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Sammy was discharged the following week after Annie’s visit. When they got home, he could not believe he was home at last. He went straight to where his mum’s picture was hung on the wall in his room and said “Mum I am back. Thanks for watching over me and you will not believe I saw a girl who looks just like you, she is so adorable, a real princess. She even saved me, I could have died. I wish you were alive mum, you would have loved her very much too. When I make enough money, I will marry her” he said giggling from ears to ears. His dad snuck into the room.
Richard: “Welcome back home son!  I feel like the whole world has been placed under my feet with you in this house again. I hope your mum forgives me too, I made you suffer so much and closed my eyes to what you were going through. I am not a good father at all and you were right, I was a coward and a weakling but that has changed now. I will be strong for you from now as long as I live. How I wish your sister is here too”
Sammy: “We will find her someday dad. It will happen like a miracle so don’t worry dad. Besides what of my step mum? I haven’t heard anything about her for a very long time now” she looked up at him.
Richard: “She is no longer your step mum. I don’t know where she is either and I don’t want to know. She should better remain hidden except she needs more drama in her pathetic life” he said bitterly.

Sammy: “So you don’t love her anymore?”

Richard: “How can I continue loving the person who ruined my family and almost ruined my only son’s life? I regret ever loving her to begin with. I did not look well before leaping and my children were made to carry the brunt of my carelessness. l can never be done with paying for my sins son” he placed his hand across his shoulder and he smiled.
Sammy: “It’s okay dad. I will make sure never to make the same mistakes you made. I will be very patient with my wife and not be quarrelsome for the sake of my children. I will pay more attention to my children too to know when they are going through hard times and then, I will never tell a single woman my marital challenges or listen to her advice especially when I know she will do no good for my marriage. I learnt a lot from you dad”

Richard: “Someone is back to his old self again. I missed you all the way my boy” he said and drew him to a close embrace.
Johnson got back home ahead of time that day but only to find his wife murdered with multiple stab wounds on her mid-section and chest.  He was taken aback at first when he saw her pleading eyes frozen by the icy hands of death.  He heard his children coming back happily and quickly went outside to meet them locking the door behind him. He took them to their grandma’s place without bothering to answer any of their questions. His mind was running wild, thinking of what to do and how to catch the murderer until he remembered he had installed a CCTV in his bedroom and in the living room since the first time he caught them kissing. He had not been satisfied with their flimsy excuses so he had the CCTV installed in a bid to catch them red-handed.

After dropping his two kids, he went back home, called the police and two officers were sent to him. Even they were surprised at how gruesome the murder was, it was something out of the movies.

1st Officer: “What Nigerian demon could have had the guts to do something like this?” he asked looking at the corpse with horror.

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2nd Officer: “It’s truly terrible. And I have checked the whole perimeter, the doors and everything. There seems to be no indication of false entry or much struggle. It seems the victim knows the murderer and was even cordial with him or her. That is my observation though”
1st Officer: “I agree with you but let’s dig around even more maybe we can find more evidence to pin down the person who did this?”
2nd Officer: “Mr Johnson, do you probably have any idea on who could have done this? Maybe a jealous ex, colleague, a stalker e.t.c?” he said facing Johnson who was at one corner shivering like a lone man on a street of London during winter.
Johnson: “I have no idea officer but I do remember installing a CCTV somewhere over there” he said pointing at one said of the ceiling.
1st Officer: “Oh very good! Very very good!! That was very thoughtful of you sir, you just made our work easier” he said walking towards the Camera.
2nd Officer: “Call an ambulance now, so she can be taken to a morgue. She might start decomposing soon” he said as they walked towards the door.
On getting to her hotel, it was as if everybody was pointing accusing fingers at her. Every faces she saw was Gloria’s it was just like Judas Iscariot’s hallucination saga on his way to commit suicide in “The Passion of Christ” Movies. She staggered to her room, thinking it would be over but every objects in the room, even her bed had bloodstains on them. She saw Gloria’s dead face in the mirror instead of hers. She held her head with her two hands and began to scream. All of a sudden, everything became normal again, she fell on her bed and went into a nightmarish slumber.
Meanwhile, every stations on GOTV carried the news of the murder of a young woman at her home by her best friend whom she was allegedly having an immoral affair with before she got married. Her picture was all over the social media urging anyone who sights her to give the police a call. A bounty price of Ten million naira was placed on her head. Everyone who saw the news or read it online was on the lookout for her.
One of the cleaners who helped clean her room once at the Hilton hotel called the police and informed them that she was there, she also gave them her room number.
As she slept, she heard a bang on her door and opened her eyes like a possessed. The door handle turned and three police officers with their AK47 pointed in front of them aiming at her barged into the room. She made to run to the bathroom but they were swifter and double-crossed her.
Policeman: “You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs Gloria Arowolo. You are advised to keep quiet since anything you say now can be used against you in the law court” he said like a programmed robot.
Ophelia: “Who are you guys to arrest me like this? I refuse to go with you. I am innocent, I did not murder anyone…” she screamed and kicked as they handcuffed her hand behind her back and led her down the corridor leading to the exit door. “You guys are making a grave mistake, you are arresting the wrong person…I am innocent, I don’t know anything about it I swear” she kept ranting on and on until they got to the police station. She was locked in the interrogation room bound hand and legs to a wooden chair. Immediately she heard the door open, she started screaming and ranting on and on about being innocent again. Read more stories at
Officer: “Will you shut up now you heartless woman?” he said casting her a disdainful look.
Ophelia: “I want my lawyer. You guys are looking for whom to frame. I want my laaawyer!” she screamed and the officer gave her a resounding slap.
Officer: “Who is looking for whom to frame? Now did you kill Mrs Gloria Arowolo or not? I want a yes or no answer and nothing more”
Ophelia: “No!”
Officer: “Do you know why I am asking you even when I already know the answer? Because I want to torture you to my heart’s satisfaction. Look at that plugged iron over there, it is for your face, I will use it to iron out those two dimples on your cheeks” he threatened while Ophelia burst into tears.

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Ophelia: “I did not do anything I swear. She was my friend so I wouldn’t do a thing like that to her” the tears flowing down her face would fill one washing basin. The officer went over and lifted the iron into his hands. Brought it close and placed it on her cheek letting it linger for some seconds. She screamed and screamed, her lungs almost tore out. The officer dropped the iron which had a fragment of her skin stuck to it.
Officer: “Now let’s go again. Did you murder Mrs Gloria Arowolo or not?”
Ophelia: “What evidence do you have for you to be doing this to me? I said I want evidence” she said weakly. The officer dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone which had the video of her murdering Gloria. He showed it to her and she became silent immediately.
Officer: Now answer my question…”
Ophelia: “Yes I did!  She was trying to ditch me after all the good times we shared in the past. I needed her but she left me in the lurch?  She said defiantly.
Officer: “Tell that to the judge at the law court” he said and walked out.
When they got to Richard’s house from the hospital where they were told that Sammy had been discharged, they realised that no matter what happens, Annie was going to have a good life even with them. They had deliberated a lot on whether to let her go or not but a person’s parent will always remain so. They reached the conclusion that if at all it is true that she is their missing daughter, then they will have to let her stay with them.
Richard: “Welcome to our humble abode our princess charming. I am so glad to see you at last. Now I can see why my son is so in love with you. You look exactly like his mum” he said scooping the giggling girl into his arms.
Paul: “Thank you very much, we are very happy to have been invited into your home”
Richard: “No! Its I who is honoured to have you here. I want to say a big thank you for saving my son. You are very lucky to have such a popular girl as your daughter” he said looking from one to the other.
Ralph: “The truth is we are very surprised the media is making a ruckus about such small act of bravery. I can’t count how many interviews we have had to reject. She is still young and we can’t let such things get the better of her”
Richard: “She deserves more awards than she has gotten so far. Even I have one for her” he said looking from one to the other. “I am going to sponsor her education to the highest level. She only has to mention where she wants to study at and she will be there”
Dickson: “Isn’t that too much sir?”
Richard: “It’s not even enough. She saved my only son for crying out loud. Oh! It’s even small” he said pulling her chubby cheek playfully. Just then Sammy showed up.
Annie: “Sammy…” she jumped down from Richard’s leg and ran to him, stopped for a while to take a look at him, satisfied with what she saw, she then hugged him. They both beamed with smiles.
Sammy: “Now follow me, I have plenty things to show you in my room” he said leading her by the hand.
Annie: “Wow! Your room his awesome!” she exclaimed when they entered inside. She ran to the little bed by the corner. ”whose bed is this?”
Sammy: “It’s for my sister”
Annie: “Oh I see!” she went over to where the picture of his mum hung. “Who is she?”
Sammy: “My mum!” he said sadly.
Annie: “Can you bring it down please?”
Sammy: “Sure” he said, brought down the frame and handed it over to her. She ran her fingers over Rebecca’s face…
Annie: “She is beautiful. Can I call her mummy too since I don’t even know mine?”
Sammy: “Awwww! Of course!” he was touched. He went over to his box and brought out a picture “And this is my sister” he handed it to her.
Annie: “Oh my God! Oh my God!! How did you get a picture of me? I am the one in the picture” she ran out excitedly to show her dads the picture leaving the dazed Sammy behind.

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Sammy: “She is the one? Oh my God!”
Annie: “Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!” she ran into Ralphs arms excitedly. “See Sammy has my picture. This is me when I was small right?”
Ralph: “Yeah yeah! That’s you” he smiled at her weakly.
Richard: “Oh my God! Please didn’t any of you give birth to her?” he asked standing up.
Paul: “No! We found her, some men were trying to harm her so we rescued her from them”
Richard: “Wow! Annie!!” just then Sammy ran into the sitting room too.
Sammie: “Daddy she is our Annie. My sister is back” he walked slowly towards her and embraced the stunned girl.
Annie: “You are my brother?” she asked and started to weep profusely.
Sammy was on his tears too sobbing,
Sammy: “I swear I didn’t mean to be that careless loosing you to those ritualists. And to answer your question, “Yes! you are my sister. I am so sorry that I let you go like that? I should have held on to you very tight. I was not a good brother despite promising mum I’d take care of you. I am sorry baby sis” he said covering his face with his hands. Richard was short of words, he just didn’t know how to console the two of them.

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Annie was sobbing too,
Annie: “So it’s my brother those people were beating up like that? They were even going to set you on fire. Oh my God! I should have beaten them back. My brother!  I am so sorry I did not beat them back” she said trying to remove his hands from his face, she succeeded at last and hugged him again. She cried profusely as her hands were shaking!
Sammy: “My sister saved my life dad. The sister we already gave up on, she saved my life” Sammy couldn’t hold it any longer as he shed tears uncontrollably.
Richard: “Everything was my fault children, don’t blame yourselves okay” he quickly dabbed away the tears on his face so they wouldn’t see it. He joined in their embrace and felt his daughter’s tiny arms trying to encircle him and he smiled. Richie broke down in tears
Annie: “I guess I have four dads now and still no mum…Wish I got to know her anyway”she said after they had disengaged from the embrace. Wow! 1st daddy, will you let Sammy go home with us?” she asked excitedly.
Ralph: “Yes he will of course. And you will also be staying here whenever you want.
Richard called them aside…
Richard: “I owe you guys my life I swear. Thank you so much for saving my children. I know it will be difficult for you to let her go now. Infact I am not her dad but you guys so she should stay with you and come here whenever she feels like”
Paul: “No things are not done that way. She will be staying here and probably be coming to us for holidays. She should get to know her real family too. She might be sad if we tell her she wouldn’t be living with us anymore so all we have to tell her now Is that she will stay with Sammy until he has fully recovered, she will be elated. Letting her go is not easy but I guess it’s high time we got married too and had our own kids.

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Richard: “Oh thank you so much. Thank you” he said shaking their hands one after the other. “Infact every disappointment is always a blessing. I think her getting kidnapped was for a good reason, had she been in this house, her step mother, Ophelia would have turned her into a lesbian. She is a paedophile you know. I really thank God my family is whole now, wish their mum was alive too” he finished sadly.

Dickson: “it’s okay sir. Everything is for a reason. Only God knows why she had to die. Let’s pray none of us should die untimely.
Ophelia was found guilty of murder, child abuse and lesbianism in the Law court. She was sentenced to death by hanging. Her dad suffered from stroke due to the news of his daughter circulating the internet and newspapers, he was rendered immobile for the rest of his life.


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Annie: “What happened Sammy? Why did you shout?”
Sammy: “It’s nothing, what is your full name?” he asked hopefully.
Annie: “Annabelle”
Sammy: “Oh I see! It’s not Anita? Oh that’s fine”
Paul: “Is something wrong young champ? You look pale” he asked with concern registering in his voice and face.
Sammy: “Nothing really, just that she reminds me of my sister who was snatched from my arms some years back”
The three men exchanged looks.
Ralph: “What was her name?”
Sammy: “Her name was Anita but we called her Annie” he said looking so downcast.

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They exchanged confused looks again.
Ralph: “Do you still remember the date it happened? How old was she?”
Sammy: “That was one day I have inscribed into my memory. It happened on the 14th of March, 2011 around past 10p.m at night. We haven’t found her till now, not even her dead body. It was as if she vanished into thin air. Meanwhile she was just three months old” he had tears in his eyes when he was done with his narration.
Dickson: “Oh my God! How many were the men who had snatched her from you?”
Sammy: “They were two on a bike”
Ralph: “Let me see you guys” he said walking away from Sammy’s ward into the corridor while his friends followed suite.
Paul: “Are guys thinking the same thing I am thinking?”
Dickson: “I am short of words right now, I don’t think I can even breathe. Those two seem to be siblings, oh my God!” he said using his hand to fan himself. Read more stories at
Ralph: “Let’s not jump into conclusion yet, it might just be one big coincidence. We cannot take everything hook, line and sinker just yet. We need more proof”
Paul: “You are right. I absolutely agree with you” he nodded his head in agreement.
Dickson: “What other proof do you need? Annie was like three months when we found her, there were two men with a bike parked beside them. As if that is not enough, we found her on the 15th of March. I noticed the striking resemblance between them though but I thought it was just a coincidence. Annie must be the missing sister he is so longing to see again. We cannot just close our eyes to this just because we are afraid of losing her”
Ralph: “You are right too though but we still need more proof and until I have it, I will not release her to anybody” he said, walked back to the ward and met the two of them having a serious discussion.
Annie: “Tell me about Annie your sister please?”
Sammy: “My baby sister was a very charming girl. Her smile could lit up the darkest of souls. She had dimples just like yours, actually her dimples were my doing. I dipped my middle finger in each of her cheeks every day until the dimples became permanent” he gave a short mirthless laugh.
Annie: “Hmmmm! You are wicked o…I wish I know your sister though, we will be very good friends”
Sammy: “Yeah! I have a feeling you will get to know her soon. What did you say happened to your mum?”
Ralph: “Uhmm!  We have to go now, it’s getting late. We will be back to check on you later okay?” he said intentionally changing the direction of their discussion.
Sammie: “Awwwwwww too bad! When will you come back again please? I have not really gotten to thank Annie for saving my life” he became melancholic in the twinkle of an eye.
Annie: “Do we really have to leave now? Can’t I stay with him? Tomorrow is Sunday anyway” she said pleadingly.
Sammie: “No Annie! You should go with them, it’s not right for you to stay here all by yourself. They are just trying to ensure you are safe. Trust them, they will bring you back and by then, I would have gotten better and we will be able to play around. I will even show you lots of stuffs”

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Annie: “Okay Sammy” she replied brightening up. Her dad exchanged another surprised looks at how easily he was able to convince her.
A nurse entered the ward with a message for them…
Nurse: “The doctor asked me to give you this card, his dad requested that you call him whenever you are around, he wants to see you I guess” she said handing the card over to Ralph who collected it.
Ralph: “Thank you, I will call him but not today anymore. We are just about to start heading home” he replied with a forced smile.
Nurse: “It’s okay. Call him next time you are coming then” she replied and strutted out of the ward.
At the hospital that day, Richard and Sammy had a lengthy discussion, he was able to clarify his accusations and he saw truth in what he said especially when he learnt the name of her girlfriend was Gloria. He remembered her always muttering ‘Glo… Glo” each time he made love to her. he was so angry about her using his son to satisfy her sexual urge that he was going to just hand her over to the police but when he got home, she was no-where to be found. He called her parents who in turned contacted Gloria but even she said she hadn’t heard anything from her. He waited patiently for her to show up. It had been a week and still, nothing was heard from her.
He took a one week leave from work so he could give all his attention to his son. As he got ready to leave for the hospital, the door of his sitting room flung open and Ophelia’s dad barged in.

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Pro. Harry: “You bastard! I knew you were bad luck for my daughter from the onset. Where is my daughter” he moved menacingly towards Richard pointing threateningly at him.
Richard: “I should be asking you that!  You knew your daughter was a depraved human and you still gave her hand to me in marriage?”
Prof. Harry: “You dare call me daughter depraved to my face? I shouldn’t have gotten you out of that prison. I should have allowed you to rot and decay in there so maggots could feed on you”
Richard: “Then it was you…?” he moved towards him and held his collar really tight choking him in the process. “You were the bastard who locked me up for no apparent reason? It was you bastard who caused the disappearance of my three months old baby? It was you, you bloody old fool?” he grunted in between clenched teeth.
Pro. Harry: “You are choking me boy!” he said breathlessly and tore his hands off his collar forcefully.
Richard: “So I have been dining with the enemy all along? Your daughter knew this and yet she never told me? What a fool I have been. She even used that to blackmail my little boy into pleasuring her because nothing I did on bed ever satisfied her being the lesbian she is?” he slumped down on the chair weeping into his hands.
Prof. Harry: “What do you mean by that? What do you mean by she blackmailed your son into pleasuring her? Lesbian? Who?” he asked with eyes opened wide.
Richard: “You just heard me. Her girlfriend Gloria probably broke up with her so she turned to my son. Your daughter ruined my family, my life. How will my son grow up viewing women in general now? Will he grow like a normal kid or will he start craving sex now? Your daughter did these to me and you are here shouting incentives at me? Please get out! Get the hell out of my house before I do something I will regret for the rest of my life” he stood up pushing the dazed prof towards the door.
She sat in her hotel room, thinking of what to do next. She knew that her parents would have gotten wind of her depravity and so she dared not show her face there. She had thrown her main sim card away and gotten another so no one would be able to locate her. She knew that Gloria was the only person she could contact at that point in time and so she did. She asked her to meet her at home since no one was around at the moment.
When she got there, truth to her words, no one was around. Her children had gone to school and the servants were nowhere to be found.
Ophelia: “Hey! Longest time ever…” she said taking in the changes in the house. Things looked messier around the house probably thanks to her children.
Gloria: “I have been extremely busy”
Ophelia: “I could imagine. being a full house wife is not an easy task. Besides, what happened to the servants?”
Gloria: “My husband sent them away. He said I needed to get busy and not rely on other people to help do my womanly chores. It’s been hectic indeed!” she said heaving a sigh.
Ophelia: “Too bad!” She said and moved closer to her “Baby I need your help…I think I am a fugitive now with nowhere to go to and no friends or family. I need you now more than ever”
Gloria: “Why are you on the run if I may ask?”
Ophelia: “It’s a long story my dear, I might not be able to tell you but right now I am burning, I mean seriously horny. I haven’t had good sex for a while now. Please can we, you know this last time?” she winked.
Gloria: “No way!  I told you we were over and besides I am no longer that type of person. I have had a change of sexual preference, a healing. I think you need healing too, your husband could have been able to provide that if you had let him”
Ophelia: “I told you not to preach this shit to me again. Will you help me or not? I really really need this Glo! You promised me you’d be there for me no matter what. This is the time I need you most” she moved closer to her desperately and held on to her but Gloria slapped her immediately. What was that for?” she held her cheek dazed.
Gloria: “I told you I was no longer interested! Now will you get out of my house please?” she pointed furiously at the door.
Ophelia: “I told you back then that you will regret ever casting me away right? If I cannot have you then no one else will” she said, dipped her hand in her hand bag, brought out a knife. Gloria on seeing it staggered back.
Gloria: “Ophelia don’t do this please. Put away the knife so we can talk this through”
Ophelia: “Talk this through? Liar! You have always been a terrible liar! You are only looking for another opportunity to toss me to the dogs. I will never forgive you for this” she plunged towards Gloria like one in a trance but she was able to dodge it, she tried to run but tripped over a chair and fell flat on her face. She stood looming over her with a wicked grin on her face “I told you, no one else will have you if I can’t” she said bent down and plunged the knife into Gloria’s heart, blood gushed out. She pulled it out and plunged it into her stomach many times till she was satisfied at last that there was no breath left in her anymore. She stood up, took a wet wipe from her handbag, wiped clean the blood stains on her leather gown, hands and the knife then returned the knife into her bag. She looked around to make sure no one had seen her and fled for the door.

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One of the doctors watching them from the receptionist stand walked over to them as they struggled to drag Annie with them.
Doctor: “Hello please?” he said politely, smiling as they turned to face him.
Paul: “Hello! What can we do for you?” he asked still trying to calm Annie down.
Doctor: “Can I ask you guys a question please?”
Dickson: “Sure, go on”
Doctor: “Who is that little boy to you?”
Ralph: “Hmmmmm! We don’t know him, we were just driving by when we saw people gathered. That was when our baby asked us to stop the car, she kinda rescued him from getting killed” he explained proudly.
Doctor: “Your daughter should be given an award for such a brave act. And I overheard her saying she wants to stay with the boy? She’s got a really large heart I must say”
Ralph: “Yeah thank you!” he replied eager to get away from the conversation so they could go home.
Doctor: “May I suggest she stays? She and the young lady here, I will personally take care of them. They can even stay at my place tonight and tomorrow and if you stay around, I will drive them home myself. The way I am looking at things now, this girl might fall sick if you forcibly take her home like this.
Paul: “We are sorry to decline doctor. She is too young to really know what she wants. Thanks for your suggestion anyway. We will get going now, thank you” he said and they all turned to leave, he noticed that Annie was quiet all of a sudden, he checked and realised she had fallen asleep in his arms and heaved a sigh of relief. They drove back to Ibadan in silence with each of their minds occupied with thoughts of the young boy and the state they met him in. it was really pathetic.
He sat thinking about where he could find Sammy. He still nursed doubts in his heart about his wife. He knew he had to find out the truth but how he could do that was something he wasn’t sure about. He remembered he hadn’t read news that day and he had forgotten to get newspaper from the vendor, he decided to check online. He visited Jahmycahn Michael Mwangi’s facebook wall and the first thing he saw was JUNGLE JUSTICE: AN INNOCENT BOY ALMOST LYNCHED BY AN ANGRY MOB. The title seemed catchy so he decided to read it cursing the adults who would want to set an young boy ablaze just because of some cheap commodity. His network was slow so he tried again by reloading it. It came on at last and the pictures he saw almost took his breath away. Laying on the floor was his son, covered in blood, unrecognizable because of his swollen and bleeding face. He dropped his phone and stood up, unable to continue reading the news any further. ”Oh my son! My son!!” he kept muttering breathlessly. He thought he was going to have a heart attack because of how much pain he was feeling in his heart. “All these is my fault, I drove you out of the house… where exactly are you?” he remembered the post could give him information about his whereabouts and went over to his phone, picked it up and proceeded with his reading again. He saw the picture of the brave beautiful girl who had saved his Sammy. They were pictured with her rocking Sammy’s head on her lap and looking menacingly at one of the men carrying out the nefarious act.
He finally got the address of the hospital where Sammy was admitted at, without thinking, he ran for his car and zoomed off. Ophelia ran out when she heard the sound of his car leaving the compound and wondered what could be wrong this time. She saw his phone on the table with the post he just read still on the screen, scooped it up and scanned through it. She staggered back when she saw Sammy in the pool of his own blood. Her hands began to shake while her palms sweated profusely. She quickly dropped it, took her car keys and went after her husband.
On getting to the hospital, he was directed to the doctor in charge of his son’s case.
Richard: “Good evening, I am the father of the boy who was brought in some hours back. The one in the ER” He introduced himself.
Doctor: “I know whom you are, the receptionist already called to inform me of your presence” he said as they shook hands.
Richard: “Oh good! So how is my son? Will he be okay?”
Doctor: “Of course he will be okay. He sustained multiple injuries though, three broken ribs, mild concussion of the brain and some fractures here and there. But let’s thank God that girl stood up for him when she did, by now his charred corpse would have been what you’d be picking from the road now with people looking at you as the father of a thief”
Richard: “Hmmmm glory be to God. Does that mean my son is not in danger anymore? I mean he will recover?”
Doctor: “Of course he will recover faster than you think.  You should find a way to thank the parents of that girl. They even paid your son’s hospital bills and the girl? She was so taken to your son that she didn’t want to leave”
Richard: “I must see that girl of course, I read about it all online and I must say I am really impressed. Her parents must really be proud of her. Please when next they come, tell them I want to see them, they should give me a call” he said handing his card to him.
Doctor: “Okay they will hear. And don’t worry, your son will be fine”
Richard: “But can I see him now?”
Doctor: “Of course! If you can’t see him then who can? I will take you there. Come with me please?” he said leading the way.
Richard: “Thanks a lot” he said as they walked along the long corridor leading to the Emergency Room.
He was taken aback when he saw his son. He was plastered from head to toe. POP was used to support one of his legs. He fell on his knees and just stayed there with his heard down like a gallant soldier who fell in battle.
Doctor: “Are you okay?” he said holding him gently by the shoulder.
Richard; “I am not okay doctor. You see that boy lying over there? I am the reason he is there. He told me something grievous someone is dong to him and I refused to believe him. I even punished him for calling me a coward when I knew within me that he was really saying the truth. Now he is lying here almost maimed while his mother is lying cold and stiff in the ground, all my fault”
Doctor: “I will advise you to just pray for him to get better soon so you can apologize to him. That is the best way and hope the person that did that grievous something has been reprimanded? Don’t let him or her go scot free”
Richard: “She will not. I will reveal her dirty secrets to the whole world, I will ruin her life for ruining my family” he said bitterly.
Doctor: “It’s okay, go talk to your son now, he seems to be awake. I will get going though, I am having another appointment in five minutes’ time.” he checked his time, patted Richard’s shoulder and started walking out.
Ophelia hid herself behind the door till the doctor had disappeared out of sight. She quickly sneaked away from the ER and fled from the hospital.
Ever since they got back from Abeokuta, Annie refused to talk to anyone. She became sullen and withdrawn overnight.  The cries of the boy kept ringing in her head, his agonized gaze as he looked up at her. She felt like she could almost feel all the hurts he had passed through in his short life on earth. She wanted to go back there so much but there was no one to take her, which saddened her so much.
Paul: “Annie, we are going to see that boy on tomorrow which is Saturday. Will you like to go with us?” he said that morning as they were preparing for work while prepared for school. Read more stories at 
Annie: “Yeeeees! She said jumping up excitedly. “let’s get him plenty gifts, I will give him all my toys even Elsa”
Paul: “You like him that much?”
Annie: “Yes I like him very much, he looks as if he is my brother”
Paul: “Really? Brother from another planet heart right?” he teased her.
Ralph: “Looks like someone is back. Welcome back baby, we missed you” he said pecking her on the cheek with the foamy teeth paste in his mouth.
Annie: “Uhnnn! 1st daddy, you are dirty” she said using her towel to clean her cheek.
At the hospital, The POP on his leg had been removed while some of the bandages still remained. He kept thinking about the girl who had saved him. She looked exactly the same age as his Annie, for this one fact, he wanted to see her so much. As he was thinking, he heard shuffling of legs outside, he looked sideways and there she was, sanding right there grinning gleefully.
Annie: “Oh my God! You look better friend. Thank God He answered my prayers” she said walking towards him slowly afraid that if she walked fast, she will find out that it’s all a dream anyway.
Sammy: “So you’ve been praying for me?” he said sitting up.
Annie: “Of course!  Meet my three dads. This 1st dad, 2nd dad and 3rddad” he said pointing at them one after the other.
Sammy: “1st dad, 2nd dad, 3rd dad? Are those their names? How is it that you have three dad? What of your mum?” he asked after he had nodded greeting to the three dudes standing like her body guard.
Annie: “They refused to tell me where she is. What about you? But what is your name? I don’t even know your name”
Sammy: “My name is Samson but everybody calls me Sammy. What about you?”
Annie: “My name is Annie…”
Sammy: “Annie…?” his eyes almost popped out of their bruised sockets.


As soon as they branched to Ijemo street in Abeokuta, they saw a huge crowd gathered and people shouting on top of their voices.
Annie: “1st daddy please park your car I want to see what is happening there” she said pleadingly.
Ralph: “No! it is very dangerous, I cannot allow you to go there. I think it is jungle justice o. kai” he said when he viewed what was happening from a better angle.
Paul: “And on a little boy for that matter. Jesus Christ!”
Annie: “Daddy park the carrrrrrrr…” she screamed angrily stomping her feet on the floor of the car. The car went to a screeching halt at the corner of the road and Annie leapt out of the car before anyone could say anything to her (she was by the window side). She ran towards the scene of the mob action without looking back. They all exchanged bewildered looks and ran after her. Read more stories at
Dickson: “Annie waiiiit!” he shouted after her as she kept running as fast as her little leg could carry her.
Sammy was already very weak from the beating he had already been given while they kept shouting incentives at him. He heard someone call him a terrorist terrorizing the neighbourhood. He heard another calling him a killer, killing innocent people before snatching their belongings. “But I did not do all this. God where are you?” he looked up to the sky but all he saw was blood, blood that had dripped from cuts on his head and eyebrow. His lips had a deep cut too. He heard someone say “set him ablaze to serve as a deterrent to other thieves like him” and many of them agreed with him. Someone brought a tire and threw it over his head, he was too weak to even remove the tire, he just laid there giving up hope of survival. Just as he was closing his already half closed eyes to prepare himself for the pain that was to come, he felt someone lift the tire from his head with difficulty and lifted his head up rocking it on her laps. He was surprised because the person seemed really small. He opened his eyes and with his bad eyes saw a little girl looking down at him with tears all over her beautiful face, she reminded him of his mother. She smiled at him when she realised he was looking at her.

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Annie: “It is okay! No one will touch you now, my daddies are here, and they will not allow anyone to touch you. The people around were surprised and kept taking pictures of the scene. The three men who were doing the beatings were angrier than ever.
1st man: “whose child is this? Come and carry her before we set her ablaze with this thief” he ranted.
Annie: “You will not dare it. Who are you to beat an innocent boy like this? There are big thieves out there who has stolen your future, why didn’t you go catch them and set them ablaze? How can you still want to set him ablaze with all the blood on his body? Let me tell you the truth, if you can open your eyes and do this to a young boy and even getting ready to set a living human ablaze then you are a murderer. It’s you who needs to be set ablaze. It’s you who needs to be taken off the surface of the earth” she said daring anyone to come even closer. The people around shook their heads in agreement to what she said and marvelled at her boldness.
2nd Man: “See, this small girl must be his accomplice, let’s set them ablaze together” immediately the words left his mouth, someone from the crowd stepped forward and gave him a stinking slap. Let me see you try that. By this time, her daddies were already standing behind her waiting for anyone who would make the move to touch her and the little bleeding boy.
2nd Man: “How dare you hit me like that you scoundrel?”
The Man: “It’s you who is a scoundrel and for your information, I am a police officer and my team will be here soon, guess who will be arrested? You and not this little boy. Like the girl said, you are dangerous to the society and I will make sure the three of you are charged for attempted murder. I saw the person who stole the phone and it wasn’t this boy, it was someone else…” he was still talking when a police van came to a screeching halt right where the whole thing was happening and sent some of the crowd skittering from the road. The three men tried to run away but people held on to them tightly while the police men disembarked from their vehicle, and bundled them into their waiting carriage.

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Sammy was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was taken to the emergency room due to the multiple injuries he had sustained. Annie had wept all the way to the hospital, her hand and body were covered in blood. “Don’t worry friend! You will not die, I will pray for you very hard. I will ask my 2nd daddy to take me to church so I can pray for you there too” she said amidst tears as her entourage watched in awe.
Paul: “Come now let’s go home, I guess there’s no more Olumo rock for today”
Annie: “Please can I and aunty Ewa stay with him here? Please? Give her transport fare, we will come back on our own tomorrow” she said pleadingly.
Ralph: “No way! His parents will come for him, we are all going home together now. I have settled his bills for now. So baby, I am afraid we cannot grant you this wish” he said looking hurt when he saw the disappointment registering on her face.
Paul: “Let’s go now” he said and tried drawing her along but she refused.
Annie: “No! I will not leave him, I will never leave him” she said weeping in a way that tore their hearts apart. Dickson scooped her into his arms forcefully as she struggled and kept struggling, screaming on top of her voice…
Richard became frustrated in his search for his son. People contacted him to tell him his whereabouts but each time he reached there, it would be as if he had disappeared into thin air like he didn’t want to be found. He noticed that ever since Sammy’s disappearance, his wife had gone back to her normal moody self. She blamed him for Sammy’s disappearance and refused to allow him touch her or even talk to him. He stopped going home regularly, he lodged in hotels sometimes or go home with one of his bachelor friends. He kept late nights most times and got back home drunk.
That night, he got back home and found that Ophelia had been waiting for him unlike the other nights when she wouldn’t even act like she cared. She sprang up to her feet as soon as she got a whiff of his presence.
Ophelia: “Where are you coming from by this time?”
Richard: “None of your business” he replied and walked tipsily towards the kitchen.
Ophelia: “How can it be none of my business when I am your wife?”

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Richard: “Ahahahah… wife? I didn’t know I had a wife in this life and for your info, my wife is dead and I don’t know who you are” he said with sarcasm apparent in his voice. The alcohol flowing into his veins had made him unusually bold towards her.
Ophelia: “What do you mean by that Richie?
Richard: “I said my wife is dead and I don’t know who you are or why you call yourself my wife” he reiterated his earlier statement and she burst out into tears.
Ophelia: “Then what am I doing here?” she asked with her left hand on her chest.
Richard: “Even I do not know the answer to that question. What exactly are you doing here? It’s not like you warm my bed at nights, you even stopped cooking for me so tell me what on earth are you here for? I punished my own son severely just to save your dignity and now he has gone missing. Instead of you to lend me your moral support, you are giving me attitude, for what? Did you marry me for me or cos of my son?” As soon as he said this, what Sammy told him came rushing back at him. “Wait! Was Sammy probably right? What he said about you, were those right? You know I never really asked you these” he said with his gaze boring into her.
Ophelia: “How can you ask me that? Don’t you ever ask me that kind of question again. I actually waited for you to make some restitution but I never imagined you’d turn out to be a jerk” she said and walked out on him.
Everything came rushing back at him, the way she was when they were dating. How tight she was when they first made love even though she was not a virgin. How happy she became during the time Sammy alleged was the time she started molesting him and how fast she went back to being moody when he disappeared. “Oh Sammy! Were you saying the truth? I hope not, I am just over reacting. I guess I should stop drinking alcohol, it is mushing up my brain. There is no way she would be a lesbian or a paedophile. Yeah no way! I know her very much, Sammy just wanted to get her out of the way”  he said

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Richard: “What are you talking about son? You are saying my wife molests you sexually?”
Sammy: “Yes dad she does and she told me not to tell you otherwise she’d put the blame of Annie’s disappearance on me and make all my friends in school abandon me”
Richard: “Shut up boy!” he roared. “Do you even know what you are talking about?”
Sammy: “But I am really saying the truth dad. She is a monster, she even sleeps with women” as soon as he had said this, his dad stood up and landed him another slap across the face which landed him on his back on the bed.
Ophelia, who had been standing by the door unspotted by the two ran into the room and helped Sammy up.
Sammy: “I said don’t touch me, what part of don’t touch me do you not understand?” he said in between sobs.
Ophelia: “Why did you slap him like that Richie?” she feigned annoyance.
Richard: “If only you heard all the things this stupid boy said about you, you wouldn’t be there by his side”
Ophelia: “Really? What did he say I did?”
Richard: “He said you are a child molester, that you have been having intercourse with him. He also said you are a lesbian. Can you imagine that kind of utterance? I really can’t have him continue disrespecting you like this, I have to discipline him”
Ophelia: “He said all those? Wow!” she used her left hand to cover her mouth and pretended to be really short of words.
Richard: “Yes! Can you see now? This boy has been sent from the pit of hell to torment my life”
Ophelia: “Please calm down okay? The most important thing is you not believing him. Just imagine how it would have been if you did believe him. Let’s forgive him okay? He is just being delusional and naïve. He hates me and he lets that cloud his sense of judgement but its fine. I am not taking any offence. I have gotten used to his taunts and disrespect anyway”
Richard: “Can you hear that dumbass? She is even pleading on your behalf. A woman who has been here to take care of you ever since your mum died. How can you level such grave accusations at her?”
Sammy: “Daddy I cannot believe you can be this easy to play. How did mum ever get to live with you for so many years? You are a coward, I will say it again, you are indeed a weakling” he said and made to walk away but his dad drew him back furiously and started hitting him with his fist. Ophelia tried to stop him but he was unstoppable. “Dad…dad” he kept calling as he kept dealing him blows upon blows.
Richard: “Inshort, this will not do” he said breathlessly. “Now be on your knees, I have to leave scars on your body so next time you think it’s okay to insult me or my wife, the scar will deter you. Sammy knelt down obediently as the pains from his dad’s blows seeped into his inner being. “Now close your eyes” he ordered as he looked around for something he could use on him. He saw his belt lying on the floor and picked it up. He flogged him mercilessly with the belt not minding the boy’s pleas and the blood that stained his white singlet.
Sammy rolled on the floor as the lashes tore his skin.  Ophelia could not hold it anymore, she went and covered Sammy and two lashes landed on her too. Richard threw the belt away and walked briskly out of the room.
Ophelia: “Are you okay Sammy?” she asked trying to get him to stand up.
Sammy: “When you do this, people might actually start thinking you really love me” he said weakly as he staggered to his feet, went over to his wardrobe, pulled out a shirt and put it on.
Ophelia: “Where do you think you are going to by this time? It is 1a.m for Chrissake!” she said when he started walking out.
Sammy: “Don’t even try stopping me, except you want to see me dead” he said and kept walking. Ophelia ran to their room…
Ophelia: “Richie, he is leaving the house” she said but he ignored her. “Richie can’t you hear me? I said Sammy is leaving the house by this time”
Richard: “Let him leave. He has nowhere to go to so he will be back. Don’t disturb me please”
She shook her head and ran back to the sitting room but he was gone. She ran out of the gate but couldn’t sight him still.
Ralph: “Today makes it the third week Annie has been on break and we haven’t really done anything for her. What do you guys suggest we get for her?” he asked looking at his two friends who were busy playing game on their 20”LED TV.  Ewa was helping Annie with her assignments in her room.
Paul: “Yes! Yes! Ronaldo run on my nigga. Yes! It’s a gooooal… should we go again” he said looking triumphantly at Dickson.
Dickson: “That was just sheer luck, oya let’s play again, I will make you eat sand this time around”
Ralph: “I am talking to you guys na.  you’ve been playing that game since you woke up and its way past  morning already”
Paul: “Ralph this is weekend mehn! Let us play play play and keep playing jare. Very soon it will be Monday. What were you even saying sef?” he finally gave him his attention, pausing the game they just started playing.
Ralph: “I said what should we get for Annie for performing so excellently in her exams? She will be resuming school next week you know?”
Dickson: “Let’s ask her.  She must have forgotten about seeing her mum by now?”
Ralph: “Annie love!” he called loudly.
Annie: “Yes 1st daddy!” she answered and went skipping into the sitting room.
Ralph: “School will be resuming soon. What do you want us to get for you?”
Annie: “I don’t want anything 1st daddy” she looked down sullenly.
Dickson: “Okay what do you want us to do for you?”
She looked up happily and gave him a thumb up…
Annie: “3rd daddy is smart. What I want you to do for me is this: take me to Lagos, I want to visit the beach. All my friends in school have been there before, remaining only me”
Paul: “Well that is very simple. Then when do we go guys?” he asked looking away from Annie to study his friends’ expressions.
Ralph: “We can even go today. Lagos is just two hours’ drive away, if we leave now, we can reach there by 3pm, book two rooms in a hotel in Lekki then proceed to the beach. We will be back home tomorrow evening. Is that cool by you?”
Annie: “So we are going today?”
Paul: “Yes baby!”
Annie: “Yeeeeeeeahhhh!” she jumped up and down. “2nd daddy, you know fashion very well even more than aunty Ewa, please come and dress me up and I want to wear that my round cap the way they use to in the movies when they are at the beach. I will also ride a horse with my daddies. Aunty Ewa will help me hold my shoes” she counted her fingers for each of her plans giggling from ears to ears.
Paul: “Oh God! Our baby is a bundle of joy. I can’t believe we almost handed her over to the orphanage” he muttered to himself. “Okay let’s go and get you ready sweetie” he said and led her away from the rest holding her tiny hand.
It had been two weeks since he left home. He walked as far away from home as his legs could carry him. He looked even lankier than ever since he could not even get himself to beg for food or money from passers-by. Only the very good Samaritans saw him and give him some money, some people gave him food. At some point, whenever he got to a place, someone would look at him and act like they recognized him that was how he got to know his dad must have gone to the media to get their help in locating him. But he didn’t want to be found, anytime anyone recognised him and do as if they wanted to make a call, he would quickly leave that vicinity and run as far as he could. He was nursing a very deep wound in his heart that even time had not been able to heal.
He found himself in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state. He found some other homeless boys whom he moved with. They slept under the stairs of Sandhurst hotel not far from Olumo rock. In the mornings, they would all go out except Sammy who only roamed around and only got lucky once in a while when people dashed him stuffs and food. Sometimes his friends would refuse to give him what they brought in because he wouldn’t work with them, he slept hungry most nights.
After having fun at the lekki beach the next day, they got ready to go back to Ibadan but it seemed too early.
Paul: “Annie hon, did you enjoy yourself last night?”
Annie: “Yes 2nd daddy. I wish we didn’t have to leave yet” she said with a sad look. “The water tasted like salt, do they put salt inside it every day?” she asked brightening up all of a sudden while Ewa laughed out loud.
Ralph: “Come this lady, why are you laughing at our baby? You want to be sacked?

Ëwa: “Ah! Sorry o. e ma binu” she said jokingly.
Paul: “That’s the way it tastes my dear. It is called salt water. Infact I could say we get our salts from there. So is there any other place you want to go to?”
Annie: “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” she jumped up in Pauls arms.
Paul: “Where?”
Annie: “Olumo Rock” she said giggling from ears to ears while they exchanged looks.
Dickson: “You guys are spoiling this girl o. continue”
Paul: “Let us spoil her very well. As long as she is not ill-mannered, then we are good. Ralph how far? Shall we go? Besides I’ve always wanted to see olumo rock”
Ewa: “Please let’s go. I want to see Olumo Rock too” she said clasping her hands together excitedly.
Ralph: “Okay o…what can I do when the ladies have agreed?”
He turned when he heard the cry of thief! Thief!! Thief!!! And realised they were running towards him. They had in their hands sticks of different sizes and shapes. He was confused and turned to run away but someone knocked him down from the back. He fell face down on the floor and before he could open his mouth to say he was not a thief, the mob was already around him, they lifted their sticks up and landed him blows one after the other. He lifted his hands…
Sammy: “What did I do wrong? I am not a thief, it’s not me. I am not the one” he cried as blows landed on his body and he shielded his face with his hands.



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He raised the compass as high as he could but then he heard the shuffling of feet outside his door. He quickly hid the compass under his bed, laid on the bed and pretended to be asleep. The door slide open and Ophelia tiptoed into the room. She sat on the edge of the bed…
Ophelia: “Sammy…”she called his name in a whisper. “Sammy?” she tried again when he did not answer her. He stirred a bit, the right side of his face was swollen and reddish. She had taken with her a bowl of warm water and towel. She dipped the towel into the bowl and squeezed out the water, reached out towards his swollen face with it but he flung her hand away. She tried again and the same thing happened. Read more stories @
Sammy: “Please stay away from me. What exactly do you want from me now?”
Ophelia: “I am just trying to help you”
Sammy: “I don’t need your help. So just leave me alone” he said and turned away from her.
Ophelia: “Hmmmmmm! How can a boy be so stubborn?” she said and sighed again.
Sammy: “You think I don’t know you are the one reporting everything to my dad? You are such a nine tailed fox aunty and I hate you from the bottom of my heart” 
Ophelia: “Hate me as much as you want. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Just imagine what his reaction would be when I tell him how you readily gave Annie up?”
Sammy: “I did not readily give her up, she was snatched away from me” he sat up with a scowl on his face.
Ophelia: “Who do you think he will believe? He already knows you as a spoilt little brat. See I will advise you to just thread carefully and start coming home the time you used to before. Don’t even stay ten minutes late otherwise…” she stood up and stepped back from him. Looked at him for a while, shook her head and left leaving the bowl and its contents behind.
Sammy looked at her retreating figure and cursed her in his mind. “Mum even if you are dead, do you have to just stand by and watch our lives ruined by this usurper? I heard the spirit of dead mothers do fight for their progenies but you, why are you sleeping so much? God! I am your child, you did say children are your heritage so why do you watch while I am being tormented?” 
Annie, now six years old was just as brilliant and smart as Sammy when he was the same age.  Her daddies were so proud of her academic excellence that each time she came first in her class, they got her a mirage of toys and any other things she wanted. She was indeed a princess living a fairy-tale life. Ever since that fever of hers, they took extra care where she was concerned, taking her to the hospital every month for check-up: they did not want a recurring incidence.
It was the end of third term in The Embassy Primary School, her nanny Ewatomi went to pick her up from school. Ewa was a very caring and nice lady of twenty three years. She, like her daddies doted on her and was very attentive to her just like a mother would be. They had to get a nanny for her when she was three years because their jobs became more demanding. At first they were afraid to leave her in the care of an outsider because of all the stories they’d heard and read about evil nannies and maids but Ewa who was Ralph’s friend volunteered to help out since she was not so busy. She wanted to do it free but they insisted on paying her.
When they got home, Ewa was so curious to know what her report card stated…
Ewa: “Now that you have eaten Annie love, please can I see your report card now?” she winked and contorted her face in order for Annie to take pity on her and show her the card but she just laughed.
Annie: “Ahahahahahaha…see your face like rat shit! I will not show you. Never!” she said hiding her card behind her.
Ewa: “Where did you hear rat shit from o. this girl you are getting spoilt fa”
Annie: “My aunty in school do say it to anyone who is crying unnecessarily in class”
Ewa: “Okay o but why? Why won’t you show me? I thought we were friends?” she said pretending to be sad.
Annie: “Yes we are friends but I want to show my daddies first. Even I have not opened it yet. Let’s wait for them you hear? Don’t be sad, I will show you after I show them then I will show myself too” her voice was just like that of Alice in Wonderland.

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Ewa: “Awwwww! How can you be so sweet?” she said and gathered her into her arms. “How I wish I gave birth to you, then I wouldn’t ask for anything much in this life again but just a comfortable life for you”
Annie: “That reminds me…Who is my mother?”  She disengaged from her embrace to look at her.
Ewa: “Uhmmmm!” she did not see the question coming.
Annie: “Okay don’t answer that. There is no way you’d know anyway” she said and strutted to the front of the TV to watch cartoon on Nickelodeon station. “Can I watch cartoon now please? Since I will not be going to school anytime soon and I have many days to do my assignment?”
Ewa: “Yes baby you can” she replied smiling fondly at her.
The heavy hands of sleep was upon her but she refused to succumb to it, she clutched her report card in her hands waiting for them to return.
Ewa: “Annie, come let me tuck you in now, it’s almost 9 o’clock and you are supposed to be on bed latest 8:30. You will show them tomorrow okay?” she said approaching her.
Annie: “No! I will wait for them” just then she heard their car horn outside. “Tada! They are back” she said excitedly.
As soon as Paul had stepped in, he saw Annie running towards him with an envelope in her hand. He stooped down and threw open his arms as she jumped into it.
Paul: “My ever happy daughter” she gave him a peck on the cheek and went over to the Ralph and Dickson, embraced and pecked them one after the other beaming with smiles. “Why aren’t you asleep yet? It’s way past your bedtime.
Ewa: “She was waiting for you o”
Annie: “See my report card” she extended the envelope to him. He took it and tore open the seal, unfolded it and “wow” escaped his mouth.
Ralph: “Let me see!” he said and snatched it from him. “Wooooow! Our baby is a genius. You got a double promotion to primary three? Come and give me a bear hug jooor…” he said and scooped her into his arms spinning her round and round until she could laugh no more.
Dickson: “But how can a girl be so smart? She got 100% in all of the subjects except Yoruba where she got 95%. Wow! We will go shopping on Saturday. Where would you like to go this time? Shoprite?”
Annie: “No! I don’t want anything this time…” she looked down.
Paul: “Hey! Is anything wrong? How can our Annie not want anything after getting a double promotion?” he said worriedly.
Annie: “I want to know my mum. Everyone in school has a mum and dad but I only have three daddies and no mum. I want a mum too” she said choking on tears.
The four of them exchanged confused looks. That was the first time she ever asked about her mum.
Ralph: “Sweetheart!”
Annie: “Is my mother dead? If she is dead then one of you should get married so I can have a mum. Aunty Ewa is a good person, why can’t one of you marry her?” she said looking from one embarrassed adult to another.
Paul: “Don’t worry, you will know your mum soon okay? I just hope she really is alive and not relenting in her search for her daughter”
Richard could no longer bear the tension between him and his son. The wound on his face had healed remarkably fast but the one in his heart remained fresh. At night when he thought Ophelia was asleep, he sneaked into Sammie’s room to talk to him.

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Richard: “Sammy wake up” he tapped him on the shoulder. Sammy jerked up in his sleep thinking it was his step mum.
Sammy: “What is it this time? Why won’t you let me rest? Would you have turned me to your sex toy if I were to be your son?” he said drowsily looking distraught.
Richard: “Sammy what are you talking about?” he shook him vigorously.
Sammy: “Sir? Sir?” he was jerked awake at last.
Richard: “Who is turning you to sex toy and where did you even hear that word from?”
Sammy: “I read it from a novel. It’s nothing dad” he said and tried to go back to sleep but his dad stopped him.
Richard: “Come on talk to me. You did look terrific while saying that a while ago. What is happening?” he asked persuasively.
Sammy: Daddy, I say never mind. I was day-dreaming
Richard: This is unusual. Where did you hear that from? Something is fishy. Talk to me Sam. I’m your father.
Sammy: “Hmm… It’s…it’s…aunty” he started to weep.

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Paul: “Ralph, you should go with her. There is no time to waste” he nudged him forward and he followed the nurse.
On getting inside the doctor’s office, he saw Annie sleeping soundly on the only bed inside the office and heaved a sigh of relief.
Ralph: “Good afternoon doctor”
Doctor: “Good noon to you too, please have your seat” he said looking at him from the rim of his glasses.
Ralph: “So what did the test result indicate?”
Doctor: “Nothing serious. It’s just febrile convulsion which happened because of her high fever. Her temperature was 39°C. I will prescribe some drugs for you, make sure you administer them on her till she is stable again” he scribbled something in a jotter and passed it to him.
Ralph: “But hope it’s not epilepsy?” read more stories at
Doctor: “Not at all. It is a different kind of convulsion and less harmful than epilepsy though it can still give rise to epilepsy if care is not taken. Among the drug I prescribed, there is anti-convulsant among them though it might not be necessary she takes it. Just make sure you get all the drugs and administer them on her like I instructed on the paper. Good luck and for the record, your daughter is a very strong and lovely girl”
Ralph: “Thank you doctor” he said, smiling. He stood up, took the doctor’s outstretched hand in a handshake, went over to Annie and scooped her up from the bed into his arms. Her temperature had gone considerably down but he noticed she was weaker than usual. “Sorry baby!” he whispered into her hears and walked out of the doctor’s office. As soon as his friends saw hi, they both surrounded him asking one question after the other. They touched Annie gently and were relieved to know she was no longer running temperature as much as she was earlier.
Soon enough, Sammy stopped going home from school because he knew she would be waiting for him. He dreaded that moment when she would climb him and do the stuffs she did or the moments she made him do those stuffs he did. He would linger around the school, cook up every possible excuse just to stay longer outside. 

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On that particular day when he got back from school at past 7pm. He might his dad in the sitting room, angry while his step mum was sitting with him. They were waiting for him.
Richard: “Where are you coming from Mr Man? He queried him as soon as she entered the sitting room.
Sammy: “I am coming from school” he said looking down.
Richard: “You are just coming back from school by this time Sammy? At this age? You are just twelve years for crying out loud and you are already keeping late nights?”
Sammy: “I had extra assignment so I decided to do it in school”
Richard: “So you are always having a surprise outing? I have been getting complaints about you since this started but I thought it will stop with time but you are getting worst by the day. Why are you doing this Sammy? Am I not a good father to you?”
Ophelia: “Honey take it easy with him please. He is still young, he is just showing signs of puberty; you know adolescence is setting in so this is just normal” She looked at Sam who gave her a look of disgust and she winked at him, sticking out her tongue seductively, he looked away as his dad’s gaze was riveted on him.
Richard: “What nonsense adolescence at the age of twelve? He is just being rebellious and nothing more. Why are you trying to kill me? Was I the one who killed your mum?” he regretted that statement as soon as they left his mouth.
Sammy: “Don’t ever talk about my mum again. What do you know? There is nothing you are good at? You are neither good at being a husband nor a father. If you were you wouldn’t have given up so easily on finding Annie. You are a coward da…” before he could finish saying dad, his dad stuck out his hand in a bidding flash of lightening and struck him in the cheek, blood few out from his mouth.
Ophelia: “Richaarrrd! Why did you do that? How could you strike him like that?” she flared up unexpectedly.
Sammy was dazed for a moment, even the tears refused to flow. That was the first time any of his parents will ever raise their hands at him. He looked at his dad who stood in front of him defiantly and just turned back and walked out on him.
Richard: “Come back here right away you insolent fool. You dare call me a coward? The next time you do that, its belt I’d use on you” he raved and slumped down heavily onto the settee behind him. “I can’t believe this is happening” he lamented sadly.
Ophelia: “You shouldn’t have done that honey, now you just made issues worst. How do we go about this now?”
Richard: “Weren’t you there when he was heaping abusive words at me? So you expect me to just keep mum?”
Ophelia: “I am not justifying his actions but you as an adult should know better than hitting a child like that. Please go and talk to him” she said pleadingly.

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Richard: “No way! Just stay out of this okay?” he warned and walked out on her. She couldn’t think of what to do. “Now i know where Sammy got his stubbornness from. they are both the same”she said to herself.
He walked inside his room grief stricken and emotionally bruised. He sat on the bed and looked around, saw the picture of Annie hung on the wall and walked over to it.
Sammy:” “Baby sister, hope you are living a good life? Where are you now? I know you must b looking quite beautiful now. Your birthday is tomorrow and also the day mum died. I feel so alone, my life is ruined. I don’t know what to do anymore” the tears flowed freely now. “I am not even really sure if you are alive and it’s all my fault. I was not a good brother, I did not protect you enough. I should have ran after those men faster than I did. Mum must really be mad at me now, I am a useless son. Annie and mum, I miss you two so much” he started looking frantically around. “I don’t think it’s okay for me to keep living right? All I have to do is push something sharp inside my stomach and I will be able to see you two again right? What use is living this kind of life? See what that woman has turned me to?” just then he remembered the compass in his bag and went for it. He brought it out, held it tightly in his hands and closed his eyes.



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Sammy went close to her confused as to what she wanted him to do.
Ophelia: “Remove your school uniform”
Sammy: “But why?” he asked looking even more confused.
Ophelia: “I am asking you to remove it cos I want you to something for me and I don’t want your uniform getting stained or do you want it stained?”
Sammy: “No aunty!” he concurred and removed his shirt except his singlet and shorts.
Ophelia: “Remove everything okay? Don’t forget you are supposed to be doing everything I ask of you cos of Annie?” she said moving to the edge of the bed. She unbuckled his belt then removed his shorts and boxer. She saw his little penis and could not believe it turned her on unlike his father’s. She took hold of it and caressed it but Sammy jerked out of her reach.
Sammy: “Aunty what are you doing?” he was filled with sudden fright and horror.
Ophelia: “I am only measuring it for an experiment my new employer asked me to conduct. You know I’ve been searching for a job right? Well I got one already. Come here so I can do what I ought to do fast” she said with a desire-laden voice, reached out and drew him closer again. She removed the very skimpy gown she had on revealing her ripe and hard nipples to his consternation. He made to turn away but she used her two legs to pin him closer to her from behind and drew his head into her bosom before whispering into his ears “Put your mouth on my breast and suck it the way you used to suck your mother’s when you were smaller. We are just doing experiment for my work and don’t forget how I can make all your friends abandon you, even your dad. So behave yourself and do as I say. Tears dripped from his eyes as he did as he was bid. He started sucking her left breast as she held his head tight willing him to pull away.
She moaned so loudly he was confused. She climbed fully onto the bed pulling him along with her, opened her leg wide to reveal her already wet honey-pot and asked him to put his mouth there too. He hesitated and she pulled his head down forcefully. “Use your tongue” she ordered between clenched teeth. He stuck out his tongue, tasted her and struggled to pull away from her hold.
Sammy: “Aunty please, I don’t want to do it anymore. Let me go to my room please!” he said still struggling but she turned him over and climbed onto of him. Grinding against his little penis as a wave of pleasure swept over her. She tilted her head back as she felt herself climbing and climbing then came crashing down in torrents of spasms. She sat still for some time then climbed off him. Read more stories on
Ophelia: “Oh I loved that experiment!” she said as he jerked up and jumped off the bed in a flash. “Hey! This is part of how little secret, if you dare say a word of this to your dad, I will send you to an early grave by telling your dad I was asleep when you sneaked into my room and started touching my body. I will tell him it’s the effect too much movies are having on you. He will surely believe me because he loves me more than he loves you. No one loves you and that’s why even your mum abandoned you. But don’t worry, I will love you very much from now on” she threatened then cajoled as tears drizzled down the poor boy’s face. She had broken him into tiny bits.  He picked up his school bag and uniform and scurried out of the room.
Richard got back home that day and noticed his wife was in a very good mood. She even hugged and kissed him welcome. She hummed a song as she prepared dinner. He could not believe his eyes, he was curious to know what caused her perky countenance, he went to the kitchen and pretended to be picking something from the fridge.
Ophelia: “I know you are not looking for anything in that fridge. So spill it out” she said smiling brightly revealing the two dimples adorning her soft cheeks.
Richard: “How much I missed seeing those two ladies on your cheeks”
Ophelia: “What ladies?”
Richard: “Your dimples, your smile. So what happened?” he went closer to her and leaned on the zinc.
Ophelia: “Nothing happened, you mean I can’t be happy except when something happens?”
Richard: “You can be just that you’ve been really cold lately and I really missed you. I am glad to have you back” he said and kissed her mildly on the lips.
Ophelia: “Well I am glad to be back” she said stirring the afang soup she was preparing.
Richard: “Where is Sammy?”
Ophelia: “He must be in his room, I have not seen him since he came back from school” Read more stories on
Richard: “Oh really? I will go check on him” he said and walked out of the kitchen down to the corridor adjoining to the rooms. He met Sammy’s door locked. He knocked and knocked but no reply came from the room. He tried again and this time the door knob turned and h door flung open. “Sammy…What happened to you?” he asked as soon as he entered inside the room and saw how bloodshot his son’s eyes were.
Sammy: “Nothing dad, I am fine” he said unable to look his dad in the eye.
Richard: “Then why does it look like you’ve been crying all day?”
Sammy: “I miss my mum daddy. I really really do miss my mum” he said bursting into fresh sobs. Read more stories on
Richard: “Your mum is gone son!”
Sammy: “Gone to where? Isn’t it high time she came back?”
Richard: “She is never coming back again because she is dead. She died that day in our presence but we thought she was asleep”
Sammy: “Well I know she is dead. I know she is never coming back but in order to be able to live, I am telling myself she went on a long journey and would be back someday. I am not daft not to know dad but I just miss my mum…why did she have to die, why?” he struggled to dab off the tears that were cascading down his cheeks unto his chest, he felt like his heart was on fire. He could not hold back all the emotions raging inside of him, the hatred, hurt and disgust he felt at the moment was more than he could bear.
Richard: “I miss her too son but what can we do? We have to let her go so she can rest in peace”
Sammy: “That is easy for you to say cos you have what you always wanted right? I remember when mum was alive and begging you for forgiveness, you kept doing things to hurt her. You even brought your abomination home. I just hate you dad, please don’t talk to me”

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Richard: “How can you talk to me like that? I and your mum had our issues which you wouldn’t understand just yet but I am sorry though. I regret my action even today”

Sammy: “If you really do regret your actions, then why did you marry her?”
Richard was speechless and just stood there looking at his son.
Annie kept growing beautifully well among her three daddies. She called the three of them daddy. She was a blessing to them because with her there was no dull moments in their lives anymore. They became better people, even Paul who was a Casanova changed overnight just so he could have more time to spend with her. Every weekend, they would take her out, have fun around the city and get back home early enough to prepare dinner. They stopped eating out in order for her not to grow up getting used to it. They even bought and read books on how to cope with single parenthood for men. She was their little angel.
That Sunday, they sat around Annie playing with her while she giggled and muttered unintelligibly to them.
Paul: “I cannot understand your language baby. Oya say daddy!” she just looked at him and removed her eyes while the other two laughed.
Ralph: “See elaa part one”
Dickson: “This girl ehn? She is going to use guys’ eyes to see shege. Imagine how haughty she is becoming?”
Paul: “Well you would have been worst if you were in her shoes. Imagine having three daddies doting on you? Kai when she grows ehn? If any guy messes with her I will kill him. I swear I will maim him first, then later bury him alive”
Ralph: “Take it easy na.  Do you know how many girl you messed with?
Paul: “Well that is why I am saying this because I know as e dey go. If anyone messes with my daughter…”
Dickson: “Point of correction, our daughter not your…” he said tilting his head to one side and even Annie started laughing.
Ralph: “Oh baby!” he said, scooped her up and threw her to the air while she giggled and jiggled happily. But all of a sudden, her face became pale and she went stiff for a minute and then started convulsing violently.
Paul: “Oh my God! What is happening to her?” he said looking bewildered as Ralph tried containing her convulsion.
Dickson: “Annie! Baby what’s going on?” he said quivering frightfully.
Ralph: “Someone should get the car ready, we are going to the hospital now!” he ordered impatiently as her convulsion intensified.
On their way to the hospital, the convulsion stopped but she started running a temperature.
Paul: “Dickson aren’t we there yet? Her temperature is running wild” he said touching her forehead as she laid on Ralph’s laps.
On getting to Balm of Gilead Hospital, they were directed to a paediatrician who conducted some test on her as they waited at the reception. Some minutes later, a nurse came to call one of them to the doctor’s office…
Nurse: “Please who among you is the father of the girl?” she asked looking from one to another.
They all chorused “I am”.
Nurse: “I meant who among you gave birth to her? The doctor wants to talk to her dad” she said, looking confused.
Richard noticed that Sammy was not improving, months had gone by, and years yet he withdrew further into himself. He stopped doing the things he loved doing. He stopped talking to people much including he his father. He had tried several times to talk him out of his bitterness but it had all proved abortive. It broke his heart to see his only son like that. And to crown it all, Ophelia was yet to take in after five years of marriage. He had covered up for her with his mum when she complained about it to him. He had told her they didn’t want any more children so they did family planning and that was just a lie. She remained as youthful and beautiful as she was the first time she met him.
Meanwhile Ophelia was radiating with health and happiness. She continued her sexcapade with Sammy who was too scared to open up to anyone because of her threats. Even when he slept at night, she would sneak into his room and have her way with him. The more energy and youthfulness she got the more drained Sammy became. His dad bought him different kind of drugs just to make gain little weight but none of it seemed to work. Ophelia seemed to be the only one enjoying herself in the house. To the other two, going back home every day after school or work was like a nightmare they wanted to wake up from.

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Sammy: “Ehn? So you think I am dumb? I know what it is of course: you were doing with a lady what you are supposed to be doing with my dad. What did my social studies teacher call it again o…”he put his second finger on his lips trying to recollect what he learnt in a social studies class. “Choi! I can’t remember now, but she said it’s an abomination and infact it has been banned in Nigeria, any lady caught doing it will be sent to kirikiri prison. Sebi you came to replace my mum! Sebi all you do is shout at me in this house. You will be going to prison very soon” he said giving her a tongue out.

She thought for some time and remembered how he had used his sister’s disappearance against him several times and decided to see if it will work again.
Ophelia: “Have you forgotten so soon?” she said in a whisper, sitting down gently beside him.
Sammy: “Forgotten what?”
Ophelia: “Have you forgotten that Annie’s disappearance was your fault? I am going to your school tomorrow, I will tell everyone in your class what a terrible brother you are. How you could not even take care of one tiny baby. I will also tell your dad about it so he can start blaming you too just the same way everyone in school will blame you. You will no longer have any friend and people will start running away from you. You know I can do it right?”
Sammy: “Aunty I am sorry, I will not tell dad what I saw so don’t tell anyone this please?”
Ophelia: “Then from now on you will start doing everything I ask you to do without complaining to anyone? Just imagine how much Annie must be suffering now because of how terrible a brother you are? She might even be dead. God I pity poor Annie” she said pretending to be very sad.
Sammy: “Don’t ever say she is dead again!” he yelled on top of his voice.
Ophelia: “Hey! No screaming at me from now on no matter what I say to you otherwise the whole world will hear about how cowardly you are. Do you get me?”
Sammy: “Yes but please don’t say she might be dead, I know she is not dead, I am praying very hard for her” his voice quivered with sadness.
Ophelia: “I guess we have a deal now. That’s my boy!” she said patting his head. “Gloria you can now come out, we are good now” she called out to her friend who remained in the room so she could take care of the situation. She came out clutching her bag in front of her.
Gloria: “I have to go now. I have something I need to tell you so come by the house whenever you are free okay?”
Ophelia: “Okay! Take care of yourself for me” she said winking at her embarrassed friend as Sammy scrutinized her from head to toe.
Sammy: “I can’t believe she is pregnant and still doing that abominable thing. As far as my teacher taught me, women cannot get women pregnant. Hmmmm! My dad is in trouble” he thought to himself and shook his head in disgust.
The next day, she prepared and went to Gloria’s place. She met her husband who was preparing to go out. He eyed her suspiciously when he saw her, the memory and doubts of that day still lingered on in his mind. He was never comfortable with her, he thought it was because she was too beautiful but now he wasn’t so sure anymore.
Gloria made signs to her to wait for her husband to leave so she sat down quietly watching music videos on Hiptv. She sprang up as soon as Johnson had left and went to meet her friend, hugged her at arm’s length because of her pregnancy and place a light kiss on her lips.
Ophelia: “So you said you wanted to see me? Here I am” she said spreading her arms.
Gloria: “Yes I said I wanted to see you. I don’t know how you will take it but I still have to let it out” she said looking downcast.
OphelIa: “Hmmmmm! What is it?”
Gloria: “Please don’t take it the wrong way. I want you to know this is breaking my heart too but I don’t know how to keep it up. I want us to stop what we are doing right away. I want to be a good mum to my child and a good wife to my husband”
Ophelia: “What are we doing that needs to be stopped? What are you talking about? It’s not like I am stopping you from being a good mum and wife to whoever you want so what are you talking about?”
Gloria: “I want us to put an end to this relationship”
Ophelia: “What? What are you talking about? If it’s a joke please stop it cos it’s not funny” she sobered up immediately.
Gloria: “I am serious dear. I really am. I can’t do this anymore. Let’s break up, you should face your new home too and find a way to start loving your husband too. I know how much I made mine suffer, Richard is a nice guy, and so please be a good wife to him”
Ophelia: “Breaking up with me is one thing but don’t ever lecture me about how to run my own marriage. How can you break up with me now that I need you the most? How can you?”
Gloria: “I am sorry dear”
Ophelia: “you promised me your husband will not get in the way of our love, have you forgotten so soon? Have you forgotten all the moments we share? I don’t think I can live a sane life without you. Please reconsider your decision? If you want me to wait till you give birth, I will but don’t tell me we are breaking up okay?”
Gloria: “Well I mean it. We are over from now on. We can be friends but nothing more. If that is not okay by you then I will have no other option but to cut all relations with you”
Ophelia: “I swear you will regret this. You will regret this” she said, picked up her bag and dashed out of the house blindly.
Richard noticed that his wife was even more withdrawn than ever. She acted like someone who was heartbroken and he could not remember ever doing anything wrong to her. Each time he tried talking to her about it she’d shun him down but one thing he could not still fathom was why she was so rigid on bed. All she did was lie down while he worked his guts out, he could not remember the last time he enjoyed making love to her. That night after a bout of boring and unsatisfying love making, he rolled to his side of the bed, looked at her and realised she had turned her back to him…
Richard: “Honey! What exactly is happening between us? I can’t seem to remember ever doing anything to warrant this kind of treatment from you. What is going on? Please talk to me, your silence is killing”
Ophelia: “You don’t know what you did? Your offence is not letting me be, I hate having sex with you, I hate your stupid hard body, I miss Gloria” she thought to herself as tears flowed down her face. “Aren’t you satisfied with the one you just did now? Should we go again?” she asked unemotionally.
Richard: “You are getting me wrong baby. The sex is one of it but what I am mostly alarmed at is your attitude towards me. Did I unknowingly do something wrong to you?”
Ophelia: “Yes you did! I lost my heart because of you and that Johnson, I hate you two with passion” she thought but ignored his question. He was becoming more annoying with each passing minute.
Richard: “Aren’t you the one I am talking to madam?”
Ophelia: “Richie you did nothing wrong to me. Can we just sleep now?”
Richard: “Fine then! Just know that this is really frustrating, put yourself in my shoes and you will know how terrible I feel these days” he said feeling so disappointed and forlorn. She said nothing even though in her mind, she felt sorry for him but she just was too heartbroken herself to meet anybody’s expectation of her at that moment.
Some weeks later, she sat in front of the mirror in her room, thinking of how to get another lover to satisfy her sexual needs since no matter how hard she tried, or how hard Richard tried, he just wasn’t getting her there. The whole thing disgusted her especially since he could not give her orals the way Gloria used to.  She heard the door open and heard footsteps approaching the corridor which led to Sammy’s room and knew he was back. She went and stood by the door waiting for him to show up.
Ophelia: “Hey Sammy Come here!” she ordered as soon as she sighted him.
Sammy: “Good afternoon aunty” he said wearily.
Ophelia: “Nothing good about this afternoon, just come here now” she said, turned and walked back to the bed while he followed her. “How old did you say you are again?”
Sammy: “I am seven year plus. Hope there is no problem?”
Ophelia: “Not at all but I want you to do something for me. Come closer…”



Paul: “No way! We cannot keep her. Where will we find the time to stay with her from? She has not even started sitting up yet. Seriously guy, use your head now”
Dickson: “I strongly agree with Paul. We are bachelors and none of my girlfriends will want to help out. We will be on our own”
Ralph: “So which orphanage do we take her to?” he asked resigning to fate.
Paul: “we will ask around for any orphanage in town. Then we will drop her with a matron there. Very simple”
Ralph: “Okay then. Let’s do that”
They bought new cloths for her, bathed her and dressed her up in a pink gown with head band to match. Ralph could not help but fall in love with that little cutie. Her smile could lit up a whole dark room and he wondered who could be the parent of such a lovely baby and how much they must be searching for her at the moment. He shook his head as he watched Paul take snapshots with her, throwing her in the air and hugging her tightly.
They all took it in turn to take snapshots with her and finally set out in their car. They went from one orphanage to another but none of them accepted her. Each time they heard police was involved, they become uncomfortable and start cooking up excuses. By the time they got back home, they had visited all the orphanages google had to offer within the vicinity and yet they still went back home with Annie.
Ralph: “Imagine how much fuel we have wasted today?”
Paul: “What do we do now? Look at the way she is sleeping, even she is tired. But to think of it, she is really gentle or she is trying to bribe us into letting her stay here?”
Ralph: “Seriously, I am in love with this baby. Can’t we just let her stay with us? When we are going to work in the morning, we will take her to the day-care centre down the road and besides we do night sometimes too so we can still have time to take care of her. Imagine having a baby girl in this house? Its intriguing friends” the excitement on his face could not be mistaken.
Dickson: “Well, what can I say? The orphanage rejected her and we cannot throw her away like that. Let’s just keep her till her parents come for her”
Paul: “Okay. Then we have to give her a name? What should we call her?” he said looking from one to the other.
Dickson: “Kemi”
Ralph: “Kemi ko, komi ni, let’s give her a nice English name jare”
Dickson: “Uhnnnnn! What of Nikita? I love that movie ehn?”
Paul: “I am really shaking my head for you. That’s why you want to name her Nikita? I don’t want Nikita. Think before you suggest again o”
Ralph: “What of Annabelle?”
Paul: “What does it mean?”
Ralph: “It means ‘beautiful’” he said pleased with himself.
Dickson: “Well I like it. We can call her Anna or Annie for short”
Paul: “Yeah! It is Lovely. Where is Annie baby? Annie” he mimicked calling out her name.
Ralph: “Wake her up you hear? Annie…” he jeered at him.
Weeks passed into months and all of their efforts to find Annie proved abortive. They had gone from one police station to another, even Radio and Television stations yet there was nothing from anyone. No one called to say they had seen a baby looking like her, people only called to sympathize and pray for them. Richard started having a phobia of losing people he loved. He was more afraid of losing Sam and Ophelia who became the centre of his world. He was sacked at the firm he worked at with his wife but then got another job at bank as an accountant. It took him months to land himself that job and it was thanks to his colleagues who had friends in that bank.
He and Ophelia sat at home that Saturday afternoon, talking…
Ophelia: “Haven’t you noticed how Sammy behaves ever since Annie’s disappearance?”
Richard: “I did! Losing a sibling whom you love so much is not that easy. I know how much he loved her. He basically lived for her and now she was snatched right from his hands. Who would be able to live with such guilt?”
Ophelia: “I just hope he wouldn’t do anything silly to himself. I think you need another nanny Richie. I am afraid I will have to get a job soon and that might limit my coming here a lot” she said remorsefully.
Richard: “Or you are looking for an excuse to stop coming here?”
Ophelia: “well you read me quite well. I think I have done my part now, I have been waiting for you to make a move but seems you are waiting for me to go on my knees and propose to you again which I am not going to do”
Richard: “Please don’t leave dear. We still need you here…”he rose up, dipped his hands into his pocket, brought out a small box tied with a pink ribbon, went on his knees, opened the box and said “Will you marry me?”
Ophelia: “Oh my God! Yes I will marry you” she said with relief sweeping over her. “What took you so long Richie?” she asked as he slipped the ring into her fourth finger.
Richard: “Was waiting for the right moment” he said smiling, he rose up and swept her off her feet in a tight embrace. “Thanks for being here baby” he said and kissed her and she kissed him back. He led her by the hand into the bedroom and locked the door.
Richard: “I have waited for this day since I was given birth to” he said moving closer to her with the aggression of all the pent up desires he had had for her since they met. His manhood protested inside his boxers as its length kept increasing. Ophelia looked at it in awe and quivered frightfully. “Don’t worry babe, remember I promised to help you through it?”
Ophelia: “Yeah yeah sure! “She said as his mouth went down on hers as he licked and savoured the taste of her mouth. He pulled her top over her head and bent down to suck her breast but to his consternation, it wasn’t hard like it should but he sucked it anyway and she moaned sweetly. He turned her around so she backed the bed and laid her down gently, removed the shorts she had on, looked down at her and said “you are beautiful” his voice sounded so husky she could hardly hear him. He quickly removed the barrier between him and her and bent down over her again. He kissed her harder and faster, she arched her back towards him asking for more. He kissed her neck down to her boobs again and this time, her nipples were so hard they intrigued him. She reached out and grabbed hold of his erection and flinched at how hard and huge it was. She started teasing its tip and he quivered and moaned with his eyes shut tightly. He slide away from her hands gently and bent to the centre of her hotness, blowing a gentle breeze into it. He dipped out his tongue and teased her clits with it. “Do you like that?” he asked with his tongue still teasing and sucking.
Ophelia: “Yeeeeeah!” but she closed her eyes pretending it was Gloria doing the sucking, she moaned when she saw Gloria’s Immaculate body in her mind’s eye. He felt her cum into his face as she quivered and groaned loudly muttering “oh Glo! Glo!! Yeeeah!!!” he was confused as to what that meant but he was too busy to give it much thought. He turned to her side and slide into her from the back using the spoonful style. He noticed how tight she was and went gentle, he timed his thrusting until she was no longer as tight then intensified it. She clung unto his neck groaning painfully, she felt him going faster and faster until he stiffened and became gentler again. He slide out of her gently and embraced her so tightly.
Richard: “Thank you honey. I enjoyed every bits of it. Thank you” he said again and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead as she smiled weakly.
Two months later, they got married at the Lagos Mainland Marriage Registry and their marital journey began in earnest.  She missed Gloria whom she hadn’t seen for months. She started cooking up every form of excuses in order to avoid having sex with Richard, at first he thought she was just not used to having sex and would get used to it with time but as days went by, her dislike for it kept growing to the extent that he found himself nursing the thoughts of forcing her.
Sammy noticed his dad was becoming unhappier every passing day. He disliked Ophelia with Passion, the way she looked at him made him uneasy. She seemed to be nursing a bad thought in her mind. He tried as much as possible to avoid her anytime they were at home alone.  That evening when he came back from school, as soon as he had stepped in, he heard voices emanating from the bedroom and paused to listen. He could not hear any words in particular so he decided to check. He opened the door slightly and his step mum and another lady kissing passionately and caressing each other’s boobs, he quickly closed the door but that made them aware that someone had seen them. She quickly dressed up and went to check who it was. When she found out that it was only Sam at home, she heaved a sigh of relief and went over to him.
Ophelia: “How are you Sammy?” she said forcing a smile but he said nothing. “Aren’t you the one I am talking to?”
Sammy: “I saw what you and that pregnant woman were doing and I am only waiting for my dad so I can tell him. Don’t talking to me because no matter what you say I will still tell him” he said folding his arms across his chest contumaciously.
Ophelia: “You will not dare it!” she started yelling but checked herself. “But what exactly do you think you saw?”