Unbreakable episode 6

Episode 6


© The Klever Magg
Maya saw the necklace that had slid out of the journal onto her lap when she turned.  A smile crossed her face. 
She picked it up and opened the locket. 
Prince’s face, complete with his infectious smile, gazed out at her. 
There was a knock on her door.

“Come in.” she answered.
Jnr. walked in looking handsome as always but wearing a worried face. 
He had noticed his mother’s anxiety during the latter part of the party. 

He had seen those ‘far-away” looks of hers more than thrice that day. It had kept him wondering what might be amiss. 
 “Is everything alright, Mama?” Jnr. asked, a bit concerned.
 “Yes, I’m okay,” she answered clutching the necklace in her right hand.
 “I came to offer my thanks for the honour done me. I really had fun. Thanks so much. You are my Guardian Angel.”
 “You are most welcome, my son. It was a pleasure to see you that happy. You know, I had wished by the time you turned sixteen, you would have met your Dad. I guess I  hoped wrong,” Maya said sadly.
 “That’s okay, Mom. Having you is enough for me. If it’s God’s will for me to meet him, I know I will in God’s own time. Was that why you were sad back there?”
 “No, not sad. I was happy for you. It’s just that sometimes I really miss him. But don’t mind me, I will be good in the morning.”
Maya turned the necklace around as her son hanged the citation he framed for her. 
 “Would you like to see how he looks like?” Maya asked and handed him the necklace without waiting for an answer when he came to sit next to her. 
Junior turned the locket and gazed at the picture inside. 

He admitted he looked just like his Dad. He wished he knew more of him. He had always longed for a Dad figure in his life. It was not liked he did not appreciate being with his Mom but he always felt he was missing out on something not having a Dad around. 
 “Do you still love him?” he asked unexpectedly.
Maya was caught unawares. 

They had never discussed Prince except for the answers she provided from time to time to his questions about his Dad. 
 “I still think of him. If that’s love, then I guess I do. I’ve met a lot of people in my short life but none had left an indelible mark as much as your Dad did. I’m constantly reminded of him when I see you and it’s not been easy living without him,” she answered.
“Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t pry too much but I think you should continue your search for him. Who knows, he may be looking for you too. From the way I see it, you don’t want to commit to anyone else.” Junior supplied.
Maya was done looking for Prince Charming. 

She had resigned to living without a man. She convinced herself that not everyone was born to marry. She was fortunate she had a son, that should suffice. 
She was sure Prince was married and living happily ever after, like the fairy tale cliché. There was no point fishing him out to burden him with a son he had no clue existed. She was sure the news could trouble his family life so it was best to leave it as it was. She was sure she could not replace a father’s love in Junior’s life but there was really nothing she could do about that. She had moved on and was not going back.
Junior asked to be excused and left for his room. 

He was more than sure his Mom was madly in love with his Dad. She was just not ready to admit it. He believed his Mom was still young and could find happiness with his Dad. At thirty-three she still looked like she was sixteen. 

He promised himself he was going to dig out as much as he could to help find him. He would do that for his Mom’s sake. She’s been through a lot and he would like it very much if she found happiness as far as love was concerned.
Maya laid out all the notes Prince gave her on the bed when she was alone.  She read each one of them. 

Memories of their time together flooded back and for a while she was happy. She was happy to have met such an incredible person in her lifetime. Her time with him was her happiest after her Dad.
She picked a stick glue from the drawer and picked the journal. 

She turned to the beginning of her entries for the two weeks she spent with Prince.

She pasted the notes right after her entry for the day and wrote a little remark beneath each one. She really enjoyed doing that. It lifted her spirits a bit.

She would like to leave her journal as a memoir of her life story.

She knew she was being childish doing that but she did not want to lose even a piece of the notes he left her. One day, she was going to let Junior read her journal and she wanted him to see just how happy she was when she met his Dad. 
That night as she lay unable to sleep, she thought of her Uncle. 

She wondered how he was fairing. She wondered how many kids he would have now. She also wondered how his wife was treating him.
Maya thought about her inheritance too. 
Shortly before her Mom passed, she called her in the presence of his Uncle and told her about an inheritance she was holding in trust from her Dad until she was matured enough. She did not give much detail but told her she had given the documents to her Uncle to hold until she was of age. She had no clue what the inheritance was. She would have to pursue that someday.  She would have to go back and find out. 

The thought of going back worried her. Events leading to her painful ejection from the house swamped her thoughts. 

She was still hurt about how she was treated. She had just been a child and her Uncle had driven her out of their house with nowhere to go. 

She doubted he would have done same if his daughter had gotten pregnant. He could have taken her to her roots or found a more practical solution to the problem but instead he allowed his wife to influence him to treat her like an outcast.
Tears filled her eyes when it occurred to her she could have died on the streets and no one would have known who she was.
She would go back, that was definite, but that would be after the opening of her lavish restaurant she had built with her sweat from hard work.
There was so much to be done before the opening in a couple of weeks. 
She had to move to her new residence close to the restaurant and get everything else sorted out before the big day.
Maya had chanced on a large acre of land for sale some time back and had purchased it without a second thought. She had not really been sure at the time what she would use it for. The location was prime and she had known it  could be used for various business or residential ventures.
She worked very hard to put up her dream house and the restaurant in chorus. The restaurant was a few blocks away from her residence. She would use the rest of the land which was lying vast between her residence and the restaurant for office complexes when she was financially sound enough to take that step.
As she drifted off to sleep, she was grateful to God for His blessings. 

She was glad she had managed to put up the house and the restaurant and looked forward to more fruitful years ahead.

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