.


I felt him building up to a climax as his Joystick started jerking and throbbing and i got ready to receive his load of spunk down my throat. I didn’t have long to wait as with a gasp and jerk, he off-loaded his Pour down my throat and I didn’t hesitate to swallow everything. I kept sucking on his Joystick to make sure I got every drop and I am sure I did cos by the time I released his Joystick from my mouth, there was no Pour left to spill (I so so love eating Pour). He was sweating and still panting but smiled at me though his exertions as I put my head on his chest and purred contentedly waiting for him to calm down; He wasn’t done yet.

To Be Continued…


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