WEDDING OF MY EX episode 19

A ChrisEffe Romance 

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

     The Klever Magg 
Chris sits up slowly, and Iris drops her hands from around him.

He leans his head back against the sofa and closes his eyes. 

Iris speaks gently.

And that’s it? That’s how it ended between you and Effe?

Basically, yes. I took my Mom to see Dr. Anaman that fateful night. She received a couple of stitches, and I took her to her house. Next day I checked into a hotel. Remember I told you that my phone got lost? Yeah, I was unreachable. That week I learnt Effe and her parents were looking for me, but I didn’t want anything to do with them. I convinced a pal of mine from the university called Michael Ameyaw, a brilliant professional accountant, to move into my home and run the supermarket with my mother.


He is quiet again. 

Iris moves close and touches his hand.

Then what?

I moved out of Takoradi. First I went to Kumasi, you know, to get out of the heat and cool down. I had always wanted to design and make a name for myself in the fashion industry. It had always been my dream, but my Mom didn’t see any good in it. The time in Kumasi gave me something to do. I sketched a lot of cloth designs, and then I brought them to Accra, straight to Evelyn Boampong at Slash Designs. She took a look at the designs and hired me immediately. I began calling Elaine, who was already in Accra. The old flame re-ignited, and here we are.

(frowns and shakes her head slowly) 

You never spoke to Effe? You never confronted her?

What for? I didn’t want to hear her say she made a fool of me, that she loved that Bright Koffie guy. She was ashamed, and that was enough. Secondly I didn’t want to humiliate her, to make other people hear what went down. I loved her too much to do that to her, although she totally deserved to be publicly humiliated.

Geez, you just ran away from it all. You should have confronted her, thrashed it out, you know. You would’ve healed ages by now. As it is now, she still has that power over you. Damn, I thought I was bad, but that girl was something else! And Steve? You forgave him totally? Amazing!

It wasn’t his fault, okay? I had seen just what Effe was capable of. If she could strip for strangers and sleep with married old men, what do you think she was not capable of?

But then, if she was so much in love with that Bright guy, why’s she marrying this South African man? 

I don’t know. I’ve not seen her in four years. I cut her off totally. Every time I go to Takoradi to visit my Mom nobody mentions her. Trust me when I tell you it wasn’t easy because Effe totally eclipsed my heart with her love. She really made me fall head over heels in love with her and dropped me just like that. I’ve never totally recovered from that fall. I know I will never love anyone the way I loved her. I also know she is not worth it. She is a viper. She is the devil’s advocate. As for her reasons for marrying Rupert, I can’t really say but maybe it’s a perfect plan to land on some fortune. Maybe as soon as she becomes Mrs. Henderson something terrible might happen to her husband, and she might inherit a fortune; don’t forget, the man is filthy rich.

That lady is really something else if she means to pull off a caper like that! She sounds like a real demon. But you still have strong feelings for her, don’t you?

It is hard to ignore the Devil, don’t you think? Hell, I thought she was buried, you know. Maybe it is just the surprise of learning she’s going to marry one of our sponsors. But yeah, hate her as much as I do, I must admit I still feel jealous about the fact that she’s gonna get married.

Maybe Elaine is right. Maybe it is time to leave Slash Designs. I can’t imagine you in South Africa with Effe as Mrs. Henderson, always at your elbow. It is a recipe for a possible volcanic eruption.

You’re right, of course. At first I thought I could handle it, but now, I just don’t know. But I don’t want to think about it tonight, dear. I will burn that bridge when I come to it. This night, for the first time in four years, I’ve spoken about what happened between me and Effe. Who knows, it might be the balm to heal my heart. Just now, I feel so free, as if I just shed a ton of load off my shoulders. I think I can go home now, and I think I’m going to sleep just fine.

Yes, I think you will. And I thank you for telling me. It makes me understand why you’re so unique, why you’re such an exceptional man. Elaine is lucky to have a man like you, although I know you might never love her as much as you loved Effe.

I love Elaine enough to spend the rest of my life with her, and that’s the most important thing. Well, thanks for the shoulder, my dear. I think I will run along now.
He stands up and holds his hand out to her. 

She grabs it, and he pulls her to her feet. 

They stand very close to each other. 
Her eyes search his face, and she begins to breathe a bit faster again.

You can stay if you want, Chris. I promise not to harass you again.

I’m not afraid of you, Iris. I’m afraid of myself, because you’re so beautiful, and at this moment the only thing I want to do is make love to you. But you see, I can’t do that. I can’t be like Effe. 

You don’t want to justify Effe’s behaviour. Oh, Chris, it is so sad, but it seems to me you’ll always be in her shadow. All your actions are now dictated by your experiences with her!

No, my dear. It only made me a better man, I guess.
He takes her in his arms, and she moulds herself into him.
He kisses her, long and deep. She opens her lips and receive him. She kisses him back harshly, passionately, and feels his hard girth against her naked thighs. 
Her hand twirls the hair on his chest, and for a brief moment his hand covers her right breast and his finger flicks her hardened nipple. 
And then he steps back with a herculean effort, a groan tearing out through his lips.
She sways unsteadily, her breathing laboured, her face tortured as she gazes at him through the slits of her craving eyes, her lips wet and open.   

(she whispers)

Chris…please, stay with me! You have to scratch this itch. Please don’t let me crave you this hard! 

(sighing, smiling sadly)

I crave you more, Iris. I’m sorry, do forgive me. It’s just that I cannot ever reduce myself to Effe’s level. Good night.darling, and thanks for helping me through this dark hour of my life.
He turns and walks out to his car.
He trembles as he drives through the lonely streets of Accra. 

Damn you, Effe Kedem! Damn you to hell!!!


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