Relationship advise to You reading.  A must read 📖 !!!

A word to wise it’s enough. A must read

By Richard Damien Cypher Ayitey
It’s a common Common Sense principle: the more of something people  get, the less of it they seek. The less of yourself you give, the more of you they want. On ther other hand, the more of yourself you give, the less of yourself they want anymore. A lady asked a question, “why do boys go heaven and earth trying to reach another girl, to the extent buy them gifts, trying to please that girl who is not even giving them attention but find it difficult to do even simple small things for their girlfriends who are there for them every time?” This is my answer: if you give yourself to your boyfriend, give them sex, call them always, even buy them gifts, etc, if you do these and you do it too much, your boy will want to try something new and it will be with a new girl cos they already have everything you can give. Take note that I used BOY not MAN. MEN have past that age of boys and are more faithful. One thing amazing is that girls are more concerned about their boys having sex with another girl than with the boys being LOYAL to them. Something I would like to emphasize is that, 99% of boyfriends are having sex with others and your boy is part of them. Do you know why? The temptation is very strong and your boy is not grown enough to avoid them. When 2 or more male friends meet, they talk about the girl passing by. They discuss their methods of wooing girls, they challenge themselves who is the ladies man, they end with sex with other girls other than you their girlfriend. And hey don’t forget that you are one of the girls passing by in front of the boys. Or have you forgotten that some boy got hold of your mind last night and got you in bed though you are another boy’s girlfriend? It’s a generation where boys want money but they pursue sex more than work, a generation where girls want faithfulness but they give their to the boy who is holding money but not the one who is ready for faithfulness. It’s a generation where girls blame guys of unfaithfulness but they the girls feel guiltless having sugar daddiez. It’s a generation where wives are crying sake of young girls snatching their husbands forgetting they the wifes took for thrmselves other’s husbands while young. It’s a generation where girls have the exact kinda guys that can handle them. The generation is fucked up dear. Never cry over boyfriend or girlfriend anymore. They will always sex. With Facebook and WhatsApp and the rest, forget it my dear.

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