Episode 12
She held my hand and led me into the church. 
I didn’t know what to think or expect, I just needed to know what was wrong with her. We got into the church and what caught my eyes was the sight of children playing on a mat spread on the floor. 
“Okay Reggie we are in the church, tell me what is going on? And why did you decide to blank me out completely? ” I asked

“I thought it was the right decision, ending everything we started 2 years ago. But I was wrong and I am sorry.” she replied
“Okay, now tell me why are you not in school? Is your mother okay?” She then gushed out in tears. It was becoming irritating and I grew impatient and….. I heard a tiny voice of a kid saying. “Mummy sorry.”
The little boy then embraced her by her leg and she carried him up. I was shocked the baby looked very much like me when I was little…. He had the shape of my eyebrows and my droopy eyes. I then stuttered. 

“Is… That your child?” As sweat began to drip from my face.


She then replied sobbing.

“This is our Mark ….This is our son.”

“How come, how is it possible?” I wanted to know

“He is 2 years old, you are the only man I have slept with, he even looks like you.” she said

“Oh my God!” I sat down on a bench because my knees became weary. 
“Tell me everything Reggie.”
“3 weeks after you left Krachi. I became ill and I was vomiting. My mom then asked me if I was seeing any man. I told her no. She took me to see the doctor, he ran some tests and the result was that I was pregnant. My mom beat me in the hospital with her slippers. When we got home, she threw my stuffs out and disowned me. I went to meet my closest relative and in spite of all the pleas my mom refused to take me back……” As she started sobbing. I held her hand tight to comfort her. 


“Continue.” I was interested
“My relatives insisted I tell them who was responsible, but I refused. I didn’t want to implicate you and I know you didn’t mean it. You have always wanted to help me. So I did not tell them. 4 months later, they started maltreating me and I then decided to leave. A pastor’s wife took me in and I was there for 1 year. That was were I gave birth to junior and worked with the church’s primary school”. She narrated
“You mean this church?” 

“No, I came to this church about 6 months ago. I had to leave the

other place, the pastor made some advances on me, I reported to the wife and she threw me out. I have been here since. It’s been terrible Mark ….”She began to cry out.
My mind was heavy and I knew I had to do something about her situation. She suffered because of me, her education, her family. I felt so much indebted to her. 
“Reggie, I know everything can’t be okay, but I will do everything possible to make sure you get the best in life. God has blessed me with a good job and money is not a problem. I will get you an apartment here in Krachi and every month I will send you GHC 1,000 for you and Junior.”

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