Unbreakable episode 7

Episode 7


© The Klever Magg
Maya was humbled. 
She felt like that because not many would have risen above the dreary waves of life she had paddled through.

She was grateful to the Most High for His mercies that had brought her that far. 
She gazed at  the gentle clouds that floated across the pale blue sky. 

She had a lot to be thankful for. 

The sun has risen and was promptly budding through the hazy sky. 

The cloudy layer created a pleasant extension from the sun making it an awesome sight to behold. 

Two woodpeckers chirped simultaneously to form a soothing melodic tune to her ears. 
She stood at the balcony of her new home and admired natures best all around her. 

She admitted she had been very lucky given the terrible circumstances that ushered her into a harsh city life. 

She was now surrounded by so much goodness it was difficult to believe she was on the streets at some point of her life.
The day had finally arrived. 

Her first plush restaurant was opening that day. She had lived her dreams to the fullest. 

She took in the lovely smell from the flowers around her. 

She felt very peaceful and alive.
She hurried inside. 

She got ready after taking a lavish bath. Junior was playing basketball at his school that morning and she needed to be there for him but couldn’t. 

She was needed at the restaurant. 

There were still loose ends to tie before the grand opening in the afternoon.
Maya walked leisurely into the restaurant. She checked to make sure everything was in place. 

She really missed her Mom that day. Her Mom would have put in her usual best for an event like that.
She reminisced on the various functions she attended with her Mom. Her sweet smile everywhere she went melted the hearts of the most difficult of her clients. She had really been a marvellous person. 

Maya strove to be that model too. She tried her best to please everyone but when she had to be tough, she could indeed flex a tough muscle.
Junior was to join them later in the day. Junior was the only family she had and it pleased her a lot when he was with her at events like that. 

He was her best friend and companion. 
The time finally came. 

People had already queued up and Maya and her incredible team opened the huge doors to “Maya’s Slice of Heaven.”
Maya used orange, white and lemon green colours to create something simple but magical for the interior. The decor and setting was simply splendid. The whole sight was a balm of magic that warmed the heart and made sojourners wish to stay forever.
The starters were served according to their personal choices. 
There were huge plasma televisions on the four walls of the restaurant. 
A small corner had been fitted with an xBox for kids to play whiles they waited for their orders.
Things were going well and Maya was elated. 
The only challenge was they had received more customers than anticipated and two people engaged to help out had not showed or bothered to call. 
Their walk through service was choked with a bit of traffic. 
Maya was overwhelmed. 

She made a few calls to her mates at the catering school for help. Three had readily offered to come and were on their way.
She stepped into the kitchen to see what she could do to fast track proceedings in that department.
A man walked in with a five-year-old and all the waiters stirred. 
Granted, he was extremely handsome for his age but there was something that drew their attention. He looked exactly like their boss’s son. 

One of the waiters led them to a table with a pleasant smile and took their order after exchanging courtesies. 

The waiter gave the little girl a small customized colouring book to occupy her whilst she waited. 

In no time, their order was served and that  was when all hell broke loose. 

The little girl threw her plate of food on the floor, breaking the plate in the process.
The janitors where there before one could count to ten to clean up the mess. The man was obviously displeased but did not want to lose his cool. 

He muttered his apologies to the waiter and the janitors and turned to his daughter.
 “What’s the meaning of that, Maya? Why are you behaving like a brat?”
 “I don’t like that food. I want something else.”
 “But you chose that. It’s not polite to do that. People put a lot of energy into making food. The least you can do if you don’t want it is to leave it. Throwing it away does not solve anything. It’s very rude,” the man explained and asked her to apologise to the waiter who was still tending their table.
Little Maya muttered her apologies in a low voice and ordered another food. She repeated her unruly action for a second time.
Maya, who had just come to the main restaurant to meet and escort one of her mates caught a glimpse of a flying plate and lost her cool almost immediately.   She dashed to the table ready to pump some sense into the parent who had obviously failed at his parenting skills.
One look at the little girl melted all the anger she felt. She looked awfully familiar. In fact, she looked like Prince Senior. The father, who had bent to scoop debris of broken plates on his shoe as a result of his daughter’s tantrums, sat up and came face to face with Maya.
Maya was dumbfounded. 

It was indeed Prince Senior. 

Her Prince charming. She felt faint. She felt as if her heart had stopped beating.
 “Maya?” Prince managed to say, recovering from his own shock.

Maya’s words choked her. She was too excited to speak. Tears had formed in her eyes. She had looked high and low for this man who was standing right in front of her now, yet she could not find the words to express herself.
 “It is really you. My God, you are very difficult to find. It was like you had vanished into thin air. I’ve looked everywhere for you,” Prince said. 
Seeing they were drawing attention to themselves, Maya recovered quickly and exchanged courtesies and turned to the little girl, who felt left out and was pulling at her Dad’s trousers saying she wanted to leave because she didn’t feel hungry anymore.
 “Oh, dearie. You don’t really mean that. I’m sure you just haven’t found what would water that mouth of yours yet. My name is Maya. Come with me. I have some goodies for pretty girls like you.”
 Little Maya’s face lit with Maya’s words. She grinned sweetly, exposing her beautiful white teeth. 
 “My name is Maya too,” she said, as she put her little arm in the outstretched arm of Maya senior.
The two walked hand in hand to the counter and after what seemed like eternity, little Maya picked chicken popcorn, a slice of cake and a big bottle of fanta.
Maya walked back with her as the little girl carried her plate of goodies and hurried to the table. 
Maya phone rang stridently. 
It was the special tone for her son so she picked up immediately. Junior should have been there with her a long time ago. She had tried to reach him but his phone had been off. She was worried but did not get the luxury to brood over it. There was so much to do. 
The voice on the other side was not her son.
 “Hello Madam, this is Justin, Prince’s friend. Prince fell during the match and lost consciousness. We brought him to the Eden Hospital. His phone was dead so we had to look for a charger and charge it a bit before we could locate your contact.”
 “How is he? Is he hurt? I’ll be on my way right away!”
Maya felt weak with worry. 

She dashed to the kitchen and updated her team of what had happened. She asked her next in command, Marie, who had been with her from the ‘sobolo’ days, to take charge. She called one of her drivers to bring her car and stepped outside. Prince was outside with little Maya still indulging in her feast. Her Dad had convinced her Maya senior needed their help so she had to finish her meal in the car.
 “I guess someone’s hurt. Can I be of help? I’m a Doctor! Besides, there’s so much we need to talk about.”
Maya was angry for no reason. 
She feared the worse. Her son could die. No, not now. 

She was convinced there was something that always pulled them apart. Just when she finally found the one person she had looked for all these years, her son had to get into an accident. She was convinced Prince and her were not meant to be together even as friends. 

She felt she was just kidding herself. Prince was there with a daughter which meant he was married. What in God’s name was she thinking? She was sure her thoughts were responsible for her son’s predicament.
 “I’m sure, I’ll manage just fine. You have a daughter and a wife to worry about and I have a son to go to. It was nice seeing you after all these years. Wish you the best.”
 “Don’t shut me out, Maya. You have no idea what I have been through. Let me just come with you. I may be able to help. I can’t leave like this, not after searching all these years for the one woman who eclipsed my heart totally.”
The driver had just pulled up with the car. Maya bade him well again and climbed into the posh metallic black Land Cruiser. 
Prince hurried to his car which was parked across the street. He put his daughter in her seat and secured the belt. He rushed to the driver’s seat just in time to see Maya’s car take the first left turn and tailed them.
They arrived at the hospital shortly afterwards.

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