​Why No Man Wants To Marry You 

 Are you are still single while your friends are busy getting married every saturday? Hmm.. I know its quite disturbing. Don’t worry, this short write-up will help you know where you’re going wrong. And if you do something about it, you will get so many suitors as soon as possible. Read on.. 
12 Reasons No Man Wants To Marry You: 
1. You’re not appreciative. He sacrifices for you, buys you expensive things, yet you don’t appreciate? Very soon he will get tired of you.
2. You ask for too much. There are some things you need to do on your own. Show him you can take care of the family and the kids; when he’s out. 
3. You are not submissive. Are you the disrespectful and disobedient type? I don’t care if you are President’s daughter.. The man is always the head of the house.. The earlier you give him some respect, the better. 
4. You are looking for Mr Perfect. Let me ask you.. Are you perfect? I’m Sure you’re not. Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you. Get used to it..
5. You don’t have a job. Don’t depend on a man all the time..Ladies should learn to be independent.. it is not pride But Self Respect. Get a handwork dear.
6. You look desperate. Your parents and friends are asking you frustrating questions about marriage, and you are so sick of those questions so you’ll do anything to get the next available guy to marry you. You need a man so badly. Well, let me tell you, the more desperate you are, the less attractive men find you.
7. You are bad with kids. You hate kids? Sorry for you! A woman’s beauty is captured in her ability to nurture. 
8. You pay too little attention to your appearance. You wear excessive make-up, your dressing is too awful, you you don’t have a good hygiene? Hmm.. Im shaking my head for you oh..
9 You’re not supportive. A man wants a woman who helps boost his ego, listens to him and encourages him, just like his mother used to do. So, if you cant support him, forget that engagement ring.
10. You don’t get along with his family. If you are not easy going with his family? Hmm.. Marrying him is a dream that may never come through oh.
11. You are bad in the bedroom. Each time he talks about sex, you act like he has just committed a crime, because you are a virgin or you don’t want him to think you’re loose. It only make him wonder how boring you are in bed. Please please please, I’m not saying you should have sex, all I’m saying is you should give him a hint that you can satisfy him sexually either practically or by insinuations.
12. You’re always mean. You’re too boring, You hardly smile.. You hardly play. You’re just too difficult.
Take it or leave it, this is what men hate in women.  What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Have fun.


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