BEHIND THE MASK🎭

             Episode 7
         Johnny under a spell

On Tuesday, my mother gained a bit of consciousness. I went to see her and she spoke to me in a very weak voice. “John, you need to be prayerful. I won’t always be there to carry your cross.” “Mum what is the meaning of what you just said? You are not dying now so stop talking like that.” I said to her. I began to feel itches   around my manhood, it was irritating  but I didn’t pay much attention to it. In some few minutes, my mother started coughing seriously. I ran out of the ward to call the nurses around to come to her aid. One of the nurses also  ran to call the doctor to  see what was going on. The cough persisted and this time around  came with blood. We were all sitting on time bomb. The pastor to help us in prayer himself was  also on admission due to the accident. All these while, my mother was fighting a spiritual battle on my behalf. Let’s take note that not  all that blisters is gold. My siblings abroad went into a serious moment of prayer and my father also called some elders of our church to assist him in prayers. The spiritual battle became very tough this time round. I was trying to pray with them but to be honest, I didn’t even know where to start from. Instead, the irritation on my manhood increased so I needed to get a place to hide and check what was happening. I went into one of the washrooms, unhooked my belt, unzipped my trouser and went down into my boxer only to see that the tip of  my manhood has  become so red. “What is happening to me? why all this?” I asked myself in displeasure. I came out from the washroom, found myself a place to sit just to think about myself when my phone rang. I answered, and it was my father. “Johnny where are you? ” He asked and I told him I was inside the washroom. “Please come around immediately.” He ordered and without wasting much time, I went to meet him.  He told me the doctor said   my mother has to be flown to  South Africa for continuity of her  treatment so he thinks he would now need the money I had wanted to give him earlier to add to his money to pay for the processing fee. I hurriedly gave out all the money as I couldn’t bear the sight of my sick mother and yearned to have her treated but I was so wrong. That money rather went in to  strengthen Enyonam and her camp because we were now indebted to them. The processing was done and she was flown out to South Africa. My father went with her leaving his work behind. I called Enyonam to tell her the current developments. I also told her about the irritability of my manhood. She encouraged me  and said the irritability might be as a result of the pool we bathed because sometimes, people with all sort of infections do bath the same polluted water and share their infections. However, she said she had some medicine that could cure it so I should come back with immediate effect since my mother was no longer in the country. I returned to Tema and invited her over to my place. She came with some herbal medicine for me to take. This was where I got blindfolded to her tricks. After taking the concoction, the irritation stopped and rather made me horny. I became so much aroused that it was so uncontrollable. She was already around me so there was no time to waist. We started kissing each other and soon, we were both unclad in my bed. This time around, I left no stone unturned  as she moaned and groan in pleasure. I knew not where I even got the  strength from but I still  gave her three rounds  without any protection. All this while, my mother was still battling with her life. She became weak as a result of the fun I was having with Enyonam because that was draining her spiritually. She finally died on their arrival to the South African general hospital. The news came in the evening of that day. I sat down on my floor as tears rolled down my cheeks with no efforts like a waterfall.  I cried so bitterly because I never expected her to die so soon. How I wish I could raise the dead. 
Hmm, I told you from the beginning that the devil looks for  the weaker vessels to get to the main target. Now, the pillar and foundation of my home has been destroyed. But should that be a guarantee for the devil to take over everything? 
My mother’s remains was brought back to Ghana where preparations towards her final burial was made. Enyonam was very supportive in everything. In fact, she made me feel loved despite  losing my mother. She tried to stand in place of my mother. She demonstrated maturity to my family so everybody began to like her.  I introduced her to my father and other siblings that she was  the woman I would be getting married to. “John you better behave yourself,  we are mourning mummy and you are here talking about marriage.” My senior brother cautioned. “Oh Bro, so should life not continue after mum’s death? Or is it because you are not married, you don’t want anyone of us to get married? Look whether you like it or not I will soon be getting married. ” I replied as we did some small quarrel at the funeral grounds.  As a form of last respect, my father wrote in his tribute how his wife was able to establish him because of her prayer life. He acknowledged having her as a wife who was a home builder, advisor, financial controller and love legend. My daddy shed tears that day. That was the first and last time if seeing tears role down my daddy’s eyes.  In my tribute, I also acknowledged how she was able to save me from that night club incident. The whole atmosphere that day was solemn . We finally put her to rest in peace.  Her soul rest in peace. 
Back to Tema after everything, I resumed work and life with Enyonam continued. Anytime I asked her to take me to her place, she finds excuses to give me but once she was coming to my place, I was not worried. I told Xorsenyo, a colleague of mine at work about my new found girl. I made him aware of how supportive she was to me during my mother’s funeral. I told him to follow  my foot steps  so that he can  find a good lady like my Enyonam. “Eei Charley! now you turn into relationship counsellor? Masa go counsel Mr Koomson  our boss because he is the person who doesn’t have any good human relation.”  Xorsenyo said as we both laughed over it. “You, this man will get you.” I told him. 
Our boss never gives us breathing space when he is around. He will always find fault with whatever you do. He also feels we may end up taking his position from him if in case we should be retained. He was at his position as a result of long service and there was a memo calling for qualified and competent workers to apply for that position which Xorsenyo and I did apply.  Due to this, the human relation he was to give us was not there. In his presence, we do behave as  if we fear him but that was not the case. It was just a mere respect as our boss. 
Xorsenyo use to walk with me home after work almost all the time so one day, Enyonam was passing by and  visited. I introduced her to my friend . 
You see, for God so love the world, He won’t just allow the devil  to take total control of His own. Rather, He will always place people in our way to redirect our steps but it also comes down for us to  hear and obey the Lord’s voice especially in this  our generation. 
Me: Enyonam meet my colleague. We both  work in the same office. His name is Xorsenyo. 

Xorse, meet my beautiful damsel. She is Enyonam, my all in all.  I landed a peg on her cheek.
Xorsenyo: waow! very beautiful. Nice meeting you sweetheart. He stood and shook hands with her but he reacted in a way after the handshake which I didn’t understand. 
Me: Is everything okay? 
Xorsenyo: yeah, yeah all is well. Charley but you get eagle eye oo. In fact you do all. This lady ‘dey bee’. 

I laughed and said he should behave. 
Enyonam: thank you dear. Guys I need to be going because some customers will be coming to look for me. 
Me: oh ok. We’ll talk in the evening. 
Xorsenyo: oh are you leaving because I’m here? Oh don’t do that. Charley, Johnny ‘I dey step house. The lady dey shy me.”
Enyonam said she was just passing and wanted to check on us so my friend shouldn’t take any offense. Together with Xorsenyo, we accompanied her to her car. 
After she left, Xorsenyo held my hand and pulled me with him to the room. 
Xorsenyo: heer! my guy, run for your life. What did I say? I said start running gidigidi like a horse for your life.  “That girl no get any good spirit.” Didn’t you see the vibration I had  when I shook hands with her? This thing normally happens to me if my body senses danger ahead.  Look, it’s not about beauty oo,  for how long do you even know this girl? Look, I will advise you to better be upstanding and run for your life. Is it her money you are following or what? Me I talk my own. 
Me: Ah!  You kraa what is your problem? Is it because I brought you to my place to see my woman so you think you can talk any trash to me or what? Are you getting jealous or something? “make you no come bore me for here”.  Try and look for some and stop discouraging me. All you know to do is to follow old ladies and say girls. Look don’t bring your wahala on me oo. 
Xorsenyo: oh sorry. My guy,  we will meet at work tomorrow. I was Just talking to you as a friend and a brother but see what you are saying? Make sure you don’t call me if anything should start happening.  He said and left the house. 
I got bored at him that day. You shouldn’t blame me, I was under the spell. The following day as boys boys, we reconciled and shared other jokes. We even went on break together. 
My daddy also started complaining of illness very often. Due to this, he felt it was stress so he resigned from his work to have some rest. He was nearing his retirement thou but he resigned. Fortunately for me, I was retained after my service and was made the internal auditor for a section of the Harbor. Mr Koomson was promoted to a higher position which he still needed to supervise my work.  My salary was not bad so I rented a new apartment which was a two bedroom self-contained. As soon as I moved into my new apartment, Enyonam called and said some fraudsters came to defraud her so she needed some money from me to purchase goods for her shop. Because I knew she helped me before, I also gave her all I had on me. This time around, our expenses when we go out was on me. My  father was no longer working and was thinking because I’ve secured a good job, so  I would be taking care of him. I rather focused on impressing Enyonam. I could be having money but when my father asked me for money, I will only give him excuses. My account never increased.  I just had the name as an internal auditor but I was not able to save any money. I was leaving hand to mouth life. The devil comes to still and to  destroy. It will give you with the left hand and take it back with the right in multiple folds. Enyonam said since I now have my own work, I should come and see her parents so that we get married. That sounded good to me so I started planning towards marriage. We decided that the following weekend, I would go and know where she stays. Hmm, wonders they say shall never end. 

Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

  1. Should one hastened to get married because he or she has a found work? 

  2. Are you neglecting your parents because your attention is now on your partner? 

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