If there is any topic that is vastly misunderstood in our time, is the topic of love. So many people who use that word love, do not necessary. know the meaning of the word. Some have equated their emotions, feelings, body chemistry, and desires to love.
Have you ever wondered why a relationship or marriage that was built on “strong love”, (romance, chemistry, connections, feelings, emotions etc.) lands in divorce or bitter separation at the end of the day? Well, I have asked myself that question a couple of times.
What Is discovered is that, most people that claim to love, do not really know what true love is. They have responded to their body chemistry, hormones, feelings, etc. thinking its love. However that is not the kind of love that can keep a relationship or marriage together in the time of storm.

  1. True Love is not emotions

  2. True Love is a choice

  3. True Love is the response to understanding the value of a thing

  4. True Love is a force generated by a decision.

  5. True Love is a decision to commit to meet the needs of another person without any expectation.

  6. True Love is caring – anticipating a need and meeting it.

  7. True Love is the manifestation of the inherent Nature of God through the human Spirit
    That is why you should not just marry someone only because you love them, I mean just  excited about them. Better put, because you have that butterflies feelings in your stomach.

Yes, such love alone does not keep marriage together.
You need to know and understand the purpose of marriage. You have to understand what it means to be a woman or man. You have to understand how to handle crisis. You have to know how to live with another person. You have to be ready to forgive.
Without proper knowledge, it is difficulty or even impossible to build a lasting relationship or marriage. Always know this; you don’t have to marry to be happy. Marriage is a choice and not a must!
It is not a command from God but rather an option. There is nowhere in the bible where God said, you must be married to be happy, fulfill purpose ,None
If you choose to marry, when to marry and who to marry should totally be your decision to make and not what anyone or the society pressurizes you to do. Yes you might need guardians and advice but the decision must be yours.
If you are not happy as a single, you cannot be happy married. If you are not fulfilled as a single, marriage will not bring you that fulfillment. It is risky to go into marriage without knowing who you are or discovering your purpose. Yes marriage can change your last name but will not change.


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