1.      “Love Suffereth All Things; But Love Conquers All That Opposses It. Love Is Magical, It’s Never Planned, It Just Happened Without Knowing”.                           2.      “Love Is Many Things. It’s Both Painful & Beautiful, Burdensome & Protective. Most People Want It, Some People Find It, And A Few Die Never Experiencing It”.                                3.      “Love Makes Life So Confusing But Without Love Would U Live”?                                 4.      “To Love Is A Duty & Right. To Be Loved Is A Gift & Luck. To Love SomeOne Who Loves U Is An  Achievement. To Be Loved By SomeOne Whom U Love Is Life! Pleasures Of Love Last A Moment But Pains Of Love Last A Lifetime”.  5.      “Love Is Like A Mustard Seed Planted By God & Watered By Man”. 

 6.      “Love Is Something No One Can Hate, Love Is A Passion We Find In Our Mate, Love Can Happen Early Or Late, Love Is A Medicine Without An Expiry Date”.

 7.      ” Love Is Just Like Life, Its Not Always Easy And Not Always Bring Hapines. But When We Do Not Stop Living, Why Should We Stop Loving”?

 8.      “Love Are Like Stars, They Are Millions Of Them Out There, But Only One Can Make Your Feelings Come True”.

 9.      “Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming, Hope Ends When You Stop Believing & Love Ends When You Stop Caring”.

 10.     “Care Is The Force That Keeps Two Heart Together”.

        “Anger Is A Short Madness. Don’t Allow It To Ruin Longstanding  Relationship”.