Our First Meeting (21+)…Part 1

Our first meeting was very memorable; much much more than I had imagined it would be. I had been looking forward to meeting S for months and had even given up on us meeting after months had elapsed. He had captured my heart and speaking with him alone was enough to send me to cloud nine and back.

After months of silence, we finally reconnected and boy we were both happy to be able to talk to each other. He insisted on coming over to see me and I was all excitement. I daily looked forward to his visit, reliving our fantasies for each other and anticipating the DDay.

Finally, D day arrived and he called to tell me he was leaving his base and heading for mine. Was I elated! I am finally going to get to not just see but also live my fantasy. I waited anxiously, counting hours and calculating how long it would take him to drive from where he is to where I am ( I don’t want to give away locations, hehehehehe). Suffice it to say that my juices were running like a mad in anticipation. I wanted him real bad ( and still do). He makes me feel alive, his voice alone sends tingles down my spine.

Anyways, he finally arrived and he was everything I had hoped for and imagined! A real gentleman and good looking to boot! Yeah, he arrived and we hugged, exchanged pleasantries and the normal chit chat between people who just met. But the thrilling thing was we didn’t feel like strangers, it felt like we have known each other for ages. Everything felt right.

When he held me, it felt very peaceful and sweet being in his arms! I dragged him into my bedroom and we hugged and kissed feverishly like kissing was going to go extinct! We fell on each other, devouring our lips hungrily! Was I hungry for him and I guess he was hungry for me too!!

To Be Continued…


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