A ChrisEffe Romance 

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

     The Klever Magg 
Chris suddenly bolts forward. His phone, on the passenger seat, is ringing. 
He looks at his phone. The image on it is a portrait of a beautiful young lady, and the name below it reads ANGEL. 
Her real name is ELAINE BOATENG. She is 28 years old. She is Chris’ fiancée. Chris picks the call.

Hello, Angel.

My love, it is getting late. Traffic demons again?

Yeah, but I’m at Airport junction. I will be there soon.

What’s wrong, love? You don’t sound so funky. Horror day again?

Nah, just a bit bushed out, I guess.

Hurry up and come home, my love. I’m going to rub you down real slow and show you a piece of heaven.

Hmm, yeah. I think I will like that, Angel. Love it when you’re in this kinda mood, sugar pie!

 I’m all spread out and waiting, Superman. Just fly and come and rescue me! I’m all heated up here, love.

Can’t wait to sing to your body, Angel. See you soon. Bye.
He looks at the wedding card, and stares at the face of Effe Kedem. Suddenly he looks angry.

Leave me alone, Effe Kedem! Stay out of my life, devil!
He begins to drive again. Suddenly he starts hammering the steering-wheel with his fist.

Leave me the hell alone, Effe!
He snatches up his mobile phone again, activates the call list, selects a name, and dials. 
A male voice answers. The voice belongs to STEVE HOLLISON, aged 38. He is Chris’ best friend.

What the dilly yoo? Are you at the fuel station?

Nah, man. I’m driving home. Elly’s waiting, so I gotta rush.

Eh, charlie, your own good oo! Say hi to her for me, ok?

Belt up and listen, you damn parrot. Something bad just happened. You won’t believe the shit you’re about to hear, man. Effe is getting married!

You’re not, by any stretch of the imagination, talking about Effe Kedem, are you?

Do I know any other damn Effes? Of course it is her, the greatest love of my life, the girl who broke my heart so badly that I almost committed suicide. Same girl, dude, same hell. And I’ve been invited to her hell of a wedding. She’s marrying some asshole from South Africa, some damn…

Hey, hey, hey, man, slow down. Simmer down, rasta. Take it from the top. What happened?

What didn’t happen, dude? You just wouldn’t believe how small the world is! My bosses just invited me to Effe’s wedding!

You telling me you’ve been in touch with Effe all this time?

Hell no! Haven’t heard from or seen her for four years! This is just one of those damn twists of fate! Our business partner from South Africa decides to marry a Ghanaian girl, and he chooses no other girl than my girlfriend, can you believe that?

Not your girlfriend, dude. Not even your ex-girlfriend. That girl was death to you, man. But talk about crazy coincidences, and this surely beats any I’ve ever heard! Say, bro, what…
There are two sharp beeps in Chris’ ear, and then silence.

Hello, Steve, you there?
He looks at the phone, and redials. A mechanical voice tells him that Steve cannot be reached. 
Steve’s phone has gone off. Chris swears, puts down the phone, and continues to drive. He rubs his forehead occasionally in obvious stress.

Oh, Effe! What’re you doing to me now? Why now, oh Lord, why now?

Chris drives into a very beautiful compound. The house is flat and very nicely designed. 
There is a white Nissan Rogue already parked in front of the house. It belongs to his girlfriend, Elaine Boateng.
He picks up the wedding card, looks at it for a while, and then he opens the glove compartment and throws it in. 
He picks up his laptop and gets out of the car. He enters the house. The living-room is semi-dark, and he quickly doubles his steps as he nears bedroom door. 
He pushes the door open silently. The bedroom is huge, has a four-poster bed. Gentle and soft music comes from the speakers. 
It is an alluring and romantic setting. She is lying on the bed, propped up against the headboard, wearing a very short sky-blue nightdress. Her legs are slightly apart. 
He looks at her, and then he drops his laptop and approaches the bed. A happy smile plays around her lips as she raises herself up to meet his kiss. 
They kiss passionately, and her hands push his coat away and frantically undo his tie. He holds her desperately, kissing her hard. 
There is a flash as he recalls Effe’s face. Elaine reaches inside his shirt and caresses his chest. 
She unzips his trousers, and her hand reaches in. She stops suddenly even as he tries hard to kiss her. 
She puts a hand on his chest and gently pushes him back. Her eyes search his face.

What’s up, Tiger? The engine room is cold.

Just a bit bushed, I guess. Let me take a shower. That might do the trick.

Do that, Sweetness. I’m here, and I’m all yours.
Chris shirks his clothes and walks into the bathroom in his boxers. He leans against the closed door and exhales rapidly.

Effe, I will not let you do this to me, you damn bitch!
He turns on the shower. Cold water splashes over him, and he let it fall on him for a long time. 
He emerges from the bathroom naked. Elaine watches him, and a mischievous look passes across her lovely face. 
Their kiss is fervent, their desire strong. They moan as they make love. Later, he falls asleep. 
Elaine lies beside him, her face happy as she lazily watches the muted television. 
Suddenly a soft dinging sound comes through. It is Chris’ mobile phone’s message tone. She takes his phone out of its trouser clip and glances at the screen. 

What’re you bad boys up to?
She inputs Chris’ password, opens and reads the message from Steve.
Elaine freezes. 
She reads the text message again, and then she glances at the sleeping Chris. 

She shakes him awake.

WEDDING OF MY EX episode 2

A ChrisEffe Romance 

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman 

    The Klever Magg
Chris is driving down the fast lane of the 37 Military Road heading towards Airport junction. 
He is listening to music from the CD player, and nodding his head in time with the tune. His phone rings and he glances over to his right. 
His phone is lying on the wedding card, which has now slid further out of its envelope. 
The picture on the card depicts a beautiful girl holding hands with an elderly man, framed in a heart. Chris picks the call.

What the dilly dilly dilly yoo, Steve. I am driving, okay? Let me call you back, bro. Yeah, yeah. Safe, rasta!
He cuts the call, still smiling, and leans over to put the phone back on the wedding card. 
He sees the picture on the card and he groans hoarsely, passionately, his face absolutely shocked.

He draws a shuddering breath and rubs his forehead. He looks really disturbed.
His face filled with incredulity, he looks at the card again. He is close to a bus stop. 
He swings in past the waiting passengers and parks at the extreme end of the bus stop. Trembling, he reaches up and turns on the twin inside lights. 
He reaches for the card and pulls it out of the envelope. Chris looks at the woman on the card. She is a fair woman, oval-faced, slim, and extremely beautiful.

His body begins to tremble, and his breathing is laboured. Slowly his eyes fall on the card again. He sees the words: 


He leans his head back and closes his eyes. He bites his lower lip, and a deep groan that sounds almost like a sob blasts through his throat. 
He remembers that first time he met Effe Kedem…
It had been on the Winneba-Accra road.

Chris is driving a dark-coloured Toyota Camry. He has just left Winneba junction. He is approaching the next town. 
He sees a lot of people along the road. Some are frantically waving to him to slow down. Chris is in a bend, and he slows down considerably.
First he sees the green branches lying along the road, and shortly afterwards he comes across a motor accident. 
The people are staring down a deep ravine, and Chris sees a badly mangled bus lying half across the street, and the burning remains of another car down in the ravine along the road. 
Chris pulls over, stopping several metres ahead of the parked cars. He gets out and trots to the edge of the ravine. 
The car, tyres pointing upwards, is burning now. Chris listens to a young man narrating how a bus belonging to the ORPHANAGE OF HOPE has collided with another bus.
No one is dead, and the wounded have already been conveyed to the Winneba Government Hospital. 
Chris then gets into his car, starts up and drives away. Suddenly he senses a movement behind him and looks into his driving mirror and finds himself looking at the blackened face of somebody sitting in his backseat. 
Chris shouts with shock. He drives off the road unto the shoulder, his eyes still fixed on the driving mirror. 
He brakes hard and swivels in his seat. It is a girl. She is wearing a badly stained designed dress of some sort, and after a moment he sees that it is printed with the round logo of the ORPHANAGE OF HOPE. 
Her face is grimy, just like her skin. She stares at him with fear on her face, continually wringing her hands.

Who the hell are you? And how did you get into my car?
She holds up her hands towards him, and tears suddenly forms in her eyes. Her voice is soft and plaintive.

Please, please sir, don’t let him take me back, please!

Were you in the Orphanage bus?

Yes, yes, please! When the cars collided I fell out. I was lying in the bushes when you parked your car, and climbed in when you got out! 

What’s your name?

Effe. Effe Kedem. Please, please, I beg of you, don’t let me go back to that awful place…to that bad man…please!

Listen, girl, I don’t want to get involved with you, okay? I am sending you to the first police station I see, okay?
Her whole body shakes with violent panic, and her huge eyes look very terrified.

Nooooo! Please don’t send me back to him…don’t send me back to him!

Okay, okay, belt it down, lady. Hey, shut up!
She stops screaming. 

Who are you talking about? Who don’t you want to go back to?

Mr. Afful.
Chris waits, but she says nothing more. 

This Mr. Afful, is he at the Orphanage?

Yes, He is the Manager. He does bad things to me…very bad things!

Listen, Effe. I’m going to Accra. I can’t take you with me. That will be kidnapping and can get me into serious trouble with the law. Is there somebody you know who I can call for you?

I have Auntie Joyce’s number. Please if you’re going to Accra take me with you. I’ll get down at Accra.

Is Auntie Joyce in Accra?

No. She’s in Winneba. She also works at our orphanage. She is good.

Aren’t you a bit too big to be in an orphanage? Do you work there?

No. I grew up there. i was left in a basket in front of the orphanage when I was a baby. It seems my mother, whoever she is, didn’t want me. 

(His expression melting to one of sympathy.) I see. Mr. Afful, the Manager, he rapes you?

Auntie Joyce has not allowed him to…yet! But he does bad things to me…with his fingers…
Chris sits silently for a while; lips pursed, and regards her with troubled eyes.

Listen, Effe. Because of what you have told me, I will take you to Accra…

Oh, thank you, thank you!

When we get to Accra, I will contact Auntie Joyce, and I’ll let her come for you. That’s all I can do for you now, ok? 
Effe lies down in the seat. He drives on. After a time he looks back at her. She is sleeping now, both hands clasped under her head, legs bent innocently. 
When they get to Kasoa he stops and buys a T-Shirt and jeans for her. He also buys some Waakye and bottled water too. 
She wakes up suddenly and starts screaming, her hands slapping at unseen attackers.

It is alright, Effe. It is alright. You’re safe!
She looks at him, and for a moment she does not recognize him. After a moment she calms down and then she nods once. 
He parks off the road again and turns to her.

There’s a police barrier ahead, Effe. They might be aware of the accident, and seeing you in my car, dressed in the Orphanage’s clothes, will make them suspicious and bring problems. You understand? 
She looks terrified again, but he holds up a hand to reassure her.

It is okay, alright? I bought you some clothes. I will get out and allow you to change. There’s a towel too. Clean up your face a bit, and then eat. Hopefully, we can get through.
She nods, and he gets out. He stands at the back of the car, leaning against the boot.

What the hell am I doing? What am I getting myself into?
He passes through the police barrier safely, and they get to Accra. He enters a boutique and buys her some dresses. 
He finds a small hotel and pays for a night, and he sends Effe in. Her face is beginning to get terrified again when they enter the room, but he smiles at her reassuringly.

Don’t worry, girl. I will not do anything to you. 


You are my guardian angel. Auntie Joyce told me that someday I will find a guardian angel who is willing to help me out.

I’m no angel, girl. I will call Auntie Joyce, she will come for you…and that’s that, okay?
He orders some more food and asks her to take a bath first. He gives her the three dresses he has bought for her. 
Her face lights up with pure innocent joy, and he smiles. She selects one of the dresses, a knee-length white thing, simple but nice, and disappears into the bathroom. 
He is sitting at the desk, making a list of the things he will do the next day, when the bathroom door opens and she comes in. 
She is wearing the white dress. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail. She stops and looks at him shyly. 
Chris stares. The change from dirty grimy girl to the stunning beauty he is looking at is so great that for a moment he is lost for words. Her beauty is quite extraordinary.



You’re beautiful. 
She blushes furiously. A waiter wheels in their food and they have a meal. 
Later she falls asleep in the far corner against the wall, curled up on one side, covering herself completely except for her head. 
She does not use the pillows, but her hands are folded under her head. Chris stands beside the bed, hands in his pockets, and stare at her.


CHRIS BAWA is a young talented fashion designer. The fashion company he works for is sending him to South Africa as their CEO. A top businessman in South Africa is impressed with Chris’ designs and has decided to partner the Company. The businessman is getting married in Takoradi, and Chris is given an invitation card to represent his Company at the Wedding.
But then, he sees that the girl who’s going to marry the businessman is EFFE KEDEM, a girl who had been Chris’ fiancé, a girl Chris had loved with all his heart, a girl who had broken his heart, a girl who had ignited fierce passions in the heart of Chris!
Chris can’t say no! 

He has to be there!

Suddenly, his happy life takes a stunned shock, and his heart kick-starts out of its comfort zone and spirals into a massive cycle as old passions of volcanic proportions scream back into life!
Thrills. Passion. Betrayal. Enjoy the first CHRISEFFE ROMANCE series in all its explosive twists and turns…
A ChrisEffe Romance 

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman 

    The Klever Magg

Location: CHRIS’ OFFICE, 
A large modern office, brightly lit, replete with modern art and office equipment. 

CHRIS BAWA is sitting on an elegant swivel chair behind a huge oak desk. He is dressed in an excellently tailored black suit and crisp white shirt. 
His necktie is loosened at the neck. The office door opens and a smartly-dressed elderly woman walks in. She is holding a slim black file, and her face splits into a happy grin when she sees Chris. 

She is EVELYN BOAMPONG, 55 years old. She is the CEO of Slash Designs. Chris gets to his feet and a smile of welcome crosses his handsome face.

Did the Board like the designs?

(Drops the file on the desk, and then she walks up to him and hugs him gently) 

Liked? That’s an understatement. It blew them off their feet, Chris. We are using your designs exclusively for the African Fashion Show in South Africa this September!

Exclusively? That’s a bit deep, Mrs. Boampong. Gabriel isn’t going to like this. He is the Head Designer after all, and I think his designs are decent too.

Decent is the right word, Chris. Gabby is good, we all know that, and we certainly appreciate his dedication to Slash Designs over the years, but we are going with the best for the South African show, and the best is your FURY collection. 
She drops into a chair and crosses her legs.

You’ve not reached that level of greatness yet, my dear friend. But you will get there. The Board has recognized your potential, and that’s why we’re going with you. I know how concerned you are, and I know old Gabby has been giving you the cold shoulder lately. That was bound to happen. Old lions die hard, and that’s that. To break the ice, the Board has decided to let Gabby hold the lines in Ghana. We want to send you to South Africa in September. You’re going to open the Slash Designs lines over there, and you’re going to send it International. 
She stands up, reaches across and pushes the black file towards him.

You can’t please everybody in this industry, Chris. You’re young, and you’re going places. Ride with the tide, boy. I’ll see you tomorrow. 
She heads for the door as he opens the file. His voice halts her just as she reaches for the handle. He is holding up an elaborately-designed golden envelope.

You left this in the file.

Oh, sorry. Almost forgot. That’s a wedding invitation. Mr. Rupert Henderson, our South African partner, is getting married on Saturday in Takoradi. The Chairman wants you to be present. 

Me? No, Eve. I mean …I’m taking Elaine to Akosombo on Saturday. I’ve been putting it off for decades. There’s a favourite aunt she wants to visit and …

Old aunts can wait, Chris. Rupert is more than a partner to us. The man practically owns the South African business market. He has links, he has contacts, he has political clout and he is probably the wealthiest man in Africa. He is immensely pleased with your designs. This is the golden chance, boy. You get into his good books and your doorway to fame and glory is wide open. That’s why the Chairman wants you to attend this wedding.

I guess I have no choice then.

No, you don’t, my boy.

This Rupert, he looks quite old, right? The guy’s nudging close to seventy, so what’s all this about? He’s South African, so why’s he marrying in Ghana anyway?

Actually he will be sixty-five this Saturday. He’s marrying on his birthday, incidentally. The lady is a Ghanaian, and that’s why he’s marrying here. From what I hear she’s quite young too, far younger than he is. She’s around thirty, I guess.

Thirty years? I’ll be damned! She’s young enough to be his grand-daughter, for Christ’s sake! She’s probably doing this for his money. Women and money!

Naughty, incorrigible Chris. Do not judge, my boy. It may be true love, you know. Get your act together and make sure you are at the wedding on Saturday. The Chairman and I will leave on Wednesday. We will expect you there. Your Mom is in Takoradi, right? You can take the opportunity to see her. You can leave on Thursday, if you wish. But let me know tomorrow. Good night, Chris. 
She walks out and closes the door.

(hesitates a moment, then opens the envelope. He sniffs it. He shakes his head, smiling, and he looks very impressed.)

Boy, boy, boy! This old geezer sure knows how to flaunt money, man! The envelope is perfumed! 
He pulls the card half-way out from the envelope, but just then his mobile phone rings. He snatches it up and puts it to his ear. The envelope is still clutched in his right hand.

Hello, my dearest Angel. Worried about me, right? 


He listens for a while, and then a smile crosses his face.

Sorry, Love. I had to wait for the Board Meeting to close. Something good just happened, my love. Seems to me that you’re looking at the new CEO of Slash Designs, South Africa Lounge! 
He listens for a while again, and then bursts out laughing happily.

You keep it iced, my love. I am coming right home, and we sure are going to celebrate!
He cuts off the phone. Puts the wedding invitation on his swivel chair and quickly packs his laptop into its bag.
He heads for the door with his laptop case slung across his shoulder. At the door he pauses, remembering the envelope, and then goes back for it. 
He walks through the huge glass doors of Slash Designs. He walks to the car park and heads for a sleek shiny black Nissan Pathfinder. 
He puts his laptop bag on the passenger seat and flings the wedding card on top of the bag. 
The envelopes lands, and the card slides further out of it, and now the face of a young woman can be seen clearly on the light-golden invitation card. 
A security man beckons him to reverse, and Chris slowly manoeuvres the car out. 
He blasts his horn to the security man, and drives out of the huge gates of Slash Designs.

BEHIND THE MASK Final episode 


                 BEHIND THE MASK
           FINAL EPISODE
John sends born again Enyonam home
……I became broken hearted. All these while, Xorsenyo was not aware that i came to see my Enyonam. Judge Amos was calling me for us to go but i was just absent minded. “Hey my guy lets go. why are you absent minded like that?” Amos said. “Did you just see that car? and have you seen how she was talking to me rudely?” i asked. “but you what are you thinking? Is it that you were expecting her to be waiting for you till thy kingdom comes? you’ve moved on and she has also moved on. I just brought you here for you to stop fantasizing.” Amos said looking straight into my face. I looked at him back and with an angry face, i went to sit inside the car for us to go. Amos came to join me in the car and was about to start the engine. 
Me: Amos do you think i can’t get my Enyonam back? She is the love of my life. 
Amos: My guy, sorry to tell you that monkeys play by their sizes. Left with me alone i will forget about this girl and concentrate on building my marriage. Getting this lady to yourself will mean you must do all you could to match up with those guys she is hanging around with. She has seen it all so there is nothing you can do to influence her.
Me: So you knew about this and you still brought me here. I will do everything to get this girl back. My wife can go to hell. She is just a trouble maker. 
Amos: Well, that’s your view. I wont tell you much because i expect that you learn from your mistakes. Do you know something, I forgot i have a meeting to attend in an hours from now so i will alight you at the next junction so that you pick a public transport. 
Me: ah! how? i should pick a public transport? alright no problem.
When we got to the junction, Amos truly made me to get down. He didn’t go to any meeting but to meet his girlfriend despite the fact that he was married. I felt very bad for myself when i stood by the road close to 30minutes without getting a car.
“All my friends are now at big places riding in big cars and sleeping in five star houses. Just look at me, standing by the road stopping cars after cars. I do say am an internal auditor for a very big company like Tema Harbour but i cant even boast of Ghc 1,000.00 in my account. hmm  God have mercy.” i prayed. Soon i got a car and returned back to my rented house. As soon as i got there, my landlord served me a letter informing me about an upward review of the monthly rent. I looked at the letter and honestly speaking, the tears finally came. 
At work on Monday, Xorsenyo came to meet me with my head on the office desk. 
Xorsenyo: Johnny why? “you no get correct sleep last night wey you dey sleep like some pregnant he goat?”
Me: charley i no dey feel well. My head all they bash me. Xorsenyo please i want you to cover for me. I want to go home and rest a bit. 
Me: Alright.
I left the office and went home. “why should this girl do this to me? ah!  Oh my God! how could I have allowed myself to rub buttoms with the porcupine? Nevertheless, it is said that it’s only a fool whose testicles are stepped on twice. How could some humans be so heartless and cruel to their fellow humans? You present and projected yourself as an angel of God sent from above whiles you just covered yourself with a sheep’s cloth and wore the heart of a wolf.” I was thinking aloud. 
Enyonam my wife walked and came to stand behind. She tapped my shoulders and that made me to turn to look into her face. Her face was filled with tears. 
Enyonam: my husband, I know I’ve cost you a lot. Please all am asking is for your forgiveness. I will be willing to leave the marriage but i wont have peace if you don’t forgive me. Am on my kneels. Please am sorry.
Me: Will your sorry bring back my mother? or will it restore my account? I started life with many people whom i was better than by then. Today, all these people are riding in their cars, happily married with children and living in their own houses. I am here in a rented house. I don’t have a car of my own all because of you. My father who was all i have too you turned my face away from him. I hate you. Enyonam i can’t love you back and i can’t forgive you.
There was this voice from behind us…..
“My son, all is vanity. What does it profit you if you should have all the goodies of this life and lose your soul? How can you hate a fellow human being to the very core of your heart and claim you love God? Learn to forgive because your father in heaven has also forgiven you. God has given you life which is the most important thing. Just start everything at fresh with a pure heart and God almighty will bless you. You have a brighter future and i can assure you that you have more ahead of you than what you’ve lost. Let the dead burry the dead and let the living glorify God. Life is short and don’t think death is far ahead of you. No! death is just beside you. Very close to you. The very little mistake you do and attach yourself to it, it will welcome you. God saved you from a lot so thank Him for your life and forgive from your heart. Do you know when you will die? It might be the next minute and if because you were not able to forgive your wife who is now a born again christian and  you are refused entrance into heaven then you see your wife in heaven how will you feel? Turn and look into my face and see who is speaking.” 
I turned and behold, it was my father accompanied by my pastor.
Enyonam: (holding his legs) In law, please am very sorry for all that i did. I’ve cost your family a lot. Please forgive me.
My Dad: I have forgiven you. Yesterday is gone and another day has come. Let’s focus on what is ahead than what has expired. John, pastor told me everything so just come back to yourself and love your wife.

But next time, try to listen to the elderly when they are advising you. There is the saying that what an elderly person can see from afar when sitting down can never be seen by a child even if he or she should stand on the tallest tower. A word to the wise is enough. 
Me: Daddy thank you for everything. I’ve heard all that you’ve said. You are also welcome to my house.
We walked into the room and Enyonam cooked for us to eat. I had the fear of another charm but i only closed my mind on that i took the food. 
I accepted Enyonam back as my wife and it was to the joy of everyone including Xorsenyo. The only person who had problem with it was Golder. This was because Enyonam nearly cost her too. 
After some few weeks, Xorsenyo also wedded Golder. The one month fasting and prayers deliverance service organised at the church was also fruitful. Most people got healed including the pastor. 
One night whilst in bed with Enyonam, she said ” John please i still have one more thing to tell you. Please don’t take it against me. I love you so much and don’t want to lose you.”
Me: okay go ahead and talk, am listening. 

Enyonam: Johnny i don’t have a womb so i cant give birth.  
Me: what! you don’t have a womb? why, are you a man? or what happened?
Enyonam: My womb was used for sacrifice when i was with the marine world. The sacrifice gave me all the wealth i was having before we met. The car and the boutique belonged to me and they were all as a result of that sacrifice. I did that to get money to support my parents because we were very poor. Sorry to tell you that i also made them to dilute your sperm in spirit so you can hardly give birth. 
Me: Jesus Christ!!! Enyonam please enough of this nonsense. Before 7:00am tomorrow, make sure you pack everything of yours and leave this house. I don’t want to skin you alive so just take the easy way. But if you dare me, i will make you regret coming into this world.
Enyonam stood up quietly from the bed and started packing her things. Looking at her was like seeing satan calling you when you are comfortably walking to heaven. I wish i could kill her but that would also come with its own implications.
Early in the morning, she went for a taxi and off she left. I fell sick instantly. 
Hmm, some people just have wickedness ingrained in their veins. “I sat with a bleeding heart under the tree in front of the  house thinking aloud. I just saw myself to be fooled and falsely accused of messing myself up. In no time, the clouds began to gather. They did so quickly that one would have thought they were under the spell of an esoteric being. It was accompanied by heavy winds so I decided to go into the room. I dashed into my bedroom and lied on my bed feeling very frustrated and devastated. Little did I know that I would fall asleep in a few minutes. I saw myself in a forest doing ‘only God knows’, when this hungry young antelope spotted me from afar and rushed my way. I never knew I could win an Olympic Marathon race until this moment when my speed increased faster than the antelope. Looking at things, there was no one around to help so I made up my mind to stop and fight it. “Hey, hey, Johnny! What is the problem with you?, wake-up. Why? Is the world crashing on you? ”

Xorsenyo came into the room to check on me.

With some terrible fear and panic, I woke up. “Xorse, it’s you. When did you enter into the room? Charley, it wasn’t easy oo, I was having some bad dream. But answer me, how did you enter?”

“You left the door open and besides that, I overhead you shouting for help when I entered the hall so I decided to come into the bedroom to see what was going on probably, Sis Enyonam is canning you so that I can plead on your behalf. Haha. Look at you, ‘ you dey here dey dream ‘ “. he explained. “Charley, I was dreaming about some antelope chasing me in a thick forest. Let’s leave that for now. How was work today?”, I asked. “Where is your wife, Enyonam?, and why has everything changed in your room like this?”, Xorsenyo asked.
Me: Xorsenyo, hmm, I went to marry a wolf which was nicely dressed and packaged in a sheep’s clothing. If you care to know, I’ve sent her away to wherever she came from.

Xorsenyo: You did what! Has the antelope in your dream finally gotten hold of you and affected your reasoning level? What did I just hear you rattle like that?
Me: Man, you heard me loud and clear. I’ve sacked her, if that would make comprehension easy for you. She is just a gold digger. I don’t know why her parents didn’t name her Golder.

Xorsenyo: Hey!, my friend watch your tongue . Have you forgotten my lady’s name is Golder? But What has come over you? After that expensive and ceremonious wedding which is not yet a year old?, or have you forgotten so soon that you proclaimed in public that for better for worse, and till death do you apart?
Me: For better for worse my foot. So I should allow my head to be chopped off before I know the chains are tightening my neck, is that what you are insinuating?  My friend I need to be a man. Look, that lady who claimed her name is Enyonam is not real. 
Xorsenyo: Charley put yourself together. I will come back later in the evening to check on you. But you better go back for your wife. Whatever the case is she is your wife. For now she is best for you. Start chasing after her because i promise you that you are making a big mistake. Before Xorsenyo finishes his advise giving, i received a call from the police that my wife was knocked down by a moving vehicle and under going treatment at the Tema General Hospital. Xorsenyo took me with his car to the hospital and truly, she was in critical condition. My love for her came back when i saw her innocent face on the bed.
        To God be the glory

              The End….
1. Was Johnny right by sending Enyonam away?
2. Can you share what you’ve learnt from  this story with us?

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