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A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 5 Final

A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 5 Final
Then she move to a fire which was burning by the side of the road, as she was about entering the fire, sombody saw her and drag her. The person was so angry with her for the fact that she wanted to kill herself, she did’nt really know what happen to her so she ran home.

When she got home she met her dad and mum arguing so she greeted them but savitri notice the burn on her leg.

Savitri: what happen to your leg????

Janvi: nothing mum, i mistakly match an hot place.

savitri: ok my child go inside clean up and come lets eat.

Ruk told her that the discussion was over. The next day as savitri received a fone call.

Caller: ma are you savitri singh?

Savitri: yes, any problem?

Caller: we are calling from the hospital because of one miss shanty

savitri: am coming to the hospital right now.

She hurried and went to the hospital, when she got there she heard the mother of shanty talking to the police about shanty committing suicide by burning herself. According to shanty’s mother she woke up to get water and perceive something burning, she tried to find out what was burning only to find her daughter on her bed burning.

Savitri tried to talk to the police that it was no suicide but thete was something behind it but they did no belive her. So she was left with the option on going to see the gals father in the psychiatry.

When savitri got there she was not allowed to see him by the security man, it was through the intervention of the doctors she was allowed. she was accompanied by one doctor and the security man because the man was very violent. When she got to the ward at which he was in, she tried to convice him to tell her how to stop them but the man would not help her.

Ghost father: why should i tell you that, i can’t because they are doing what i will also do. As the population of the people increase so does the sin of the people, my kids are only fighting for justice.

When they were young their mother won’t allow them to come and see me. She was very wicked to me, making my children hate me. So one day i pour fuel on her and light her ablaze. My children were there and they saw everything, after that they did the same to themselves and continue with what i started. That’s why am so proud of them hahaha.

Savitri: you are such a wicked and selfish man killing your own wife.

Ghost father: madam please go home and face your own problem, my daughters are with me, one of your daughter is dead, very soon it will be the second one hahaha.

Savitri: you are so wicked crying

doctor: madam we need to go now.

Savitri immediately went out of the place and called her husband telling him to look after janvi, to make sure she was home, but he couldn’t find her in her bedroom not even around the house.

Janvi was no were to be found.

janvi was inside the house when she saw her sister, she followed her till she got to the road Side, where they sell petrol, went inside put the petrol around her.

savitri was already on her way home, she could not find a cab, she decided to walk home till she found a cab who agreed to carry her, this angered the two girl and they decided to cause an accident to delay her, so they showed theirself to the driver then got to the center of the road, the driver narrowly escape it. they decided to put fire on the cab, by then she was already closer to her house, so she jumped from the cab before they got burn.

when on the other hand janvi father was looking for her, he finally found her but she has already set the fire and at the middle of it, people have gathered trying to stop the fire but they couldn’t, they were begging her to come out but she was just laughing. that was when savitri came, she could not stand by and see her daughter kill herself. there and then she got closer to the fire pull her daughter out and stayed behind to get burn. and just that single act melted the gals heart and they started crying then savitri smiled.

All this while what the gals lack was motherly love and they got that through savitri, and they nevered killed again.

​A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 4

A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 4
Shanty: the only person who can help us is the father of those two ghost gals .

Shanty have done her research on the gals they only attack teenage gals, the gals were witness to what their father did to their mother burning her alife.

Shanty: i have tried on many occasion to talk to their father who is currently in a psychiatry home under treatment but he did not agree to talk to me, please ma help me save my job and prove them correct.

Savitri: i will help you, i have another daughter so i will help u for the sake and life of my daughter.

Shanty showed her the picture of the gals father. When she saw the picture the gals were already there. Savitri saw the gals hiding behind a tree and immediately the picture in her hand caught fire. She dismiss shanty and told her they will talk the next day.

janvi was on the couch in the parlour studying when all of a sudden she heard her name Being called. She got up to find out who was calling her and found out it was her sister karina.

Karina: janvi pls come with me i rely miss you come with me

janvi: no no no

karina: don’t you miss me come, when you come we will continue to play like we use to, come.

At this point janvi was scared and started moving back then she saw the two gals and she shouted, then she woke up from her sleep. Her mother savitri heard her shouting so she ran into the room to find out what was wrong with her. she asked her why she was shouting and she said it was noting, that it was a dream, she just miss her sister karina.

Her mother thrn console her and told her that everybody miss her too, she should go back to sleep, which she did. The next day she tried convincing her husband about what shanty told her but he want nothing to do about, he say “she is just a reporter looking for stories to make out from his daughter suicide”.

Savitri tried everything possible but he will not listen, he told her to concentrate on the only daughter they have now.

when janvi was on her way from school that evening she encounter the two ghost gals and they just smile to her and she smile back then she moves to a fire which was burning by the side of the road………
LAST episode coming next

​A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 3

A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 3
That same day savitri went to see shanty so that she will tell her more about the issue.

Shanty: thank you ma for believing me.

Savitri: please tell me more abt it. Shanty showed her pictures of the girls

Shanty: the first one was inside a bus when it stop at a gas station. All of a sudden she came down from the bus, move to the right side of the road, turn a gallon of petrol on her body and went to the right side of the road, took a matches from a koist store and set her self on fire. Ma and all these girls told their parents about the two girls they usually see in their dreams but non of their parent believed them

Savitri: what about the second one

shanty: she was on a family vacation, every member of their family were present when she stood up and walk into the camp fire and she also made the same statement of her being called.

Savitri: how should we stop them

shanty: i don’t know exactly how we can stop them. But i know someone who can help us, he his…..
To be continued

​A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 2

A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 2
Outside the ward they were being ask a few questions by some police officer’s who were presently investigating on the issue. According to the police officer it was a suicide committed.

Just then the younger sister went to the ladies room, when she got there she tried to remove her phone but it fell down, on bending to pick she saw two pair of shoeless leg outside the door, she ask who it was but there no reply.

She hurried up then wash her hand and rinse her face, but standing behind her were the two girls who killed her sister, she ran out of the ladies room.

The next day a reporter came to their house trying to explain to the father about the issue of their daughter’s death, trying to tell them it was not a suicide but the ruk did’nt listen, just then savitri came out of the house to find out who her husband was talking to, she met the girl and she tried to explain it to her but ruk won’t hear anything of it so savitri calm him down, They welcomed her into their house.

Ruk: am not in support of this, my daughter committed Suicide and that is all.

Shanty(reporter): it was not suicide sir, have been investigating this issue for some time now, please look at this newspaper’s sir and ma. I did the reporting myself.

On the paper there were different cases just like theirs, all cases of girs burning theirself.

Savitri: yes, then what do you call all this death

Shanty: ma all this cases are similar, when the girls are burning themselves they keep repeating the word ” they are calling me, i av to go”

ruk: i told you savitri that there’s is no need for this lady, you will not listen, if you are through let her leave my house because all these are rubbish.

Shanty: sir pls listen to me, am not lying, I have lost my job because of this issue, am trying to prove that am not mad sir pls listen, ma pls listen, u guys are the only one who can help me.

Then ruk left them, savitri told shanty that they will see her later to discuss on the issue more so she left.
The story continues

​A Mother’s Sacrifice Episode 1

A Mother’s Sacrifice 

Episode 1
That night the family of Siddhartha singh were eating, a happy family of four Mr Siddhartha ruk singh, Mrs ruk singh and their two daughters karina and janvi. All of a sudden the light went off.

Dad: what happen to the light?

Mum: i dont know, let Me go and check. Karina get the candle from the kitchen.

Karina: yes mama.

Karina went into the kitchen, on her way she hit her leg on the kitchen cabinet. She got the candle and light it up. Then her mother came out with a candle to the dining, when they were about to continue eating, they notice karina was not yet back. Her mother decided to go check on her, she got to the kitchen and met her on fire. Ruk (she shouted) her husband came to the kitchen and met his daughter burning they immediately try to stop her.

Karina: hahahahahahahahahaha.

Mom: “karina live there. But” she did not, then they stop the fire and took her to the hospital.

waiting outside for the doctor to come out was like hell for them, they could not understand the reason their daughter will set herself ablaze . The doctor came out and told them the condition of their daughter they ask to see her.

Doctor: your daughter is stable now.

Dad: thank you, can we see her now

Doctor: only one person can go in

dad: savitri pls go in and see her

mum: ok ruk. On seeing her daughter she began to cry

karina: ma……. ma

mom: karina, why did you do this to urself

karina: maa i didn’t do it, i saw them, the two of them, they told me to do it,

mom: who are you talking about

karina: they are two girls, av been seeing them in my dresms

mom: who are they

karina: maa they are here, they want to take me, please don’t let them take me, please maa…

mom: who are they, karina there’s is nobody here

karina: maa please dont let them take me

mom: doctor doctor am coming karina, doctor.

And she left her, the girls came and strangle her with their hair. When her mother came back with the doctor she was already dead which the doctor later confirm to her, she started sobbing for her daughter.
To be continued