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Dinner Part Party 2 (final)

I seriously did not know what came over me,i

wasn’t suppose to pick the call but i did

anyways and i almost regretted it.I was dumb-

founded the moment i heard mary’s angelic

voice(if only her dressing could be more like her


I managed to say hi and asked how she was

doing.Funny she didn’t mention a word about

my text message which made me wondeq if

she got it in the first placd.We talked for a while

and i expected her to bring it up until she

ended the call.The taunting thoughts came

rushing to me once more;i was going dateless.

Just as i dropped frustratingly on my

frustrating-looking chair,i heard the tone again:

omo see danger;it was mary calling again.

‘what’s your problem john?’ mary bellowed as i

placed the phone on my ear.

‘i beg your pardon?’. She didn’t sounding like

the girl i just spoke with.

‘you just behaved so chickeny’she blurted.’i got

your text and called you then you made me

look like an .you know what?goodbye!’ she

hung up

who was this girl and what had she done with

mary?she was merely a friend.I know we were

close but i never imagined she could get pissed

for something of this tiny magnitude.I made up

my mind that i wasn’t going to call back but i

waited on my phone expectiog her to call and

she did call.

‘Am sorry’ were the first words i heard as i

placed the receiver on my ear.I remained mute

and i think i taunted her a little but she

continued.’i just got so excited that you finally

asked me out’ finally? Dear God! ‘and so when

you didn’t mention anything about it in the first

call,i felt terrible thinking you were toying with

me.’she paused like she remembered a very

important detail.’were you?’she asked with her

voice sounding as serious as my mechanics


I cleared my throat like an equal

professor,crossed my legs from where i sat even

if she couldn’t see me am sure she felt it,then i

began my million dollar speech;more like a


‘Dear mary,am sorrry you thought am that kind

of guy.I sent you the text with full intention of

wanting to go out with with you but somewhere

along the line,i lost my nerves.I must have been

so parochial not to have noticed the effect my

stunt would have on you and despite the fact

that i can’t replay the whole event in a more

pleasand manner,i do apologize.As for you,you

called me chickeny and beleive me,i felt like a

chicken at that point.’she let out a loud laugh

‘But that’s beside the was an unfair

statement.I chose to forgive you though,but at

a price.You don’t owe me an apology;that’s way

too cheap.What you owe me is a date.Mary,will

you be my date to the party?’

Damn right she said yes! And so i was faced

with yet another problem;mary’s dress style.Call

me oliver twist or whatever but i just wanted

the day to be perfect for me!

I guess my patron saint must have heard and

interceded on my behalf.Few minutes,i received

a beep on my behalf.Few minutes,i received a

beep on my phone;it was a message from

firstbank;your account have been credited with

…. Just then the idea hit me and i executed it


I rushed to gallaxy’s boutique,got a nice

gown,wrapped it and sent it to mary with a

note saying ‘really looking forward to tonight’.

God knows i prayed hard for the dress to fit.It


I met with mary at exact 6pm,i almost didn’t

recognise her as the dress completely

transformed her.She looked like a

goddess.Looked like my night was going to be

perfect afterall.

Now the tragedy.We arrived the venue and it

looked like the party had been moved.I became

the most confused man on earth as i searched

invain for any feature indicating that a dinner

party was going to hold.Then i remembered Ayo

and dialled his number.Switched off! Was the

devil out for me?

Mary looked at me with a confusing look;i

couldn’t tell what was on her mind.alas,she

spoke.’i think we are in the right place.’ Had she

gone mad?i thought.I tried Ayo’s phone again

and it went through.Thank God! 

‘Ayo,you guys changed venue?am at oba’s hall

right now.’ i said

‘come right in,we are about starting’ i heard the

excitment in his voice.

About starting?here? I wondered.Was there an

inner complex inside the main one? I told may

what he had said and she gave me that ‘told

you’ look.As we went closer to the hall,i sighted

the notice on a little paper. WELCOME TO DLCF

DINNER PARTY. How come i missed it initially.

We progressed inside the hall and i still couldn’t

find any feature of a dinner party.It was

definitely not the right place,i concluded.The

place was arranged with old benches occupied

by some average-dressed and some below

average-dressed persons.At an extreme end i

saw two large coolers then i looked further and

saw the shocker.In another poor looking but

large paper,it was boldly written, WELCOME TO


PARTY.It immediately rang a bell.This was

it.DLCF is deeper life campus fellowship! Jesus



Dinner Party Part 1

I actually spent an hour cleaning my shoe like

my life depended on it. I had ironed my last

xmas polo and my well-starched pens trousers

the previous day. I was definitely going to get a

lot of attention tomorrow at the DLCF dinner


I remember the last dinner party i attended.

The moment i heard the invitation from olu’s

mouth,i shouted ‘dinner party!’.On the day of

the dinner party,i embarked on a partial food

strike. I was ready to baptised myself with food

at the party.True to my expectations,there were

lots of food on the tables.It was like a lovefeast

but i couldn’t enter.Where everyone where

dressed smart in tux and dinner gowns,i was

wearing a three-year old school native plus i

was without a date.

This time i was ready for them.I even planned

to mix three wicked perfumes.i got a

shade;even though it was a night event and my

allstars was ever ready.I almost forgot one last

thing;a date!.. Who would that be?……

I stared long at the caption ‘DLCF DINNER

PARTY’ on the card as i contemplated on who to

take as my date.What the hell was DLCF by the

way?i never really asked Ayo what it meant cos i

didn’t think it mattered.Anyways,the issue at

hand was getting an apt date for the party.I

had a couple of persons i could call but didn’t

know who to call precisely.

There was Marrissa;my ex.Classy,stylish and a

little too much for my taste but that wouldn’t

be a problem in this case,afterall it was just a


Then there was Marbel,the girl i probably would

have hated but for her beauty.She was a pest

in my life and i feared that inviting her to the

party would give her some crazy ideas and re-

ignite her silly advances,otherwise she was my

first choice.

Finally,there was Mary.pretty,gentle,intelligent

but lacked the sense of dressing where it

mattered most.To be frank,i wouldn’t want to

go with her.Imagine myself,well dressed in a

dinner party with a francesca nun.Don’t let me

say God forbid.

I picked up my phone and dialled marrissa’s

number.’Hello!…’ i heard that pretty voice i

have missed.

I swear,i almost said let’s get back together.It

must have taken me a while to find myself back

as i heard her say ‘Hello’ again,like a frustrated


‘Hi marris’ i said,like the network had been

bad’can you hear me now?’

‘yeah i can’the sweetness was getting deeper.

‘what’s up?’

‘nothing much.Just haven’t heard from you for

sometime now.was wondering how you were

doin’ liar!

‘aww…that’s sweet.Thanks’she responded like

she meant it.

‘anyway,where are you at?’i asked smoothly.

‘In lag’


Don’t know why but i felt devastated.she was

my best option and now she was more than

four hours plus lots of terrible roads away from

the university of Benin.

I had to move past my disappointment as the

party was just the next day.Now i just had one

last option;Marbel and it was certain she was

going to say yes if i let her.What other choice

do i?i had to.

‘marbel hi’ i said into my phone like someone

forced me to.

‘Johnson!’ she screamed and i almost cutoff the

call.’you remembered me today.what

happened?where are you?i want to see

you.Aww,it’s so unfortunate that am not in

Benin right now’


Her last words hit me like a rock and that

moment,i felt like Buhari must have felt when

the last election results were called.I was going

to go dateless?

I begged my mind not to think of it but it

disobeyed.Apparently i had to get a date and all

compasses pointed to mary! I was going on a

dinner date with a nun,damn!

Anyways beggers can’t be chosers so i had to

stick with what i got.My mind-ranting of mary’s

sense of dressing had made me ignore one

minute detail which now stood Unclad before

me.How was i going to ask her out? U can send hi to lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories. 

I could only thing of a way to do it;text

messaging.I checked the time on my clock.It

said 9pm,good!She must have slept,i

thought.Better to send it right away and when

she wakes up the following day,she wouldn’t

want to disappoint me as i purposely clearly

stated that the party was the next day and she

was the only one i had in mind.

Just as i dropped my phone after sending the

text,i heard p-square’s danger;my ring

tone.Jeez! It was mary calling.What now?