​How to Improve your Sexual Life


Are you having a satisfying, pleasurable sex life? Or the spice of sex has already left your bedroom? Do not worry! This is quite a common problem with most of the couples today.  Tedious routine, ever- increasing level of competition and pressure at work, quotidian chores and messy life often take away your interest, mood and energy for having pleasurable sex. Various toys, oils, fragrances, apparels are available these days to enhance your interest in your sexual activities.


Mentioned below are some very interesting sex tips that you may use to improve your sex life.




Salacious and spicy conversation works as a propellant for your sex drive. Indulge in interesting conversation about your sex life with your partner. Put forward your expectations and desires that you would want to fulfill or share your fantasies. Flirt a little to develop their as well as your interest in sex. As a listener too, try not to accuse, disregard their feelings, or complain. Have a happy, sorted-out conversation about all those factors that you think can improve your sex life.


Try new things:


New positions, new ambiance, new places and new lingerie, any sort of pleasant change is good to set the mood. Make efforts to make it different from the last time, this will bring more spice to your sexual pleasures.


Pleasurable oral sex


Take your foreplay all the more exciting and pleasurable with good oral sex. Instead of getting excessively sloppy, try to make slower and softer movements. Discover their body and figure out their sexually sensitive spots. Allow your partner to lead you with directions, so that you do exactly what he or she wants.


Exercise to stay fit:


Passionate sex demands cardio endurance. Regularly go for running, walking or swimming and try lifting lighter weights. Remember that while trying different sex position, you must be physically fir with high level of endurance. Also your body should be quite flexible to try various complicated yet pleasurable positions. Yoga and stretching is apt to gain flexible position.


It is about what you eat:


Your sex drive also relies on what you eat. No matter how seductive does wine, chocolates or other such stuff sound, they are not of much help physically. Food such as mackerel, salmon and wild salmon that contains high in Omega-3 fatty acids are good. Men should try L-Arginine rich food such as oatmeal, cashews, diary, garlic, soybeans, walnuts, ginseng, chickpeas, root vegetables and seeds.


Set the mood:


It is obvious that you would not be able to perform and enjoy with a disturbed or frustrated mind. Hence, having relaxed mind is very important for good sex. Try to set sexy ambiance with balanced use of candles, dim lights, special room fresheners, seductive fragrances and etc.




Use toys or lubricants to enhance the experience:


Spice up your foreplay with vibrators, jelly and other sex toys to be. However, while using these, ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable with it. Chocolate body paints, chains and cufflinks are quite popular props used by couples in bed for an extra push.


Get spontaneous:


Instead of planning out and taking out time, you may try to be spontaneous. This superbly exhilarating and also entice your partner to have unplanned sex. Try having sex at unusual places like kitchen or your couch. Choose complicated timing like when your spouse is getting ready for work or etc.


Time for sex:


Make time for sex. Do not fall under the impression that you can allow your sex drive to reach the max in the night only. Remember that morning or afternoon sex is as much fun and pleasurable as evening sex. If you are seriously falling short of time then indulge in pleasant sex talks, cuddling and kissing with your partner, so that they get to know that you are interested in sex.




Today, every couple wishes to and is able to expand their romantic arsenal and make their sex life much more exciting and exhilarating with the inclusion of various sexual tips like sensual oils, erotic costumes, sex toys and etc.


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