Our First Meeting (21+)… Part 4 (final)

I lay my head on his chest and allowed him to rest from his recent high. The day wasn’t over yet cos there were places we hadn’t explored and things we hadn’t done (winks). His breathing gradually slowed and he was stroking my hair, face and lips. His fingers on my lips sent tingles down my spine and a warm feeling spread through my body to my groin. It was so intimate, loving and arousing, and elicited the desired response; my breathing quickened!.

I raised myself on my left elbow and supported my chin on my left palm as looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back and started kissing me, first gently then more passionately, running his hands down my swollen Bosom to my stomach and making contact with my Mons veneris. I moaned in ecstasy when his fingers touched the sparse hair on my almost bald Kittycat, arching my back and pushing forward for him to go lower and explore deeper. He obliged me by rubbing his fingers first on the outer lips of my Kittycat and then dipping one finger into my steaming, juice filled snatch. I grabbed and ran my hands all over his back and moaned loudly as my Kittycat walls made to grab the invading finger in its clutches.

?He then started finger Bleeping me, first with one finger, then two and my Kittycat responded by producing Kittycat juice in liters. All I could do was moan as I tried to push my hips forward to have more of his fingers inside me. After some minutes of this, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I begged him to make love to me. He asked if I was ready and it took some effort for me not to shout at him. Of course I was ready, I snapped back, cant you see the volume of juice my Kittycat is producing? I asked. he smiled at me as he made to turn me over on my side. But first I grabbed his Kittycat juice crusted fingers and licked it clean. Kittycat juice comes right after Pour in my list of favourite meals, especially my Kittycat juice.

He then turned me to my side and lay beside me positioning himself behind me. Then he tried entering me, but I was so excited that he couldn’t find purchase. He told me to calm down which I managed to do and then he attempted to enter me again and in one shove his sweet Joystick was embedded deep inside my clutching, wet Kittycat. I groaned loudly as I felt him inside me, filling me up. It was sweet and beyond sweet, everything I had imagined it would be and more. He then held my Bosom in his hands and started moving inside me. I pushed back to get as much of him as I could inside me. It was as if the whole Joystick should be buried inside me. His roving hands fondled my Bosom, heightening my pleasure and spreading the sensation emanating from them and from my Kittycat throughout my body. I grabbed the sheet and my moans turned to soft screams of pleasure. It was as if my Kittycat had a will of its own as it clutched and released his Joystick as if it wants to swallow it all up.

?We kept this up for minutes then he withdrew and I felt empty but not for long as he turned me over onto my tummy and positioned himself behind me. In no time at all, he was again buried deep inside me and this time around deeper than in the earlier position. This is one of my favourite positions as it allows for deeper penetration and more pleasure. My moans increased as I grabbed the sheets to try to stifle the scream welling up deep inside my throat. I pushed back at the Joystick drilling my hole, my Kittycat was very very wet and grasping. It grabbed and released his Joystick and I was shaking from the pleasure that was running through my body. His sweat dripped unto my back as he pounded into me first softly and then like a sledge hammer. Then he pulled out and pulled my face towards his Kittycat juice encrusted Joystick. I gladly sucked my juice from his Joystick, taking it deep into my throat as he played with my dripping Kittycat.

?I told him I was too wet but he said he loved it so as he turned me over and again shoved that beautiful Joystick of his deep into my steaming hot Kittycat. He pounded me real hard, first pulling almost out and then shoving it all the way back in as far as it would go. The feelings spreading through me was exquisite and beyond describing. All I could do was moan and push back on his Joystick. Then he spanked my Buttocks twice in quick succession! I screamed as the pain spread through my body and mingled with the pleasure! My Kittycat spasmed and involuntarily grabbed his Joystick. He spanked my Buttocks again and after that all I could do was beg him to spank me harder and he obliged me, spanking me harder and harder with both palms. I buried my head into the pillow, screamed and screamed at the unbearable pleasure flowing through me, my Kittycat clenching and unclenching in rapid succession at the fire spreading through it. I was shaking like an epilepsy sufferer, clutching the sheets as mini orgasms rocked my body in preparation for the big one. His thrust didn’t relent or slow and as he continued the onslaught on my super sensitive Kittycat and Buttocks.

I couldn’t hold back anymore as with a loud scream I came, my Kittycat releasing more and more juices and really going all the way to Eldorado. While I was still climbing mount Olympus, he flooded his load into my waiting and ready body as he gave a hard thrust very deep into me, and then collapsed on my shaking body. 

We both lay there panting in exhaustion with streams of sweat running down our body. It was beautiful, one of my best cums ever.

Thank you my CR.

The End…


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