Unbreakable (final episode)

Final Episode


© The Klever Magg
Maya and Prince were in shock.

They  finally made the trip to Sekondi.

Maya’s Uncle was confined to a wheel chair and was being cared for by strangers. 

His wife had deserted him. 

He broke his back when he tripped and fell during a group walk and had not walked ever since. That was five years ago.

He begged Maya for forgiveness and assured her he tried looking for her but it was difficult. He said he knew she went to Accra but on the two occasions that he came looking for her, he had realized one could just vanish into thin air in the city because he had combed the length and breadth of Accra but he had not found her. 

He told them he had finally come to terms with what happened and mentioned it to the body of elders. He was stripped off some privileges but they did not dismiss him as he had feared.
Prince told him  their mission and he gladly gave his blessing. He told them  he was sure Maya’s parents would have been so proud of her.
He asked the nurse to bring out a small briefcase in his wardrobe and handed it to Maya. There was a key and some documents.
Maya scanned through the documents and saw a handwritten letter from her Dad. It was addressed to her. She read it amidst tears and checked the contents of the briefcase again.  The letter mentioned a key that opened a safety deposit box, land title documents for four plots of land, documents for two houses he owned in Accra and a map. 

Her Dad had painstakingly drawn a map to their hometown and homes. 

Her father and mother came from the same town.  The letter explained that her Dad was from the royal family of the town but her Mom was the daughter of a slave in the King’s palace. Marriage was forbidden between the two families. 

He explained that when they met, it was love at first sight but the two families, especially, his were vehemently against it. They did all they could to break them up but they did not give in. 
For disobeying them, Maya’s Mom was to be banned from the village. 

They held a ceremony to that effect and gave her forty lashes for ever setting her eyes on the King’s son. 
That was when her Dad decided to elope with her. That night, as the ceremony was going on, the prince already had a plan. He would wait at the outskirts of the town at midnight when his love would be escorted from the village permanently. It was hoped she would not make italive. 
Things went as planned and they travelled all the way to Takoradi from the Eastern Region. The only one who knew about his plan was his grandmother. She gave him the gold bars that he kept in the safe deposit box. He used some to further his education and buy the house at Sekondi where his Uncle lived.
The letter mentioned he had an educational fund for her should he leave the world early so she wouldn’t be found wanting. There was also a bank account that was in her name but her Mother or Uncle, would run it until she was of age.

Maya could not check her tears, they just fell in torrents. 
The thought that she had money and houses all the while made her very sad. She had gone through so much suffering for nothing. 

She could not believe her eyes. 

She was however glad that she could build something of her own from nothing. As for the residence her Uncle was using, she told him to keep it.
Prince took her in his arms and comforted her as her tears fell unchecked. 

He assured her he loved her anyway. He loved her for who she was.
He told Maya he would like to take a look at her Uncle’s condition since he was a neurosurgeon. He was sure something could be done to help him walk again.
Maya did not have any problem with helping her Uncle especially when she saw him in that state.  She decided to fund his care and treatment. She also decided to cater for his two children who were forced by circumstances to move to the village.  

She was sure her Uncle’s conscience had dealt with him all these years. 
She took Prince to where her parents laid and decided they would go to her hometown as soon as they got back to Accra. 
Prince arranged for her Uncle to be transferred to the hospital he worked and a complex surgery helped him to walk again. 
The trip to the mountains was short from Accra. Maya was both nervous and thrilled. Nervous her family might reject her, and thrilled she would finally be united with her roots. 
They stopped at her mother’s family first. The sheer joy on their faces made her day. At first, they were a bit sad when they learnt their daughter had passed. But knowing she left behind a daughter was like a replacement for them. Her grandmother and grandfather were  so happy they both had tears in their eyes when they hugged her.
The visit to her father’s family was a little cumbersome. They had to learn the ethics of seeing a King for the first time. There were processes and courtesies they had to follow. Eventually, the King had given them audience. Even then, they were not supposed to address him directly. They had to speak to him through the linguist which was all very new to them. 

The bottom line was she was accepted and hugged and kissed like a true royal, and their show of love overwhelmed her, and tears of unbridled joy drowned her. Maya felt complete. She felt all the pieces of her life had finally fallen into place.
On their way back to Accra. The two love birds stopped at their tree and updated their story. 

Their wedding was set for the following week. Prince had written “Unbreakable” under their initials on the friendship tree.
The two finally wed in the presence of friends and family as planned in a simple but emotional ceremony. 
Maya’s joy knew no bounds as her family from both sides graced the occasion and looked on with pride.  
Prince’s Mom had let down her guard when she realized there was nothing she could do to break them apart.
At the reception Prince surprised her by telling the story of their life. From the very beginning to the end. He touched on the struggles in between and the fact that they were finally united by a love that was simply untouchable, unshakable and unbreakable. 
As the couple danced to “Unbreakable” by “Westlife to climax the day, their hearts merged into one. 

They held and kissed and thanked the Most High for bringing them back together.
The End


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