Pretty much everyone wants to be in love and have that special someone for companionship, friendship and support, and to build a life with. But in today’s fast-paced world and despite amazing advancement in technology, we still seem to have trouble finding the right one.

In fact, sometimes we get frustrated and settle for the wrong one. Here are some signals that the one you are with right now is not Mr. Right.
• SirUnavailable. He’s difficult to get in touch with. That’s usually asignthat he isinvolvedwith someone else or he actually is a work-a-holic. Either way, you are left in the cold, so let him be.

• Mr. Mean. He doesn’t compliment you. He hasn’t said anything nice since you first went out. That’s a sign that he doesn’t value you. He should be proud to have a lady on his arm, and while he doesn’t have to shower you with compliments, there’s gotta be something he sees in you and he needs to say it.
• Dr. Good Time Now and Then. Whenever you are together, you have agreat time. The problem is it only happens once in a while. When he makes time, it’s all cool and wonderful. But he is not taking you serious if it’s only occasional. Youknow how it is… when a man really wants a woman, he does what it takes to be with her.
• Mr. Mama’s Boy. Oh no. This is the one who wants you to do his laundry, cook for him rather than go out and can’t seem to keep a clean place. He is looking for a mama.Find a manwho can take care of himself.
• Mr. Stubborn. He’s notflexible. He makes the rules and he makes most of the decisions as to where you will go, what you will see and maybe even what you will wear. Successful relationships involve compromise, so for the longterm, this would mean trouble, unless you think you can be happy being a doormat.
• Mr. Nonchalant. He doesn’t seem to care one way or other whether or not you are in his life. In fact, if you walk away, he won’t try toget you back. You are just a convenience to him. He’s basically a quitter that doesn’t fight for anything, and that means you, too.


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