Once someone asked me, “how many times a normal person is supposed to have sex within a week?” I told the person it’s normal to have sex twice in a week but more than that won’t hurt you if you’re doing it with the right person. What we need to understand is, especially on the part of the ladies, it takes a man 72 hours to feel horny after emptying his ‘balls’ and a woman a week in a month, that is during her ovulation, but women on the other hand, come in different packages, some actually feel horny during their menstruation but on the average, most women feel horny during ovulation.

So if you’ve been with your partner for 8 months without sex and you expect him or her to still act that charming, you might be kidding yourself.

If you’ve been with your partner for sometime and all of a sudden he’s started acting funny, you need to check the last time you had sex. Interestingly, many women run away from the very thing that’s supposed to cure them of their headaches and stress. So here are some of the signs he or she is probably sex starved.
You wake up on a weekend, you’ve had enough sleep, no task to complete, you have the whole day to yourself but you still feel stressed out like you’ve not slept the whole night or has been working the whole night, you need to take a critical look at the last time you had sex.
You might be skipping the beat but these are indications you’ve probably not had sex in a while.

It’s bedtime and you realize you’ve tossed and turned till 2 a.m. and you can’t just sleep, you’ve taken all the necessary drugs and it still re-occurs, well why not try sex.
Lack of sex can make you have sleepless nights and unnecessary thoughts. Good sex will relax you and make you sleep like a baby. So just in case you realize you’re unable to sleep and he or she is a phone call away, just grab that phone. (Good sex means getting that orgasm).

Yes! lack of sex can depress you and that’s the dangerous part of it, especially when one is starved for so long, it can turn into something else. Ever wondered why people rape and kill their victims, that’s how dangerous it can be.
So if you’re with your partner and you’re unable to perform your sexual responsibility as long as 1-3 years, you may be inviting trouble especially if they are the type who can’t cheat. Some will just cheat to ease off and when you’re with someone and they don’t show any of the signs above, the probability they are cheating is very high.

Here you’re shouting on top of your voice for your socks or car keys and you realize you have it in your hand. You find yourself walking on the street when you actually wanted to pick something from the bedroom. You want to brush your teeth and you find yourself lifting a sponge instead of the toothbrush.
You need to check your sex life, something could be missing. If you’re with your partner and also notice some of these things and you know you’ve ignored them sexually, it’s about time you have to jump in, all he or she could need is sex.

For no reason you have this feeling of pensive sadness with no obvious cause, some kind of emptiness you can’t explain or you notice your partner is so quite and moody but when you ask him or her if there’s anything wrong, they tell you it’s nothing and it has been like that for weeks, you need to try and give him or her that sex and check again if it persists and if symptoms persist even after hours of sex bout, consult a doctor (just kidding) but you will notice the feeling of sadness will disappear and you will know you’ve solved the problem and like I said, not everything needs a pill.
You’re sharp, always making sure your room is tidy but for some reasons which you can’t point out, you notice you’ve been sluggish, hardly being able to put things right. You feel dull and inactive, a good sex might be all that you need.
Not having sex for so long makes you dull and empty and from what we’ve discussed above it’s obvious laziness will creep in.
You notice the slightest thing becomes irritating to you and you start picking quarrel every now and then, check your “sexodometer”, you might need to speed it up.
You shouting at drivers in traffic on your way home, picking quarrels with your wife or husband etc. relax and try to reflect on the last time you had sex and if it’s been that long, try going for it.
It’s been proven that lack of sex can make men and women more irritable over all. If lately you’re the one who’s always starting something, an extra romp or two with your boo could help.

Good sex can boost your self esteem, research shows. If you think your confidence at home and work could use a boost, you may want to head to the bedroom.
Ever wondered why prostitutes are so confident and absolutely not shy? They are always at it, but that’s not the kind of sex we discussing here though, but note that good sex increases your confidence.

You find yourself fantasizing about sex all the time, you even feel like calling your ex. Any man or woman you meet suddenly looks attractive, then you should know you’re on the edge and need to fix it immediately. Your mind seem to be full of sexual thoughts.
This is the point where you can easily cheat or do something risky. In the case of men, frequent erections at even the slightest smile from a lady is a typical indication you need to romp.

You’re sitting at the hall, changing channels and don’t really know which channel to stick to, you leave the remote, walk to the bedroom, leave the bedroom, walk to the kitchen, don’t know whether to fix yourself a snack or not. You end up drinking water, back to the hall, you’ve sat on all the sofa in the hall, you stretch, sit upright, lie down, wake up. You just don’t know what you’re doing.
You realize you’re absolutely restless, check the last time you romp, it could be all that you need.


Many women will use headache as an excuse to skip sex, but the funny thing is, the very thing they are running from is the cure to their ailment. Sex has been proven to actually cure headaches and migraines. The release of endophins are the secret to curing your headaches.
When a woman achieves orgasm, they feel relaxed and sleep a lot and after waking up, your whole body rejuvenates and so that’s the reason why you actually need sex when you feel you have a headache.


If your partner whom you know to be so patient starts getting angry at the least provocation, then you need to take a second look at your sex life. Sex has been proven to release hormones that relaxes you and above all makes you happy.

To experiment this, stay away from sex with your partner for about 4 months and take note of all his rantings and the things that makes him explode, then give him exactly what he’s been yearning for and now do all the things that made him angry earlier and notice the difference. What used to easily make him angry will now be normal to him and you will be wondering why he was angry at the same thing earlier on.

Sex makes you happy and takes away that gloominess. That’s why it’s easy to slap a man during foreplay and he will still smile, but try that when he’s sex-starved. A word to the wise.

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