Unbreakable episode 10


© The Klever Magg
Prince walked to the driver’s side of Maya’s car and opened the door for her. 

He asked her nicely to put off the ignition and offered her his hand. 
He took her to his car and offered her the usual courtesies that always left Maya feeling like a queen.
They drove in silence for a long while. 

Maya was not sure she was doing the right thing by agreeing to go out with the only person who could turn her on with just his eyes. He had conveniently skipped talking about his wife and that bothered her a bit. He must love her very much.
Maya looked for a sign of a ring on his finger and saw none. She wondered why he was being so mysterious about his married life. 
 “What happened to the Maya I knew. I thought you promised me you wouldn’t change. Why are you so nervous around me? It didn’t use to be like that, you know.”
 “The Maya you knew died sixteen years ago, when she was kicked into the street without a care to raise a son without any guidance. Times were hard, there was no time for luxuries. Even now, I still feel am still struggling. It’s become part and parcel of me. I hope you understand that.”
 “ I guess I should but I hate to see you so uptight around me. We used to enjoy each other’s company very much. I want that back, Maya. I want you in my life.”
Maya did not utter a word. She just did not understand why Prince would not accept that things between them could not go back to how they used to be. A lot had passed under the bridge.  A lot had changed.  
They reached their destination after a while and Maya was impressed. 
Prince parked his car and got out quickly to open the door for her. 
She stepped out and gazed at the tallest building she had ever seen in her life.

The building had a swimming pool around it making it look like an island. It had four mini bridges that were a sight to behold on their own. 
Maya had always been scared of water but the sight was very pleasing to her eyes. 
Prince guided her to the bridge closest to them and led her into the resort. 

There were mini settlements like houses all around the tall building with palm trees,  coconut trees and other beautiful trees at vantage points of the resort. 

There were open huts with live music where people sat to eat, drink, dance or enjoyed each other’s company.
 “I didn’t know how you would like it so I have a booking for a private dinner and one in the open. You have to make a choice,” Prince said.
 “Whatever you prefer would be okay with me.”
 “Then it’s settled, we will go for the private one.”
Prince led her to one of the settlements and it was incredibly beautiful. 

The room was dimly-lit with a red bulb and had vases of flowers all around. It had a bar in one corner. 

The table was set in the middle of the room and soft music was playing in the background. 

The attending waiter took their order and left. 
Maya felt intimidated when they were alone. 

She had yearned for Prince’s touch and affection for so long yet present circumstances made it impossible for her to enjoy them now that he had found her. She had missed his voice and his sense of humour.
Maya admitted she was still madly in love with him.
 “Well, what would you want to know about me?” Prince asked.
 “Anything you are ready to share,” Maya replied.
Prince told her a story about a young man who thought marrying another would help curb the loneliness he felt because he could not be with the woman he truly loved. The story ended sadly with the couple hating each other when the wife found out he named their daughter after a woman from his past.
Maya knew he was trying to tell her something about himself. She had wondered why his daughter was Maya but  had brushed that under the carpet as one of life’s coincidences.
 “Where you ever married?” Prince asked wanting to clear the air. He was not sure of Maya’s marital status.
 “No, I didn’t get that lucky in love.” 
Prince was relieved by her answer. For some reason, he had felt Maya was taken. 
 “I was married. In a bid to get over losing you, I married a colleague which turned out to be a disaster. When we got married, she was pregnant so she felt I married her because of the baby. Then she miscarried and things went downhill after that. She nagged about virtually everything. She would call me ten or more times in a day to know where I was and if by any chance, she saw me with a lady, I was fried. Anyway, I still gave our marriage the best shot. Then she got pregnant again. Things toned down a bit until she delivered. When the baby was six months she chanced on my journal. I had religiously written in it every day since we camped at Aburi and I always expressed my feelings about you in that journal. I don’t really blame her for being mad. The bottom line was she got to know I didn’t love her as much as I loved you and left without a goodbye. What broke the camel’s back was when she found out I named our little girl after you. I tried explaining myself but she wouldn’t take it. I later found out she was seeing my best friend. She filed for divorce and they were married six months after she left me. She doesn’t want to see the girl or me ever in her lifetime.”
 “I’m sorry for your pain. I know you must have loved her somehow otherwise you wouldn’t have married her. What I don’t understand is why she won’t see her own daughter. The poor girl had done nothing wrong. If it’s the name that bothers her so much, she could have just changed it.”
Their food was served and they ate in silence. 
After diner Prince wanted her to show her something and whisked her to the rooftop of the tallest building in the resort. Maya was scared of heights so she held on to Prince in the lift. 

The closeness brought back memories, memories they both had fought so hard to keep at bay. 

Prince pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. 

They were both panting when they broke free. 

They reached the rooftop and Maya was scared to stand,  walk or even look down. Prince guided her to a spot in blindfold and removed the fold. 
 “This is Accra at night. You can see all of Accra here.”
Prince pointed and named the various parts of Accra as the lights from the houses all around illuminated Maya’s night. 
Maya relaxed. She felt happy and she realized she still enjoyed Prince’s company. He was her love, the only one God created for her.
“Here take the binoculars, it makes the view more awesome.”
Maya was blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the sight. It was breathtaking. She loved every minute of it. Prince had his hand around her to make her feel secure. 
She loved the sight and most importantly she loved the fact that she was with Prince. 
He spun her round to face him and kissed her again.

A kiss that awakened all the pent-up feelings they had both stashed away for so long a time. 
 “I know I’m rushing this a little bit but you have to understand that not everyone gets a second chance like this. You know, I’ve been blessed with so much in life, a good job, some money, an adorable daughter and now a son but there was still this emptiness I felt because you were not in it. In my lifetime, I’ve had to climb many mountains and cross raging rivers but you were the one treasure I longed for. I don’t care if the world stopped turning and the sun stopped shining. I wouldn’t care if people say love was something not worth dying for as long as you are with me, Maya. I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you till the end of time. I know it’s not too late for us to be together. Can you do me the honour by becoming my wife?”
Maya was deeply touched. 

She felt she was pregnant. Pregnant with all the love she felt as Prince stood before her with a ring in hand and asking her to marry him. The dream that ever mattered was finally coming true. Her dream to be with the only one who had loved her without holding anything back. The only person who had given her the strength to forge ahead even though he was not with her. 

Maya felt she was soaring into the clouds with love as the wind beneath her wings.
Prince took her finger and slid the ring on it. He kissed her finger and then drew her to him holding her on the rooftop surrounded by the light from the moon that reflected beautifully on the pool of water around them and the lights from all the buildings both far and near.


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