A slay queen is a girl with brains & not the one with heavy make up on. She is not the one who seeks for attention on social media. She is the one who uses tenses correctly and appropriately. Not the one that has to shorten every word because she doesn’t know how to spell.

She is a girl with a skill…

She is the girl who respects her relationship or marriage. She is never heard but seen . You know her from what she does and not what she says.

She is not the most expensively dressed but she is the most decently dressed. A slay queen respects the sanity of womanhood. She carries herself with much dignity.

Having so many likes on your pictures doesnt make you a slay queen, wearing heavy makeups doesn’t make you a slay queen, looking like a flower girl, a dog or a polio victim doesn’t make you a slay queen either. Most of these so called Snapchat/IG girls are empty inside. They keep on regretting a lot about their past but pretend to be happy outside their home.

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Stop boasting about the number of men that want you, stop boasting about the number of likes/ reactions you get on your pictures, stop boasting about the number of followers you have on IG, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat et al. Remember that cheap articles have more buyers. Build yourself into the woman that people will always respect and admire.

Never follow the crowd but be yourself. Be bold but humble, be Godly, be hard working, respect

your relationship or marriage, be ambitious

but contented, dont make men your priority

in life but build yourself into the woman that

men will always want to take home to their

mama , not the one they only want to take to

hotels and clubs. Don’t allow the number of likes, reactions and followers on your social media platform validate your existence.

Trust me, if you just trap a man with your body, he will go one day because more pretty girls are becoming adults on a daily basis. Let men fall for your personality and not your bedmatics.

No, I’m not saying being trendy is trashy, but do you also slay in your academics? Did your boobs get you grades or your brains? Having a selling point is good, but let that selling point be that which can never go out of fashion. Let it be something that will always attract the right kind of people with corresponding attitudes to you.

»»Keep on slaying««


Annie: “What happened Sammy? Why did you shout?”
Sammy: “It’s nothing, what is your full name?” he asked hopefully.
Annie: “Annabelle”
Sammy: “Oh I see! It’s not Anita? Oh that’s fine”
Paul: “Is something wrong young champ? You look pale” he asked with concern registering in his voice and face.
Sammy: “Nothing really, just that she reminds me of my sister who was snatched from my arms some years back”
The three men exchanged looks.
Ralph: “What was her name?”
Sammy: “Her name was Anita but we called her Annie” he said looking so downcast.

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They exchanged confused looks again.
Ralph: “Do you still remember the date it happened? How old was she?”
Sammy: “That was one day I have inscribed into my memory. It happened on the 14th of March, 2011 around past 10p.m at night. We haven’t found her till now, not even her dead body. It was as if she vanished into thin air. Meanwhile she was just three months old” he had tears in his eyes when he was done with his narration.
Dickson: “Oh my God! How many were the men who had snatched her from you?”
Sammy: “They were two on a bike”
Ralph: “Let me see you guys” he said walking away from Sammy’s ward into the corridor while his friends followed suite.
Paul: “Are guys thinking the same thing I am thinking?”
Dickson: “I am short of words right now, I don’t think I can even breathe. Those two seem to be siblings, oh my God!” he said using his hand to fan himself. Read more stories at richardayiteycom.wordpress.com
Ralph: “Let’s not jump into conclusion yet, it might just be one big coincidence. We cannot take everything hook, line and sinker just yet. We need more proof”
Paul: “You are right. I absolutely agree with you” he nodded his head in agreement.
Dickson: “What other proof do you need? Annie was like three months when we found her, there were two men with a bike parked beside them. As if that is not enough, we found her on the 15th of March. I noticed the striking resemblance between them though but I thought it was just a coincidence. Annie must be the missing sister he is so longing to see again. We cannot just close our eyes to this just because we are afraid of losing her”
Ralph: “You are right too though but we still need more proof and until I have it, I will not release her to anybody” he said, walked back to the ward and met the two of them having a serious discussion.
Annie: “Tell me about Annie your sister please?”
Sammy: “My baby sister was a very charming girl. Her smile could lit up the darkest of souls. She had dimples just like yours, actually her dimples were my doing. I dipped my middle finger in each of her cheeks every day until the dimples became permanent” he gave a short mirthless laugh.
Annie: “Hmmmm! You are wicked o…I wish I know your sister though, we will be very good friends”
Sammy: “Yeah! I have a feeling you will get to know her soon. What did you say happened to your mum?”
Ralph: “Uhmm!  We have to go now, it’s getting late. We will be back to check on you later okay?” he said intentionally changing the direction of their discussion.
Sammie: “Awwwwwww too bad! When will you come back again please? I have not really gotten to thank Annie for saving my life” he became melancholic in the twinkle of an eye.
Annie: “Do we really have to leave now? Can’t I stay with him? Tomorrow is Sunday anyway” she said pleadingly.
Sammie: “No Annie! You should go with them, it’s not right for you to stay here all by yourself. They are just trying to ensure you are safe. Trust them, they will bring you back and by then, I would have gotten better and we will be able to play around. I will even show you lots of stuffs”

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Annie: “Okay Sammy” she replied brightening up. Her dad exchanged another surprised looks at how easily he was able to convince her.
A nurse entered the ward with a message for them…
Nurse: “The doctor asked me to give you this card, his dad requested that you call him whenever you are around, he wants to see you I guess” she said handing the card over to Ralph who collected it.
Ralph: “Thank you, I will call him but not today anymore. We are just about to start heading home” he replied with a forced smile.
Nurse: “It’s okay. Call him next time you are coming then” she replied and strutted out of the ward.
At the hospital that day, Richard and Sammy had a lengthy discussion, he was able to clarify his accusations and he saw truth in what he said especially when he learnt the name of her girlfriend was Gloria. He remembered her always muttering ‘Glo… Glo” each time he made love to her. he was so angry about her using his son to satisfy her sexual urge that he was going to just hand her over to the police but when he got home, she was no-where to be found. He called her parents who in turned contacted Gloria but even she said she hadn’t heard anything from her. He waited patiently for her to show up. It had been a week and still, nothing was heard from her.
He took a one week leave from work so he could give all his attention to his son. As he got ready to leave for the hospital, the door of his sitting room flung open and Ophelia’s dad barged in.

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Pro. Harry: “You bastard! I knew you were bad luck for my daughter from the onset. Where is my daughter” he moved menacingly towards Richard pointing threateningly at him.
Richard: “I should be asking you that!  You knew your daughter was a depraved human and you still gave her hand to me in marriage?”
Prof. Harry: “You dare call me daughter depraved to my face? I shouldn’t have gotten you out of that prison. I should have allowed you to rot and decay in there so maggots could feed on you”
Richard: “Then it was you…?” he moved towards him and held his collar really tight choking him in the process. “You were the bastard who locked me up for no apparent reason? It was you bastard who caused the disappearance of my three months old baby? It was you, you bloody old fool?” he grunted in between clenched teeth.
Pro. Harry: “You are choking me boy!” he said breathlessly and tore his hands off his collar forcefully.
Richard: “So I have been dining with the enemy all along? Your daughter knew this and yet she never told me? What a fool I have been. She even used that to blackmail my little boy into pleasuring her because nothing I did on bed ever satisfied her being the lesbian she is?” he slumped down on the chair weeping into his hands.
Prof. Harry: “What do you mean by that? What do you mean by she blackmailed your son into pleasuring her? Lesbian? Who?” he asked with eyes opened wide.
Richard: “You just heard me. Her girlfriend Gloria probably broke up with her so she turned to my son. Your daughter ruined my family, my life. How will my son grow up viewing women in general now? Will he grow like a normal kid or will he start craving sex now? Your daughter did these to me and you are here shouting incentives at me? Please get out! Get the hell out of my house before I do something I will regret for the rest of my life” he stood up pushing the dazed prof towards the door.
She sat in her hotel room, thinking of what to do next. She knew that her parents would have gotten wind of her depravity and so she dared not show her face there. She had thrown her main sim card away and gotten another so no one would be able to locate her. She knew that Gloria was the only person she could contact at that point in time and so she did. She asked her to meet her at home since no one was around at the moment.
When she got there, truth to her words, no one was around. Her children had gone to school and the servants were nowhere to be found.
Ophelia: “Hey! Longest time ever…” she said taking in the changes in the house. Things looked messier around the house probably thanks to her children.
Gloria: “I have been extremely busy”
Ophelia: “I could imagine. being a full house wife is not an easy task. Besides, what happened to the servants?”
Gloria: “My husband sent them away. He said I needed to get busy and not rely on other people to help do my womanly chores. It’s been hectic indeed!” she said heaving a sigh.
Ophelia: “Too bad!” She said and moved closer to her “Baby I need your help…I think I am a fugitive now with nowhere to go to and no friends or family. I need you now more than ever”
Gloria: “Why are you on the run if I may ask?”
Ophelia: “It’s a long story my dear, I might not be able to tell you but right now I am burning, I mean seriously horny. I haven’t had good sex for a while now. Please can we, you know this last time?” she winked.
Gloria: “No way!  I told you we were over and besides I am no longer that type of person. I have had a change of sexual preference, a healing. I think you need healing too, your husband could have been able to provide that if you had let him”
Ophelia: “I told you not to preach this shit to me again. Will you help me or not? I really really need this Glo! You promised me you’d be there for me no matter what. This is the time I need you most” she moved closer to her desperately and held on to her but Gloria slapped her immediately. What was that for?” she held her cheek dazed.
Gloria: “I told you I was no longer interested! Now will you get out of my house please?” she pointed furiously at the door.
Ophelia: “I told you back then that you will regret ever casting me away right? If I cannot have you then no one else will” she said, dipped her hand in her hand bag, brought out a knife. Gloria on seeing it staggered back.
Gloria: “Ophelia don’t do this please. Put away the knife so we can talk this through”
Ophelia: “Talk this through? Liar! You have always been a terrible liar! You are only looking for another opportunity to toss me to the dogs. I will never forgive you for this” she plunged towards Gloria like one in a trance but she was able to dodge it, she tried to run but tripped over a chair and fell flat on her face. She stood looming over her with a wicked grin on her face “I told you, no one else will have you if I can’t” she said bent down and plunged the knife into Gloria’s heart, blood gushed out. She pulled it out and plunged it into her stomach many times till she was satisfied at last that there was no breath left in her anymore. She stood up, took a wet wipe from her handbag, wiped clean the blood stains on her leather gown, hands and the knife then returned the knife into her bag. She looked around to make sure no one had seen her and fled for the door.

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