​There are 4 types of men in this world. And I will explain it like this. A must read..

Four men go walking through the forest. Half way through their voyage they come across a beautiful flower. It was rare, petals soft and pink, dew dripped from the stem and leaves, and the wind blew the most fragrant smell from it.
The first man went to pick the flower. As he reached down a Bee flew by and told the men the importance of this flower. 
“This flower isn’t a ordinary flower. You must take care and nourish the flower or it will welt. When the flower welts you must pass it along to another man, because the flower will not grow  in care of those who have wronged it”
The group of men listened to the Bee and promised they would care for it.
After the Bee flew away the men discussed who should keep the flower.
The first man, hollered for the flower. ” I want this flower and I will not leave with out it. Either you let me have it, or I will fight for it” 
The men fought for it and the first man won.
He went home with the flower, and laid it on a window seal in front of the sun.
He ignored the flower for days, the petals welted and it grew thirsty for water.
Until one day the second man dropped by to deliver his friend some sweets.
He saw the neglected flower and exclaimed to his friend.
“You neglect this beautiful flower, you do not deserve it. Let me have it”
The first man responded
“have it! I only truly wanted it, because you guys where so in love with it”
The second guy took it home and got the first couple of weeks he watered it, sung to it, and nourished it. 
Then he grew bored and started to ignore it also.
The flower started to welt again. Until the third man noticed it dying on the window seal and stole the flower. The second man never noticed the flower gone because of the severity of his neglect.
The third man sat it on his window seal, with every intent to nourish it. But he realized that he had no water, and his house sat in the shadows. He lacked all the tools to take care of the flower. And after time the flower started to Welt again.
The fourth man came buy to return a book he borrowed to

His friend, and noticed the dying plant.
He exclaimed to his friend “let me take the flower, you have failed it”
His friend responded “take it, I love the flower but I lack the tools and knowledge to care of it properly”
The fourth man took it home, and planted it to the ground. He watered the flower, talked to the flower, and picked the weeds as they grew near it. The flower healed and regained the beauty it began with. It then blew seeds in the wind and gave the man a entire garden. That all his friends envied and grew jealous of.
There are men who will only want you because others do.
There are men who will want you but have no interest on investing time in you and caring you for the long run.
There are men who have every intent on loving you, but lack the guidance and knowledge to love you.
Then there are men who will love you, nourish you, help you grow, protect you from the people who are the weeds in your life, and create a beautiful world to surround you with. 
Be careful of the men you choose.
Notice how the fourth man did not display the flower in a Window seal as a trophy. But planted it into the ground so it can be comfortable and grow.


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