A Very heart touching message to a mother by  Matthew Andrews Ayitey. A must read

I celebrate my mum, she’s everything I need for a mother. do celebrate yours too. Because God knows why He placed us where we are.

That woman, Vivian Mansah Akorli. I only wished her ‘mothers day’ once. well, that’s bad of me.

Her last stop in formal education was basic school. she never made it to junior high school. she dropped out of school and faced the struggle of life. she held on to her conviction of a brighter future in the midst of difficult experiences. she’s a strong woman. 

she’s lived with relatives and kept her hope high. she lived a Decent life full of personal discipline and made sure every sacrifice was worth the glorious future. she stood her grounds and made sure she married that one responsible man. Dad, your time will come, because today is about mum. hahaha

she lives a simple life, no fancy and luxurious things. her room has nothing to interest you, but she’s sacrificed them for her children. all she needs is her daily bread, and some few clothing for every day life. she’s given us all we need to come far without considering her toils. that’s the passion of a mum I cherish. I’ve never told her how a great mum she’s. 

when we’re sick, she gives in her all for our recovery. she’s been through more than you see on the outside. she’s happy always cos her children are safe and get their daily bread. she calls me every day in school, I wonder if she doesn’t get tired. hahaha. 

she’s a mum who believes in her children. she’s not strict, but makes sure what we do is worth it. we have our freedom but, I make sure not to disappoint her in all I do. she deserves a good result for her sacrifices. 

I remember the day she was so sick and thought she was gonna die. it was 6 years ago. she poured out her heart to me and told me how much she loved us. she was telling me her final words. I was burdened with sorrow when she recounted her possessions and the few that she kept with others. ooh God give her more years, I cried in my heart. all the things she told me she had were even things that made me cry. they were nothing. two pieces of clothe and some few bowls. then I knew how much she sacrificed for us. she was sick and wishing for longer life to stay with her children. not to enjoy of her labour but to see us through. I prayed and God listened to my cries. 

I’m not a writer, neither do I know what to say at what point or not. but I’m just recounting some memories as they come. some will be reserved for later. 

some think we have it all, but nope. where we are wouldn’t be possible if not for a mum who decided to have nothing for her children to have all. she’s not been to even Junior high school, but her maths about things are always right. anytime you refuse her advice, be sure of failure. my dad will attest to that. hahaha. she gives me hope, she taught me to live for others. she taught me to put others first. she listens to her children more than she thinks she’s right. but at the end of the dialog, you’re bound to follow her lead. Because you get to appreciate her wisdom. 

she’s been through a lot bringing her children far. the good Lord is the only one to reward her best. 

she’s a farmer and I’ve grown to appreciate what she does. I travel every semester from Mafi Kpevekor in Volta Region to School in Kumasi. I carry bags of foodstuffs through it all with joy for two days journey. she tells me, son, better carry the foods plenty for the semester, because you know your place is far and I can’t provide you with enough money to buy foods there. I give her a smile and load my sack. hahaha. 

she’s farm all seasons to get money for our needs. no wonder I won’t let go of farming. hahaha. you’ll read about my farm soon. just keep checking. 

she calls her children if she has a problem. because she said even though we’re young, we’re her family. she trusts that we’ll be there for her and give her any advice or supports due. she believes in who she’s raised us to be. she’ll remain a great mum forever. 

she’s more than a woman. 

I celebrate my mum, her Life is always a lesson. 

God bless you mum.