​THE HEAT OF VIRGINITY final episode 

My mom then said to Ella. 
“You see everything is fine, I told you.” I then went to my room and Ella followed. I had to pretend to be happy with her to erase the doubts she was having, so we played board games and watched TV. When it was dark I dropped her off and came back home. I was going to my room and my mom called me. 
“I gave birth to you, I nurtured you, I took you to the best schools in the country. I made you got the best job a graduate can have. I have always looked out for your interest. I am your mother and I have been good to you since the day you were born. Now Mark , tell me the truth. What is going on?”
At that moment I knew I couldn’t keep it within me. I told her everything that happened. She then said. 

“I am totally disappointed in you. I brought you up well, only for you to be bewitched by that girl. I blame your father for making you serve in Krachi. Now Mark , you will take me to where you are housing them.”
“Now? It’s late mom.” I said

“Now Mark . And who else knows about this? ”

“Nobody just us.”

“It is going to remain that way.” Her driver then took us to Regina’s apartment. I knocked and Regina opened the door and said.

“Sweety, I was just …….” 

“Who is your sweety?” my mom cuts in.. Regina was scared to her teeth.

“Sorry mummy, I didn’t see..” she apologised

“Don’t call me mummy. Your mother disowned you because of your treachery.” We all stepped into the apartment.  

“Do you know who I am?” mom asked

“No ma” Regina answered in fear, almost kneeling down

“I am a Judge in Tamale. I can make life very complicated for you if you try to destroy what I have spent almost all the years of my life to build.” mom said angrily
Next thing Junior walked into the sitting room and cried out. “Mummy, Mummy …” He stood still as he saw the crowd. My mom saw him and said. 

“Oh my God, Mark !!” As she held my hand tight. There was silence for a minute. 
Mom then broke the silence by saying.

“The deed has been done, but if you truly love my son you will have to let him go. I was very angry but now I don’t have to show it because of him. He is innocent and does not have to suffer from your recklessness. I will make arrangements for you two to relocate to the UK. That is were you will spend the rest of your lives. You will have to get your educational documents and necessary documents for that effect. Tomorrow, you will leave for Accra and you both will stay there till your visas are ready.”
Regina was just sobbing and didn’t utter a word.

“My personal assistant will come tomorrow morning to facilitate the arrangements. This is the best I can do not for you, but for him Mark you have two minutes, I will be waiting in the car.”
She left for the car and I stood there looking at Regina.

“I fought for us Reggie and now see what it has led? I don’t think I will ever see you again. Good bye Reggie.” I then looked at Junior, I carried him one last time, kissed his cheek and blessed him. I dropped him down and headed to the car.
We got home and no word was uttered between my mom and I. The following morning I had a call from mom telling me to come immediately to Regina’s apartment,  I could feel mom’s voice shaking, I then rushed there only to see Regina lying on the floor with Junior on her chest both lifeless. 
She gave Junior a poisonous substance and took some herself after writing a note which read:
Second by second I think of you, How can all of this be true? Even after the comfort, Just the thought of you makes me cry,

I never even got to express my love no matter how I try,

I have no hope that it will ever get better,

I always smell your familiar scent,

It makes me think of all of the times we’ve spent,

So many things I never got to say,

I never imagined you’d ever be so faraway,

You were my destined love,

And I loved you like no other,

In my heart you’ll always be,

Until I breathe my last,

I will never forget your soothing voice,

I know there’s life after this life,

But now I have to let you rest,

I have to make your mom happy,

But I don’t want to be in London, 

I hope your wife will love and care for you like me, 

Staying alive will still bring those forces of love,

I’ll miss you with all my heart,

I wish we never had to part,

But I know we shall meet again,

And I shall prepare you rice, macroni and 3 pieces of meat,

Junior Loves you and I know you love him too,

But I’m sorry I can’t go without him.

So now, I guess this is my goodbye.

Please do not cry, I know it isn’t your fault. 

Till we meet again,  I wish you a happy marriage, 

Regina and Mark (Junior)
I was shaking and sweating allowing tears to flow freely like a river, I didn’t know when I gave out the loudest cry in my life throwing the note at mom. I feel she was the cause of this but…. Hmmmm.
It was 20th November, 2016, about two years after Regina and Junior left us. I married Ella and we had a daughter but their memories would forever remain evergreen in my heart……….until I breath my last. 
I thought deeply as I dropped the pen and closed my diary wiping tears away from my eyes. I still can’t control my tears anytime I think of them. I still love them and may their souls rest in perfect peace.


23 thoughts on “​THE HEAT OF VIRGINITY final episode ”

  1. Wow, i had to abandon my course novel for this. The is good development, climax and comic relieve too. I wish you would publish as a novel or so and may be add more content of the aftermath. All in all am moved and a lesson learnt. Thank you.


  2. the story is very touching and I will have to share with my friends on WhatsApp . Thank you very very much for all the instincts


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