Unbreakable episode 9


© The Klever Magg
Maya was at the hospital before the crack of dawn.

She was surprised to see Prince Snr. already in the ward with their son.

He greeted her with a hug and a peck on both cheeks. 

Maya loved it.

 “I have a couple of surgeries scheduled today. I thought I would stop by before I get all busy. I hope you don’t mind.”

 “No, not really. That’s sweet of you.”

Junior cleared his throat when it seemed obvious that the two had forgotten he was there. 

Maya went to him and kissed him on the cheeks. 

Junior used to like it when his Mom did that but lately he felt he was too old for that. He gave a slight frown and Maya smiled, getting the drift.

Prince Snr. wanted so much to talk to the Doctor in charge but it was too early. The Doctor had not reported yet. He asked all the questions he knew to ensure the boy was not in any danger.

He got to his feet and said his good byes. 

He loved every minute he spent with the boy. He was so endearing. He thought it would have been fun to watch him grow. He told himself he was not going to cry over the past. He was going to do his best with the present. He was going to make up for all the lost time.

He shook the boy’s hand, gave Maya a brief hug and headed for the door. 

Maya had still not said anything about meeting him again.

 “Can we have dinner tonight, Maya?”

 “No, not tonight. I would want to be with Junior. He might need me.”

 “I already asked for the boy’s permission and he granted it fully aware of my intentions. I think he would be fine. Besides, I promise to get you home early.”

 “And what are your intentions, if I may ask?”

 “Dine with me and find out. Be ready at seven, pretty woman.“ 

Maya gazed at her son who smiled back at her and nodded to signal his consent.

Prince walked out without waiting for a reply from Maya.

The doctor discharged Junior as soon as the results were ready and he was cleared of any danger.

Maya took him home and doted on him for a while. 

She was, however, nervous. 

She did not remember the last time she went out on a date. She didn’t even remember the last time she did something for fun.

She’d been too busy to enjoy those little pleasures of life. 

The truth was  she had not dated anyone in years. 

She reminded herself it was not a date, they were just meeting to agree on the way forward as far as their son was concerned.

She was sure he would want to spend some time with the boy and that would be it. 

Maya dashed to the salon to get her hair fixed. She trimmed her eyebrows and did her nails. She stopped by a boutique on her way home and picked a lemon green plain dress that enhanced her complexion so well.

She picked a pair of shoes and a clutch to go with it. She smiled at herself all the way home.

She was aware she was being a bit childish but she couldn’t help it. She was behaving like a teenage girl going on her first date and she knew it.

She admitted she was really looking forward to meeting with him. 

Time, however, seemed to have stopped for her. It was only five by the time she bathed and put on mild make up. 

She checked in on Junior and they chatted for a while.

He was so happy to finally meet his Dad. He was aware his Dad was still in love with his Mom. He told him that. They had talked a lot that morning before his Mom had shown up at the hospital. His Dad had told him he wanted to be a part of his life permanently. 

Maya kept looking at her watch.

 “I’m glad you are going out for a change,” Junior said with a smile.

 “I’m not very comfortable doing this. You just came from the hospital and it’s my duty to be with you. Are you really sure it’s okay for me to do this?”

 “Yes, Mom. You deserve a little happiness too. From what I’ve seen, my Dad brought some colour to your cheeks. You have my full blessing should you decide to marry him.” 

 “Junior, stop saying those things. I’m not marrying anyone. We are just going to agree on how things should be as far as you are concerned. You shouldn’t fill your head with those thoughts.”

 “Are you telling me you will turn him down if he asked you to marry him?”

 “He’s not going to ask that so forget it. He is already married. And I’m not settling for less.”

 “You are avoiding the question, Mom. Will you or will you not marry him if he asked you to.”

 “I think that concussion on your head is clouding your judgement. I need to get ready. See you.”
Prince went to the barbers and had a hard time choosing an outfit for the night. 

First, he tried on something casual then decided it was too simple. He tried on a few other formal clothes but he still did not settle on anything.

He hated suites. The only time he wore a suit was for his wedding to Mabel. He did not want to be too overdressed for the occasion so he finally donned black trousers with a lemon green shirt. He made sure he used his favourite cologne and then headed out.  

He felt young as he drove leisurely to the restaurant. What Maya didn’t know was that he lived in the neighbourhood. He had lived there almost all his life. His daughter had led her to Maya and he would forever be indebted to her.

He checked himself in the mirror for the millionth time to see if he looked good enough.

Prince finally got to the restaurant but Maya was not there yet. 

Maya drove in thirty minutes later and asked for directions so she could meet him there.

 “Why, don’t I get a hug after all the trouble I went through to look this nice?” he asked with that infectious smile she remembered so well. 

Maya smiled, showing off her dimples that added a touch of class to her face.

 “And what would you give me for the hell I went through to get here?”

 “Come and find out how generous I can be.” Prince teased.

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