4 Signs Your Are With The Wrong Guy

Sometimes it is necessary to find out if you’re really with Mr. Right or not. Check out these five signs.

1. He Doesn’t Talk About 
The Future.
Guys do talk about the future with the person
they want to spend their lifetime with, So If your
guy doesn’t talk about it at all, then he is of no
good to you, quit and move on than get wasted
by him.

2 He Has No Ambition.
A man with no ambition is man of no use in the
future, he nothing to provide you years to come, this kind of man isn’t worth it. A real man who wants to spend his life with you must have
goals and ambitions for the future, If he doesn’t
then stay away from such kind of men.

3 He Doesn’t Stay Over.
After maybe you too had fun, like making love or
any other kind of fun and he doesn’t wanna stay
over and spend little time with you, he is of no Good to you now or in the future quit and get out of that relationship.

4 He doesn’t take you on dates. 

Your guy will at least take you out on a date to have fun, it doesn’t have to be every weekends but at least he should take you out once to have fun, if your guy hasn’t done this since you two dated then quit now!

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