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BEHIND THE MASK Final episode 


                 BEHIND THE MASK
           FINAL EPISODE
John sends born again Enyonam home
……I became broken hearted. All these while, Xorsenyo was not aware that i came to see my Enyonam. Judge Amos was calling me for us to go but i was just absent minded. “Hey my guy lets go. why are you absent minded like that?” Amos said. “Did you just see that car? and have you seen how she was talking to me rudely?” i asked. “but you what are you thinking? Is it that you were expecting her to be waiting for you till thy kingdom comes? you’ve moved on and she has also moved on. I just brought you here for you to stop fantasizing.” Amos said looking straight into my face. I looked at him back and with an angry face, i went to sit inside the car for us to go. Amos came to join me in the car and was about to start the engine. 
Me: Amos do you think i can’t get my Enyonam back? She is the love of my life. 
Amos: My guy, sorry to tell you that monkeys play by their sizes. Left with me alone i will forget about this girl and concentrate on building my marriage. Getting this lady to yourself will mean you must do all you could to match up with those guys she is hanging around with. She has seen it all so there is nothing you can do to influence her.
Me: So you knew about this and you still brought me here. I will do everything to get this girl back. My wife can go to hell. She is just a trouble maker. 
Amos: Well, that’s your view. I wont tell you much because i expect that you learn from your mistakes. Do you know something, I forgot i have a meeting to attend in an hours from now so i will alight you at the next junction so that you pick a public transport. 
Me: ah! how? i should pick a public transport? alright no problem.
When we got to the junction, Amos truly made me to get down. He didn’t go to any meeting but to meet his girlfriend despite the fact that he was married. I felt very bad for myself when i stood by the road close to 30minutes without getting a car.
“All my friends are now at big places riding in big cars and sleeping in five star houses. Just look at me, standing by the road stopping cars after cars. I do say am an internal auditor for a very big company like Tema Harbour but i cant even boast of Ghc 1,000.00 in my account. hmm  God have mercy.” i prayed. Soon i got a car and returned back to my rented house. As soon as i got there, my landlord served me a letter informing me about an upward review of the monthly rent. I looked at the letter and honestly speaking, the tears finally came. 
At work on Monday, Xorsenyo came to meet me with my head on the office desk. 
Xorsenyo: Johnny why? “you no get correct sleep last night wey you dey sleep like some pregnant he goat?”
Me: charley i no dey feel well. My head all they bash me. Xorsenyo please i want you to cover for me. I want to go home and rest a bit. 
Me: Alright.
I left the office and went home. “why should this girl do this to me? ah!  Oh my God! how could I have allowed myself to rub buttoms with the porcupine? Nevertheless, it is said that it’s only a fool whose testicles are stepped on twice. How could some humans be so heartless and cruel to their fellow humans? You present and projected yourself as an angel of God sent from above whiles you just covered yourself with a sheep’s cloth and wore the heart of a wolf.” I was thinking aloud. 
Enyonam my wife walked and came to stand behind. She tapped my shoulders and that made me to turn to look into her face. Her face was filled with tears. 
Enyonam: my husband, I know I’ve cost you a lot. Please all am asking is for your forgiveness. I will be willing to leave the marriage but i wont have peace if you don’t forgive me. Am on my kneels. Please am sorry.
Me: Will your sorry bring back my mother? or will it restore my account? I started life with many people whom i was better than by then. Today, all these people are riding in their cars, happily married with children and living in their own houses. I am here in a rented house. I don’t have a car of my own all because of you. My father who was all i have too you turned my face away from him. I hate you. Enyonam i can’t love you back and i can’t forgive you.
There was this voice from behind us…..
“My son, all is vanity. What does it profit you if you should have all the goodies of this life and lose your soul? How can you hate a fellow human being to the very core of your heart and claim you love God? Learn to forgive because your father in heaven has also forgiven you. God has given you life which is the most important thing. Just start everything at fresh with a pure heart and God almighty will bless you. You have a brighter future and i can assure you that you have more ahead of you than what you’ve lost. Let the dead burry the dead and let the living glorify God. Life is short and don’t think death is far ahead of you. No! death is just beside you. Very close to you. The very little mistake you do and attach yourself to it, it will welcome you. God saved you from a lot so thank Him for your life and forgive from your heart. Do you know when you will die? It might be the next minute and if because you were not able to forgive your wife who is now a born again christian and  you are refused entrance into heaven then you see your wife in heaven how will you feel? Turn and look into my face and see who is speaking.” 
I turned and behold, it was my father accompanied by my pastor.
Enyonam: (holding his legs) In law, please am very sorry for all that i did. I’ve cost your family a lot. Please forgive me.
My Dad: I have forgiven you. Yesterday is gone and another day has come. Let’s focus on what is ahead than what has expired. John, pastor told me everything so just come back to yourself and love your wife.

But next time, try to listen to the elderly when they are advising you. There is the saying that what an elderly person can see from afar when sitting down can never be seen by a child even if he or she should stand on the tallest tower. A word to the wise is enough. 
Me: Daddy thank you for everything. I’ve heard all that you’ve said. You are also welcome to my house.
We walked into the room and Enyonam cooked for us to eat. I had the fear of another charm but i only closed my mind on that i took the food. 
I accepted Enyonam back as my wife and it was to the joy of everyone including Xorsenyo. The only person who had problem with it was Golder. This was because Enyonam nearly cost her too. 
After some few weeks, Xorsenyo also wedded Golder. The one month fasting and prayers deliverance service organised at the church was also fruitful. Most people got healed including the pastor. 
One night whilst in bed with Enyonam, she said ” John please i still have one more thing to tell you. Please don’t take it against me. I love you so much and don’t want to lose you.”
Me: okay go ahead and talk, am listening. 

Enyonam: Johnny i don’t have a womb so i cant give birth.  
Me: what! you don’t have a womb? why, are you a man? or what happened?
Enyonam: My womb was used for sacrifice when i was with the marine world. The sacrifice gave me all the wealth i was having before we met. The car and the boutique belonged to me and they were all as a result of that sacrifice. I did that to get money to support my parents because we were very poor. Sorry to tell you that i also made them to dilute your sperm in spirit so you can hardly give birth. 
Me: Jesus Christ!!! Enyonam please enough of this nonsense. Before 7:00am tomorrow, make sure you pack everything of yours and leave this house. I don’t want to skin you alive so just take the easy way. But if you dare me, i will make you regret coming into this world.
Enyonam stood up quietly from the bed and started packing her things. Looking at her was like seeing satan calling you when you are comfortably walking to heaven. I wish i could kill her but that would also come with its own implications.
Early in the morning, she went for a taxi and off she left. I fell sick instantly. 
Hmm, some people just have wickedness ingrained in their veins. “I sat with a bleeding heart under the tree in front of the  house thinking aloud. I just saw myself to be fooled and falsely accused of messing myself up. In no time, the clouds began to gather. They did so quickly that one would have thought they were under the spell of an esoteric being. It was accompanied by heavy winds so I decided to go into the room. I dashed into my bedroom and lied on my bed feeling very frustrated and devastated. Little did I know that I would fall asleep in a few minutes. I saw myself in a forest doing ‘only God knows’, when this hungry young antelope spotted me from afar and rushed my way. I never knew I could win an Olympic Marathon race until this moment when my speed increased faster than the antelope. Looking at things, there was no one around to help so I made up my mind to stop and fight it. “Hey, hey, Johnny! What is the problem with you?, wake-up. Why? Is the world crashing on you? ”

Xorsenyo came into the room to check on me.

With some terrible fear and panic, I woke up. “Xorse, it’s you. When did you enter into the room? Charley, it wasn’t easy oo, I was having some bad dream. But answer me, how did you enter?”

“You left the door open and besides that, I overhead you shouting for help when I entered the hall so I decided to come into the bedroom to see what was going on probably, Sis Enyonam is canning you so that I can plead on your behalf. Haha. Look at you, ‘ you dey here dey dream ‘ “. he explained. “Charley, I was dreaming about some antelope chasing me in a thick forest. Let’s leave that for now. How was work today?”, I asked. “Where is your wife, Enyonam?, and why has everything changed in your room like this?”, Xorsenyo asked.
Me: Xorsenyo, hmm, I went to marry a wolf which was nicely dressed and packaged in a sheep’s clothing. If you care to know, I’ve sent her away to wherever she came from.

Xorsenyo: You did what! Has the antelope in your dream finally gotten hold of you and affected your reasoning level? What did I just hear you rattle like that?
Me: Man, you heard me loud and clear. I’ve sacked her, if that would make comprehension easy for you. She is just a gold digger. I don’t know why her parents didn’t name her Golder.

Xorsenyo: Hey!, my friend watch your tongue . Have you forgotten my lady’s name is Golder? But What has come over you? After that expensive and ceremonious wedding which is not yet a year old?, or have you forgotten so soon that you proclaimed in public that for better for worse, and till death do you apart?
Me: For better for worse my foot. So I should allow my head to be chopped off before I know the chains are tightening my neck, is that what you are insinuating?  My friend I need to be a man. Look, that lady who claimed her name is Enyonam is not real. 
Xorsenyo: Charley put yourself together. I will come back later in the evening to check on you. But you better go back for your wife. Whatever the case is she is your wife. For now she is best for you. Start chasing after her because i promise you that you are making a big mistake. Before Xorsenyo finishes his advise giving, i received a call from the police that my wife was knocked down by a moving vehicle and under going treatment at the Tema General Hospital. Xorsenyo took me with his car to the hospital and truly, she was in critical condition. My love for her came back when i saw her innocent face on the bed.
        To God be the glory

              The End….
1. Was Johnny right by sending Enyonam away?
2. Can you share what you’ve learnt from  this story with us?

My major thanks goes to God Almighty for the grace to put this piece together. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 20


                 BEHIND THE MASK
            Episode 20
Johnny meets the real Enyonam. Test result released.
After the prayer, the pastor said i should go to the hospital to test my blood if still the STI was there. As a matter of fact, i was scared to go because going to see myself positive would bring me down more. By the powerful grace of God, i gathered courage and went for the test. The result came and oh my God! i couldn’t believe it. hmm 

The news came to me as a shock because i couldn’t comprehend it. Probably i should  call it the supernatural manifestation of glory. Having gone through all these ordeal with a marine spirit, sleeping with someone who has infested a whole church community, my HIV test result revealed that i was negative. ” Like seriously! doctor are you saying am not HIV positive?” i asked with a mixed feeling of joy and surprise. The counsellor who i look as a doctor said i was negative but he spoke to me on how to lead a life which will not put me at risk to acquiring the infection. I thanked him and came back to the house.  
Enyonam came to kneel before me and said i should forgive her. I pretended like i didn’t hear what she was saying. She said she was left with few days to die because she had exposed the doings of their camp. I said that was not my problem. ” So had it not that God was on my side, by now i would have been in the dark. You made me lose my mother who cared and cherished me. You made my father go through pains, you’ve made me to disgrace myself by taking my good friend to court. Upon all that, you infested me with a deadly disease. You devil go away from me.” I said and walked away from him to the bedroom. She cried her heard out but that never tickled me. 
Later in the day, i sat in the Sofa refreshing myself with some wine and same time watching documentary. This midday breaking news came up on the TV and in the news, Enyonam the original; was invited to the studio and was interviewed on some judgement dept saga. I had some shock within me when i first saw this lady. What the judge said about her was true. She had some slight deformity in her face but due to plastic surgery, you will hardly know that she went through burns. I picked my phone and called  judge Amos to be sure if she was the one i was seeing on the TV. He confirmed it and said i should make time so that he take me to where she stays at Accra. I told the judge Amos that i was ever ready to go see her. He said i should relax because things won’t work as fast as i expected it. I told him that wont be a problem but all i want was to see her. Soon after the call with the judge, my pastor called me and said i should come with Enyonam to his place for he has something to tell us. The pastor also asked me if the church we’ve been attending knew about the deliverance of which i told him no. I told him i don’t know how to go about it so I’ve stopped going to that church. My pastor said i should invite the Enyonam’s pastor over to my house so that he would rather come down to talk to him and discuss how they will manage to deliver the church. 
Even though Enyonam was still leaving under my roof, we shared nothing in common again. I don’t eat her food neither do we sleep on the same bed. I left the bed for her and i was sleeping in the hall every night. We lived together as if we were in the jungle.  To me, no body knew about this. Not knowing, Enyonam had ready called my pastor and reported me to him about how i was treating her. 
The whole of that week, i was never myself. I couldn’t even go to work. On Saturday, I invited the two pastors to my house. 
My pastor asked me to excuse them so i left the two of them to do their thing. My pastor made Enyonam’s pastor to understand what was going on around him. He made it clear to him that he was performing all the miracles because of the marine power he has. My pastor also made it clear to him that he was HIV positive and interestingly, the head pastor admitted that. He explained that the test was done sometime ago and it was proven that majority of the members were STI positive. 
The way forward. My pastor suggested a one month fasting and prayers by the pastor and all his members. My pastor was to be the gust pastor for their last week of prayers. He allowed Enyonam’s pastor to go. My pastor then called Enyonam and i into the room.
Pastor: John, I’ve heard a lot about how you are treating your wife of late. Am here to talk to both of you. 
Me: Pastor am not doing anything to her. I don’t beat her, i don’t prevent her from eating and besides i didn’t throw her away from my house so how come you said i don’t treat her well? 
Pastor: Let me start from this angle for you to understand me well. When was the last time you ate your wife’s food?
Me: I stopped eating her food because i feared she might put another charm in it. 
Pastor: Where have you been sleeping at night? and when was the last time you had a chat with your wife?
I remained silent. All this while, Enyonam was just crying. 
Pastor: John i expected you  to do better. You knew it that your wife didn’t do all that from her own will but from the demands of the marine spirits that by grace she is delivered from. This is the time you should rather embrace and care for her the more. You are to show her the love of God and you are the one to put her back to life. At the moment, she is highly depressed and if you should continue this, she might end up getting a severe mental disorder which we may attribute to the work of spirits but rather you are the cause. You see, many of the people we see out there on the street which we labelled “mad people” could be avoided if someone could have just shown them some small care by just telling them that they would be there for them. Some even end up killing themselves because they see themselves as the worse people on earth. I simple word sentence like ” I have forgiven you or i love you” could reverse what made them to end up on the street or taking off their own lives. What i want from you now is to accept Enyonam as your wedded wife just as you did on your wedding day. Start all over again and i promise that you will be one of the finest couple this world have ever had especially looking at where you are coming from.
Me: Pastor, am not trying to disobey you in anyway but i have a concern. 
Pastor: Go ahead we are listening. 
Me: This lady here had deceived me. She was not the person i thought i was getting married to. She also portrayed herself as if she was an angel sent from God. I cant forgive her and i don’t think we will ever love each other again.  If she can, fine, but i cannot love her again. The real Enyonam i wanted to marry is now back in the country. She is my rip. 
Pastor: Can you compare the the pain you are going through with what Jesus Christ suffered? Even upon all that, He said ” father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”
Hmm John, you’ve made me to laugh at you. Look, to err is human and to forgive is divine. Have you ever heard the saying that goes like “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know?” My son, there are many mistakes you did in the past of which repeating them would send you to an early grave and the worse will be ending you up in hell fire. Don’t be deceived by the roses of this world by conforming to the world, because not all that glitters is gold. The real Enyonam you are talking about how well do you know her? Are you sure she is still single by this time and even if she is, do you know why she is single? Ask yourself these questions and find answers to them. 
To my good friend out there thinking of leaving your current woman or man because you’ve found another person who you think would be better than the current, my question to you is that, how well do you know that person? why not maintain the current one and workout things to have a better life together? Have you asked why people keep changing spouse? Simply because no body is perfect. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If some people were perfect, i don’t think the bible will tell us that all have sinned. It would have said ” some have sinned.” Be wise and don’t be deceived. 
After pastor finished talking, i became confused the more because i just couldn’t imagine seeing myself loving Enyonam again.
Me: Okay thank you pastor. I’ve heard all that you’ve said. I will also take it  into prayers.
Pastor: Alright. I want the two of you to embrace yourselves let me see.
I moved towards Enyonam and did something to represent something like an embracement. It wasn’t really from my heart.    
Over the weeks, the fasting and prayers went on in the church. I stopped attending the church so i didn’t put myself in the fasting brouhaha. The members were receiving the anointing grace of healing one after the other.  
At work, my output was never the best. Xorsenyo was always around to motivate me but i was the only one that knew what was happening to me. 

I now became concerned with my father’s health so i do pay him regular visit. 
One afternoon after work, i called the judge so that he lead me to my real Enyonam’s place. He asked me to meet him at a particular joint which i did. 
This lady was really living in affluence. She lived in a very big house. Had it not to be the judge that l followed there, i would have seen myself as a nobody. I hid myself under powers and influence of the judge and walked freely into the house. 
As soon as my Enyonam came out to receive us i run towards her for a hug. “ei gentleman can you respect yourself a bit? how can you be running in this small space? by the way how can i help you?    

I stood there looking very foolish before her. 
Judge Amos: Enyonam can’t you recollect this gentleman?  Look at him well.
Enyonam: Amos unless you tell me who he is because i can’t make him out. 
Me: I’m John.  The school prefect during our secondary school days and your boyfriend. Can you now remember where you know me from? 
Enyonam: You and whose schools prefect?  oh so this is you.  But why are you now looking like an old man? why what work are you doing?
Judge Amos: He is an internal auditor for Tema Harbour. 
Enyonam: ohk that’s fine. So how can i help you? am getting late for a meeting.
I spired her finger and i saw that she had some promise ring on, meaning she was not yet married but dating.
Me: Oh i heard you are back into the country so i decided to come and know where you stay. I actually lost contact of you.  
Enyonam: But i believe you are not here to start telling me that because you were my boyfriend back in school, you want us to continue. 
Me: woo! So you know that already. I can remember the letter you wrote to me stating that if we are really meant for each other, we will meet someday and indeed the day has come. This is the day that the lord has made.
As soon as i stopped talking, this V8 car came into the compound. That was her boyfriend. I looked at the car, looked at my standard and it was clear that i have a lot to do before i can impress this lady.
Enyonam: Sorry my lord, my fiance is in and we are going somewhere. I will see you at your office. 
She only spoke to Judge Amos and left. This lady didn’t book me in anything. I felt bad that i was not recognised. I saw clawed of tears in my eyes about to to fall. I became broken hearted. All these while, Xorsenyo was not aware that i came to see my Enyonam. Judge Amos was calling me for us to go but i was just absent minded. What a shock…  


To be continued………..
1. Was Johnny doing the right thing? 

  1. Under what condition would you recommend divorce for John and Enyonam? 
    Let’s go to the FINAL episode to see what happened.
    But before then lets get interactive. What are your comments? 
    Final episode loading……
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BEHIND THE MASK Previously on episode  18 with episode 19


                 BEHIND THE MASK
            Previously on episode  18
I didn’t know when me, Xorsenyo and one elder got out of the room when Jessica vanished. She vanished leaving the disc on the floor. Enyonam threw some charm against pastor. The charm was to make him have sexual feelings for her. It was one of the elders that saved pastor in the room while we were outside. Pastor dropped his Bible and was looking into Enyonam’s face seductively when the elder said ” You are lying. I reverse this charm in the name of Jesus!

Pastor came back into his senses without knowing what went wrong. The marine queen and Jessica appeared from no where.

                   Episode 1⃣9⃣
Battle won, Enyonam and Jessica delivered and confessed.
   Pastor and the elder in the room got shocked upon seeing the war that was about to begin. They both drew back and tapped the elder sleeping to wake up. He woke up and saw these three marine ladies standing before them. He jumped back immediately and joined pastor. Pastor  told them to be strong and courageous. 
The marine queen walked forward and said if they want to go back to wherever they were coming from in peace and not pieces, then they should leave the house and mind their own business.
Pastor: I should rather be telling you this. I command heavenly fire to consume you all this very minute. Elders pray!

The heavy prayer started and it was as if an exchange of thunder strike. Anyway i was outside by then so i was only hearing the exchange.  The elder standing outside with me and Xorsenyo said we should gather courage and go into the room. I was very much afraid but i followed them. We went in and all we could see was Enyonam and Jessica on the floor. The queen vanished because the battle was tough. She took away the powers inside Enyonam and Jessica so they became very empty and weak. Xorsenyo and the elder now started their version of the prayers. I joined as if i was also doing something. I was praying with my one eye opened so that in case of anything i could run. After some time, Enyonam came into consciousness. She woke up from her unconsciousness and showing signs of poor insight.  She didn’t know what exactly happened to her and was asking who we were. 
Pastor held her hand and asked her to stand. He made her sit in the sofa but very weak. Pastor laid  hands on Jessica and also prayed for her. She also gained her consciousness back but not fully.
Pastor brought up a victory song which we all joined in singing. After the song, he asked Enyonam whom exactly she was.
Pastor: Who exactly are you? What was your mission? and where exactly are you coming from?
Enyonam: I’m very sorry please don’t harm me. I will not do it again. Don’t force me to talk because if i do, i will die. 
Pastor: You’ve not answered any of our questions. No one is here to harm you and there is nothing to apologize for at this moment. So just go ahead and answer the questions. 
Little did we know that the marine queen was going to come back. She only went to fortify herself well and came back in a disguised form. We heard a knock on the door. I went and this lady said she was looking for Enyonam. I asked what was her mission and she said she was her customer so she was coming for a business discussion. I told her to wait for a while because we were busy. She said she wont keep long so i should call her. I insisted that she cant come in. She then said i should follow her to her car so that she discuss what she wanted to tell Enyonam with me. When i started moving to follow her, pastor called me and said i should return because the very minute i step my foot into that car, that would be the end of my life. I asked why he said so. 
Pastor: “ramatokayatayaa” praying in tongues. I command you to leave this place now because i know what you are in for. These people are now for God and not your property. John Cant you smell the scent all over her? You are chatting with a fish who just left this room.

The pastor himself went out to meet her and to our surprise, Enyonams car was in serious flams. The car started burning which nobody knows the source of fire. We all ran outside to see what was happening. The lady was also no where to be found.

Pastor said we should be calm so that car was not an ordinary car. He said anyone that sits in that car is automatically initiated into some invisible spirit. I was confused and didn’t know what exactly was going on. Within 30 minutes, a call came that Jessica’s shop was also on fire. Me and Xorsenyo went to the shop side and everything was gone. 
Now the problem here too was that, once initiated, everyone swears an oath not to reveal to anybody the practices of the marine world. They keep everything as a secrete and the punishment for unveiling their secrete was instant  death or the individual generates a mental disorder. The person also loses all that she/he got from being a member. 
Ladies and gentlemen, this made me to come into agreement that the devil doesn’t give anything for free. They give with the left hand and takes back with both hands and legs. Same way with blood money, you take it as a loan and pay back using everything of yours including your family. You will lose everything and lose your soul too.  Due to this, everyone keeps the oath as their life jacket. 
Enyonam and Jessica knew the consequences involved in confession so that became very difficult for them. After the fire service men managed to put the fire under control, we returned into the room where Enyonam and Jessica were to tell us who they were. 
Pastor: Don’t be scared of anything. Just feel free and tell us everything. we are here to  help you.
Enyonam: We’ve took an oath of secrecy which if we break it, will cost us our life so we cant tell you anything.
Pastor: You will never die but you shall rather live to tell the whole world the  goodness of God. You will have a living testimony.  The devil is just scaring you. Bible says He has given you the power over all form of powers of this earth so with God on our side, nothing can befall us. Talk my dear.
All Enyonam could do was to cry. As a matter of fact, i was confused that day. I walked towards her and asked her to stop crying and answer the question. She even cried the more when i was talking to her.
Enyonam: John, am very sorry to tell you all that I’ve cost you. I am  the cause of your mother’s death. 
Me: What?!!!! so you are a witch. Thunder strike you in the name of Jesus. I raised my hands to smash her to death. 
Pastor: John behave yourself. You knew how to pray and never prayed to avoid all this. Enyonam feel free and tell us everything.  
Enyonam: John i love you that is why you are still alive till this time. I was sent to kill you. I married you because i wanted destroy your family. 
The club at Asamankesi that got burnt during your school days belonged to us. We put it up to get more young people into our camp. We make strong believes fall when they come into that club. When you and your friends came in that night, your mother stood in for you and prayed so we couldn’t get access to you. It was the straggle between your parents and us that led to the fire and burnt many people. We equally benefited from the blood shed that day. I married you so that i could retaliate with your family because of the bond. I charmed you but this pastor saved you from it. Xorsenyo was always there to interrupt in our moves because anytime he  goes to pray, he prays for you. I planned the court case to separate the two of you but he was equally strong in prayers. He was always praying so he warn the case. I bribed your company lawyer to lose the case but i didn’t know why he messed up. I poisoned his drink on two occasions but i was rather the person who falls as a victim to my own trap. The first was when i ended up at the general hospital leading to the court case and second was during the reunion. In the process of given him the poisoned drink, i fell down.
Xorsenyo: Oh really! hmm God is wonderful.
Pastor: Was that all you did? 
Enyonam: I have infested about 70% of my church members with HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
In chorus, we all shouted eai!!!!!
Enyonam:  The head pastor is battling with one because i do sleep with him. He feels he was having fun with me but my target was to bring him down. I equally made him to lust for other church members and never had a peaceful home.  I’ve given him marine powers that is what he uses at church now. The instruction is for him to preach about prosperity to members so that all their focus will be on wealth and miracles and forget about their reason for being in church. We know they were to worship God which we are against so we replaced it with wealth and miracle. Many of them hide under the grace of God and do worse things. All they come to church to do was t see miracles and hear messages of prosperity. 
Pastor: So what exactly have you done to your husband so far? 
Enyonam: Hmm a lot. He is a dead living. 
Me: What! what do you mean by that?
She continued. He has an STI which i infested him with. I made him to forget about his father and also he has no money in his bank. 
Me: Jesus Christ! Enyonam so you mean i am HIV positive? Let me just die at ones. 

I ran to the kitchen to get a knife to kill myself before the elders rushed to take the knife from me. Pastor laid his hands on me and with the elders, they prayed for me and said they remove any kind of STI in my blood. After the prayer, they questioned Jessica and she also confessed everything. 
After the prayer, the pastor said i should go to the hospital to test my blood if still the STI was there. As a matter of fact, i was scared to go because going to see myself positive would bring me down more. By the powerful grace of God, i gathered courage and went for the test. The result came and oh my God! i couldn’t believe it. hmm 
To be continued……. 
Is John HIV positive?
What would you have done if you were to be in John’s shoes in case you are positive? 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out if the result was positive. But remind  you,  The real Enyonam returns in the next episode. Will John marry her? was she already married? what happens to Johns wife Enyonam? Don’t miss the next episode.  
But before then lets get interactive. What are your comments? 
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BEHIND THE MASK Previously on episode  17. With episode 18


                 BEHIND THE MASK
            Previously on episode  17
At midnight, I started hearing some noise coming from the kitchen. It was as if someone was moving in there. I checked the  time and it was almost 2:00am. “Who should this be?”, I asked myself. I became scared. I gathered courage and went to lock the bedroom with key. “Who is there!!” I shouted and asked  whilst in the locked bedroom. After my question, the noise stopped. For after some few minutes, I could hear that the shower tap was opened and the water was pouring on the floor. The TV started talking. Upon the cool room  temperature, I began sweating profusely. It never occurred to me to resort to prayers. To add more pain to an injury, the light suddenly went off. What is happening? 

               EPISODE 1⃣8⃣
              The battle field
I opened the door slowly.

“Stop there! I’m warning for the last. Make sure that man do not come into this house.” An invisible voice said. I thought it was only babies that do urinate in their pants until this day that unconsciously urine started drawing the globe in my pant. I stood still without knowing where to go then i heard my phone ringing. I only thanked God i didn’t do the unexpected when my heart bit the more upon hearing the phone ring. I turned and saw the phone glowing on the bed. I walked backwards and picked the call. It was pastor. As if a life jacket was presented to me in the midst of a stormy sea.  I was briefing like a confused Tilapia. 
Pastor: John what is the problem? 
Me: Pastor am dying please help. There are some spirits in my room trying to harm me.
Pastor: me and the elders are in an all night prayers now. Nothing will happen to you just join us in prayers.
I started hearing some powerful tongues and roaring prayers in the background. All i could say was AMEN. The noise stopped and within some few minutes, the light came on. The powerful prayer lasted for about 45 minutes. After the prayer, the pastor asked if i was still afraid. Even though i was not sure if the voice behind the door left or not, all i  said was YES with a feeble voice.  He said i should be expecting him and the elders first thing in the morning. I had wanted to tell him what the voice said  but i only said okay.
I opened the door and noting was there. It was there that I realized i that i soiled my pant. 
It has become imminent Enyonam and her camp face the battle squarely. But before that, the marine queen said she was disappointed in Enyonam because instead of her going striate  to break me down from the beginning, she was having fun with me. She told Enyonam that she will punish her when they return from the battle. They planned everything and Enyonam was supposed to come home very early to create a scene which will take me away from the house so that when pastor comes, he wouldn’t meet us.
As early as 6:00am, Enyonam was already in the house. I looked into her face, looked at the picture Xorsenyo brought. “Enyonam who exactly are you?” I confidently asked. ” What the hell is the meaning of this question? instead of you welcoming me from my trip, you are asking who i am. Don’t i look like your wife anymore? and whose picture is that?” she asked. “have a look at them.” i gave the pictures to her to see. ” This is my twin sister who died some years ago. And where do you get them from?” she asked. “I don’t get you. You mean you know her?” I asked. “Yes but she is dead come and let me go and show you where she was buried.” I became very surprised as to what she was saying. ” okay lets go because am getting confused here.” i said to her. “meet me in the car.” she said. “Enyonam eeermm lets wait and go later. My pastor back home said he will be visiting this morning. So i think we should wait and go after he is gone.” ” but what is he coming to do this early morning? don’t worry, we will be back soon. The place is just at community four.” she tried convincing me. ” okay lets go.” I said to her. 
Her plan was to send me to a far away place so that pastor and his people wont meet anybody when they come. Apart from that too, she will cast another spell on me. She had really planned for me partly because she wanted to prove to her master that she was not a failure. 
We sat in the car but the engine  wasn’t starting. She made me to push of which i did but to no avail. All these time, pastor and his people were on their way. Suddenly, pastor’s car also broke down on the way. They did all they could but still it wasn’t responding. There was no network too at where they were so they couldn’t call for help. They decided to pray over the car. Out of the blue, another car came to stop behind them and the driver happened to be a mechanic and also a member of the same church just that from a different town. According to him, it was the sticker at the back of the pastors car that alerted him that a member needs help. He went under the car and within minutes, the car was good to go. The pastor thanked him very well and the man was equally glad to work on pastors car especially at the time pastor needed serious help. 
Our car was still not starting so Enyonam suggested we use public transport. It was a Saturday so there was no issue with going to work. 
Xorsenyo called and said he was also coming to my place that morning because he had some strange dream about me and wanted to tell me. I told him that was fine so he should come so that we could use his car as well. Enyonam was not happy with my suggestion and said she was not going to sit in Xorsenyo’s car. I reminded her that it was the same car that was used to save her when she fell during the reunion. She ignored me and said she was going to get her mechanic in town. This time around she want to run away. 
Within some shortest time, Xorsenyo was already in the house. Five minutes later, pastor and his people too got to the house. They met Enyonam at the entrance and stopped the car to ask if i was around. She directed them to the house and said she will be back. The pastor told her that he will need her presence so she should consider going to her place after they’ve left. She had no option than to come into the house. 
I welcomed them and asked Enyonam to serve them with water. Pastor asked his elders if they will take the water and only one elder said he will. Enyonam went into the kitchen and added some charm to the water. The elder comfortably took it and even enjoyed it. 
Pastor: John, we just want to do some small spiritual exercise in your house that’s why we travelled all the way to this place. 
Before pastor could finish telling the reason for coming, Eld Stephen was already feeling sleepy and weak. 
Pastor asked us to form a circle where he himself was in the center. The prayer started and seriously Enyonam was also praying. Once of a sudden, she shouted and commanded everybody to keep quiet.
Enyonam: I’ve given you people too much liberty to fool around. This is not a prayer camp. If you need a place to establish one don’t consider this place because it is a rented house. I have a place to go. Hoping by the time i return you people leave this house with your noise. 
Pastor: You devil i command you to be mute. You are not moving an inch until our mission is completed.
Enyonam: How dare you command me in my own house? 
Pastor: This house does not belong to you and the body though which you are talking also does not belong to you. We are aware of all your plans and even all the worse you did in the past. We are stopping you this very minute.
We heard someone knocking on the door. I went out and it was Jessica. ” what do you want here at this time?” i asked. “Am coming for my money or i show your the video to the world. I’ve edited it so no one will see my face.” 
Pastor: John let the person in we are praying.

Me: Pastor please she just want to deliver a message so i will attend to her here so that we can continue. I will join you soon.
Enyonam walked to meet me and saw Jessica at the entrance. Immediately, Jessica started crying. “Jessica what is it? come inside.” Jessica came into the room.
Jessica: Mr John is owing me and does not want to pay.

Enyonam: How? are you not to report to him after you close from work? how then is he owing you? 

Everything is inside this disc. But if he should pay me, no one will see the content of it. 
Pastor: Lady will shut up before i descend on you? I’m aware of all your plans and everything will come to an end today.  
Before we could see, Eld. Stephen was fast asleep in the sofa. Pastor said we should allow him to sleep because he knows where the problem was coming from.
Jessica: And who is this man trying to command me? What plan are you talking about? i can see you also do cheat on your wife is not around just like this man. Pointing fingers at me. 

Me: Jessica what is the meaning of this? 
Pastor: God have mercy on your soul. Shall we pray. 
The prayer storm started with all seriousness. I couldn’t pray but was saying “Jesus”. 
I didn’t know when me, Xorsenyo and one elder got out of the room when Jessica vanished. She vanished leaving the disc on the floor. Enyonam threw some charm against pastor. The charm was to make him have sexual feelings for her. It was one of the elders that saved pastor in the room while we were outside. Pastor dropped his Bible and was looking into Enyonam’s face seductively when the elder said ” You are lying. I reverse this charm in the name of Jesus!

Pastor came back into his senses without knowing what went wrong. The marine queen and Jessica appeared from no where.
To be continued….
How often do you pray? 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out how the battle ended.
But before then don’t forget to leave you comments. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 17


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 17
        Jessica failed. Enyonam’s identity exposed.
Jessica has a very soft and smooth skin which was very addictive to let go of. After that call, another one came. This time around, I checked and it was Xorsenyo. I only muted the phone and placed it back. My arousal got to it’s peak so I carried Jessica which I was sending her to the bedroom to finish the mission. I placed her on the bed, removed everything of hers and the next question she asked was where was my condom. I told her I was as pure as the snow so she shouldn’t worry about that. She agreed with me. Immediately I was ready to climb the human horse, there was this heavy knock on my door. The knock was very heavy and it continued. “Ah! who the hell is that trying to pull down my house? Please It’s late go and come tomorrow. Jessica was on the bed waiting for a kickoff of the game while I went to get the door. One could clearly see that I was in the middle of something because of the protruding nature of my towel.
I opened the door and guess who? Xorsenyo. 
(Speaking under tone)

Xorsenyo: John ei is Enyonam back already? I can see you are in the middle of something. 
(Still under tone)
Me: Xorsenyo but what are you doing here by this time? You should be by Golder by now.  
Xorsenyo: Don’t worry I won’t keep long. I met the judge that ruled our case at the appeal court today when I went to town with Golder to buy some of our wedding items. He said I should give some documents to you. 
Me: Okay come in. 

He saw Jessica’s bra, shoes and watches on the sofa. I just imagined when she was removing them. 
Xorsenyo: I can see you are really in heaven. I won’t like to waste your time. He said I should give you this evelope. 
I received the brown evelope and opened it. In the process of  opening the evelope, Xorsenyo asked. 
“John is that your digital camera functioning? I need one for my engagement program.”

Me: What camera are you talking about? I don’t have any camera neither is Enyonam having one. 
Xorsenyo: So what is that in-between those books? 

He pointed to the camera. I left the envelope and went to take the camera. Surprisingly to me it was still recording. 
Me: Xorsenyo I’ve never seen this camera in this house before. It’s even recording. 

I stopped the recorder and there was an hour and half video. I started playing it and the first thing I saw was when I came into the hall after taken my bath. I knew it that the next thing will be when I started romancing Jessica so I stopped it so that John doesn’t know what I was doing behind my wife. “I don’t know about this camera but I will ask my wife to know who it belonged to so that you can come for it for your engagement”. I said to him. “Alright. I will like to start going since you were busy before I came in. See you tomorrow”. Xorsenyo said and left. After seeing him off to his car I came to sit down and played the video. Seriously all that I was doing with Jessica was very clear and loud. “Jesus Christ! so who placed this camera here? Eeii so what happens if Enyonam sees this mess? No! Jessica must be responsible for this”. I said to myself.
Jessica after waiting for long on the bed decided to come out to see what was keeping me. She covered herself with the blanket and walked quietly and stood at the entrance of the hall and saw me holding the camera. “I’m doomed. This man managed to see this camera. How am I going to explain this? I need to look smart if not this guy will put me into trouble.” Jessica said to  herself and went back into the room to dress up.
I took the envelope Xorsenyo brought and took time to look at the content. It was coming from Judge Joshua. He sent pictures he took with the real Enyonam who was our mate the GP during an occasion at Harvard law school when he was in school. Looking at the pictures, you could see some little deformity on her face due to the fire incident. I was getting confused with each picture that I saw. Judge Joshua added a note and said the true Enyonam will be coming down to Ghana in three months time. The note also stated that the true Enyonam was taken outside the country after the fire incident where she continued her education outside and now a lawyer. “So who is this Enyonam I call my wife?”, I asked myself. 
“Fire! fire!! fire!!!!” Jessica ran out of the room shouting “fire”. I got scared and jumped from where I was sitting. My first action was to go and put off the main electric switch located in front of house. As I ran out to put off  the switch, Jessica took the camera, her BRA and other things she left in the hall. By the time I came into the room, she was ready to leave. “Where is the fire?”, I asked. “In the bedroom”. She replied. I hurried to the bedroom to see what was happening only for me to see that there was no fire. 

“Jessica where did you say the fire is ?” I came out to ask her only to meet an empty room. She was gone. I checked everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be found. I realized the camera was also not on the table. “This lady deceived me and ran away with this video. I will get hold of her. But what does she want from me?” I asked myself. I went out to  switch on the power and came to sit to watch news. 
Early the next morning, I called to find out how Enyonam my wife was doing. She said she was doing well and said she was missing me. “Enyonam do you know that I still don’t know you well? I want you to come home for us to discuss something. She said she doesn’t understand what I was insinuating and hanged up. 
“What is the meaning of this? Is Enyonam not the Enyonam that I know? So what exactly is happening around me?” 
Enyonam called Jessica to find out from her whether she disclosed her true identity to me. Jessica assured her of confidentiality but made her to know that she failed been able to sleep with me. 

“Didn’t you add the arousal charm to the food? ” Enyonam asked. “I did but someone came to spoil the whole process.” Jessica explained. 
Meaning it  was a well calculated strategy to get me down again after the deliverance from my Pastor. They planned that once Jessica is able to sleep with me, I will automatically fall into their trap but thanks for using Xorsenyo to saving me. Jessica added some charm to the food which made me feel aroused. My good friend ladies, be careful who cooks for your husbands even in your presence. 
Jessica told Enyonam that she has a video which has a playback of our romance after giving me the food. Jessica assured Enyonam that she would be able to use the video as an evidence if I tried proving stubborn. 
At work, I received a text message from Jessica that she has a video of the two of us making love and for me to be at a safer side, I need to be paying her Ghc1000.00 every month for six month so that she could discard the video. In the text, she said she has duplicated the video in different forms so with the little misbehaviour from me, she will let my wife and the whole world see the video. 
I was very disturbed and confused after reading the text. Xorsenyo came to visit me at my office. “Why do you look so moody like this? Why, were you not satisfied last night?” Xorsenyo asked jokingly.
Me: Xorse, I just don’t know what is happening to me. I’m just not myself. I can’t even concentrate. The envelope you brought yesterday contains pictures belonging the Enyonam I thought I married.
Xorsenyo: What are you talking about? Do you have some Enyonam elsewhere? 
Me: I don’t know for now. My wife is not around. I will only know the truth when she returns.
Xorsenyo: So you mean the bra I saw yesterday on the sofa was not for your wife? So on who were you using that hard long thing in front of you last night?  Hey! Have you started cheating on your wife? I won’t endorse that practice for you. 
Me: Charley I’m not here to discuss that now. That is even another trouble I need to deal with.
“No John you need deliverance. The devil is just using you for anything. ” Xorsenyo said. “My friend don’t start it. Have you married Golder before chopping her day and night? stop that hypocritical thing. The devil is equally using you if you don’t know. ” I said to him. “We are only cohabitating. Everyone knows she is with me.” He explained. “Look, provided you’ve not payed for  her bride price she ceases to be yours and you have no right to sleep with her. Me I nearly cheated on my wife but I didn’t do it again.” I said to him. 

Xorsenyo  said he had some assignments to complete so we will chat later. 
After work, Jessica never showed up to present her duty report. I called her and all she told me was to stop mounting pressure on her. “I will present the report when I feel like. If you try pushing me I will expose you”. She added. “What exactly do you want from me? Why have I wronged you in any way? ” I asked her. “Stop asking me questions. ” she commanded. 
After some few minutes of that call, my Pastor back home called me. 
(On phone)

Pastor: John I’ve been expecting you and your wife but you never showed up. What happened?
Me: Pastor, it is a long story but the long and short of it all is that my wife has traveled so I can’t come with her. 
Pastor: Did you try cheating on your wife in her absence? 
I remained silent for sometime because I don’t know what answer to give. “Are you on the line?” Pastor asked. “Yes I….. I…. tried it but I stopped”. I said. 
Pastor: John, you never prayed after leaving this place hence making yourself available for the devil to capture you again.  Something very dangerous is about happening to you but with prayers, we can save the situation. It was revealed to me that a trap has been set for you to fall again. Make sure you come with your wife so that we avert any danger ahead of you. 
Me: Pastor I think I’ve dealt with that already that was why I didn’t complete cheating on my wife. But all the same I wish  you rather come to the house and clear any spirit that is hiding in the house? My wife is not around so I wish you come here. I will pay for your fuel. 
Pastor: Okay. I will be there tomorrow. So be expecting me with  some other elders of the church. 
I called Enyonam to inform about the coming of Pastor to the house the following day. She said that was of no use because that was the essence of the holy spirit. Enyonam explained that because Christ saw the stress in  moving from house to house, person to person, town to town to preach and heal the sick, He left us with the holy spirit who is always with us and all we needed to do was to call on him at anytime.  She said the Pastor at Tema could also do what my Pastor was coming to do so I should spare the Pastor the stress. 
I called the Pastor back and told him what Enyonam suggested. The Pastor said I shouldn’t worry about his stress so that was the work he was called to do. 
At midnight, I started hearing some noise coming from the kitchen. It was as if someone was moving in there. I checked the  time and it was almost 2:00am. “Who should this be?”, I asked myself. I became scared. I gathered courage and went to lock the bedroom with key. “Who is there!!” I shouted and asked  whilst in the locked bedroom. After my question, the noise stopped. For after some few minutes, I could hear that the shower tap was opened and the water was pouring on the floor. The TV started talking. Upon the cool room  temperature, I began sweating profusely. It never occurred to me to resort to prayers. To add more pain to an injury, the light suddenly went off. What is happening? 
I opened the door slowly. “Stop there! I’m warning you for the last.  Make sure that man do not come to this house.” An invisible voice said.  
To be continued….
1. Was John wrong by informing Enyonam about the coming of the Pastor? 
2. Were you surprised when Enyonam was explaining the work of the holy spirit? 
Keep your comments coming. 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out who was at the door and many more.  
But before then don’t forget to leave you comments. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 16


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 16
         John cheats on Enyonam.
Women’s leader: My dear what is the problem? 
Miranda: Pastor is refusing to accept my pregnancy after he slept with me countless times.
Pastor: Jesus Christ!! Lady what did you just say? Was that what you brought to me for discussing? 
The lady became aggressive which called the attention of everybody including the pastor’s wife. 
Osofomaame: I said it but you denied. Now defend yourself here. This is the Miranda girl who reported you to me. You think you can always hide in the dark and do evil? I cease to be your wife from this very moment. Take her home and make her your wife. 
Pastor stood with mouth opened and eyes looking into the clouds. “No! I command an instant justice here in the name of Jesus!!! ” pastor said loud with tears in his eyes. 
Touch not the anointed. As soon as the Pastor commanded instant justice, Miranda stopped the noise and fell to the floor. She became paralyzed and found it difficult to talk. The Pastor asked some members that were around to take her into the chapel where the Pastor called on his prayer team to pray for her. The scene was not easy. The spirit in her threatened the Pastor but eventually, the church and Pastor became victorious. The marine spirit that possessed Miranda left leaving the real Miranda. Before leaving, She confessed that she was sent to bring the Pastor down because he was stopping them from progressing.  After the spirit left and with continuous prayers, she regained some strength which enabled her to talk. She was interviewed by one of the elders and that was where she denied all the allegations she made against Pastor. 

Osofomaame felt very bad within herself because she felt she could have done better by knowing that Miranda was acting under some influence. 
Osofomaame knelt before the church and asked for forgiveness. Pastor asked her to stand up because he found no fault with her.
Pastor: You did what any other woman will do when she should notice that her husband is cheating. You being a pastor’s wife doesn’t prevent you from being jealous. After all, jealousy is one part of relationship or marriage that makes it interesting. Jealousy in a relationship simply means you care and wouldn’t love to lose your partner. The place where it becomes a problem is when it becomes overly done. Too much of everything is said to be bad hence too much of jealousy becomes a disorder which is normally termed as paranoia. That is characterized by excessive suspicion and delusion. The only problem I see is that most pastor’s wives don’t pray as expected. One thing I want to advise is that, because the devil finds it difficult approaching the Pastor, they pass through his wife who is less prayerful to get to the Pastor. As an osofomaame what must you do when faced with such a challenge?  Yes you need to query your husband but most importantly, you need to pray for him. Don’t easily get influenced by what you hear against Pastor because some are mere plots to get Pastor down. Well I agree God did not call the two of us into ministry so someone will ask why should you blame osofomaame if she is not prayerful? The man and the woman shall leave their parent’s house and become one flesh which translates into I and my father are one. So anything that affects osofomaame, affects Pastor and the carry over effect will go to the church. I thank  God for revealing the truth to the church but I will add again that we should be careful not to be used as a vessel of the devil. 
Pastor went to hold osofomaame’s hand and said “you remain to be my lovely wife.” They hugged each other passionately to the admiration of everybody around. 
That was a clear indication of failure on the part of the mariners. 
Interestingly, before the doctors could start the operation process on Enyonam, they decided to check again to be sure the system was ready for the operation. All they noticed was that there was nothing in the stomach neither in the womb. “This is miraculous. The fibroid has disappeared by itself”, said the surgeon. Everyone became surprised when they heard this. The doctor came out to give me a handshake. “Your God has answered your prayer. God as healed your wife without we carrying out our procedure. Our last investigation before the surgery indicated that there was no sign of fibroid”. Doctor are you very sure of this? I asked. “Yes my brother. Let’s thank God for everything. ” he said. I went on my knees, raised my two hands and sang songs of praise. I went to see Enyonam in the ward and I could see she was gaining strength. Xorsenyo came to visit us and also thanked God for the miracle. After Enyonam was discharged the following day, I advised she go and stay with her parents for some few days So that she could be cared for better since I wouldn’t be in the house continually due to work. Initially she didn’t want to agree but with more influence, she agreed. She suggested we get someone to be managing her shop because she wouldn’t like to close the place for long. She suggested one young beautiful lady who was also a member of the choir. I didn’t protest against that because I knew that lady was descent. Little did I know that she was initiated into Enyonam’s camp so she was just coming to continue from where Enyonam stopped. 
Quickly, arrangements were made and this lady commenced work. Enyonam left to stay with her parents to fully recover before coming back. Jessica was to report to me everyday after the day’s work. 
After a week, Xorsenyo resumed work and gradually we were getting close again. He was equally preparing to get married to Golder. People were surprised to see the two of us getting close again after the near imprisonment case. Xorsenyo told them not to be surprised because everything that happens, happen for good and in everything we should give thanks to God. 
I got home one evening when Jessica came to present her daily duty report to me. She actually did good sales that day. “Would you like if I prepare some food for you  before I  leave? I can see you’ve been buying outside of late”, Jessica suggested. “Oh my dear don’t worry about that. I’m Okay with that. Your madam will return soon.” I said to her. “Oh sir don’t think you will be disturbing me if you ask me to cook for you. I just feel like helping madam Enyonam in her absence.” she added. “Jessica since you insist you can go into the kitchen and prepare anything. I want to take my bath so will be with you after I’m done”. I agreed to her and went to take my bath. 
I could feel a very nice aroma from the kitchen when I came out from the bath. I came to sit in the hall when she came to tell me that she has finished with the food. I walked with her to the kitchen and and tasted the stew she prepared. “Wow! this stew is very nice”. I nearly said this tasted better than your madam’s. I praised her. “Thank you sir. Just go and relax let me serve you”. Jessica served me rice with the stew. After eating the food, I became very aroused. I started admiring Jessica sexually. 
Me: Jessica but why are you not eating? 
Jessica: I’ve eaten mine in the kitchen so that’s yours. Just feel free and eat. 
Me: Your food tastes very delicious. Come and sit beside me. 
Jessica smiled and rolled her eyes seductively and came to sit beside me. “I hope you enjoyed the food”. Jessica asked. “Oh Yea! I love it but left with one thing to make everything complete. I said. “Mr. John and what must that be? ” she asked as my hands were already around her waist. “The thing is located in the bedroom”, I said. She smiled and turned to look into my face. “I am here for you. Use me for whatever you want. ” Jessica said as she stood up and sat on the center table before me. She started removing the buttons on her dress. 
Jessica positioned a digital camera in a hidden place in the room which was recording everything that was going on. 
The kisses commenced. We kissed each other as if our lips were a life support machine which without it one may die. My phone started ringing but because I was in a high mood, I ignored it. It ranged again for another three times but I didn’t bother to check the caller. But I won’t lie to you, Jessica has a very soft and smooth skin which was very addictive to let go of. After that call, another one came. This time around, I checked and it was Xorsenyo. I only muted the phone and placed it back. My arousal got to it’s peak so I carried Jessica which I was sending her to the bedroom to finish the mission. I placed her on the bed, removed everything of hers and the next question she asked was where was my condom. I told her I was as pure as the snow so she shouldn’t worry about that. She agreed with me. Immediately I was ready to climb the human horse, there was this heavy knock on my door. The knock was very heavy and it continued. “Ah! who the hell is that trying to pull down my house? Please It’s late go and come tomorrow. Jessica was on the bed waiting for a kickoff of the game while I went to get the door. One could clearly see that I was in the middle of something because of the protruding nature of my towel. 
I opened the door and guess who? 
To be continued….
1. Was John right by allowing Jessica to cook for him at the first place? 
2. Will you allow another young lady be around your husband in your absence? 
Keep your comments coming. 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out who was at the door and many more.  
But before then don’t forget to leave you comments. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 15


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 15
            Enyonam’s pregnancy exposed. Miranda grasps pastor.


Pastor: Miranda. Who is Miranda? I don’t even know anybody by that name. Father, any Miranda that is trying to set fire into this house, I’m leaving her under your control. Deal with her and let all men see that I’m serving you in spirit and in truth. 
The pastor prayed and also slept. 
That night, I had a dream and in the dream, I saw myself fighting with my mother in-law. She said my wife’s pregnancy was not mine which I was also protesting. I woke up and told Enyonam about the dream. She said I was too happy about the pregnancy that was why I dreamt about it. I slept back and honestly, a continuation of the dream came. This time, my pastor was telling me not to accept the pregnancy. 

I woke up again and asked Enyonam to join me pray for the pregnancy. “John you are disturbing my sleep. You can pray for yourself”, she said. “How do you expect me to pray for myself? Am I the one carrying the baby?”, I asked. She just positioned herself well on the bed and slept. I knelt before the bed and prayed. 
In the morning during breakfast, I received a text from my bankers indicating the receipt of my monthly salary. I checked the part that stated my total balance. “But how come I have this small amount in my account? If I do receive Ghc2000.00 a month and without building or buying a car, all I have left in my account is Ghc3050.00 then what am I doing?”. I asked myself looking directly into the face of Enyonam. “Ah, but why are you looking into my face as if I spent the money for you? You’ve forgotten how you were dishing out money when your father was admitted at the hospital, even during your mother’s funeral. You were spending as if you were the only one your mother have birth to. When I was telling you to stop spending much, you felt I was the person preventing you from reaching out to your family”. Enyonam said. “You forgot to add the money you asked for money to reinvest into your business. From today we are going to control how we spend in this house. You are pregnant now and we need to prepare down for receiving my first son”, I said to her. “And how do you intend to control expenses? I don’t remember asking you for money either for food or my shopping. I suggest you learn how to avoid dashing money for, I don’t know if I should say, family matters or charity works”, she added. 
I hurried with the breakfast and left for office. After sometime of working, I went to the bank to print out my bank statement. After going through I realised I issued cheques to people that I could not even remember. I also saw the cheque I gave to Enyomam’s lawyer and many more. After the bank, I passed through Xorsenyo’s place to see if I will meet him in the house. Fortunately, he was washing a Jeep when I got there. 
Xorsenyo: And what is John doing in my house at this time? You should be at work by now. Or have I gone wrong again? 
Me: My brother, you’ve never gone anywhere. Please am I permitted here? 
Xorsenyo: Hmm. This earth does not belong to any of us for me to say I’m preventing you from standing here. I don’t have any problem with that. 
Me: OK thank you. Please is Golder around?
Xorsenyo: Why ask of my lady? Is she the next culprit? 
Me: Xorsenyo, Please I’ve come in peace. I was asking of Golder so that I see the two of you and tell both of you what I have. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. 
Xorsenyo: She has gone to school. She started with her second degree program at Legon so she left this morning. 
Me: That’s very nice to hear. Congratulations for that. Please I’m here purposely to apologize to you for everything that I’ve done to you. I believe I went too far. You were my advisor and friend. Please I’m not sure my wife accused you from her own volition. The devil used her to cause a split between us. Please I’m very sorry. As I said, I’ve regretted all that went on. 
Xorsenyo: John, would you have come to stand here this morning to say all this if I were to be imprisoned because of something that I had no idea of? Anyway, my God also suffered for sins He didn’t commit. What shows you people are now convinced I didn’t do what you accused me of? You should have come with your wife to show that you mean what you are saying. 
Me: Sorry about that. I’m coming from the office to this place. My wife is in the house and besides, she is pregnant. You started this with us so I want you to be part of its continuity as well. I want you to come with Golder so we celebrate the pregnancy.
Xorsenyo: First of all congratulations for proving your man power. As I said, I don’t have anything against you and besides, the battle was for the Lord which He fought for me. I’ve heard all that you’ve said. I will discuss with Golder when she returns. When is the celebration? 
Me: This weekend. Thank you for having such a soft heart to forgive me. God bless you. But bro, whose Jeep is this? 
Xorsenyo: Oh this is for Golder. She took my 4×4 to class because hers is dirty so I’m just cleaning it before she gets back. 
Me: Wow!! You mean you have two powerful cars? One for you and one for your lady? That’s good, man. You’ve done well. I guess you are having some building projects also ongoing. 
Xorsenyo: Oh yeah. Your guess is right. It’s just that the contractors are delaying the work. It’s all by the grace of God and to the glory of God. That’s why I will never lose focus of my God. He is always ready to lift me when I’m down. He says the poor should say they are rich and the weak to say they are strong. John even though you go to church, I don’t see you to be a Christian. You’ve been blindfolded that’s why you could allow the devil have his way through you. You need to be born again and see the glory of God at work in your life. 
I stood still looking at him when he was talking. I just had a mental view of my bank balance and saw the Jeep he was washing. My balance was no where close to buying any of his cars. My wife already had her car before coming into the marriage but I couldn’t even buy myself a taxi. I was always driving in company’s pool car. Poor me.  
Me: Bro. I would like to get to the office now. Please remember to come with Golder this weekend.   
Xorsenyo: Alright. I will resume next week. Have a nice day. 
I looked at the registration number and the car was registered that year. My position was higher than his so how come he was progressing in life like that? I asked myself. I entered the company’s pool car and left. On my way, I pondered over all that he told me. “But how should I be born again? I’ve been born into the church, my family is known for their Christian faith so what does this man mean by saying I should be born again? Or he is just bragging to me because he has a car. Crap”.
Enyonam called me on phone to ask what I would take for supper that day. I told her she should just surprise me and I also have a good news for her when I get home. By the time I got home, she had prepared my favourite food. I wish I can tell you which food it was but that’s my secret. 
At the dinning table.

Me: This food tastes very good. You always prepare what I really need at any time. You are so sweet. 
Enyonam: (smiled) You always have something to say. By the way thank you. I’m your wife and I will always give you the best. 
Me: Thank you. 
Enyonam: But dear you promised to tell me the good news when you return. My ears are itching to hear the good news according to John:)
Me: Oh yeah. Xorsenyo has forgiven us. I went to his place this afternoon. 
Enyonam: And how does that translate into a good news? We should be forgiving him not what you are saying. Were you the one that sent him to kill me? 
Me: Dear I thought you will welcome this news with a good heart. Please let’s learn to put all that behind us. Yesterday is gone and we are in a new day. Guess what. 
Enyonam: What! 

Me: He registered two cars just this year and a big mansion for himself and Golder oo. I just jealous him. 
Enyonam: And is that news if someone buys a car? You don’t know all these people add up to create holes in your account. Keep following him. Very soon your account will go into negatives. You’ve forgotten your pastor said some people are against your progress. A word to the wise is enough. 
Me: But why should you be talking like this? If you care to know he will be coming with Golder to this place this weekend for reunion and celebration of our pregnancy. 
Enyonam: Hmmm, you this man I can see you don’t stick to your words. I thought you said you were going to control expenses? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 
We finished with the food and went out to the movies that evening. 
When Golder returned from school, Xorsenyo told her what transpired in her absence.
Golder: So did you agree to go for the celebration? There is a saying; once bitten, twice shy. Better still, it is only a fool whose testicles are stepped on twice. I won’t follow you to that house. 
Xorsenyo: Dear I understand you but we should know that everything happens for a reason. I believe John and his wife have learnt their lessons. It’s prudent if we let go of the past and face tomorrow. 
Golder: You think your enemies have stopped following you because you now have money. Poor you. This is when the battle gets tougher so you should equally look strong. Well, I will go with you if you insist. 
Xorsenyo: Thank you. That’s why I always love you. 
I gave out some money and Enyonam also added some. We used that to get ready for the celebration. We invited some few friends around and some church members. Our head pastor at Tema was the guest of honour. 
That Saturday, we got ready to receive all our invited guests. Xorsenyo and Golder were fully represented. The pastor came to call the two families, that is Xorsenyo and Golder then me and Enyonam. He prayed and united the two families. It was a very nice moment. After that side of the program, we moved on with the celebration of the pregnancy. The program was in the evening. In the process of serving food to our invited guests, Enyonam decided to also join in serving the food. In an attempt to give a dessert to Xorsenyo, she stumbled in front of Xorsenyo and fell on her stomach. All we could see was blood draining in between her legs. It has become imminent that Xorsenyo pushed her or something. No one knows. Xorsenyo quickly carried her in his 4×4 and we rushed her to the hospital. Per medical examination, the doctor said he didn’t see any pregnancy or any sign of pregnancy so they don’t know how come she said she was pregnant. The doctor said their investigation rather proved that she was suffering from fibroid that was even an opportunity for them to operate on her to remove it. The whole thing was like a drama to me. 
Me: But doctor, I’ve been feeling the baby move in her tummy so how come it’s not pregnancy?
Doctor: Yeah. At times fibroid behaves like pregnancy and if in case the woman is already pregnant, it could lead to a miscarriage. I’m sorry to say your wife is not pregnant. This is the scan result. You can look at it. 
I looked through the scan result and was very surprised. At least that gave Xorsenyo some relief that he didn’t cause my wife to have a miscarriage. It was just the holy spirit around Xorsenyo that was activated. Enyonam infested the food she was going to give to Xorsenyo and because the God Xorsenyo serves was greater, saved him by exposing Enyonam. I consented for the surgery to remove the fibroid for her. All these prevented our meeting with my pastor back at home. My account was equally draining. 
The trail of the pastor back home.
At church pastor made a general comment that members should avoid availing themselves for the devil to use. He said this when he was preaching about Sampson in the Bible. After service, Miranda went to see the pastor and said she has some personal issues to discuss with him. She was almost crying whiles saying it so the pastor needed to give her immediate attention. Everywhere was occupied with meetings here and there so Miranda suggested they go and sit in pastor’s car so that she can tell him her problem. Pastor by then didn’t know she was the one her wife has been talking about. When they were going to the car, Miranda made sure that the Osofomaame saw her moving with the pastor. Osofomaame’s heart nearly bumped out when she saw them. She secretly used her phone to take a snapshot of them moving. In the car, Miranda was telling pastor that her boyfriend who they’ve been together for almost five years started complaining that she was using church as excuses too much so she wanted to quit being a member of the church. She tried, by a conversation, to waste more of the pastor’s time. The elders were waiting for pastor to come so that they complete their meeting but he wasn’t coming so they sent one women’s leader who talks a lot to alert pastor about them. When Miranda saw the woman approaching the car, she forced the door opened and started shouting and crying. 
Women leader: My dear what is the problem? 
Miranda: Pastor is refusing to accept my pregnancy after he slept with me countless times.
Pastor: Jesus Christ!! Lady what did you just say? Was that what you brought to me for discussing? 
The lady became aggressive which called the attention of everybody including the pastor’s wife. 
Osofomaame: I said it but you denied. Now defend yourself here. This is the Miranda girl that reported you to me. You think you can always hide in the dark and do evil? I cease to be your wife from this very moment. Take her home and make her your wife. 
Pastor stood with his mouth opened and eyes looking into the clouds. “No! I command an instant justice here in the name of Jesus!!! ” pastor said loudly with tears in his eyes. 
1. Was Xorsenyo right by attending that celebration? Was Golder right by telling him not to go? 
2. Do you like the way Osofomaame was handling this case? 
Keep your comments coming. 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out what happened next. 
But before then don’t forget to leave you comments. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 14


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 14
            Enyonam’s magical pregnancy
I became conscious after some time and asked the pastor where my father was. He told me in a welcoming manner that he is at home. The pastor said hallelujah to the most high God. I was made to bath at the mission house and was given a different shirt to wear because the one I came with was soiled. Together with the pastor and some other three people, we went to my father’s house.
Dad: And where are you people bringing this boy to? Pastor, he is no longer my son and he knows that. I will be glad if you let him leave now before I call the police to arrest him. 

All this while, Enyonam was at the marine kingdom figuring out how to face the battle that has just began. 
The pastor and with the  other people who brought me to the house pleaded that my father should permit them explain why they were in the house. My father was actually angry. My presence in the house was like a well known man of God missing the rapture to him.  Initially he  didn’t even  want to listen to the pastor  but because of the respect he had for him, he allowed us in. 

“But Dad what I have done to you to deserve all this? Why are you  angry at me? ” I asked when I got closer to him. “Look, I believe you are not here to tempt me? ” He asked in an angry manner. 
Pastor: Daddy I wish you take it easy with your son. He might not be conscious of what he was doing but I can assure you that the lord has been good to us by winning him from the hands of the evil one. You know the battle was for the lord which He is is fighting so just calm down. 
One of the elders who came with us raised a song of praise which we all joined in singing. This was around 8:30pm. My phone was still off. 
At the camp of Enyonam.
Enyonam and her people now planned a new way of revenging. They were like how could the pastor stand against them.  They devised a way of destroying the reputation of the pastor by forging false information about him. One of them decided to wear the face of the  pastor and come into the church and act like the pastor then do something that will bring disgrace to the pastor  but their leader was not in support of that. She rather came up  with a different  plan. She said  one of them will go and posses one of the beautiful ladies in the church and go to the pastor’s wife and report the pastor of harassing her. They all felt that idea was the best. Plans against me was that Enyonam will act very nice to him when he returns then later cause him to suffer a serious illness. They did their permutations and combinations very well and got ready for action. 
My good friends,  until it is over, never give up on prayers because he that is chasing you is never tired. 
At my father’s house
The pastor continued  with a short prayer of peace after the song.  After the prayer, he explained to my father all that I was going through or doing. He said they were not my making but there were  forces behind them. 

He explained that he can feel in his spirit that what was about to happen would be bigger than what has already happened so there is a need for intensive prayer. 
Dad: Pastor, I’m not cutting you short. Every stubborn child is manipulated by something. If not social as in upbringing or  psychological, then it could be spiritual. The whole world can attest that we gave this boy the best parental care but he decided to join bad company since his secondary school days. How won’t other spirits find their ways of manipulating him? I’ve had enough of him so I say he is no longer my son. If he were to be a child that would realize his mistakes, he would have called back or come home to beg me to forgive him after telling him this on the phone. I don’t see it that he is being chased by any spirit but he has just grown to become an ungrateful child. 
Pastor: Daddy you need to understand that it is a spiritual battle which you won’t understand. The war has just began so we need you to partner with us in prayers so that we completely loose your son from bondage. 
I went on my knees and asked my father to forgive me for all that I did wrong. I told him that I was surprise as to all that was happening. The pastor added that my father should accept me back because it wasn’t my intentions to show such behaviours. 

Eventually, my father accepted me back but said he will watch to see if I’ve become a good son. The pastor and elders thanked my dad for accepting me. He asked the maid my brothers left in the house to be taken care of him to prepare some food for us to eat but the pastor said he and his people are on a one month fasting to clean up the evil in the church so they should just get me something to eat. I equally told them I don’t feel to eat anything but the pastor advised I eat something. 
By the time we were done with all talks, it was very late so I was supposed to spend the night over at my dad’s place and wake up at dawn and go to work. Enyonam was also back from their strong room. 
I switched my phone on and saw a text message from Enyonam asking where I was. I decided to call back to let her know where I was. 
On phone… 

Me: Hello dear! I’m sorry to keep you in suspense for this long. 

Enyonam: Please are you safe? I’ve gone round the whole town looking for you. It was later that one of your people from work told me that you travelled with the company’s vehicle. Darling you should have just called to tell me something before leaving. So where are you now? 
Me: Sweetheart I’m sorry for not informing you before leaving but that was the directive given to me by my pastor. He asked me to put my phone off and come home so that he lead me to beg my father for  forgiveness.
Enyonam: Hmm John, So your pastor asked you to put off your phone before coming so you couldn’t just call me to tell me something before putting the phone off. I can see your family is trying to say I’m the devil against you.  I can see you don’t even  value me as your wife. 

Me: sweetheart that’s not it. You know it that I love you. Hmm I have a good news for you. Pastor prayed for me and seriously, some spirits were behind all my problems. But thank God I’ve been set free from them. 
Enyonam:Really! then we thank God. So who do he say was behind that? 
Me: The pastor said he doesn’t know the person. All he did was to make us pray. 
Enyonam: ohk. I wish he points out the person so that we descend on him or her.  Darling I also have a good news for you but I won’t say it over the phone. Come home and hear it. 
I asked her to take care of herself so first thing in the morning, I would set off to the house before going to the office. We assured each other of love and later we went to bed. 
I should have known better by not telling her anything that went on but I never thought my wife could be the source of my problems. As early as 4am, I got ready to leave. I left Ghc200.00 on my father’s table before leaving. I reached Tema around 6:15am. Enyonam was still in bed when I got there but she woke up when I entered the room. 
Emyonam: You are welcome. I wish you know how I miss you. 
Me: Thank you. I miss you more dear. Baby but why has your face changed for me? You look different. Aren’t you the Enyonam that I know?
Enyonam: How did my face change? I’m your one and only Enyonam. Have I become more beautiful or less beautiful? 
Me: Oh come on, you are looking sweet. 
Enyonam:  But dear I’ve not seen you in this dress before. 
Me: Yeah. The pastor’s wife gave it to me when I went there. 
Enyonam: Is she into fashion? Anyway you look good in it. 
Me: Thanks dear. (Slept on her in a playful way telling her how I missed her. )  So tell me.  What is the good news you are still keeping away from me?
Enyonam: Guess first. What do you think I could be hiding from you? (She rolled the eyes and ready for a kiss.)
Me: eemm..  I know it’s not your birthday. Have you gotten new consignments for your shop? 

(She shook her head.) “Dear you know I’m not good at guessing.” I said. “Just try for the last. Okay let me give you a clue. You just said I’ve changed so base your guess on that. ” She said and smiled. 
Me: Have you won some jackpot? 
Enyonam: Ah Johnny, you are not a good observer. This is even more than a jackpot.  Your wife is pregnant!!!!!!!! 
Me: woow!!! (I jumped out of the bad) I said it. My enemies have finally been muted. Father I thank you oo. Wao!  Meaning I will soon become a father of a bouncing baby boy.  This calls for celebration. I must invite Xorsenyo to join this celebration.
Enyonam: Not just a baby boy but twins. I know I will give birth to twins. But  why must you invite Xorsenyo  after he tried killing me? Have you forgotten so soon?
Me: Sweetheart, I think we were not fair to him. I’m actually feeling guilty for letting him go through all that. I will be back. 

“Where are you going? won’t you go to work? ” She asked. “I will go just want to see Xorsenyo. I will be back to the house before going to the office.  (She didn’t say anything)
I left without any wastage of time. When I got to Xorsenyo’s house I felt very bad because I didn’t really know how to go about it. I pressed on the door alarm and heard a lady’s voice saying “hold on I’m coming!!” That was Golder, Xorsenyo’s girlfriend. 
Golder: What do you want from us again Mr John? My guy is not yet awake. 
Me: Golder Please I’ve come in peace. I know how you feel but I just want you to allow me speak with Xorsenyo.
Golder: He is at the Nsawam prison serving his ten years there. Maybe you can go and speak to him there. Look, leave us alone in peace. 
She shut the door in my face and went back into the room. Xorsenyo asked who was at the gate. “Oh never mind, It’s one of those ‘abochi’ guys selling some sandals. Golder lied simply because Xorsenyo at the time was not in any good health so she didn’t want him to have any additional emotional pain. 
I came back home not in any good mood. Enyonam never asked me how my meeting with Xorsenyo went so  I equally didn’t tell her anything about it. She prepared some breakfast which I took before finally going back to the office. I was late though but there was not much to do that day. 
At the office, I called the pastor and thanked him for the deliverance. The pastor said I need not relax in my prayers. He asked how my wife received me when I returned and I told him it was not bad. I said she missed me and did what any other lady will do when her husband gets missing like did. The pastor suggested that I come along with my wife the following weekend for another prayer session. I told him that won’t be a problem. I even went on by breaking the news of Enyonam being pregnant. I called my father after that and also asked how he was faring. I asked if he saw the money I left and he said he did. 
After work, I told Enyonam about the pastor’s request. She said the midwife who declared that She  was pregnant advised she doesn’t travel long distance with the pregnancy and besides, she was not also very well to travel. “You don’t worry, I will let you know if I will go or not when the date is due. ” she concluded. 
After one  evening service at my father’s church back at home, this beautiful lady went to meet the pastor’s wife to have a tet à tet with her.
Lady: ‘Osofomaame’ meaning pastor’s wife. Please there is this thing that is going on that I feel it’s drawing me far away from God and drawing me close to hell. I want to tell you so that you help talk to pastor so that he stops what he is doing. 
Osofomaame: My dear, go ahead and tell me what the problem is. And is the problem coming from pastor or how is it just tell me. 
Lady: Pastor has been proposing love to me and harasses me  for some time now. I told him I’m already dating and besides I don’t want to date anybody’s husband. Pastor wouldn’t listen to me. He kept chasing me here and there. Now my guy Is suspecting me and he threatened to end the relationship if I don’t stop this church. 
Osofomaame: lady are you sure of what you are telling me? My husband won’t do what you are claiming. Never.  
Lady: I don’t think I could just walk to you and tell lies to you about your husband. He is even older than my father so I don’t even want him. If you won’t believe me then I think I would bring you proof when he starts sleeping with me. Yeah. I will not afford him the chance to do whatever he wish doing. 
Osofomaame: Please don’t do any such thing. I beg you with the name of God. I will confront him and warn him. By the way what’s your name? 
Lady: Miranda. 
Osofomaame: oh okay. Thank you for alerting me. I will stop him. 
Actually that evening the pastor himself didn’t come for the evening service because of stress after a hard day’s work. Osofomaame got to the house very worried. She kept the issue to herself and made sure everyone was asleep in the mission house before confronting her husband. 
Osofomaame: My husband, tell me what you needed from me that I couldn’t provide? Have I become too old that you are fed up with me being your wife? 
Pastor: And where from all these questions? What have you heard or seen? 
Osofomaame: Stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about. We’ve been hearing on social media that some pastors do take advantage of their female members. Least did I know that this is also happening in my own house. Ayeekoo!!!! 
Pastor: What has come over you to say this against me? 
Osofomaame: Look don’t come and provoke me the more. I’m warning you to stop if not your disgrace will be more than those already in the news. 
Pastor was confused almost angry  because he didn’t know what his wife was talking about. He  nearly picked fight with the wife.  
Pastor: The devil is at work. This time they’ve brought their battle field to my own house. They will never succeed. Woman, I have no idea about what you are saying. All I will task you to do is to be firm in prayer if not the devil will use you as a vessel. 
Osofomaame: I’ve heard what you are doing with Miranda or what soever. I’m warning you again. 

She said and went to bed. 
Pastor: Miranda. Who is Miranda? I don’t even know anybody by that name. Father, any Miranda that is trying to set fire into this house, I’m leaving her under your control. Deal with her and let all men see that I’m serving you in spirit and in truth. 

Pastor prayed and also slept. 
That night, I had a dream and in the dream, I saw myself fighting with my mother in-law. She said my wife’s pregnancy was not mine which I was also protesting. I woke up and told Enyonam about the dream. She said I was too happy about the pregnancy that was why I took it into dreams. I slept back and honestly, a continuation of the dream came. This time, my pastor was telling me not to accept the pregnancy. 

I woke up again and asked Enyonam to join me pray for the pregnancy. “John you are disturbing my sleep. You can pray for yourself. 
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  1. Do you think Enyonam was truly pregnant? or just a strategy to get the man’s attention. 
  2. Did Osofomaame handle the case well? what did she do wrong ? 
    Keep your Comments coming. 
    Let’s go to the next episode to find out what happened next. 
    But before then don’t forget to leave you comments. 
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 13


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 13
            The spiritual warfare
“No! noo!! Nooo!!!! Let me confess. The man is innocent. Enyonam offered me bribe to conceal the truth. Please don’t take him away.” the lawyer said on top of his voice. The judge said he has already ruled but they have the chance to appeal. 
Enyonam: what the hell are you trying to say?  Where do I know you from?
Lawyer: I don’t want your money, you evil woman!!
Right from there, Xorsenyo’s lawyer filed for an appeal.

Seriously, the cash Enyonam offered which the lawyer was trying to use as an evidence of bribe could not be found in his office. He searched for the money but it was no where to be found. He started suspecting people working with him in his office for stealing the money. The evil one is always smart. The money was ‘ spiritual money ‘ so it could easily disappear and bring about problems.

The lawyer became very sure that where he placed the money, no one could temper with it so he decided to leave his office workers out of it. 
The appealed case was ruled at the High Court this time around and surprisingly, the Judge at the High Court happens to be Amos. My old SHS friend and partner in crime.
After taking critical look at Enyonam my wife, he knew she was not the Enyonam I was taking my wife for. 
Now Xorsenyo’s lawyer was supposed to provide the evidence of bribe to the court which he failed to do. The case almost went against him but what helped him was the text message he sent to Enyonam telling her his displeasure in taking the bribe. The judge called for Enyonam to provide her phone for confirmation with regards to the date the message was sent, time it was sent, and what it entailed, if they were the same. The next evidence was an audio recording that was played. The audio was about the second meeting after the first court hearing. 

Judge Amos had no other option than to fine Enyonam for false accusation and fined the lawyer for conspiracy. Xorsenyo was found not guilty and released of all his charges. That day was a day Xorsenyo wouldn’t forget in his life. Instead of jubilating, he rather went down on his knees, cried and thanked God for his mercy upon him. After the court ruling, Judge Amos invited me to his house where we shared some old and fond memories. He said my wife does not look like the Enyonam who was the Senior Girl’s Prefect during our days in school. According to him, he met the original Enyonam when he was outside the country doing his law program. We concluded that she said she had another accident after that fire outbreak in school. I told Amos that Enyonam equally suffered memory loss so could not even remember she attended the same school with me. Amos advised that I should be very careful with her if not she will lead me into bigger problems just as she did with the case of Xorsenyo. From that day, I begun to monitor every movement Enyonam makes in the house. 
I was equally disappointed in her when we got home that day. “But why will you do such a thing?” I asked her. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry but what I was telling the court was true just that the money I gave to the lawyer spoilt the case for me.” She explained. “If you know what you were saying was the truth why should you go and be bribing his lawyer? I didn’t even know you did that.  Now you payed but exposed yourself again. You’ve just  brought disgrace to me and to yourself.” I said feeling very frustrated. While shedding some crocodile tears, she said she was sorry for what she did. I went to take my bath that evening and slept very angrily. 

At dawn the following day, my father called me on the phone. 
Me: Hello daddy… 

Dad: John so is it that you’ve forgotten you have a  father or you thought I died from my illness? Even if I should die, you never bothered to know if I was buried or not.  
Me: Dad Please I don’t understand why you are saying this. I know you are not dead. Besides the doctor who attended to you happened to be my friend at school and he assured me that you will be fine.  
Dad: I don’t expect you to understand you ungrateful child. Make sure you don’t step into my house as my son again. Don’t ever call me your father again and I’ve also disowned you as a son. Your wife should be your everything because she is more precious to you than your father. If you step foot in my compound, I will report you to the police  as a thief. 
Me: Dad why are you saying all this things this morning?
Dad: Don’t ever call me your Dad. Enjoy your life with your wife. (He hanged up the call.)
I became confused the more  that morning. “What is the problem?” Enyonam asked. “My father says he ceases to be my father and I don’t just get him.” I said with my confused voice. “Ah! So that’s why you’ve made your face like this? You ‘koraa’ you are not serious. Is it that you don’t know a heavy load has just been taken off your head? Look, none of his expenses will be your problem again and you will also have time for your work and your beautiful wife. Just look at this beautiful body sleeping beside you? Come on, I miss your magic hands. (She started removing her night gown in a very seductive manner with eyes as if she was already in hell fire) I want you to ride on me like a horse saddled for war. She said. 
Enyonam started kissing me and before I could see myself, we were seriously enjoying ourselves. I forgot I had some issues to deal with. She made me to see  her as the only thing I needed in this world. That morning, she prepared breakfast which I ate some before going to work. 
Xorsenyo was giving two weeks to put himself together before resuming work. My boss under whom I served the national service called me to his office and also told me the same thing that Amos (The Judge) said. He said I should be careful with my wife. “But why is everybody saying I should be careful with my wife? Ah! sir please I wish you people give me some break of this “be careful with your wife brouhaha.” I’m sick and tired of it.” I said to my boss. 

“John I can see you are not yourself. Alright take care of yourself and have a nice day.” He said and I left the office.    
Anytime Enyonam went for choir meeting, she will pass through one of the elders place and have fun with him. She was able to distribute STIs to almost all the men in the church and the men also gave it to their wives and girlfriends. It will surprise you that the head pastor himself was battling with an STI. This revelation came up when an NGO group took it upon themselves to educate the church on STIs and later did blood screening. Per their statistics, out of the 500 people that did the test, 300 of them were STI positive. You know STI is not all about HIV. Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B Chlamydia, Chancroid, Crabs (Pubic Lice), Genital herpes, Genital warts, Human, Papillomavirus (HPV), Trichomoniasis (parasitic infection), Yeast infections etc are all forms of sexually transmitted infections. These above mentioned infections were identified in the blood of the 300 people tested positive. Investigation showed that a major carrier of the infection was in the church and was spreading the virus. Little did they know that the host was the Enyonam they were all craving for. 
Actually that was her major aim. She was to take absolute control of the church and wipe it away, with her mission almost accomplished. For me, I was just a living dead because she has got me submerged into herself. During the test, both of us were not present so I couldn’t know my status. 
After a week without calling my father or going to talk out issues with him, our pastor back home called me to come home. He warned me not to inform my wife before leaving. He said that was the instruction given to him by the holy spirit so just after work, I should set off.  After work that day I took the company’s car and set off to see the pastor. I switched my two phones off before leaving. Enyonam called several times but my line was unreachable.  Before I got there, the pastor with some of the elders and women leaders of the church were already singing worship songs. I made my presence known to the pastor and he asked me to join the prayer team. I had no option than to join. We sang songs of worship and of prayer. The pastor said we should all pray as if the world was coming to an end. I just didn’t know why I was to pray so I was just opening and closing my mouth as if I was praying but nothing was actually coming out of my mouth.  The next was for the team to pray for me so I was called to come forward. “But why are they to pray for me? ” I asked the pastor. He said that was the instruction by the holy spirit. They opened serious fire of prayer on me casting every demon out. 
The fire opened on me started having effect on Enyonam back at home. She was sitting down watching television and same time thinking about why I was not returning home as I usually do when she felt a sharp pain at her back. The first “holy ghost fire” got to the house. She stood up and checked herself but there was nothing wrong with her. The next fire, third and fourth knocked her down this time around. She now knew some bigger force was at work! She went into her secret room and disappeared into her marine kingdom for protection. I started feeling an unusual itch on my genital. I told the pastor that my genitals was on fire. 
Pastor: John, listen to me. I don’t know who is doing this to you but I want to tell you that some spirit has taken over your life. The spirit has blindfolded you to the extent that you can’t even realise who your families are. They’ve just made you a walking dead. What is happening on your genitals will come down just focus on the prayer for now. Church begin to release our son from this bondage. 
The prayer was intensified this time round. I started shouting and saying things that I don’t even know where they were coming from. Probably I was hallucinating. The marine spirit started speaking through me as that of a warlord. “Who and what do you people think you have that you want to challenge me? It will be better you leave my boy alone or I make you face the consequences.” I said using the voice of the spirit.

Pastor: You are a joke. You have no power or authority over John. We are releasing him from your kingdom now in the name of Jesus. 
They continued with the prayer and before they could see, I held the shirt of the pastor and gave him a heavy slap. They held me and bombarded me with more thorns of fire.  They prayed until the spell on my face removed. I vomited all kinds of substances on the floor. The marine spirit in me left leaving me empty. 
I became conscious after some time and asked the pastor where my father was. He told me in a welcoming manner that he is at home. The pastor said hallelujah to the most high God. I was made to bath at the mission house and was given a different shirt to wear because the one I came with was soiled. Together with the pastor and some other three people, we went to my father’s house.. 
Dad: And where are you people bringing this boy to? Pastor, he is no longer my son and he knows that. I will be glad if you let him leave now before I call the police to arrest him. 

All this while, Enyonam was at the marine kingdom figuring out how to face the battle that has just began. God have mercy on our souls. 

  1. Was John’s father right by disowning his son? 

  2. Was the pastor wrong by saying he does not know who was behind John’s problems?
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BEHIND THE MASK episode 12


                 BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 12
            Xorsenyo battles with the law
At home, Enyonam started using me as if I was her baby sitter. She always complained of illness so it’s either I bought fast food to the house for our supper or I go into the kitchen myself to do the cooking. Hardly does she also wash my clothes. 

For about a month, the investigation was still in progress. The police tortured Xorsenyo for him to accept that he did it but he stood firm to his words. 
The date set for the court hearing was now here. Should Xorsenyo be found guilty, he would serve a jail term for ten years with hard labour. 
Some church members came to me at home asking me to relieve Xorsenyo of the case because to err is human and to forgive is divine. I told them that I had nothing to do since the the case has already been taken to the court. I cautioned them to be mindful of contempt. 
Xorsenyo’s parents including some of the elders from his family came to me on the same account of me tempering justice  with mercy. Enyonam was always around to infuriate me the more against my friend so I stood firm to my words that I had nothing to do with the case since it was the state against him. I explained to them that I didn’t report him but everything was handled by the police themselves even before I got to know. 
Unknowingly, Enyonam met the lawyer the company hired to defend Xorsenyo, behind closed doors and offered him huge sums of money so that he handles the case to let Xorsenyo guilty. Well, the love of money is said to be the root of all evil. 
Two days to the court hearing, the lawyer felt that what he was about to indulge in would be a huge breach of professionalism and a compromise to personal values so he sent a text message to Enyonam telling her that he couldn’t stand seeing an innocent and hard working Xorsenyo sentenced so he rejected the offer. 

Enyonam called him back after reading the message and reiterated that Xorsenyo actually did the act. She added that Xorsenyo had wanted to sleep with her and as a result of refusing him access, he chose to poison her drink so that he could have his way with her. The lawyer was surprised and assured Enyonam not to worry since she was sure of her side of the story

Now all avenues for hope for Xorsenyo has been blocked so how can he prove innocence? 
The date scheduled for the court fell on a Thursday afternoon at the Tema Magistrate Court. 
The court registrar announced. “The next case is between Mrs. Enyonam; Complainant and Mr. Xorsenyo; defendant.” 

I was seated amongst the audience and saw the police escort Xorsenyo into the judgment box. He was made to swear an oath that all that he was about to say was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He did and ended by saying “so help me God.” 

Enyonam was also called into the box. Her make-up upgraded her beauty that afternoon alone could make the judge rule in her favour. She looked so bright and beautiful. Her hips were well exposed like the blossom of a rose flower. I was equally proud of having such a beautiful lady as my wife. Everyone was murmuring as to why Xorsenyo was planning to kill such a beautiful lady. They were all saying Xorsenyo was an ingrate because they knew us to be good friends. Others were also like, why should I also take my friend to court. In my mind, I asked what they would have done if they were in my shoes. They were nothing but a bunch of “gossips” to me that moment”.
Enyonam was also made to swear an oath which she equally went for the bible and did swear to say the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The painful aspect was when she said “So help me God”. God is so merciful. Gone were the days where He gave instant justice. As soon as Enyonam held the Bible, the next thing she will be seeing is herself in the graveyard. Anyway, our God is an all knowing God. At times He allows something to happen for man to learn lessons. 
The various charges were read to the hearing of everyone. The corrupt Xorsenyo’s lawyer was the first to cross examine Enyonam to hear if what she was reporting against his client was true. 
Lawyer: Madam did my client come to your house on her own volition or you invited him? 
Enyonam: My Lord, I invited him earlier in the morning to help me relocate the postion of the furniture in my room but he chose to come in the afternoon.
Lawyer: Didn’t he explain why he couldn’t make it in the morning but came in the afternoon? 
Enyonam:My Lord, Yes he did. He said he was busy at work. 
Lawyer: Was my client the one who offered you the drink or you rather offered him the drink?
Enyonam’s lawyer stood up to object to that question. “My Lord, my client is not being treated fairly here. The question of whether she offered drink to the defendant or the other way round is not of relevant to this court. My learned colleague should go ahead and do his cross examination without wasting the time of this court”, he said. 
Judge: I don’t think anyone is chasing us for wasting his or her time so by the powers vested in me, I overrule your  objection. 
Xorsenyo’s lawyer thanked the judge and repeated his question. 
Enyonam: My lord, I offered him the drink but I left the rest on the table and went to the bedroom. 
Lawyer: How sure are you that he poisoned you if you offered him with the drink? Besides, were you two in any form of disagreements for him to do such a thing? 
Enyonam: My Lordy, I suspected he did it because at the time he came into the room, I was not properly dressed and he begged me to offer him a kiss which I refused. So he did that to get me to bed. 
My heart jumped like a cat over wall. “Xorsenyo you were trying to sleep with my wife too?” I said aloud impulsively. 
The Registrar called for order in court. 
Xorsenyo opened his mouth and eyes very wide with the greatest shock and surprise. 
Xorsenyo’s lawyer assumed his seat on that note. 
Enyonam’s lawyer started with his cross examination on Xorsenyo. 
Initially, Xorsenyo had pleaded not guilty or innocent to all the charges read against him and denied the sexual harassment allegation raised as a new exhibit. 
Lawyer: Prove to this court that you are not guilty of all these charges.  
Xorsenyo: My lord, this lady is my friend’s wife. I was my friend’s best man during their wedding. On no day have I even had any feelings for her nor planned to have her. On the very day of this incident, she called me in the morning as she said, I was at work at the time so I told her I will make it in the afternoon after work. When I got there, she asked me to move their sofa to a different position for her. Even though it was much work, I managed to move it. After that she offered me the red wine and said she was going to pack some things in their bedroom so when she is done, she will ask me to move their bed to another desired position. She never placed the rest of the drink on the table. She came with a single glass not even on a tray. Later she came to ask me if I was done with my drink which I said yes and thanked her. Few minutes later, my fiancée called telling me she was waiting in my house so without any hesitation, I left the house. There was no drink around where I was sitting. In the evening, the police came to arrest me that I poisoned her which I never knew what they were talking about. 
Lawyer: So you agree that she left you alone in the room, is that correct? 
Xorsenyo: Yes my Lord. 

Lawyer: I put it to you that you located her fridge and dropped the substance into the drink. What can you say about that? 
Xorsenyo’s lawyer stood up in objection and he was given the chance to speak. 
Lawyer: My lord, the complainant made mention that she left the drink on the table and my client has been able to state clearly that she only offered him the drink but never brought any addition to the table. My lord can the complainant make clear whether she came with an additional drink and left it on the table or left in the fridge because she never mentioned any fridge in her statements to this court. 
Judge: (Cleared his throat) Madam Enyonam. Please respond to that. The court is listening.
Enyonam: My lord, I remember I  brought two glasses half full with the drink and gave him one and later sent the rest in the bottle to the fridge. 
Xorsenyo’s lawyer: So I put it to you that you rather infested the drink for my client but took the wrong glass. Will you disagree to this? 
Enyonam’s lawyer stood up to object that. “My Lord, my client cannot stand the intimidations going on here. My Lord, respectfully, I object the question my colleague just asked my client because under no condition will she do such a thing but my colleague is trying to force my client to allude to what she has no idea of. 
Judge: This case is adjourned to next week Monday for the final hearing and judgment. Investigations will go on in this period. 
The court was adjourned but this time around, Xorsenyo was to be in police custody until the final hearing. 
When we came out of the court, I went straight to Enyonam. “So you mean my friend tried to sleep with you and you never told me?”, I asked. “Please can you allow me sometime to relax? can’t you see that I was up standing for close to an hour? “she questioned. I kept quiet and went to meet Enyonam’s lawyer. “Barrister, I hope you are making your possible best to get that psychopath jailed? Just imagine he wanted to sleep with my wife”. I said to the lawyer. “Mr John but do you also trust your wife on what she was reporting? How well do you know your wife?”, he asked. “Barrister what is this question supposed to mean? Are you saying my wife is telling lies that she was poisoned?”, I asked. “No, not at all,  I didn’t say that but I’m asking if you know what your wife is capable of.” He emphasized. “I know my wife. She is a God fearing person and won’t tell such a lie. I met her at the church and even the angels know she is a chaste lady. She loves me and I love her so I trust her very well.” I said to him. “Alright. That’s fine but I’m observing some character exposition in your wife which tells me that she could be faking. I will do my best but I pray she does not get caught up by the other lawyer. To me, Xorsenyo is innocent.” He said. 
“Barrister I’m sorry to tell you that you are fired. How can someone poison my wife’s drink and you stand here telling me you feel he is innocent. So is it that my wife tried killing herself? Look, don’t step here on Monday if not I will file a conspiracy allegation against you”. I got upset with him.
“I’m sorry to tell you my feeling but since you insist, pay me my balance let me go”, He said. 

I ignored him and went to join Enyonam as we drove back home. 
In the evening, Enyonam sneaked out to meet Xorsenyo’s lawyer. Without her knowledge I equally payed her lawyer’s remaining balance.  
Enyonam: Why were you asking me those questions at the court after giving you enough money to keep quiet and allow proceedings go on?
Lawyer: Madam, I tried to but hmmm, my reputation as the lawyer for Ghana Ports and Harbour will be at stake if I don’t act professionally. You know this is not just any case but a case of attempted murder as well as attempted sexual harassment. 
Enyonam: I’m not stopping you from being a professional but note that I payed you even more than you earn as salary for six months. Stop disturbing me in court. 

She added more money and left. With the money, she just used to charm them so that was not a problem to her. 
Soon, Monday was here and our case was the second to be heard. The police brought Xorsenyo with his hands in cuffs to the judgment box.  
Enyonam seeing this inhumane practice never felt pity for my friend. Personally, I felt bad seeing him escorted by the police but I needed him to really pay for what he did. 
Both complainant and defendant did swear their oaths. I didn’t inform Enyonam that I fired her lawyer so she called only for her to be told that the lawyer had travelled outside the country. That was shocking to her. This time it was Enyonam alone against Xorsenyo’s corrupt lawyer. This time around, Xorsenyo’s lawyer acted as if he had no confidence in what his client was saying. 
Judgment: After listening to both parties carefully and per the demands of the criminal act of justice, the court has found Mr Xorsenyo………………

The whole room was quiet. You could clearly hear the ticking of the wall clock. I saw tears roll down the cheeks of Xorsenyo’s lawyer. He knew Xorsenyo would be jailed. 
The judge called for order and continued his ruling. “We found Mr.. Xorsenyo guilty of attempted murder and attempted rape. 
Judgment; He will serve a jail term of ten years with hard labour to support this country. His days of jail starts now. Thank you.” 
With a heavy shout and cry “Oh my God! Why have you forgotten me? God I thought you said you will always speak for me when I put all my hopes in you?”😥😪😥😪😥 Xorsenyo cried and  questioned God. 
The thing just happened like a spirit at work. 

“No! noo!! Nooo!!!! Let me confess. The man is innocent. Enyonam offered me bribe to conceal the truth. Please don’t take him away.” the lawyer said on top of his voice. The judge said he has already ruled but they have the chance to appeal. 
Enyonam: what the hell are you trying to say?  Where do I know you from?
Lawyer: I don’t want your money, you evil woman!!
Right from there, Xorsenyo’s lawyer applied for an appeal.

Seriously, the cash Enyonam offered which the lawyer was trying to use as an evidence of bribe could not be found in his office. 

Do you think God forgot Xorsenyo? 
Let’s go to the next episode to find out what happened at the Appeal Court.
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